Food logs can talk

By | October 18, 2017

I wanted to run yesterday but as I was at the office until nearly 9 PM, that didn’t happen. Walking home also didn’t happen so my fitbit goal streak ended at 41 days (longest, I think). I was OK with that. Truly. I needed a day off after barely scraping by to goal a few times the last week. I’m at nearly 17K steps today so calling that a rebound.

So I was happy today to duck out in time to hit Central Park before dark fell. It was warmer than this morning so I was able to go out in capris and a tee shirt and I headed to my usual starting point in the southwest corner of Central Park. I had a thought of doing last week’s loop or possible cutting over through the south end of the bridle path to make it a longer loop, but as I ran north east up along the Mall my legs just felt dead. My lower calves/ankles were sore – and not just the one I turned two weeks ago. I went past the 72nd street transverse and my slightly longer loop turn, but as I approached Cat Hill I thought it was probably not smart to do that and turned southwest leading to this.

Pointy Loop!


Not bad.

But I wondered why I just fell flat. As I described it on Strava (ignore the b0rked time, it & TomTom don’t play well together):

Everything clicked, unclicked, clicked and fell apart.

I wondered later if the answer might have been in what I are and then wondered

Bet my food log tells me why.

I’ve logged my food pretty much consistently for the last six and a half years. First it was on Weight Watchers, then Spark, LoseIt and finally MyFitnessPal for the last ~three years. I’ve found that with all the reinventions of Weight Watchers, basic calories is just easier for me and MFP’s interface is nicest. I’m not always 100% in my logging but I’m consistent enough that i can turn to it when I have a question. So I went there.

Thursday October 12

Wednesday, October 18


I’m not particularly carb sensitive, nor do I particularly try to avoid or cut back on them but I realized pretty early on today that I was too high on the caffeine. And lunch was almost entirely carbs save for a splash of olive oil. Oops. Last Thursday? Tuna sandwich, aka protein. So much like March and June, lesson learned for after work runs. Oddly,this isn’t an issue when I run on an empty stomach on the weekends.

Conclusion? Bodies are weird.

2 thoughts on “Food logs can talk

  1. Liz Dexter

    There’s always a reason for a difficult run unless there’s no reason! Good logic and tracking and doing very well on that pace now!

  2. cari Post author

    Thank you! Weirdest thing I know from my food logs is I can’t function on caffeine & sugar alone. I had a feeling day was going off kilter when both my breakfast and lunch meetings became coffee meetings. Now I know they don’t power runs either.
    About to start “fueling” with this weekend’s runs. We’ll see where that goes.


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