Transformation Thursday

By | October 26, 2017

yeah, that’s supposed to be a tag for Tuesdays, but who am I to ever play by all the rules? Tonight was remarkably like that Tuesday. I had the best laid plans of ducking out early and going for a run in the park, but I blinked and it was 7:30. So I headed to the gym with a plan to do three-ish miles.

Treadmill PR, October 26

It’s not a PR, but it’s a treadmill PR with my prior best, 36:16, on the day I lost my old gym. It was a mostly flat 5.5 pace with a 6.0 on the last .07 or so. Whee!

Back to feeling good about Sunday’s run, which I wasn’t after Tuesday. It’s ridiculous, Sunday is a 5m. I’ve done one on this course and I ran five miles this Saturday. SO weird what bad runs do to the brain.

I’ve been reading through some run blogs I’ve come across and this from Race Pace Jess is what I’ve decided to use for Sunday:

“Finish feeling strong instead of depleted.”

I have a time in mind that I think is reasonable. But my official goal? Finish smiling.

4 thoughts on “Transformation Thursday

    1. cari Post author

      Thanks! If the weather cooperates, I’m optimistic I’ll hit it

    1. cari Post author

      For sure. Her whole post had some good tips but that one worked especially well for me with this one.


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