#GoTheDist: October 2017

By | November 1, 2017

Where did 2017 go? Wasn’t I just setting goals?


  • 445,034 steps
  • 191.77 miles run/walked
  • 36.54 miles run (27:37 average run time, 11:17 average pace)

Year to Date

  • 4,220,892 steps
  • 1820.25 miles run/walked
  • 350.87 miles run

I feel like all of those need and warrant exclamation points. 2,017 miles is definitely going to happen and I’m almost positive 5 million steps will as well. Those numbers are just mind boggling. At the end of September I’d topped 2015’s totals. Now, 2016’s totals are in the rear view.

Yeah, I don’t mind that 500 miles biking turned into 350 miles (and counting) running. I’m in awe that I had only one day without step goal and I was/am absolutely OK with that

November goals are going to remain almost exactly the same

  • 400,000 steps
  • 166 miles run/walked
  • 50 miles run (still working toward 11m average pace and that 30m goal. With some longer runs the latter is doable and maybe 50)
  • 4 days below goal (family birthdays, holidays)

Days below goal:

2016 to date: 61 (lazy, travel!)

2017 to date: 43

I’m already thinking about 2018. #GoTheDist wasn’t meant to be a steps tracker, but I made it one when Fitbit’s mileage tracking confounded me. I’m giving serious thought to using it to track running mileage next year. More on that closer to year end as I’m still thinking about what that step goal does with respect to rest days. I’m really shocked at how many of my spreadsheet and non spreadsheet goals I’ve hit.

71 books read, only four behind. I might not hit my goal, but no shame in the total of books I’ve read so I’m OK with this.


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