November 2017: Go Big or Go Home

By | December 1, 2017

November, you were brilliant. Last November my step total was 320,610. 2017?

  • 468,583 steps
  • 206.13 miles run/walked

Most mileage since August and one of only three (April) to cross 200. April was 465,416 steps and August was the inSANE 503K. Month didn’t even feel that heavy.

What am I most impressed with besides completing #RunTheYear? My running totals

  • 68.65 miles run
  • 48:45 average run duration
  • 11:23 pace

I am blown away with those, and it certainly explains the step totals.

There’s a reason, of course. But it’s still awesome to see that I’m doing it. My prior month’s best was March’s 45.63 as I stepped down a lot of summer due to injury.

I’m at 419.52 miles run on the year, and while 500 miles isn’t likely I’m so insanely proud of what I’ve accomplished.

This is the first time I’ve hit the 30m goal since June and the best thing is, they haven’t been garbage miles for the sake of 30m. There was only one day with mileage below three and that was just because I ran out of time.

December should be good again because I’m continuing my training and oh I have this next weekend 😮 Currently battling a cold though so might have a lighter start to the month.

It’s weird to have no remaining cumulative goals because I’ve never completed #GoTheDist in November. But here are month goals

  • 400,000 steps, I expect this to be a challenge due to the holidays (was at 306, 676 last year), but a doable one.  This will mark 24 months of 300K+ and nine of 400K+
  • 65 miles run/40m duration/11:15 speed. I didn’t hit speed goal for November and not sure I will for December but it’s a goal I’m working toward especially with the longer long runs

Baby steps

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