Workouts, Week of 11.27

By | December 5, 2017

Between the 2,017 and November recaps, I almost missed this one.

I can’t really say this week went as planned as I didn’t have an exact plan, but it went well.

Hills with another pair of new shoes

  • Tuesday, I hit the gym with a plan to focus on hills, and that’s what I did while simultaneously trying out a new pair of shoes. Same model as my favorites, but a new to me color. Workout went well and they’re a keeper. Everything was coming up 5s. 5+ miles, 55 minutes, 5.5 speed. I was happy with it.

Mile High Distance

  • How exactly did I lose nearly a minute in pace in two days? A very good question. The answer: I finished a meeting near Mile High NoMAD and popped my head in to see if they had a class/slot. They did, but it was distance and I said why not. Distance is only fifteen minutes longer than High45 but I really felt that especially with the added time on hills: and 8% incline. I walked way more of the Level 1 intervals than I do in High45, but I didn’t quit. I call that a win. It was certainly a challenging workout. In hindsight, I was also on the verge of a cold, which didn’t help. I think I’m going back to High45 for a while, but it was certainly fun to try The Distance.

Sunday Runday

  • About that cold and that pace…. I took Saturday off to the extent that I only left the couch to get soup and it paid off because the run felt OK Sunday morning. I probably could have gone for another lap or pushed the pace, but opted to be better safe than sorry with a race this weekend. Glad for no asthma flare even with a cold and I think I’ll be healed ahead of Saturday. A lower mileage week, but one I was OK with.

Medal Hanger

I got home and then set to finally putting up my birthday/Black Friday/2,017 miles present to myself. I’ve been eyeing these on Gone for a Run for some time and sure enough, there was a sale. I really like how it came out. The front bib isn’t the prettiest, but it gets pride of place since it was my first. Besides having a place to display them, I’m glad to have the space back on my coat rack and cork board where they used to live. Also, non food rewards are the best

Plan for the week:

  • Monday; rested cold. Cold weather running panel at NYRR
  • Tuesday; gym. About 4-5 miles
  • Wednesday; gym or maybe Mile High Run Club class.
  • Saturday; 15K EEK! I think I’m ready, but nervous if this cold isn’t totally gone. I picked up the shirt today when a the cold weather panel and cannot wait to earn it because it’s gorgeous. Even if it snows.

Ted Corbitt 15K

2 thoughts on “Workouts, Week of 11.27

  1. Liz Dexter

    Ooh exciting! You’ve got this with the 15k, you’re strong and powerful and fit. Lovely shirt and you will earn it!

    1. cari Post author

      I’m slightly nervous that 7 miles hasn’t happened, but I also know this course inside & out. I hadn’t run more than 5K when I did the 10K so… I anticipate walking on the second lap of Cat HIll but I’m OK with that decision. Even if I run/walk, it’s not tlike they can close the park. MIght get snow too 😮

      WHen is yours, this weekend? THank you and good luck!


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