Training, week of 4.16

This was a weird week.

Monday I went to the gym figuring I might have something in my legs despite going two days in a row since Saturday’s run was way below where it should have been. Nope. Couldn’t even get .05 miles so I took a cross train day and did a mile on the elliptical and 2K row. Not ideal, but it worked. I was subsequently off from the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday due to evening commitments. Tuesday was completely off at sub 8K steps as it was too cold to walk home. I am so over winter.

Thursday I was antsy and curious how my legs would respond after Monday. They felt fresh and good. I briefly went PR chasing, but ended up having fun with numbers, despite Strava recording issues.  I went at 5.6 until 2.63 where I went to 5.7 before my habitual 6.2 flying sprint to close out. I don’t think I’m quite at 5.7 for length, but I’m getting there. I really need to get back to Mile High Run Club and speed sessions. The knee is fine, I’m just afraid of it not being fine ahead of Brooklyn.

Sakura on Pilgrim Hill. One of my favorite crosscultural spots


Strava must have been mad at me for yelling at it, because Saturday was a complete tech fail despite the beautiful weather. The plan called for ~9-10 and the run started well, but I was struggling on the West Side Rollers between miles one and two. I just felt gassed. I already knew as I came around the bottom of the Park that 9 wasn’t happening and I think Cat Hill was worse because I had already decided it was going to be. My left achilles was twinging and I felt itchy, although I didn’t know why at first.  (Anyone want a handful of mint chocolate Gu? It clearly doesn’t like me. The first time I thought I was having a heat reaction, but twice? Nope, something in it & I don’t get along. So I dipped out of the park at ~5 and got to six miles by headed home. It wasn’t the run I wanted, but it felt decent. I got home and no matter what, the run wouldn’t sync. Some googling tells me this is an occasional thing with the TomTom wherein it clears off the watch because the watch thinks it’s transferred, but never makes it to the app. Oh well. No splits, but at least I had the overall.

Cherry Blossoms on the Hudson

The plan for today was to make up yesterday’s missing miles. I didn’t have an exact plan, but knew I ultimately needed to get to Pier 97 so I decided to take the M79 across and run north for a mile to make it a ~three mile run. I got this wonderful sight at about the turnaround. So many shades of pink and white like the first time I did the Great Saunter. It’s just nature’s canvas. Other than Frozen Penguin, I never really run Riverside, so this was a nice treat.

lickity split!

Although it was busy, it wasn’t crowded so I wasn’t playing too big a game of dodg’em and my legs had some speed in them. After mile two, I thought I might be chasing a PR.  I missed it by 30 seconds, but was still wowed by this run especially coming off six yesterday. And those splits! Almost my first fully negative splits. I don’t think breaking 30 is going to happen in June like I hoped,  but I’m going to break 32m if it kills me. 32:15 is my PR and I think I’m getting there. What surprised me the most about this run was it was about the 5.6 I ran Thursday but without a treadmill forcing it. It just felt right.

one eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater!

How to keep people from running too close? Look like this. The reason I needed to get to Pier 97 was for Holi, put on by a group we’re working with. I’d never been before, but really enjoyed it. From there I caught the bus to the southwest corner of Central Park and decided to run home as it was getting slightly chilly. Although I didn’t have much phone battery left, I wanted to get some cherry blossoms so I headed off in the general direction of Cherry Hill.

Central Park was packed and this was very much a game of dodg’em, so I knew this woudn’t be for time. At Conservatory Water, I took a break and went up Pilgrim Hill for some of my favorite blossoms. So magically sun-kissed.As my phone died there, I nipped home to try and lose some of the purple. Ended up with six miles, when I only meant three catch up. Although yesterday wasn’t the long run it was meant to be, I got more miles in, since if I’d done 9 I wouldn’t have run today, so win? It’s a good thing I didn’t much like that shirt anyway, it’s never coming clean.

Overall, mixed bag but I’m happy with these two long-ish run days to close out the week. Definitely happy with two back to back at distance even if Sunday’s miles were in three parts. I’m not 100% sure I’m ready for Brooklyn especially with travel ahead of it, but I feel good. Plan for next Saturday is Mile High’s outdoor long run, so we’ll see.  Tomorrow is definitely an off day and as soon as I hit post, I’m having some QT with my foam roller as my quads are cranky. ETA Monday morning: not too sore, other than knees going downstairs. Foam magic

Linking up with Wendy at her invitation and HoHo, whose blog looks amazing. And for the readers, Wendy posted her review of Deena Kastor’s book. That was supposed to happen this week for me, but Running the Smoke cut the queue in honor of today’s London marathon, so I’m behind.

24 thoughts on “Training, week of 4.16”

    • It’s crazy how ~200 miles is so different weather wise. When I lived in Japan the news would have something called the hanami front where they’d track the blossoms’ path north. I think we need the same. We had none when I was in DC just two weeks ago and now they’ve exploded. Glad they survived a cold, wet rain we had earlier this week

    • It was magic. I couldn’t work out why I was so sore and then realized I hadn’t rolled Saturday. Mine isn’t as large as the one at the gym, but it’s infinitely better than needing to go to the gym just to roll. Plus compact size (& hang bag) works super well in small apartment. Curious to see how the stairs are later today

  • It must have been the week for tech fails because I nearly had one at my race on Saturday. Once I got my Garmin going, I still had issues–for some reason I kept getting all these laps instead of just the race stats. I need to just restart the thing. Strava sorted it all out at least!

    Thanks for linking!! I’m looking forward to your book review.

    • It is indeed. Given how much time I spend yelling at Strava it’s as if TomTom said “oh yeah, hold my beer”. Glad yours was all sorted. Never noticed GAP until you mentioned it in your race recap, I need to look into that.
      It may be a combo with Running the Smoke if I decide to review that one too. I can’t recall if that’s one that leapt from your blog to my Mt. TBR or if it came out of Runners’ Bookshelf, but if you haven’t read it I highly recommend

    • Thank you! I just love how delicate they are.
      June 30 is my goal at the moment and I think it’s doable as I can do some more quality speed training after my Half on 5/19

    • Oh mine either. 100% sneeze powered, but I figure that’s going to happen no matter what so it might as well be on a run. I did discount one belt though as it had no room for tissues

  • Those cherry blossom pics are gorgeous! Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods, I’m jealous!

    • I love the TomTom, especially that it integrated music so I don’t have to carry my phone or iPod. Mine is a hand me down, but I think I’d buy one when it comes time to replace this. My only complaint is that it displays so much data, it’s too small to read on the go other than mile splits when pace takes up full screen. I wonder if they’ve fixed that with the new models? And thanks! I will get there

  • I love running in Central Park. I work in the NYC often but I really don’t know my way around so I do the same loop. I’ve only run briefly on Riverside Drive since it doesn’t seem as populated in the evening as CP.

    Are you running Brooklyn?

    I am for the first time. We should meet up!!!

    • I am! And also my first time. Which day are you doing bib pickup? We absolutely should. Also happy to show you my favorite routes near where you work. I love Central Park but it can be a manic game of dodg’em at this time of year.

  • I’m always perplexed how Strava reports different distances, paces, elevations, etc. from my Garmin when it gets the info from my Garmin in the first place. You’ll get that PR very soon! I’ve run one time in Central Park and it’s one of my favorite memories! Thanks for linking with us.

    • Yes! Especially with the splits. A few I’ve traced to things like autopause, but otherwise it’s just gremlins all around.
      I’m spoiled with Central Park, it’s my front yard. Made for an easy choice though on my first Half. Glad to connect, and look forward to reading you more

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