NYC Marathon Week

By | November 4, 2018

I runfess that I completed my 2,018 miles run/walked on the year and didn’t even realize it. For some reason my brain was reading it was 2118 and I thought I was about 30 miles away. Whoops. So belated wahoo. It’s so surprising to realize that as recently as 2016, 1600+ was my mileage on the year. Even though I feel like my walking has suffered for my running, it really hasn’t.

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I’d like to say I’ve always enjoyed the week of the marathon, but that isn’t true. There are some years I’ve enjoyed cheering and others I was cranky because the cowbells woke me up, or I couldn’t get around the neighborhood to do errands I needed. But since I started running? I love it as I touched on in the Coffee post. Last year I watched Shalane win on TV as I was out of town, so I was glad to have the opportunity to watch live again this year. Such a wonderful environment. Cannot wait until I’m a part of it next year. Yes. I’ve officially decided I’m going to run New York if I don’t chicken out before reg opens. I don’t think I will – I’m excited for the challenge. Thinking of making it part of a 40 before 40 bucket list, but we’ll see if that happens.

NYRR Night of Champions: food, sponsor and honorees

One of the things I most enjoyed this year was NYRR’s Night of Champions fundraiser for Run for the Future. The honorees were Cathy Lasry, Shalane Flanagan and retiring Race Director Peter Ciaccia. What a night to celebrate some living legends. The borough themed appetizers were wonderful with Brooklyn a clear winner with a pickle bar and pretzel dogs. If you’re a fan of Peter Ciaccia and podcasts, his episode of the Morning Shakeout was a great listen.

October was a challenge to hit my goals, especially topping October 2017’s steps. I knew this would be the case because I was out of town two additional weeks this year. I ultimately fell short despite a solid last day of the month. On the plus side, should make November’s goals easier to exceed even with the Gala a few weeks earlier. More on that below.

I’m giving some serious thought to run commuting in November on some days I can’t get to the gym, so this post from Charlie was timely.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly. Oops, Marcia. Missed that swap:

  • Monday: planned off. Mom was supposed staying with me, a work event that stretched into evening and a ticket for the 24 Hour Plays meant there was no gym time happening. Mom didn’t end up staying with me, but I did get step goal.
  • Tuesday: quick and dirty better than nothing workout crammed into a short window I had available. Lunch was too heavy for a quality workout, but it was booked before I had this week’s runs planned. Finally remembered to take base speed up to 5.7mph and did the intervals at 6.2. I only needed two tenths of a mile recovery, which is a major gain.
  • Wednesday: was absolutely beautiful and I decided to run Central Park. I couldn’t do our exact office group as some of the marathon setup was in the way, but I did a version thereof. No great shakes speed wise as I’m coming down with a cold, but I got what I needed: 3 ish miles to cross 50 for the month. 700 probably won’t happen, but I’m going to get as close as I can. Was too dark by run’s end to get the photos, but I loved seeing the Marathon’s blue line and the signs on the barricades leading up to the finish. So inspiring.
  • Thursday: knew our office run group wasn’t happening in part due to schedule and in part due to our loop being broken up by the marathon staging and finish line. I wanted to run elsewhere outside but there was no time to get somewhere and have time to run before it got too dark. While there are almost always other runners about, I do’t generally feel comfortable running solo after dark. I knew I want/needed to run so I hit the gym and went PR chasing through intervals of 5.7/6.2 with a 6.4 closeout. I missed it by about six seconds. I’m actually totally fine with that since I have a slight cold and had I realized I was off math wise, I could have adjusted pace earlier to get the PR.  What I was most pleased about was that until the last two, I only needed .2 miles walk to recover and those last two were as much a factor of being super congested as actual fitness.

makeup, and a dress. Steps count double, right?

I goof, therefore I am

  • Friday: no time to get to the gym and I knew steps would be a challenge with the NYRR event after work. Luckily I opted to wear shoes I can walk in and the rain held out until I was at the event so I could walk to the marathon pavilion at 67th. Although part of West Drive was already closed, I could take in some of the parade of Nations, which is always fun. And then we could hear the fireworks from within the cocktail hour. Luckily speaking program was once they were done: and Peter Ciaccia had time to change. The rain started by the time I left but wasn’t heavy enough that I couldn’t hobble (dress shoes are for the birds) to 72nd to grab the subway back to the office to grab my bags and head home barely eking out my steps goal.

fall colors under the Hell Gate

Looking north to the former History Channel Building

  • Saturday: lazy lazy lazy until about 3:00 when I went to pick up my laundry and 3:30 when I headed out for a run. I didn’t really have a plan other than to avoid the marathon chaos and hopefully go long. I headed north along the esplanade and decided to head over the bridge to Wards Island to do the run I wanted to before heat got me a couple of weeks ago. The run was feeling good so I decided to see if I remembered where the pedestrian bridge back to Manhattan was. Much better marked than 2013. I then wiggled (so apparent in the map) down 1st/Pleasant/Manhattan Center for Science & Math Schoolyard/back to the Esplanade. lt in all it ended up coming in at 7.75 miles. I think I’m finally learning my different run paces, although this one was slower than a flatter course would have been as I had: stairs to the esplanade, ramp and bridge to Randalls Island, ramp and bridge to Triborough, and ramp and bridge back to the esplanade. By run’s end I was done with bridges and stairs so I took the road route back to Carl Schurz vs. the stairs again. Other than my left Achilles being annoying, it felt good. We’ll see how my stairs feel Sunday.

in the company of legends

    • Sunday: spectating the Marathon from Central Park. A couple more pics on IG. There are no words. Second fastest times in both fields and Mary Keitany’s second half splits are just mind-blowing. So happy to be right there to see all of it. Was too busy watching to remember to take pics when the victory lap was steps from us. It was a picture perfect day to be in Central Park and knowing I couldn’t cross 1st Avenue, I took the long way home walking from 65th & Central Park West via York & 57th. Briefly contemplated a run, but near walk’s end my Achilles was saying hi and I decided a day “off” (still walked 6.17 miles) was the smarter move.


  • Monday: Run or cross train
  • Tuesday: morning run or off
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: off. I know, I’m weird. But I much prefer Saturday long run so I have Sunday to relax.

Go The Dist Update:

I love this challenge, even if running mileage has meant less of an exact focus on steps. I’m also still truly a Fitbit addict


  • 433,684 Steps
  • 50.96 Miles Run
  • 190.08 Miles Run/Walked

I think it’s the first time I fell behind beating the same month the prior year. It’s about 11K steps off it. Disappointed, yes. But not in a bad sense. I managed the best month I could. Steps are just hard in suburbia, and the n’oreaster last weekend meant I was essentially sedentary Saturday as we couldn’t walk into town or play in the backyard with the kids,  never mind go for a run. Fall is challenging. I did what I could. Miles run was a factor of actually looking at the spreadsheet Monday and knowing I could get 50. I’m happy with this as I was essentially not around for any weekend long runs.

November is going to be another challenge as 2017’s total was 468,583 steps and there was no gala that month last year. It was also 63.83 miles run which is a more attainable challenge. Should be doable with December 15K / January Half training, but gala. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing whether I can do that.

2018 To Date

  • 4,745,593 Steps
  • 566.95 Miles Run
  • 2076.29 Miles Run/Walked

The goal was to hit 2,019 miles run/walked sooner than November 30 and to run/walk 2,500 miles on the year. I literally did not realize I’d already hit it until I was trying to workout why the spreadsheet said I needed negative mileage. Fail and as a result somewhat anticlimactic. So I’m not sure when I actually hit it, but it was at least a month ahead of schedule. WaHOO! Not sure on 2,500 but like October 2018 steps a and 700 miles run on the year, I’ll get as close as I can.

Time to start thinking about 2019 goals. Nuts.

33 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Week

  1. Marcia

    No I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about 2019. How fun to attend the Night of Champions. I had no idea Peter was retiring. I feel like Mary Wittenburg just left, although I know that’s not true. Heading to your Insta now to see the pics you got!

    1. cari Post author

      Oh I feel like she did too. It’s been nice to see her back this last year since she’s (I think) NYC based again. She’s done a couple panels and races. Saw her briefly Friday night too. Will be weird without Peter at the finish – I really hope his successor keeps up the tradition of greeting every finisher. That’s just magic.
      I miss Flickr, I’d have dumped a ton more photos – but I also was focused on taking it all in.

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    How fun getting (practically) a front row seat to all the weekend’s festivities! That’s great that you met your miles goal!! My running mileage is just over 830 right now…not sure what my walking mileage is in comparison. I’m gonna have to do a little research and see…my walking mileage is probably close to my running mileage, or even slightly higher. Thanks for the inspiration 😉

    1. cari Post author

      I love the old #GoTheDist challenge for tracking run/walking/steps. It’s a great way to spell it all out. I’m still hoping to hit 700 miles. Going to be a fun challenge
      Could have literally been second row but I’m too short so I “settled” for fourth

  3. Wendy

    I can’t believe your miles for this year! That’s crazy amazing. How fun to be at the race and see all the legends run by. I’ve spectated Chicago and it truly is the coolest experience. You have to run NYCM next year!

    1. cari Post author

      I am. Watching today cemented it. I want to be a part of that.

  4. therightfits

    How lucky you were to be able to participate in so many fun marathon events! Congrats on the 2018 miles too 🙂

  5. Lesley

    Sounds like your Saturday was the opposite schedule of mine. I got errands and fun stuff done in the morning and was quite lazy in the afternoon. I do tend to get a lot of stuff done during the mornings and chilling in the afternoon.

    1. cari Post author

      My issue is getting moving. I sit down with coffee and the laptop, and it’s 2PM

  6. Sarah

    You have had a great year! And run commuting to work sounds awesome, I wish I had the capability to do that – save gas, get my run in and clear my head! NYC Marathon is on my bucket list

    1. cari Post author

      I commute via subway. Luckily I’m less than three miles from the office so could do it as a not super taxing workout if I can make logistics work. Head clearing is the best benefit

  7. Lisa

    Congrats on hitting your mileage goal for the year! Its crazy that its almost time to think ahead to 2019. How cool that you got to watch the race!

  8. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Needing negative mileage — too funny! I used to track my walking, but then it interfered with where I track running (long story) so I’ve no idea. Personally that stuff doesn’t motivate me, although I’ve done the challenges in the past — everyone is different, though, and I know it motivates a lot of people!

    Love your goofy pictures. 🙂

    If I were do ever do a marathon, I must admit NYC comes to mind. But then the logistics of it . . .and the fact Mr. Judy would hate the crowds (OTOH, he wouldn’t be coming to the start with me anyway). But no, sorry, definitely not happening next year! I’ll be happy to virtually cheer you on. 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      Oh I get it — I spent way too many braincells debating whether I was tracking running or run / walking for Run the Year before ultimately deciding to track running for RTY and run/walk for GoTheDist
      Where I feel it motivates me is when I know I’m close — I can and should do that little extra to hit the next milestone. It’s part of why I love the Fitbit
      I think the reason I’d do NYC besides loving it is it’s by far the easiest logistics wise. No travel, no hotel
      If you were to do it, I’d suggest a hotel on the route so Mr. Judy could just walk outside and not have to deal with crowded transit. Makes it way more manageable. While watching the elites finish was amazing I enjoy watching along 1st Avenue just as much because it’s easier to see everyone and enjoy the party

  9. Coco

    Sounds like a great week! I bet it was a thrill to watch the NYCM! Congrats on exceeding your mileage goal – that’s quite a feat!

  10. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Oh my goodness, how fun to watch all those speedy runners complete the NYC Marathon! There’s still a little part of me that wants to run another marathon… and NYC would definitely be on the list of ones I’d want to run!

    1. cari Post author

      It really was. ANd then today I ran reverse through the last .2 and to realize I was running where they’d been was. Wow.

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, it did feel that way – complete surround sound. Love it when the city does this

  11. Liz Dexter

    Amazing miles! I love the thought of you doing your local marathon and I know you can do it – and you can pick my brains all you like, too! It probably won’t be my year for it as I have my ultra in July, although who knows. I wonder what the latest you can sign up is … Also I have my rule about travel bans to consider. But if I don’t come and do it I will promise to run all the miles I can over here while you’re running over, there, ‘kay?

    1. cari Post author

      That sounds like an excellent plan – and with the time difference it’s possible
      I think the lottery ends in Feb but can’t find the date at the moment and not sure if that’s true for the travel groups. If I do it and don’t hate life we can do it together in (hopefully) 2021 or 2025.

  12. Darlene

    My phone & my watch do track my steps and my work is part of Virgin Pulse which tracks healthy activity – I earn up to $400 a year. I only track my miles on my blog. I have no idea how many miles I’ve walked/run.

    So lucky to live in nYC so you can watch the marathon.

    When I did the Dash 2 years ago, I watched part of it. So exciting.

    Getting FOMO about next year. Still can’t decide if I can pull the trigger. It’s the training that may kill me.

    1. cari Post author

      I do Achievement for healthy rewards. Bribery always works.
      I’ve done #GoTheDist to track for years – huge push to do that little more.
      Ditto re: FOMO, but leaning yes. The excitement around it is just amazing
      If you ever want to watch, welcome to come down. I live on the course

  13. Deborah Brooks

    wow you have already hit your miles for the year! Congrats that is a lot of steps. I am excited to go run in Central Park this weekend I will be there for a short visit

    1. cari Post author

      Have fun! I plan to hit the park tomorrow.
      Hoping for some good foliage too if the leaves survive today’s rain. Travel safe

        1. cari Post author

          It’s deceptive! Look forward to your wrap post for your route
          I had a case of “don’t wanna/lazy” so did the East River later myself

  14. Laurie

    Congrats on achieving your goal miles for the year already! It must have been awesome spectating from Central Park. My friends and I watched the men’s 2008 Olympic Trials there. It was awesome. The whole race was in the park, so the runners made 4(?) loops. we got to see them 4 times. Ryan Hall won.

    1. cari Post author

      Have you read Liz Robbins “A Race Like No Other”? I think it was those championships that she touched on along with the marathon. Beautifully written
      There’s an ultra that does loops of the Park — I think I might hate it after two and it does eight or nine

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