Tuesday Topics: Women’s Running Clothes

By | February 26, 2019

While I’m not the Marie Kondo fan some of you are, I do find some truths in her advice. One relevant to running is that I don’t feel good in clothes that don’t look good on me. I don’t give a hoot if I match or not, I like all the colors. Often in the same outfit. The crazier the legging patterns the better so maybe looking good is not a constant. LOL

I feel like we (in general, not this linkup specifically) talk more about sneakers, winter running and running gadgets and less the basics that won’t get us arrested for public nudity. Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to discuss the state of running clothes in this free topic week of Tuesday Topics.

One drawer? Hah. Source: Gone for a Run.

While the scale didn’t move much, I’ve shape shifted significantly in the last year (yay) and am at a place where I need to update my running wardrobe for things that fit my current shape.

Thanks to recent birthday and shopping in mom’s closet as she is retired and doesn’t need as many of her work clothes anymore, the work wardrobe is in better shape. My personal favorite on that front is these Apt. 9 Brynn pants from Kohl’s and the short length doesn’t require hemming. When I realized how much I liked the fit I bought two more pair so I have two black and one charcoal. Whee.

I haven’t had luck on the running clothes part, mostly because my shopping is so random and short of SkirtSports I wouldn’t know what to tell someone to buy me, whereas mom knows Kohls and Macys are my crack.

Besides SkirtSports, which I already love and know many of you wear, what are your other favorites? Bonus points for shorts, which I’m somewhat lacking in. I’m a happy clam perusing the racks at TJ Maxx, but I never really know what to look for or what is good. Also, has anyone tried Fabletics recently? I had some stuff in the early years but found it didn’t wear well for what it cost. Has it improved?

My favorites in case they help any others:

  • Marika and Danskin leggings and capris, which I can often find at TJ Maxx. Their 5/8 pants are legging length for me and they wear well for the price point.
  • I love RBX’s shorts (probably also a TJ Maxx find) because their spandex stay put and the shorts don’t ride up.
  • TekGear and Champion sports bras. I’m relatively small so don’t wear anything fancy.

Any other running wardrobe advice?

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics: Women’s Running Clothes

  1. kookyrunner

    I’m a big fan of Old Navy for running clothes. I have been (blessed?) with a booty which requires me to wear compression shorts, capris and leggings when running. Old Navy has really awesome compression gear and it’s pretty much all I run in. Plus, you can’t beat all the awesome colors and patterns 🙂 I also love their shorts because not only do they have compression, but they are also a good length – they usually hit me mid thigh.

    For sports bras I love Moving Comfort Juno as it keeps the girls in place but doesn’t give the “uniboob” look under shirts.

    1. cari Post author

      and your Run Hair hat was Old Navy too right? Another vote in their favor.
      One just opened super convenient to me so I’ve used it for some work/weekend pieces but never really thought to look at their workout gear, thanks for that tip. Booty less an issue for me than thighs, but I find compression helps for the same reason – they stay down better than regular shorties which keep trying to be spankies. Thank you!

  2. Deborah Brooks

    I am the opposite I have no real clothes that I actually love right now but I sure do love all of my athletic wear. Athleta also has some really great leggings in fun patterns. Under Armour also has great shorts.

    1. cari Post author

      If you have Kohls or Macy’s near you, they can be great for real clothes. Our office trends on the casual end of businesswear though so not sure that would work for you.
      Will look into Athleta and Under Armour, thanks! Tried one pair of UA once at TJ Maxx but the cut of that style didn’t work. Thanks!

  3. Jackie

    I second Old Navy! I love their compression gear and they last and last and last. As a bonus, they frequently have 50% off sales.

  4. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Well you know I love my Skirt Sports but I get it — it’s pricey. OTOH, I have some from at least 5 years ago. This is how I accumulate so much (that and my need to #tryallthethings.

    I do actually like Fabletics, but not so much for running — but I know many people do.

    And I totally agree, as I’ve said from the beginning — I may not feel like a runner (in the beginning) but I can fake it til I make it, i.e. dress as if I’m a “real” runner. Although I suppose some would argue real runners don’t wear skirts — but if only they knew! It’s because they’ve never tried them!

    1. cari Post author

      No SkirtSports was less on the money and more it’s a given. Between the sales and Poshmark they’re not much more expensive than other options and like you said, they last. Someone said that to me re: a skirt and sports years ago — so Venus Williams isn’t a tennis player was my answer? That said I personally think it’s stupid that women lacrosse & tennis players are mandated to wear skirts while men wear shorts. Everyone should be allowed to dress according to his/her preferences, but dress code shouldn’t correspond with genitalia.

      I have a Fabletics long sleeve tee I love for lounging and a pair of wind pants I’ll occasionally wear to/from gym but didn’t otherwise do well wtih them

  5. Laurie

    I love Skirt Sports too. Some of my favorite tights are from Title 9. I don’t have any InkBurn clothes, but at some point I am going to splurge and buy some for myself. Actually, a lot of my racing gear consists of race shirts from OTHER races. I NEVER wear the shirt form the race I am doing (bad luck!) 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      I’ve worn the race shirt only twice: a fun run two years ago where they wanted a team pic and I forgot to take it off and a 5K last March when they only had pick up pre race and it was wear it or carry it as I didn’t have a bag to check. I wouldn’t otherwise either for the same reason. I never need to buy another tee though because all the shirts!
      I love InkBurn when Wendy and a RunTheYear friend posts in them, but never found them to explore. I need to see the clothes “live” before I get into them I’ve found. Will look into Title 9

  6. Darlene

    For the past 5 years, I’ve wore almost exclusively Skirt Sports. I love the product and it’s affordable if you are an ambassador (but even year, the incentive is less.) I do love my lined NIKE tights which I got at Marshalls.

    I mostly wear race shirts on top (if they fit properly). Otherwise, I search them out at TJMax and Marshalls. Also they have cute clothes at Old Navy. I hate shelf bras and I have to cut them out of the Skirt Sports tops that have them – not because of support. Juast not comfortable with “headlights.” Like to wear my own sports bra.

    Before Skirt Sports, I did get a lot stuff at Target. The quality is not as good but the price is right. I put my Skirt Sports stuff in the washing machine & dryer and they still look new.

    Many other companies are out there – Athleta, InkBrun, Lululemon, etc – but who can afford that???

    1. cari Post author

      Lululemon and Under Armor gave me the most sticker shock when I first went looking. I was used to Kohl’s TekGear pricing. I’ve lucked out some with SkirtSports on Poshmark, but I find with SkirtSports’ sales they’re quite reasonable. I find the Targets here don’t have as much but I’ve had luck in larger stores out of town. I like CHampion which I can sometimes find too at Modells. Thanks!

  7. Zenaida Arroyo

    All of my running gear is from Oiselle. I love their colorful tops and shorts. Some items are pricey but still cute and some I’ve been able to wear to work.

    All of the other brands mentioned above are also great for running.

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