Oh my right knee, you old frenemy

By | December 29, 2019

Not a Weekly Run Down, as there was a strong lack of running, but linking up with Deborah and Kim to talk about my knee diagnosis and some other 2019 odds and ends.

Am I disappointed in the injury? I think frustrated is a better word. I ran 862.97 miles in 2019. Four half marathons and the NYC Marathon this year, I met some amazing people. I wish it had ended differently, but disappointed doesn’t work for me.

This week’s exercise:

  • Monday: stretch and foam roll
  • Tuesday: tried to run, made it 50 feet
  • Friday: went for a walk after ortho, it wasn’t bad. PT after
  • Saturday: stretch, PT and foam roll. Realized rowing didn’t hurt, so 2K row
  • Sunday: literally running errands. Run / walk. Ice and PT after.

On the Knee:

I was able to get in to see the orthopedist on Friday afternoon. It was a new to me doctor, although I knew the practice. As is their normal, they had me do x-rays first and then a metric ton of paperwork. There is nowhere else I feel handwriting/penmanship is a use it or lose it more than doctor’s forms.

I was glad to have a good book (hi Book of Life and the amazing All Souls Trilogy, 1600+ pages still 1.99 on Kindle) as there’s often a wait. I can’t say I minded too much as getting me in with less than 24 hours notice didn’t do much for their schedule.

Dr. Lopez is a welcoming face – such as you ever really want to see a doctor. As he listened to symptoms, onset and examined the scars of a 20+ year ago surgery on my right knee, he began to manipulate that leg as well as the other to compare. I didn’t tell him of my thoughts of the IT band but knew he was thinking the same when he began to palpate that area of my thigh.

He had me turn to my left side and brought out the ultrasound. Since I couldn’t see the screen, he narrated what he was looking at as he continued to touch, bend and adjust my leg. After confirming that my knee wasn’t pregnant he said the ligaments looked good, no arthritis or bursitis. We then reviewed the x-rays, which were clean aside from a possible spur, which has been a possible spur for five or so years. AKA no worse.

He gave me a prescription for PT and some home exercises. Due to some travel this week, I can’t get in for my first appointment until 1/6, but I’ve packed my bands, small ball and will stretch as much as possible. I’m not even packing my sneakers, which feels weird. But I think the break from running will be better for the knee.

Next up:

  • 2019 Recap: so many good things. Maybe for Friday coffee.
  • 2020 Goals; I want to think about this some while traveling this week, and maybe wait until week one of PT to hear his assessment

18 thoughts on “Oh my right knee, you old frenemy

  1. Wendy

    Damn ITB! I hope the combo of time off the road and PT exercises will help calm the thing down. Are you going somewhere warm, at least?

    1. cari Post author

      I think/hope so.
      Rochester (NY) was oddly warmer than NYC. Go figure. But Florida soon

  2. Darlene

    Hope this injury is short-lived. I was hoping that there would be us running together between the marathon and Bermuda…Darn injuries!!!!!!!!!

    so 26.2 and then a 15k and poof, we are kaput. Injury twins.

    Be a better patient than I am. I took 3 weeks off but now I am running…

  3. Deborah Brooks

    That darn ITB! Could have been worse I suppose. You can definitely rehab that one. The therapy bands and foam roller have been my close friends lately. Speedy recovery friend!

  4. therightfits

    Ugh, I’ve dealt with the ITB issues before. Hopefully the exercises help quickly- they did for me when I was consistent with them. Good luck!

  5. Coco

    So what is the diagnosis? An ITB issue? It’s frustrating to not be able to start PT right away, but it sounds like you can do some good on your own until then — including the “good for recovery” of not running.

  6. Kim at Running on the Fly

    Thankfully, I’ve never experienced ITB, but have heard it can be a nightmare. I hope your case is an easy one to fix/rehab. You have a great attitude…instead of being disappointed in how the year ended, you’re happy for all the good that happened as well as all that you accomplished 🙂

  7. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I am sorry about the IT Band. After my first time with it, it’s never really been a huge problem for me. Any time I feel something there, which is rare, I slap some tape on for my runs, and that seems to take care of everything. I know you’ll do the PT so I expect it won’t last that long for you!

    It would definitely be weird to travel somewhere and not run.

    You accomplished SO much this year — you should be very proud.

    And thanks for the recommendation for the All Souls trilogy — I’d just finished a book so it was perfect timing & I enjoy fantasy! It strikes me as sort of a much, much better version of Twilight meets Practical Magic (which I never read, but love the movie). Didn’t like Twilight actually at all, only read the first book, but watched the movies (once) because I was just curious about how it ended).

    I have to wonder how the heck you have time to read as much as you do!

  8. Birchwood Pie

    Ouch on the 50 ft run – I’ve definitely had those moments. Hope you heal up soon, and congrats on a great year!

  9. kookyrunner

    Ugh – the dreaded ITB! It’s such a pain in the you know what, but glad that the solution will be PT and t home exercises v. surgery.

  10. Liz Dexter

    You’ve done the right thing and you’re sensible and you will get this sorted. You’ve had an amazing year, now time for a lower-key but stronger one, maybe? Take care of yourself!

  11. runswithpugs

    I hope the rest is just what you need! Stretching and doing those home exercises is probably going to do you a world of good.

    So funny thing about ultrasounds. I don’t go to the doctor often and I don’t go with my husband. Well with this injury, the ambulance, ER and surgery, everyone is constantly asking if I am pregnant and doing blood draws and urine tests to confirm (I am, decidedly, not). My husband was like “what is going on? why does everyone keep asking that???” I had to explain that I can’t get a dental cleaning without someone asking if I’m pregnant because of risk factors and liability. Just something he never had to deal with as a guy. Hilarious.

  12. Renée

    so so sorry about the injury. I know how much this sucks. But you really have accomplished so dang much this year. No one wants to end on a less than active note without it being a choice but man I’m so proud of all you’ve done this year.

    if it’s really your IT band just don’t foam roll it – that really can aggravate it even more.

    Glad I got to know you a bit this year Cari! and hopefully, someday, we can also run (or not – I’m also down for drinking wine or whatever your beverage pleasure is) together. Here’s to 2020!

  13. Zenaida Arroyo

    Bummer about the injury. I know it sucks but be patient and soon you will recover and out there running. Where are you going this week? Enjoy!

    1. cari Post author

      I was in Rochester, NY to visit my college roommate. Oddly the weather was unseasonable and given a healthy knee I could have run.

  14. Shathiso @thegaboronerunner.com

    As Darlene said, I really hope the injury is short-lived. Injuries always throw a spanner in the works, gggrrr. So glad you get on with Doc. It makes such a difference. Leaving your sneakers behind is probably a really good idea – hopefully some good rest will help the healing process even before you start PT etc.

  15. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    I’m so happy that your knee wasn’t pregnant! LOL Or perhaps it was be cool it if could be because couldn’t we all use a backup knee for when one of two originals goes bad? Seriously though, here’s hoping PT will be just what you need to get you back out on the running trail quickly!

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