Hot or Iced Coffee in August?

By | August 7, 2020

always all the pictures of a coffee the size of my head, but I never make it into the linkup. I am determined for August, and then I almost didn’t but scrambled to get this done Thursday. Linking up with Deborah and Coco for some Vitamin C.

making up for all the missed coffee

All the money I was saving on coffee? Not so much when I switched to iced coffee. It’s so worth it as a cool down drink, even if it sits in the fridge when I nap post run-rise. Also, my hair was so short and dark early in quarantime. I cannot wait to cut it, although I think I’m going to rock the salt and pepper for a while.  I can’t say forever, my hair has been too many colors in the last 25+ years of coloring it.


Over coffee I’d tell you that I really hate running with a mask. It doesn’t matter what kind or whether they’re breathable, they suck. Literally in some cases I end up inhaling and sucking on my mask. What a motivation to run at oh dark thirty when there are so few people that it’s safe enough not to. The yellow Zensah one will be nice for early morning/evening runs when it gets dark as there’s some reflection. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite masks for general needs, and the disposable ones are lightest in summer heat. While I generally think the FB ads are creepy, they’ve served up some great ones.

I’d add that surprisingly, I don’t miss the gym as much as I feared. I miss cross training and a larger space to stretch and foam roll and some of my PT that doesn’t fit in this apartment, but summer running has been manageable even if I’ve whined about the humidity almost every time. There’s no time frame for gyms reopening, so it’s not an issue I have to decide on any time soon, but glad that I’ve been able to stay active once the IT Band healed. My gym was reimbursed by my insurance, so there was no cost element of missing it or not.

run this town!

I miss this mug.

Over coffee I’d tell you that I’ve added a line item in Mint for Covid19. Not the virus itself as I’ve been lucky to be healthy, but purchases that work from home has made necessary. New

  • vacuum (home more, more crumbs and shedding),
  • Swiffer,
  • shower curtain, liner, tub and bath mat (OK, summer humidity more than COVID, but also the twice a day showers)
  • desk chair
  • floor lamp
  • computer (likely, but not yet purchased)

My favorite? The new Keurig from Black Friday last year. Even when I go out to get my morning coffee I still usually make at least a double cup here and I definitely never made coffee five-six times a week at home before. It will likely be rivaled by a new computer, but right now it’s clear leader with the app-controlled lamp a close second.

Over coffee I’d tell you that part of why I still want to rearrange my living room somewhat (last Friday’s project that never happened) is so I have a wall space for legs up the wall and wall sits. Something to brace myself for soleus stretches wouldn’t hurt either. I have two possible candidates, each with their own upside:

  • one is closer to my existing stretch nook where my yoga mat and weights are and would give me an away to put both in
  • the other requires moving less furniture and will make getting behind my futon easier

While the living room re-arrangement has worked in that it carved out a nook for a living room and a home office, I don’t love having my futon in the middle of the living room. Alas I’m somewhat limited in options. I think option a of wall space above will open up a better futon option, which is part of why I’m leaning that way. Even if I didn’t have a no computer in the bedroom rule, moving my desk there isn’t an option as there isn’t room. I briefly toyed with making the (smaller) bedroom a sitting room with TV, desk, futon, but I don’t like the idea of my apartment door opening into my bedroom. Small apartment/first world problems. I’m actually contemplating getting rid of the futon entirely, but I sleep on it in summer nights that need the AC as the living room window has the AC due to window size and occasionally have overnight guests. My brother and sister in law have an amazing chair that converts to a twin bed, which is very tempting.

Even though I know work from home isn’t forever, it would be nice to solve to space issues.

oh wise coffee cup

Finally, over coffee I’d tell you that I’m not very good at adulting.  I do some of the things that help for a more organized life, but while I’ve realized I can cook, I do not enjoy it. And you know what? I’m absolutely OK with this. There is way too much going on in this world to beat ourselves up for the little things. The Christmas mug? My new shower curtain has snowmen because it was cute. Life’s too short not to go for what makes you smile.

  • If you’re working from home, have you found a good arrangement?
  • Do you have any smart appliances?

Stay safe & healthy everyone.

24 thoughts on “Hot or Iced Coffee in August?

  1. Darlene S. Cardillo

    We are the same person so I won’t repeat anything you said.

    But when I no longer have hotel pts, can I sleep on your futon?? Lol

    1. cari Post author

      Of course! It might be a convertible by then, but always happy for guests.

  2. Kim G

    I’ve only tried ice coffee one time and I didn’t like it – I think it had too much sugar, so I need to try it again. I’ve still been enjoying my hazelnut coffee daily during the pandemic.

    Speaking of adulting, I was having a hard time doing that this week, lol. After work all I wanted to do was sit on my butt and watch TV. I was so lazy, but hopefully some extra sleep will help that lol.

    1. cari Post author

      yeah, too much sugar somehow feels worse in iced. I think it’s because it’s more dilute.
      We had some good sleeping weather this week and as result I did not want to get up in the morning. Easier to pop out when it’s too hot to sleep. Hope you’re getting some better rest

  3. Deborah Brooks

    I don’t like iced coffee for some reason. Still do the hot even when it’s crazy hot out. Who knows how long we will be at home so some reorganization seems like a good idea. I still need to do a big purge of things. Maybe next week 🙂 Exercising in masks is no fun at all. I am not wearing one when I bike anymore. I do my walks and runs in less crowded areas. I did order a UA one made specifically for running it won’t be here until mid September. Glad to have you for coffee!

    1. cari Post author

      Curious how you go with the UA one. The Zensah one is lighter, which made it more manageable in the heat, but it’s no one’s ideal. Running mask free at 5:30 is definitely more comfortable than mid-day with. I said to a friend though that an upside to wearing one yesterday evening was I didn’t eat any gnats. LOL.
      I’m an all iced in normal times, but that was because Dunkin was half a block from my office. If I had to walk any distance with cold hands, I’d probably be more seasonal. Foor me, iced is more refreshing and hot more relaxing
      Good luck with the purge!

  4. Marcia

    I’ve had some iced coffee this summer but this week I’m back to hot. Even when it’s below zero, I don’t like running with my mouth covered. In this heat it would be unimaginable. I’m not really missing our gym membership either. Maybe the Stepmill, that is all.

    1. cari Post author

      Yeah, I thought I’d like a buff since I wore one once or twice for Ted/15K or the Fred half, but a windshield against an icy wind vs. warm and clammy with breath? No thanks. Been back to the hot this week too.

  5. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    I rearranged about a month after starting to work from home. I have a home office, but its next to my son’s bedroom and I didn’t want to wake him up on calls during his naps. I also wanted to be set up on my main floor so it was easier to move around to different spots with my laptop. I ended up pushing the dining room table against the wall and turning that into a desk. Whatever works!

  6. Jenn

    We have a nice sized house, but there is nowhere for me to get away. I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself. Either the puppy follows me, or little man waits outside the door. A fabulous side effect of quarantine seems to be that kids are just a wee bit in need of extra reassurance. I find myself sitting in the car in the driveway when I get back from the store just for a few minutes of quiet to myself. The new office is a great use of space, but now everyone wants to be there, too.

    We have a Roomba. That’s the smartest thing I own LOL.

  7. Kimberly Hatting

    I have a good-sized house, but very limited wall space. I usually lie on Max’s body pillow (which at one time belonged to our son LOL) so I put my legs up the wall next to it. Trying to find a spot for wall sits is an issue as well…unless I prop myself inside a doorway. With my long legs, it’s really tough to even do wall sits in the hallway because my toes bump against the opposing wall LOL. Talk about your first world probs!

  8. Wendy

    I don’t run with a mask. Mask wearing is just not compatible with running. When I was in Madison yesterday, almost everyone was wearing masks, even on the streets. It got hot and uncomfortable, but we all did it.

    I am so not good at adulting which is why my house is cluttered and nothing matches. Oh well…

  9. Coco

    Love all the coffee selfies! And LOL at the snowman shower curtain. I do have a good WFH setup EXCEPT for my chair. I alternate between a small arm chair I stole from our living room (too soft) and a “high-end” folding chair (too hard, even though the seat is padded). I should go into the off and bring that chair home, but it wasn’t great either. Do you have a door you can use for legs up the wall/wall sits?

  10. Chocolaterunsjudy

    We have a futon. It basically serves as storage for Mr. Judy. My parents used to come up way back when, and we’ve had a guest or two over the years, but not for a long, long time (much longer than Pandemic).

    Would you believe even in my house there’s not a whole lot of room for legs up the wall? Truth. Well, not until I cleared out my extra room (we each have one) and now there’s room there. So happy I finally tackled that (even if it’s still not done).

    You can just lay down & put your legs up. Works the same. Can’t help you with the wall sits though.

    There has been MAJOR decluttering this year. Before everything started. But continuing. Some day I’m relatively sure we’ll downsize. And I was saying just yesterday despite how much I’ve released, I don’t know how that’s going to happen! Of course I have oodles more space than you . . . sometimes being forced to be choosy is not a bad thing.

  11. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    I’m team iced coffee – that’s the only way I can tolerate it! I only drink hot coffee when I’m desperate!

    I had my WFH setup but the wireless outages have been obnoxious so I moved my desk into the guest bedroom. So far, so good but I hate having my desk next to a bed and TV…I don’t want to be tempted to take a nap lol!

  12. Liz Dexter

    You know what? Hardly anyone LIKES cooking. I mean, some people do obvs, but a lot of us do it because we have to. Batch cooking saves me but then I have room for a decent size freezer. I know I’m lucky to have a big house but I’m going to be cancelling my gym membership so need to sort out our second room up the top so I can use my cross trainer and possibly do yoga up here. Hm.

  13. Michelle D.

    I love iced coffee!

    I runfess that I have not run with a mask – I’m doing everything I can to get out early to dodge people and avoid the whole mask thing.

    I’m not really missing my gym membership as much as I thought I would either. My OTF membership is still on hold and I’m not sure if/when I’ll go back.

    1. cari Post author

      I run with a mask when I’m running with people, and carry it with me at other times, but yes, sunrise has become A Thing in part to avoid the need for a mask. I suspect it might be more manageable come fall.

  14. Farrah

    I feel like I should change up the furniture in the living room so I can work out there a little more easily. Wall space is precious! 😛

    Right now, I miss the classes I used to take more than my gym membership, but I do still miss the gym (mainly because there’s not much to lift at home!).

    1. cari Post author

      I wasn’t a class person, but that totally makes sense.
      Wall space — and getting the futon out of the middle of my living room! — are happening.

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