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I was ridiculously excited about this Sunday’s run for the better part of this month. In fact I was worried about laundry timing (not) rendering a shirt available on time at least a month ago. A live race? A virtual race? Double No. Liz and I “re-creating” our run together on the two-year anniversary of it.

2018 morning run
celebrating post run 2020

Twinning in the buff from Liz’s running club and matching our outfits from 2018 while running at the same time in Birmingham and Manhattan. The major upside to all of this 2020 unsettledness is the creativity that’s emerging. Love whoever posted the high fives early in quarantime as we totally stole the idea.


Also this week: beautiful weather which means sleep and the ability to deal with spoken word on my walks. I cannot have someone talking at me if I’m tired, even if I know I’ll enjoy the content. Monday:  Marcia’s two recent appearances. Wednesday: started but still need to finish Running Rogue’s Run-Life Balance episode. It’s been easy, quarantime essentially means no life outside work and I’m free to run in all the daylight hours, but that will change and I wanted these reminders. Nothing earth shattering, but always good tips. Friday: inaugural episode of Go Ask Ali. Ali Wentworth is a hoot and I was curious to hear about what Brooke Shields would have to say. I’m generally too young to remember her in her acting roles, and as someone who watched a lot of tennis in the 90s, she was always Mrs. Andre Agassi to me. Yes, I realize now that’s so odd and it kind of horrifies me, but I was a kid.


Achieved my quarantime goal of a ponytail. Now debating cutting it all off, or maybe letting it grow. So many decisions. I think the principle driver right now is that I’m not ready to have someone who is wearing a mask but is exposed to people and all the people they’ve been exposed to standing inches from my face. Have you had a haircut yet? Any concerns?

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

Stunning finds just in a sidewalk bed
adventures in Instant Pot continue
post-work pedi
  • never miss a Monday: a gorgeous cool (for August) morning for a few laps of the sun-kissed Great Lawn. When I was talking about Quarantime purchases, I can’t believe I forgot to mention my instant pot! This week’s lunches were artichoke heart risotto, which is among my favorite dishes. This week I doctored the portions with capers and wasabi, which definitely helped with the “I need more kick”. After work was a pedicure. I did the math on three week v. four week and decided the self care was worth it, especially in summer and with the running. This pic was actually later in the week when someone wanted to see the color / tan. oh you weird summer you, but this is a fun outcome.
it isn’t stereotypically pretty, but I love this view
  • Tuesday: wanted more than the five miles possible on the East River, but didn’t want to go to Central Park for the third day in a row, so I did some street/esplanade jiggle for six miles on a beautiful cool morning. When the last mile is the fastest, life is good.
weird clouds.
  • Wednesday: a friend asked for an early morning Zoom. I countered with a walk as this week already felt like a case of ass/chair fusion. Some crazy clouds, but fresh air is always better than more screen time.
just south of 102
  • Thursday: plan was office run group, but schedules rendered that impossible. I hadn’t run in the morning so the sunset run was a wonderful kickoff to a long weekend. Virtually no humidity, a picture-perfect summer evening.
love water towers
and sushi!
  • Friday: sometime early in my current job I learned the phrase busman’s holiday and as someone who is a museum nerd both personally and professionally, it happens all.the.time. I was particularly excited to see Hope Wanted as I have been sorely missing museums over the last six months. The exhibit is a series of photographs that were  both normal and so utterly strange, but it was so great to see an (outdoor) exhibit and see what others saw in lockdown. Elizabeth and I have also talked about museum-ing forever, and that and sushi made for a perfect day “off”. I love what I do, and I’m grateful to be working, but sometimes we need a day off the computer.
hazy sunrise
yep, Fred judging us.
  • Saturday: Elizabeth had 14 on her plan. My legs don’t know what 14 is anymore, and summer returned. I said I was in for six-ish, and that’s what I did complete with a rest by Fred when we both had a case of don’t wanna, but also the cutest cheering squad. Humidity is draining. Came home, recharged myself and gadgets before sitting by the water for a little. Still working through the massive Great Deluge book.
so so true
  • Sunday: I don’t run back to back unless there’s a very good reason. A two-year anniversary of a run with a great friend ticks that box, and I was out early to beat the heat (fail) and run at the same time as Liz was running. The heat wasn’t the problem so much as the awful humidity, and I took it easy and enjoyed watching the park wake up. Wanted to finish smiling (check). Elizabeth and I met up at the end of my run/beginning of hers for a visit/bench crash as my legs were d-o-n-e and we people/puppy watched. Since then a bath and a nap. We’ll see if anything more productive happens in this humidity.


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  • Sounds like a really good week! Any week with sushi is good in my book. 🙂 And of course a virtual run with Liz.

    I was all set to film another video outdoors, but it’s really rumbling out there. So nope, don’t want to have to buy a new ipad (at least all we had to buy was a new keyboard).

    • Glad the solution to the tech issues were relatively cheap! Sushi forever. Getting my fill through October when outdoor dining ends. H ope they make it until spring

  • Sushi!! I miss sushi so much, trying to work out how we can get it without walking 4 miles there and back!

    And it was so lovely to do our simultaneous run today (AND I was telling Trudie about your adventures in cooking!). It was cooler here though warm at the end, even though I was running between 11 am and midday, and I am very glad you were the one putting the hi-five image together as that was a bit beyond me.

    • You have accessible Indian and I have sushi. We should trade houses for a minute 😀
      That was so much fun. I think we need to find reasons for simultaneous runs more often. Love the Layout app. Best 99c I ever spent aside from Kindle books

  • The humidity is back here, so I can look forward to slogging along again this week! Or will I? Hoping for those cool mornings. It is August, after all!

    I love your photo with Liz. It turned out great. Holly did one with the two of us waterskiing! I’ll have to share it.

    Have a great week!

    • Imagine the waterskiing one took much more editing than ours. I am over August , but looks like we’ll get a reprieve as the calendar turns. Don’t trust it yet though

  • I love how you and Liz celebrated the 2 year anniversary of your run together! So fun. That is one formidable flip flop tan. I wouldn’t know what to do with a 14 mile run right now either…or a 7 miler for that matter haha! One of these days when it cools off I may ramp up a tad. Who knows?

    • I feel like 5 will forever be my happy place, but I can make 7-9 work. No interest in ever doing a fall Half where I’d have to train in summer. This flip flop tan will probably be summer’s high point, which is ridiculous.

  • I listened to Marcia’s podcasts this week as well and they were great. I got my first haircut in a long time today, and honestly it felt fine. Obviously we were closer than 6 feet but it didn’t feel like we were in each other’s faces and it feels good to have the weight off my head. I’ll be eating those words tomorrow when I go for my run and have to relearn how to keep my hair off my face since I can’t do my usual power bun anymore. I guess when your hair length is only good for running that’s when it’s time to get a cut. And P.S. I am craving a visit to NY like nobody’s business.

    • Yes, although Sunday’s run in a buff reminded me I can keep my hair out of my face when I run. Last year I kept it long through marathon training so I didn’t have to htink about it.
      NY will be here when you’re ready, contrary to the obituaries everyone is writing. You can run some of my favorite routes 😀

  • How fun to recreate your run together! I haven’t had my haircut for the same reasons that you are hesitant. I recently watched a Youtube video about how to cut your own hair. I’m really nervous but might give it a try. It’s so long at this point that it probably won’t be too noticeable if i mess it up! (Besides, I never wear it down these days anyway).

    • when my hair was wavier & layered I feel like it was more forgiving of a self cut. Look forward to hearing how you go if you end up going that route. Part of why I want to cut it is to break the pig/ponytail habit when not running.

  • Darlene S. Cardillo

    Love your virtual long distance run. We have to do that for Amelia.

    Tues is my third haircut. Doesn’t bother me at all.

    Happy to hear you are running well.
    Keep those NYC pics coming. I’ll pretend I’m there.

    • I had a feeling it was you two, but couldn’t find the original to “credit” it. And yes, absolutely. Smiles and fun where we can

    • Hope Wanted and New York Stories (Museum of the City of New York) are both wonderful in their simplicity. Have you been to either museum?
      Fun mandatory in 2020

  • What a fun idea! My legs don’t know what any double digit distance is these days!

    I got my hair cut two weeks ago. The person I see has her only studio and was very strict on masking. Plus, my hair is so short (even before the cut) I was barely there for more than 15 min.

    • I love your haircut. I think/hope I said that somewhere as I know I noticed it. Did she have you take the mask off for the cut? That’s where I’m a little concerned if I go back to my bob.
      I did 9. I could *probably* do 10 but no interest in further until December

  • Team nap for sure!

    I have a hair appointment scheduled for Thursday. I am desperate for it, and it seems like all precautions are being taken, but it just feels weird.

    I love that you and Liz recreated your run! I saw it on social and it made me smile!

    • I think making us smile is part of why it appealed to us. Everything is so crazy right now it’s lovely just to have fun sometimes.
      Hope hair appointment goes well. KNow you’ve been in the mood for some time

  • 14 miles? Yeah, my legs don’t know what this is either.

    How fun to recreate that run with Liz. LOVE, LOVE it!!!

    I’ve forgotten that Brooke Shields was married to Andre Agassi.

    I had a haircut back in late June and it went OK. My mother and I were the only ones in the shop and then another couple came in but we were almost done.

    • I was all about the tennis in middle & high school. Pretty sure it’s the only reason I was familiar with either. Eek.
      You and I both ran our last “teenager run” as my friend called it about the same time. How quickly they forget.

  • I’d forgotten that you and Liz have actually met up!! Love the recreation for your meetaversary! You are so right – all this Covid-19 craziness has brought out the creative side in all of us! That nail colour looks AWESOME! I’m so overdue a pedi!

    • ColorClub nail polish is my favorite. Such ridiculous colors and worth trying if you can find there https://colorclub.com/
      What I like too is the quality. The pedis rarely chip other than when I stub a toe barefoot, and sometimes even make it through that.
      It took Liz and I 14 years of knowing one another to meet. Eek

  • Love, love, love that you and Liz celebrated your meet-up anniversary!

    You’re sporting some nice tan lines in that pedi picture 🙂 I can’t remember that last time I had a pedicure.

    I will say that I’ve had two hair cuts since salons were allowed to re-open here. I was nervous at the first appointment but relieved to see all of the precautions they took. I think it also helped that I booked my appointments early in the day so I was like one of the first clients in the chair.

    • Pedicures are my one girly thing. Not a manicure person and don’t wear makeup, but I need pretty toes How you feel about first appointment is how I am with the dentist. Feels much safer.

  • I love that you and Liz chose to replicate your 2018 run with the same outfits. Yes, the pandemic has certainly made us become more creative!

    I had to look up busman’s holiday. It sounded very familiar, but I couldn’t remember what it meant.

    • It’s an odd term for sure. Reading on the origins can be fun
      For once there’s an upside to not recycling old race shirts or turning them into quilts!

  • So cool that you and Liz replicated your run! 🙂

    I’ve only had one hair cut since things have re-opened. I was nervous but it actually went way better than expected. I probably won’t go again until sometime in the late Fall.

    • I’m feeling more comfortable with the idea of a haircut. That and the length is driving me utterly bonkers when not running so it may be time. I’m not a frequent hair cut person in the best of times, so I’d likely be good until fall/winter too

  • Love your 2-year anniversary run recreation. The picture is awesome! We do need to get creative with our adventures lately and you and your friend did a great job.

    Good for you on the pedi. I have to admit to just a touch of jealousy. Maybe I will have to schedule one. 🙂

    • Go for the pedi if you’re comfortable. I felt totally safe — tech was masked and there were dividers between the chairs. Not sure I’d be ready for a manicure and face to face, but don’t typically get them anyway

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