Falling into Running

Niagara, you are GORGEous

I’m not going to blow up this post with photos since the plan is a Travel Tuesday Active Leafcation post, but suffice it to say that the utterly unplanned road trip was just what the body and soul needed. Marriott calls it a rejuvacation, and while I think that’s a mouthful, it’s so so true. Also to steal completely from Deborah, October is indeed my favorite color.

Anyone else treat yourself for Prime Day? I got the Renpho massage gun I’ve been eyeing for a while. I wondered why I needed it when I survived marathon training without it, and then I remembered I was in JackRabbit two-three times a week and would use their Therabody. I don’t need a $400 massage gun, but so far I’m loving life with this massage gun. I’m still mostly running pain free, but the mornings after aren’t so much fun.

Speaking of marathons, off a recommendation on the Runners Bookshelf Facebook I read Nikki Love’s With a Little Dash of Crazy. To celebrate turning fifty, she ran 63 marathons in 63 days breaking the record for women’s consecutive marathons. The men’s is of course far off with Ben Smith’s 401! While I think there might be another marathon in my next sixty years, the idea of sixty three is unfathomable.

Weekly Run Downs with Deborah and Kim:

Week of October 5:

  • never miss a Monday: a time trial. My first since last July,  and not too far off it, which was a pleasant surprise.  It wasn’t even particularly planned as I decided to go for it at the end of mile two. Not training for anything, but fun to throw in a random workout or two.
  • Tuesday: too long ago and I didn’t run, so can’t even cheat off Strava to see what I did.
  • Wednesday: the morning five mile run hasn’t happened as much lately due to lagging in getting out the door. Oops. Still 4+ to some fun pop makes for happy Hump Day.
  • Thursday: we have a nice Office Run Group meeting spot and loop that lets us run about two miles together and five miles for each of us. Toward the end of each I run all the creative ways to avoid Cat Hill as I dreaded the pain. I finally decided it was time for a little suck it up buttercup and said hi to the Cat. My legs still worked and it was good to know I could do it pain free.
  • Friday: off, picked up the rental car and headed to mom & Bob’s for the first night of my getaway.
look who I found!
  • Saturday: before we drove to Albany, hit the rail trail by mom for a nice five miles. I couldn’t really warm up but can’t have a bad run on the bluffs above the Hudson. After visiting with my brother, sister-in-law and the minions and before heading to Utica, took advantage of Darlene living only 15m from them for a quick park visit. Love having friends in all the places.
  • Sunday: drove to Rochester to spend distanced time with my college roommate and her family.  No run, but Ontario Pathways make for a gorgeous walk

Week of October 12:

  • never miss a Monday: part run/part hike exploring Letchworth State Park and Niagara Falls.  Amazing to get in a metric ton of steps while still criss-crossing New York State and awesome to spend much of Indigenous Peoples Day on Seneca land.
  • Tuesday: no proper run really on Monday, and I woke to rain in Corning, but it needed to happen, and five miles did including some track speedwork. Change of scenery does wonders. Like Saturday, great stretch before the haul back to the city. I definitely want to do Wineglass now, and realized Corning really isn’t that far.
  • Wednesday: morning walk to storetch car legs
  • Thursday: knew Wednesday that office run group wasn’t happening due to schedules and could have run in the morning, but couldn’t get going so it was riverside dusk run. It’s not the sunsets of the west side but I love this four-five mile loop. Cannot wait for them to finish the sinkholes so the whole loop is open.
  • Friday: planned off. Nasty/rainy day. Switched my closets and other apartment self care.
hamming and ‘gramming with Fred
and a taste of fall
  • Saturday: virtual Amelia Island 12K. I won’t lie, was sad not to be in Florida but it was a picture-perfect fall day in Central Park. I knew I needed to do 12K, or ~7.5 miles, but didn’t really have a plan. When Elizabeth said she had ten on her plan, I decided to join her for most of that and ended up with 9.5 miles. Part of me wanted ten and my first double-digit run since Zooma Bermuda, but I had stopped at CVS to pick up something and my legs were just d-o-n-e.  7 months into pandemic, I haven’t tried the Under Armor one that many of you love, but I’m honestly in the place that the easiest mask to run in are the disposables. I won’t lie, I’d much rather run early/off the beaten path to just do without, but Saturday in Central Park is mask land.   Fogged up a storm from the get go, so glasses free running it was.
  • Sunday: morning walk to stretch my legs. Bad football to follow.

30 thoughts on “Falling into Running”

  • A little mini escape can do wonders these days doesn’t it?! So fun that you got to see Darlene. I also love the massage gun. I leave it by the TV so I use it at night while we watch. The hubs surprised me with a new air fryer toaster combo on prime day that I had been eyeing. I have been kind of obsessed with it! Glad to have you back for the link up. Looking forward to seeing all of your photos this week

    • One of these days I’ll learn to blog from my phone. Maybe. LOL. Glad I have almost everyone on social media so I know what’s going on until I can catch up.
      Yay on Prime Day presents. Can’t wait to see all the new recipes you make with it.
      My massage gun, resistance bands are in the same place for mostly the same reason — that and itty bitty apartment. But it makes for good habits.

  • I loved your photos from your trip and I’m looking forward to more! My trips out of town have been so helpful! We were supposed to go this weekend but the weather is not nice.

    I only bought a charging pad for my phone on Prime Day! I just didn’t see anything I needed. A new roof or driveway is what I’m looking for…lol

    • I think my new phone will be able to make use of a charging pad, so I may come back to you to see how yours is.
      Sorry you couldn’t get away, but glad you weren’t blown away

  • Congrats on your 12k-turned-15k! I’ve told you before how badly I crave a trip to NY, but FL is my “spirit animal” state so some beach time is high on our post-pandemic travel list. Running a FL race virtually in Central Park sounds like the next best thing.

    • Yes, fall foliage with a Florida theme. I hope you get to come here and there. Ooh bonus 3K, you’re right. Shame I think I was supposed to do a 5K too I forgot about. We won’t tell the virtual run police. LOL

  • I think my Prime Day “treat” needs to be saved for the Runfessional. Your getaway pics are such a joy to look at. Its been many years since I’d last been to Niagara Falls. Before the kids I think. I can’t even imagine running in a friggin’ mask. Ugh. That said Thing 1 swears by the Athleta workout masks when she uses the GaTech Fitness Center.

    • Athleta and Under Armor seem to be the go tos. I have to return a shirt at Gap Factory, so maybe I’ll look at Athleta with the store credit. Niagara Falls was such a wonderful whim. I wasn’t sure what the American side was like as I’m not sure I’ve ever been other than passing through to the Canadian one twice. Shocking considering campus was less than two hours.
      I look forward to the Runfessional.

  • Your pictures were so nice. What a beautiful getaway! And glad it was just what you needed. I’m sure getting out of the city into the fresh air is a nice change every once in awhile!

    • It really is, especially fall when it’s crisp ish. The air just feels cleaner, even though I’m lucky to be right by the river.

  • So glad that you were able to do a quick getaway!

    I actually didn’t purchase anything on Prime Day – I was actually surprised at myself. There were a few things that caught my eye but ultimately I didn’t buy anything.

  • Rejuvucation is a fun word. I felt that way about our trip to CO, but the traveling (by plane) was a bit more stressful. I have been loving the pics you shared — truly stunning. And, how fun that you got to see Darlene.

    • I took 700+ photos. I wish Flickr was still a thing, but I held my own blowing up social media. LOL. I’d fly now if needed, my bigger concern would be the two hour wait in the airport, so I’m way more likely to fly home from somewhere I drove than deal with NYC area airports. Glad you were able to travel

  • I have yet to run with a mask. The joys of suburbia & going off the beaten path.

    I am so jealous of your trip to Niagara & Letchworth — I visited both several times in college (I also went to school in Rochester). But we’ve never made it back there while here. The joys of dog ownership.

    I also have yet to run double digits this year. I don’t think it’s happening & I’m ok with that. Being healthy is more important!

    • Yep yep re: health. I might get to ten, or I might not. I’m not optimistic about my Half happening/me feeling comfortable running it, so I’m not stressing it.
      I hadn’t been to either in 19/20 years. I never think about trips within the state. It’s the same as 25+ years between Lake George which is so much closer.

  • LOVE LOVE your photo fallcation. And it was great to see part of your face lol
    I remember the JR theragun and I bought mine for about $59 I think. No name brand.
    We have been blessed with great fall weather.
    Florida is a mess but I’m still holding out hope for the election and Feb.

    • Same. Mine was about that with the Prime Day deal and it works so so well. JR one is only necessary if you’re running training volume all t he time I think.
      Love your optimism

  • WOW I’m so jeaous of all your travel! I’m getting so tired of the same running routes day in and day out. I need a change of scenery! BUT I’m glad to not have ot wear a mask when running – I hardly see anyone or if I do I can change sides of the street, so I don’t typicaly wear one.

    • I was thinking of you when I was in the Albany area as I know you have some folks there.
      If I run early enough, I don’t need to either. Occasional price to pay for gorgeous fall day in CP so we make it work

  • Yay for a vacay! Awesome pics, as well 😉 Like others have said, I can’t imagine running in a mask (if I was running LOL). I’m quite thankful that’s not an issue where I live. I’m jealous of your Central Park excursions!

  • Yay for a vacay! Awesome pics, as well 😉 Like others have said, I can’t imagine running in a mask (if I was running LOL). I’m quite thankful that’s not an issue where I live. I’m jealous of your Central Park excursions!

  • I’m so glad you were able to get away for a bit! I would kill for a change of scenery – it feels like it’s been a lifetime since I was away.

    Yay for the massage gun! I have and it is my saving grace post runs.

  • Your getaway looks awesome! I am glad you were able to get away and enjoy it.

    I did not buy anything on Amazon Prime Day. I have a massage gun similar to yours. I bought it last year and love it.

    I cannot imagine running with a mask. I run in my neighborhood so no mask but I do take a buff just in case.

  • I love the idea of a rejuvacation. 63 marathons in 63 days may be a bit much, but is a rejuvacation every work being extra? Asking for a friend.

    I am so, so glad you go the time away and mental break you needed. It is so important to have that.

  • How great that you were able to get away. Your trip looked amazing and I loved seeing your pictures on IG.

    How cool that you treated yourself to the massager! I didn’t purchase anything o either of the Prime Days, but of course I’ve thought of a bunch of things since then that I should have ordered.

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