Oh COVID Christmas

I don’t have it, and everyone I know is safe and healthy, I just can’t think of another description for this surreal year/holiday. I also don’t have a ton to say so have more pics than anything else.


Although I wouldn’t really call it hoarding, so much as buying more than normal due to being home way more than normal.

blank slate
Happy Cari

You’re not supposed to have food rewards for a good run. What are the rules around drink rewards? Such a wonderful treat during a post-run soak.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

bonus Fred
still pretty spot
  • never miss a Monday: river path was too icy so a surprise weekday visit with Fred and morning Central Park run. Made for some nice variety and since it was overcast there was no solstice sunrise to miss.
good morning Central Park
oh frozen wonderland
  • Tuesday: knew it would be a long zoom day and it was a beautiful morning so I headed to Central Park for a walk and thanks to cloud cover a bonus “sunrise” at my new favorite spot.
watercolor sunset
Harlem Meer floating tree


  • Wednesday: start of my Christmas break. Intended to get out sooner but a sunset run and Christmas Tree made it worth the delay as I got in Zooma’s 12Ks of Christmas with the Harlem Hills for the first time in eons. Got some fun compliments on NoxGear which was a surprise and it seems common here.
2020 version of Christmas Eve fish
    • Thursday: before a 3P Zoom movie date with my niece and nephew, I went out for a shakeout as my legs were sore and I knew Friday would be a soaker. Rewarded with some pink Christmas trees. The world needs a smile. We do some variation of the seven fishes in a normal year, this year? Warm enough for sushi which made me very happy, even though it ensured no white Christmas. Salmon is my essential fish any time.
    • Friday: speaking of smiles. The rain passed early afternoon and I was going stir crazy so I decided to visit the Twig and finish the Holidays on Fifth courtesy of a map. Santa comes via sleigh and Frosty via plane? Works for me.
  • holy giant inflatable!
    • Saturday: the best day of the week despite the drop from 50s to a wind chill of 12F. Frozen al fresco brunch with mom & Bob and I’m so glad we were able to find a way to see one another to do Christmas in this upside down year. Rocking a new hat from mom that I love, but wasn’t quite warm enough for the frigid temps. Also great to support a local restaurant. And then a chance to visit with Santa. That is one huge inflatable. 5’2 for scale, but still.
  • Imagine indeed
    frozen wonderland
    • Sunday: ran to and walked with Elizabeth to spend time together in person for the first time since she ran the marathon. So lovely and necessary.



16 thoughts on “Oh COVID Christmas”

  • LoL I love that 2020 Bingo card – I will be filling it out later. Honestly, what a crazy crazy year. I think your title for this week’s post is perfect.

  • It was a crazy Covid-ish Christmas this year, for everyone. We’re quite thankful to all be in good health, and having the kids home (albeit masked LOL) was so nice. We had a drastic temp drop as well…I ran outside Wednesday morning (in the upper 40F’s) and it was barely above zero (way below, with wind chill) by the time I got home from work.

  • That bingo card! I think I’d get the same bingo you did, but differed on other squares. I did cut my own bangs and there was my son’s wedding. Love the sushi variation of Seven Fishes. I’ve been hiding from the frigid weather.

  • Oh, that sushi looks divine!

    I am glad you had a nice holiday. We all need some niceness and some positive things in our lives.

    And I will take food AND drink rewards after a good run. Rules be darned.

  • That bingo card about covers it this year. Glad you could meet up with your mom for Christmas, even if it was freezing. Pretty scenery as usual. Nothing like NYC at the holidays!

  • Glad you were able to get together with your mom & Bab; I was wondering but Brrrr! Glad I can visit my mom indoors now (I think, considering that cases keep popping up there, but not too many), of course right now that’s on hiatus until there’s an all clear again. Poor mom.

    We didn’t eat a whole lot of sushi this year, far less than normal, but Mr. Judy decided to buy a bunch of gift cards to our fav (very close) sushi place — pick up so no extra fees — and we had sushi this week & last week. Salmon is my fav too. I usually get Mr. Judy’s because he’s not as much of a fan.

    Happy you were able to get together with Elizabeth!

  • That Bingo card is spot on…now to figure out how many squares I cover…

    So glad you were able to make it work to see your mom! Crazy times indeed…

    I always love your photos – being in NYC at Christmas time was always one of my fave times of year!

  • That floating Christmas tree is very cool. I’ve not seen anything like that before, but I’ve never lived near a large body of water… It’s great that you got to see your mom and Bob. Family time is so important, especially during the holidays!

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