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By | August 8, 2021

Thanks CoCo for this collage

I’ve been struggling with blog titles lately but this one wrote itself when Kim pinged a few of us about Matty Maggiacomo’s SUMMER CRUNCH challenge. I got a little out of my strength training routine with a few too many excuses, so this is the perfect re-set. So far so good a week in.

This week was pretty (wonderfully) crazy with the upcoming Homecoming Week, announcement of Key to NYC and continued “regular” work, so I was glad to get out where and when I could.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • more magic weather made it easy to never miss a Monday: five miles before work.
  • Tuesday: a shorter than planned morning walk due to an impromptu meeting, but I got out there. Baby steps. Also listened to Rogue’s Building Strength episode, which was super helpful as that seems to be the phase I’m in.

beauty in the weirdest of places

  • Wednesday: this sunflower popped up a couple of weeks ago and love that someone decided to surround it with a bed. I love the convenience of the river promenade and grateful to have that 4-6 mile loop depending on the state of construction, but calling the inland view pretty would never happen without the gardens.

speedy is my turtle’s name!

probably my favorite sunset ever

  • Thursday: mid week long run strikes again. Going to miss these with the increased temperatures and shorter daylight as we were absolutely spoiled most of this week, weather wise, with temperatures not even always in the 80s. Delicious sleeping weather too. This run started with our office run group route and then after veering into the Great Lawn to refill my water and getting some bonus turtles, I remembered SVU was filming relatively nearby so I detoured over there. I didn’t find them, but was rewarded with this evolving and utterly stunning sunset. Magic hour indeed. Ended up a little over 8.5, which was nice as I wasn’t sure exactly what we were running Saturday.
  • Friday: we do Summer Fridays and close at 1. I was still at my (home) desk at 6:30. So lucky to love what I do, but needless to say this wasn’t a productive day, exercise wise.Β  Grateful to the Core challenge for at least some movement and a riverside takeout dinner because I had too many ingredients and not enough food in my apartment. Can you say Friday brain? Also 76 year since Hiroshima had me thinking of where I’ve marked the various anniversaries since I visited Hiroshima 20 years ago.


Jenga is real!

  • Saturday: I love Summer Streets. Park Avenue is closed from 72nd to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and you get amazing views, like running through the Grand Central viaduct and the site of the future Wegmans. There were fewer activations this year for the sake of COVID safety, but I was so glad they were able to bring it back overall. Nicole, Mo and I met at Bloomingdale’s and when we were on a short break, we spotted Sarah, who we also trained with. She and Daniela joined us and we ran together-ish for about seven miles before splitting off slightly due to pace. I had run 1.7 to the start, so left them about 9 as I didn’t want to push it too much longer. I ended up at 10.81 which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with, but if I end up .19 short for the year or the month? LOL. They’re all marathon training (NYC, Marine Corps, Berlin) and I have to say it was nice not to have to even think about doing more than 12. This week is going to be a down week due to vacation, but if I’ve run 9+ for four of the last five weeks, I guess I’m officially half marathon training. With Delta on the rise, fall races look a little more uncertain than they did a month ago, but whatever happens, I know I have a way stronger base than I did for any other half. After a stop home for shower, soak, I went for sushi and headed to the Boat Basin. There was to be no sunset, but I did walk home via the new buildings in/around Waterline Square, and while I always call the views from Pier I George Jetson’s NYC, but this really adds jenga element. It’s kind of fun to see the juxtaposition too with the landmarked IRT building from the very early 20th century.
  • Sunday: a walk? Read in the park? Pack for Stowe? Probably a little bit of all of them.

15 thoughts on “getting to the CORE of it

  1. Deborah Brooks

    I also enjoyed the core classes this week. I like having a set class and not having to hunt for something on the app. Nice job w your workouts this week! Have fun in Stowe and enjoy the cooler temps up there

  2. Liz Dexter

    That sunset is amazing. I’m hoping to get some arms work in this week as not running on many weekdays, but work is equally hard at the moment. Loved our twin Thursday distances!

  3. Wendy

    Your photos have been breathtaking!!! My sister and her family live in New Rochelle but lived in Manhattan for many years. Her hubs is an amateur photographer and has shared so many beautiful images of NYC over the years. I love them!

  4. Kimberly Hatting

    That sunset pic is so epic πŸ˜‰ Great job on getting all those miles done. Your core program reminds me that I’ve been slacking in that arena….

  5. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Ah, Stowe. Lucky you! We often used to go there (in the Fall) for our anniversary when we lived in VT.

    That sunrise is absolutely stunning!

    You are definitely in great shape for half training.

  6. Coco

    That sunset is spectacular! That summer street shutdown is cool. I hope I have a reason to visit my NYC office soon (near Grand Central), but my European clients who like to meet there aren’t allowed to visit the U.S. yet!

  7. Zenaida Arroyo

    Beautiful photo of the sunset! I am also happy not to be marathon training. The thought of long runs right now is not appealing at all. πŸ™‚

  8. Marcia

    I hope you frame that photo. It is truly breathtaking. I really REALLY need to checkout the Peloton app. Seriously. Have so much fun in Stowe!

  9. Kim G

    I enjoyed most of the close classes this week except for that weird one a few days ago! I like when the instructors make up their own programs to follow because it definitely gives me a solid goal to work on throughout the month!

    I agree with Marcia about framing the photo of the sunset!

  10. Jessie

    What a fun week Cari! I have the same striped Rabbit tank as your friend πŸ™‚ It’s one of my favorites.

    Summer Streets sounds so cool!

  11. Jenny

    I have to echo the other commenters and say- that sunset photo is amazing. Sounds like a great week with beautiful weather. And a lot of running! I can’t wait to hear about your vacation. Have fun!

  12. Darlene S. Cardillo

    I love your summer Friday hours. I just took the day off. It was lovely.

    Your pics!! Keep the coming.

    You are right on track for a great half experience. Hope it happens.

    Your strength training is so impressive. I keep saying tomorrow.

    Enjoy VT! Great time to head north.

  13. Jenn

    I love your incredible runs! And I am so envious of your different routes and views. And turtles! And sunflowers!

    It must be so great.

    I hope you have a great vacation week!

  14. Michelle D.

    I always enjoy your photos of NYC, but that sunset is especially stunning!

    You’re doing great with your runs – definitely setting yourself up for half marathon success. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that fall races actually happen!

    Enjoy Stowe πŸ™‚


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