have a nice trip, see you next fall

By | January 23, 2022

anyone else remember that taunt? Kids are such shits (and yes, guilty of that on occasion). Monday evening I was saying it to myself as I thankfully laughed off a very minor fall.

When I became an official runner and fell on a trail I was most worried about breaking my iPhone. Monday? Was most worried about the sleeve of my marathon windbreaker. Luckily the sleeve and I were both OK as I barely even skinned my knee and elbow. To be honest most shocked I didn’t scrape my hand since it was bare and knee/elbows were covered. Yay layers!

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • rewinding to Sunday, which I didn’t cover in last week’s post. I waited until the wind chill hit double digits (!) and got in 7.6 miles. Close enough to the 8ish I wanted. As always, once I got going it wasn’t bad, although that cold of air is hard to breathe on hills. Glad to get through Harlem Hills and maybe I’ll even do them twice before the Half. It was a pretty, frozen wonderland.

bone dry, what on earth did I trip on?

always a great sight at the end of my run

  • never miss a Monday: glad to jump into a 10a core with Coco, Deborah and Kim. My first Daniel class, I think, and he was fun although the class was challenging. Nice to flip from my normal pattern of run/strength due to the day off work for MLK. I waited out some slimy weather and headed out around 3:30 for the run I mentioned above.  We were spared the snow and the worst of the wind, so it was just gray like winter so often is. It’s why I so appreciate Eat Pretty’s color fun.
  • Tuesday: always a off day from running, but especially this week after the fall and two runs in a row. Temps tended toward mild and I had some errands so it wasn’t a completely sedentary day with only a weight class.
  • Wednesday: I did four miles reliably on Mondays and Wednesdays until this fall and since November there is always one day where I just cannot get going. This was probably OK as I wanted a shake out post fall. All felt fine except for a slightly whingy ITB, which could be fall but could just be it being a shit. 5K on the river lower loop. As I said to Michelle on her IG, eating wind gets old. But we do it. Warmed up to nearly 50 so erranding was quite pleasant. Loved the David Bowie upper body strength class and cannot wait to do the run.

better than Mt. Trashmore a few weeks ago

  • Thursday: office run group a schedule casualty and I woke to pouring rain so wasn’t running then. Still wanted to run after work since I knew Friday was going to be arctic. Park and river after dark are still a personal comfort no go so I ran up and down the avenues. There was a covid-time point where I wouldn’t have been comfortable running among people, but it was super chilly and not very crowded so it was a good albeit weird run. Still ducked into the Park at 90th to say hi to Fred.

January 21, 2018

  • Friday: single digit temperatures and negative wind chills. No thanks. Did some strength work and apartment re-organization to make room for a kitchen table! I am so over eating in my lap or picnicking. Speaking of Fred though, happy four year anniversary to my becoming a Half Marathoner! No, I have absolutely no idea what I was wearing over my tights there but I can still remember the excitement.

sun-kissed runners

  • Saturday: are there any runs better than with friends? I do the majority of mine solo due to schedule but there’s something nice when stars align, and they make a 9 wind chill so much better. We ran. We walked. We talked non stop. It was a fun nine miles. Got a walk in later and it was an overall very wonderfully active day. Absolutely no lingering effects from the fall and feel like I’ll be in good shape for my half in five weeks. It’s not going to be pretty – Harlem Hills twice never area. But it’s going to be fun.

post-race brunch

  • Sunday: no race for me. No FOMO at all, and loved spectating Fred in general and seeing Darlene and one other friend. Spectating in the (mild compared to yesterday) cold revs up the appetite and we had an amazing brunch before Darlene’s train. Running friends are the best.

17 thoughts on “have a nice trip, see you next fall

  1. Jessie

    Great you were able to cheer for Darlene! The temps were all over the place there, from 50 to wintery!

    Exciting about the new table!

    Great week Cari!

  2. Jenny

    Your nine-miler on Saturday sounds fun, but overall your week is making me cold! Brr. But, you’re getting your workouts in. You’ll be ready for a half in five weeks! I’m looking forward to Darlene’s race recap. Hope you have some mild temps and stay on your feet this week!

  3. Darlene

    So great seeing you. Even more than Fred.

    Tell I’ll be to see him.

    So the next half has two Harlem’s not three?? Yay.

    Glad you didn’t get hurt. Be careful.

  4. Kim G

    I’m glad that you and the jacket were okay after your fall. I clearly remember being worried about ripping my leggings when I fell during a training run a few years ago but luckily they were in tact!

    So cool that you were able to meet with with Darlene post-race for a great brunch!

  5. Wendy

    Rubber glue, bounce off me and stick on you…I can’t imagine you taunting anyone! You are too kind. You are such a good friend to spectate for Darlene, especially in the cold!

    I’m glad you were ok after your wipeout. I’ve tripped on dry pavement, so trails are special for me, lol.

    1. cari Post author

      I think all kids have a little shit in them. More taunting than wishing ill. But thanks. <3 Funny how there are regional and/or age variations in that. The one I knew close to yours is "I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you"
      She almost texted us to stay in bed. If the race had been yesterday I think it might have been a different conversation, but today wasn't at all bad for January. Grateful though for a warm coat and hand warmers. Sometimes spectating is just as much fun as running.
      We have a special talent apparently!

  6. Coco

    Sounds like a great week! MLK Day feels like ages ago.

    Funny on the title and intro. Last night we saw tags “DONTRIP” and I said it made me think of middle school when a twerp would stick their leg out and say “don’t trip” as you stumbled by. I’m glad you fall was minor with no damage to you or your gear!

  7. Deborah Brooks

    Very fun to hang out with Darlene and cheer her on. I always get FOMO when that happens! Daniel’s workout seems like weeks ago already. We will have to do another one together soon. Aside from the fall, looks like you had a great week

  8. Marcia

    Wait, MLK day was just week? Remind me how slowly this month is going when it’s next fall and I’m wondering where the year went. Ha! How nice of you to endure the cold and cheer for Darlene. Glad the fall left no residual effects.

  9. Jenn

    Besides the fall, you had a lovely week. I am so jealous that you got to hang with such great women! We really need tot make some sort of blogger weekend happen!

  10. Michelle

    I’m glad you and your jacket survived the fall.

    Sounds like a great week all around and how fun to cheer Darlene on!

  11. Shathiso

    So happy you were able to cheer Darlene on and brunch with her afterwards! Running friends are indeed the best. Sorry about your fall — I haven’t gone all the way down, but I’ve been tripping a lot on my trail runs which has been frustrating! Congratulations on your four year Half anniversary!

  12. Liz Dexter

    I am so glad you and your jacket were OK after the fall (I’m still cross about the new shoes I managed to ruin falling over years ago!). And lovely if cold pics.

    1. cari Post author

      I think I’m going to take your advice and not wear this jacket on the run too often to preserve it. Luckily it’s not a great run jacket anyway as there’s no ventilation nor does it have a hood

  13. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Call me a copycat, but I fell on my Sunday run, too, just a week later. Surprisingly, I roughed up my elbow the worst, but didn’t t tear my shirt or tights (I got a hole in my mitten, though). Luckily, like you, I had no lingering effects other than soreness on Monday.

    1. cari Post author

      Oh no. Glad you’re also OK. Feel free to copycat, just not like that! 😀 Hope the mitten is fixable.


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