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By | June 19, 2022

Welcome, World!

The highlight of a good week. This has been the reason so many office run groups have been noted as a schedule conflict. But it all paid off as the NY/NJ bid moved forward as a host city for 2026. So glad to celebrate the announcement in person at a watch party in Liberty State Park.While I like Met Life, I wonder how different this and the Super Bowl would have been if the West Side Stadium had been approved. I still don’t think we’d have gotten the 2012 Olympics, but the city’s sports landscape would look very different. If you’re also a sports/tourism/infrastructure nerd, Dan Doctoroff’s Greater Than Ever is a great read that talks, among other things, about the Olympic bid.

with a side of #TBT

Not a huge soccer fan, but I played it growing up and got sucked into the mania around 1994 when the US last hosted. Also enjoyed the festivities with Osaka as a co-host with Seoul when I lived in the former in 2002. It’s going to be a fun lead up to and celebration in 2026.

When you go back two weeks, and not even Strava is a huge help! I brought my laptop to mom & Bob’s so could have been on track, but… o:) So let’s give co-author credit to my camera roll. Linking up with Kim and Deborah to share the Cliff’s Notes version.


Week of June 5:

never miss a Monday with Fred

  • Strava and Instagram tell me I ran home from work. I don’t know why I didn’t run to work, but I ‘m guessing a late start? All’s well that ends well because I wouldn’t have gone past Fred in the morning. I’ve been running the bridle path more lately and my knees are so appreciative. Grateful the ITB flare has mostly settled, but cushioning is always good.

Wyatt Kahn at City Hall Park

  • Tuesday: one of those “there isn’t one thing, but six going on” days.  Public Art downtown, a Lou Reed exhibit on the Upper West Side. There were Insomnia Cookies for dinner, I regret nothing!
  • Wednesday: humid run. Probably one of the last feasible run commutes as “freshening up” only gets you so far. I whined, but I also ran. I call that winning. I walked home via bib pickup for the Women’s Mini and enjoyed an evening in Central Park.
  • Thursday: office run group, cooldown walk after I ran into two friends in the park. Cut the run short, but in person friend time is so worth it.


  • Friday: speaking of. Pre-Mini dinner with Sharon, a friend Darlene and I met in Bermuda. Somehow we did not get a photo, but we did get some chocolate at the Hershey store. You may not need to carbo load for a 10K but you must always chocolate load!

porch life

  • Saturday: women’s mini, which I recapped here. Then headed up to Mom & Bob’s for some porch time. Well really for Scott’s belated 50th, but porch time is always good! Finished the amazing How She Did It and sat on the porch until a mosquito found me. They have a great bug zapper but those critters are determined.


breakfast al fresco

50 is nifty!

  • Sunday: did someone say porch time? More reading, essentially until we went to a late lunch. Did anyone else have this Cheerios bowl in the mid 80s? Scott’s birthday was in February but with omicron and it being too cold to eat outdoors, we punted to last weekend and had a wonderful celebration of him.

Week of June 12:


sunrise, sunburn, sunset repeat

  • couldn’t ever miss this Monday: had to get up early to commute as I stayed over night Sunday, but was actually excited to get up at 5ish for a trail runrise. There is truly no better way to start the week. And then Central Park heard my challenge and rose to meet it. Also on the challenge front, a friend asked me to do 800s with her and I liked I said when I agreed with Ali and Shalane, I want to say yes to stuff. Now I am in no way no how in shape for 800s and she’s faster, but we played tag as I went out 45 seconds ahead of her and it was her job to chase me down. Does it get any better than kicking up dust on the bridle path? Maybe the sunset, but that’s about it. Oddly? I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Museum Mile Festival

and Happy Pride!

  • Tuesday: welcome back Museum Mile! Fifth Avenue is closed intermittently between 82nd and 110th for public programs and crafts and the museums were open free/late. Picture perfect summer night.
  • Wednesday: the first of two yuck runs. Didn’t hydrate well enough Tuesday because I was walking museum mile and it was more humid than I expected. Called it good at 5K. Luckily it cooled off for a beautiful evening in Central Park watching fireworks and listening to the Philharmonic.

Tick Tock!

  • Thursday: Run was rained out in the morning, and the evening was the World Cup announcement . Luckily I made it back to the city in time for a late dinner with Darlene. A great diner but fitting name given the multiple guesses at what time I’d be back. I’d say it was sad not to run together, but that’s our normal.

I don’t think Bear wanted to be seen with me. He looks so sad

  • Friday: hello garbage run two. Didn’t even make 5K. Bear must have good sense of smell. Rest of the day was amazing as I spent the afternoon with some current and former colleagues.

spoiled for so many good running options

  • Saturday: redemption run. Temps in the 60s and windy. Could have run for days. The 8.5 miles felt like 8 minutes and were a total 180 from the garbage swamp runs. There was nothing wrong with me — just the weather. While I didn’t think there was, it’s always nice to get proof. Brisk winds, so I sat on the stoop and read a book. Best upside of long daylight, all the reading. Now only 9 books off pace. Let’s see how much of that I can make up this summer.
  • Sunday: still wonderfully mild. I think I’m taking myself to see Jurassic World: Dominion because if we’d asked that of Dad the answer would absolutely have been yes. I’m actually almost positive that the 2nd one opened on Father’s Day weekend.

17 thoughts on “Celebrating and running

  1. Darlene Cardillo

    So happy to see you even if we did not run… maybe next time, we will run together (or not).
    I was happy to run in Thursday’s weather not Friday. I melted on my short walk to the Vessel.

    My run in the wind on Saturday was fun because I was not alone but otherwise not so much.

    Love your pics and the variety in your activities…

    1. cari Post author

      Yes. I think we are lucky enough that we have fun whatever we do. Because we always find something. This might be the first no walk even, just a meal.

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    Yay for a meet-up and dinner with Darlene! Have I told you how much I love your sunrise/sunset pics? You are very lucky to have so many beautiful options for logging the miles 😉

  3. Chocolaterunsjudy

    As a February baby myself, I’d be done with moving my celebration to Summer!

    Sometimes the weather gets to us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Mostly seems to be a random thing.

    I am not into Soccer, and never played it growing up either. Before girls were really encouraged to do much in athletics. So it’s not something on my radar at all.

    I am loving reading outside most days too, but yesterday was far too cold for me!

  4. Coco

    I’m glad NYC got the World Cup deal. The D.C. bid was really for the game to be in Baltimore with other events on the Mall.

    The Museum Mile sounds very cool. And yay for the Pride Parade!

    So fun o see Darlene again. Maybe some day our trips will coincidd.

  5. Deborah Brooks

    no visit to NYC is complete without a meet up w you! Glad you and Darlene got to connect. I have to get back there soon. You did have a busy few weeks! Lots of activity 🙂

  6. Jessie

    Looks like a fun week Cari! Lovely you and Darlene met up for dinner. Glad you had a redemption long run too!

    Our Pride fest and parade are next weekend! For some reason, I though most cities were on the same weekend, but I see now that its just whatever works for that city throughout the month. I hope to see the parade!

    1. cari Post author

      The main March is next Sunday in line with the anniversary of the raid on Stonewall, but Pride has really become month-long. Queens and Brooklyn Pride parades are the first two weekends of June and Staten Island’s is even earlier. I’m not sure whether LGBAC’s performance at Museum Mile is an official Pride event or not, I just consider it part of Pride – sorry for the confusion
      It was a very good if busy week!

  7. Jenny

    Oh, I’m so jealous of your cold spell! 60s sounds amazing. I’m sure that run was a relief after the two previous ones. Your 800s workout definitely sounds fun- it feels good to run fast! As usual you had an eventful couple of weeks- every time I read your posts I’m reminded what an incredible city NY is.

    1. cari Post author

      Come visit! You’d love summer. LOL
      We’ve been mild this year, but I know we’ll pay for it.

  8. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    I love how you and your friend are doing your 800 repeats. How clever for you to start early and for her to try to catch you. That’s got to be so much more fun for you both than to start together and for her to pull ahead.

    How fun to meet up with Darlene again. And I love the porch view!

    1. cari Post author

      Yes. Plus may we never grow too old to play tag!
      I love mom’s porch. The house is situated somewhat oddly on the lot in that the front door faces east (down the street), yet there was always a house that blocked its river view, so we wonder why it was situated that way and not facing the street (south). As far as we can tell, the front door never moved. The views though are great. I’ll get one in daylight next time

  9. Wendy

    Isn’t it funny how even cool humid weather can affect our runs? Looks like you had a nice week, tho. How fun to connect with Darlene! I have plans to see Marcia this week.

    Haha to the garbage bear. He looks like he doesn’t like selfies, lol

    1. cari Post author

      It’s funny how his face has so many expressions, yet he’s literally just a stuffed animal
      Enjoy your meetup with Marcia!

  10. Liz Dexter

    Ha – the bear wasn’t keen, was he. I love how you persist and then get a good run as a reward; I didn’t have any awful runs last week but it’s odd not to have one shaky one per week. Love your pics and Fred as always.

  11. Marcia

    Well done on the 800s! They are not for the faint of heart. Once you start though, they aren’t so bad. How fun to see Darlene. Looks like you are taking advantage of all that your vibrant city has to offer. I remember that bowll!

  12. Jenn

    Love your porch time, and fun things, and your rainbow watch band! So awesome!

    There is a lot going on in your world and I love that for you. I can’t wait for the next time you visit!


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