2022 is half gone

By | July 3, 2022

for as much as I thought January-May were fairly slow, I blinked and missed June.

My running cutback lasted exactly May as I realized on Thursday morning that I was within spitting distance of a hundred mile month. I didn’t get there because it was just too oppressively hot and humid, but 96.87 miles brings me to 542.4 on the year. Six miles behind last year but AOK for the year’s goal even if I think I’m going to ramp the mileage back down because summer running just doesn’t work for me the way it does for others. I was actually very pleased with this given it had been hard to re-integrate running into a more old normal than not month. The long weekends helped though

34 books on the year, ten behind schedule. But I’ve finished three since then so I think I’ll be fine.

I haven’t input my steps into my spreadsheet, so I’ll have to come back to that. In the mean time, linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down


the cloud frame just caught me

  • never miss a Monday: oh, this was a Monday I was absolutely prepared to miss. I was exhausted after a fun weekend and took the day off work. I woke to rain so curled up with Gwendy’s Final Task, which I finished before getting a pedicure. The weather unexpectedly cleared and I took a Citibike for a spin around Central Park’s sunset vantage points. Perfect end to a day off.

bringing Dad to a Yankee game

  • Tuesday: speed work! .5 mile warm up and 8x400s. Counting was made easier via an out and back so I knew a return to start was an even rep. My nephew was between school and camp so he and my brother came down for his first Yankees game. Let me tell you a story about Dad who is somehow gone sixteen years next week. The man loved DOTS. He gave up a lot of sweets and lost significant weight after his 1996 heart attack. Oh and he had full dentures. But he was never giving up DOTS. I don’t actually care for them, but they’re a twice a year purchase along with Tab soda, when I can find it. I went into the dollar store outside the stadium to get water and then I saw these. My nephew loved them. As well as the bucket of popcorn. We were prepared to leave if he got bored or tired, but they won and he had a blast. We let him pick the seats. This section? Dad’s old seats from the old stadium. <3 Hug your people.

Titanosaur tail!

and another magical sunset

  • Wednesday: Camp Grandma continued. I was able to take my lunch and meet them at Natural History for Luke’s first visit to “Aunt Cari’s dinosaurs”. If you’re ever feeling at all tired or out of sorts, just go see dinos through the eyes of a seven year old. Despite a lunch, I got out to pop over to the Park for sunset. I may hate the heat, but these long days are magic.

this tree was fascinating what looked like a trunk was a limb!

don’t judge me, Fred. It’s hot!

  • Thursday: I was totaling up my mileage for the month and realized I could get 100 miles if I ran 9.8. I have been known to do 8ish on mild Thursdays so it wasn’t impossible, but Thursday was not mild and it was not happening. With office run group off the calendar due to schedule, I was able to stay on the bridle path which make my legs happier after a lot of pavement. After sunset, I called it good at 6.7 miles.

cloud watching and reading

  • Friday: lazy lazy afternoon after work. I regret nothing.

concrete jungle

waiting for my park window to close. Spoiler: it didn’t

  • Saturday: part of why I was interested in running ten on Thursday was June mileage, but also  so that I wouldn’t have to on Saturday when the weather was supposed to be worse. When I went to bed Friday it was supposed to be raining but not storming at 6. Perfect. Alas none of the rain ever came and it was a humid slog, albeit a pretty one. I opted for Randall’s Island for two reasons: open water fountains and much less of an out and back. The latter was reinforced when I couldn’t make myself do another half mile to get ten because I was close to coffee and my apartment. 9.5 is absolutely 10 for the body. RI doesn’t work for Summer running as there’s virtually no shade, but the breeze was great on an overcast day. I’d have melted in the Park with the trees blocking it. After I cooled off and recharged, I went for sushi and figured I’d read until it rained. At one point I dozed on the park bench expecting to wake to fat drops. Nope, no rain.
  • Sunday: brunch with a friend, some museuming with Mom & Bob on tap.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Firecracker 10K on Governors Island after I really enjoyed it last year. And then no more humid, gross summer runs.


20 thoughts on “2022 is half gone

  1. Deborah Brooks

    My mileage took a hit this month between travel and the heat. It’s all good though. I love that you brought the DOTS with you to the game. One of those things I don’t have for years and then enjoy one. Way to go on keeping up that summer mileage. I need to suck it up this week!

    1. cari Post author

      We’ll motivate each other to get out the door.
      There was a Garth Brooks concert on 7/8 or 7/9 a few years ago and I tried to bring DOTS into the stadium. Apparently they’re concert contraband but AOK for games.

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    As you know, my mileage was down this month … but oh well. I lost ZERO sleep over it, LOL Have fun with your 10K tomorrow!!

    1. cari Post author

      Yep. Mostly just laughed because I swore I was cutting back, and when you look the other way it creeps right back up. So if I have an August siesta, September will be fine

  3. Jenny

    When my son was little his favorite candy was Dots. I never really understood why- I mean they’re okay but there are so many better ones! But… they have an appeal for some people obviously.
    Good luck on your 10k! I’m hoping it’ll be cloudy and breezy for you. Yes, summer running is hard. I’m doing a 5k tomorrow and was hoping for rain… but no, it’s forecast to be totally sunny, ARG! But, we will survive! Happy 4th!

    1. cari Post author

      Good luck tomorrow! I could not run in your summer heat.
      I think that’s my issue with DOTS. I need a little more flavor-probably why I can binge sour patch but not DOTS.

  4. Liz Dexter

    I haven’t done a 100-mile month for months and months now – I looked when we’d talked about it in the week – but I’m totally OK with that. How lovely that you got to introduce Luke to two such important things, really heartwarming! I’m seeing the silver lining in my two main running friends being unavailable much of this month in that I can do more, shorter, early runs and keep out of the heat.

    1. cari Post author

      Yep. I literally had no idea where I was since I only update the sheet toward the end of the month and/or if there’s a specific reason (like Strava picked up distance the watch didn’t and I want to remember that). Yes. Early runs keep us happier and cooler

  5. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I am not a big fan of Summer running, but oddly the weather hasn’t been too bad yet. Of course Summer is just really getting started!

    I love how you commemorated your Dad with your brother & nephew. Nice.

    My mileage is like half of yours & I am aok with that! Never have mileage goals.

    1. cari Post author

      Mine is definitealy a lower case goal. It’s a drop from last year but I was curious to see what I could do balancing work/running. It’s higher than next year will likely be as I have no intentions of running two Halfs and a 10 in the first half the year but like with all else, we’ll see.
      If we could balance we’d acclimate more I think

  6. Coco

    Sounds like a great week with family. Dots are such a classic candy! Sad, I can’t think of my Dad’s favorite candy, but I guess he didn’t have one he made a big deal about. My husband’s used to be red Twizzlers. Or Swedish Fish. He eats so much candy now, I’m not sure what’s a favorite and what was on sale on Amazon. 😉

    Congrats on an almost century month and yay and calling it good enough so as not to torment yourself in the humidity.

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, no need to torment. Of course if I end up four miles off goal I’ll remember where they weren’t 😀 LOL
      Yep yep re: sale and favorites. When we were in the office five days I had a candy bowl on my desk and sometimes it was personal favorites and others is was absolutely holiday sale that I didn’t like to keep my hand out. Swedish Fish + Sour Patch Kid is an amazing combination if he likes sour.

  7. Darlene

    I had a slow running month but I am walking more.

    So fun to spend time with your nephew and brother. Of course they lived dinosaurs.

    Enjoy your 10k. Totally FOMO on governors island.

    Can’t wait to see you.

  8. Wendy

    I can’t complain, for as much as we’ve had some roasters this summer, the humidity hasn’t been too bad. I know it’s coming–June is always a nice month, but July and August are usually pretty miserable. You’re doing great! Good luck with your 10k tomorrow!

  9. Jenn

    I think mileage drops in the summer. It’s just too hot otherwise.

    Love that you were able to bring your dad to the game. Hugs to you.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  10. Jessie

    Sometimes those lazy afternoons are just what we need! I love that sunset picture.

    June goes way too quickly. I love July though- although this July is going to be a bit nuts with our move…

  11. Marcia

    Oh gosh I haven’t had Dots in forever! They were my favorite as a kid! Cheers to lazy afternoons! I need one/some of those! Have fun at your race!

  12. Michelle

    Your trip to Yankee Stadium sounds perfect! I candy-fess that I don’t think I’ve ever had Dots.

    That cloud frame photo!!

    Hope you have a blast at your race!

  13. Kim G

    I agree with you about June – it really went by quickly and I’m kind of in disbelief that half of 2022 is already gone.

    You can never go wrong with a trip to Yankee Stadium. I haven’t gone to a game in years but I may try to get down there this summer. I hope today’s 10K went well!

  14. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    How fun to spend time with your brother and nephew! Looking at things through the eyes of a child is magical.

    I hope your Firecracker 10K went well and that you had a blast! I didn’t run my usual Firecracker 5K due to how little running I’ve been doing lately. We had a fabulous time in western Maryland riding a covered bridges route with friends so I didn’t miss the race at all.


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