Farewell summer

By | September 12, 2022

Unlike some of you, I’m not sorry to see the weather go. I will miss the long daylight though. If we have a heat wave it’s because I took out the AC. I missed the breeze in my apartment. 2023 will be the year I replace my wall unit.

I packed a lot into this summer and continued that these last two weeks. Linking up with Deborah and Kim for a belated weekly run down.

August Running:

59.28 miles. I got the cutback I needed and wanted both physically and mentally. I cycled more frequently, and there were hikes in Alaska and Stowe. I’m running almost completely pain free. Running with a heavy heart though with the Eliza Fletcher news. This world. So broken.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish I’d seen that to just have 60. 701.81 miles on the year is off last year’s totals, but that was to be expected with the office return.  I’m fine with how I’ve balanced the hybrid work schedule and running, and September is already back on track. Maybe a little too far on track with 35 miles as of today. Oops

Week of August 29:

  • never miss a Monday: I dilly dallied getting out the door and then realized I had no water. Oops. If it’s going to be short, nothing like the end of the month to do some 400s and 800s. Nothing spectacular, but it felt good to start the week off right.

Vacation eve Fred visit

  • Tuesday: our office was closed from Wednesday so I didn’t mind going out for a longer than normal “school night” run when Mo asked. But in reality, I never mind friend time. We walked, we ran, we said hi to Fred and the CP turtles.

Goodnight Moon

  • Wednesday: I really should have called this recap “fun with friends” because that’s what this week was. A friend invited me to visit her out on Fire Island, something we’d talked about for many of the last summers. First, schedule, and then COVID. Was so glad we could make it work since it was a wonderful visit in a gorgeous place.

good morning world

way better than running

  • Thursday: I had my run gear, but decided that a sunrise walk in the ocean was way more fun than a boardwalk run. I regret nothing. Beautiful fall morning temperatures.
  • Friday: OK, I regret not running in cooler temperatures since warm cement is.. It happened. Lunch with a friend was much more fun.

Lockkeeper’s House

  • Saturday: early morning train to DC on an impromptu trip. So much amazing about this wonderful city, but this house just caught my attention as we walked to dinner. Looks so wonderfully out of place, like a piece of extant history. Museums: Hirshhorn, National Gallery

running friends are

absolutely the best people

  • Sunday Funday: with both photos via Deborah. I’d mentioned I was coming into town with a tight calendar but was optimistic we could get together. Before I knew it, Deborah and Coco had organized a meetup at my hotel and the monuments run I’d been talking about since I first joined this linkup. And then as a bonus, we found out Montana was in town and staying around the corner. Pace: laughs, stories, photo stops. Destination: old favorites and new to me monuments in Korea, finding Jefferson open! and going around the other side of the Capitol. Life is good and I love my people. Subsequent museums: African American History and Culture and Phillips. Amazing, powerful.

Week of 9/4:

good morning DC!

  • never miss a Monday: good morning Washington, DC. Cloudy sunrises forever. Great way to start our last day, which included a long overdue trip to the Holocaust Memorial & Museum. Had been an embarrassingly long time since I was there, although I was always relieved to find it sold out when I was in town for Cherry Blossoms.
  • Tuesday: rainy day to dig out on email and catch up. Dentist appointment meant at least a short walk.
  • Wednesday: magical day, weather wise, where  I could run commute to and from the office. Tried to be more mindful about putting the phone away and running, and actually succeeded this day.

and then other times, I’m not

  • Thursday: to be fair, this was a walk to get in some activity on a crazy work from home day. Surreal to wake to the news that Queen Elizabeth II was failing and then to be scrolling social much of the day. Work from home has turned us into amazing multi taskers!

excellent advice!

  • Friday: meetings at museums, a visit to the Armory Show and sunset dinner with friends. Life is good.

a literal candy bar

Step and repeats are for silliness

and then a solemn end

  • Saturday: didn’t intend to take two days in a row off running, but it ended up perfect as I ran twice on Saturday! Brooks Road Show was making an NYC stop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and I decided to check it out. It was a small, but fun event. Two and three mile group runs, a candy buffet, and post-run pizza. Met some wonderful folks and got to try the Glycerins, which means a pair of cereal shoes are headed my way. I actually legit did need a new pair of shoes, so why not have some fun? After some indoor time on a surprisingly warm day, I took the m31 to its western end and ran to the Memorial. I knew I didn’t have 9 miles in me even without the morning’s run, but couldn’t not do what has become an annual pilgrimage. With rain forecast for Sunday and a desire to visit the memorial, which I couldn’t do on the anniversary, I decided to make it a vigil run. The full moon on the ferry home made it even more magical a moment. I can’t believe it has been 21 years.

mother nature is crying

  • Sunday: I couldn’t decide what to run, but knew I had to. 5.66 miles is 9.11 KMs and with a run/walk on tired legs that was just perfect. Rain feels more appropriate than sunny skies on the anniversary, but this one felt weird. It’s almost as if the world moved on after 20. I had the best laid plans of spectating the Fifth Avenue Mile, but it didn’t feel right-so I didn’t.

10 thoughts on “Farewell summer

  1. Deborah Brooks

    Lots and lots of fun friend time with running is always a bonus. Glad one of us made it to the Brooks road show. So glad we were able to make our run happen. Looking forward to the next one

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    The world changes, not problem creep in, but I think for many this is something we will ALWAYS remember. I know I do.

    We had some much fun stuff happening the last 2 weeks! You’re not training for anything (right?) so it doesn’t matter so much when & how much you run.

    I did not know that about 5.66 miles = 9.11 km (although I wasn’t going to run that long yesterday). But good to know!

  3. Wendy

    Looks like a nice couple of weeks! I’m so FOMOing over your DC trip. I hope to do something similar with Deborah in the spring. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been there. I’m a bad American, i guess…lol

    I love the Brooks cereal shoes–I haven’t ordered any yet but I need to do that!

  4. Liz Dexter

    It was moving sharing the loss of our Queen and the memorial of 9/11 with you. You did some good stuff these last couple of weeks and I loved your DC tour!

  5. Darlene Cardillo

    Lots of fun in your life as usual.

    So of course I have FOMO of your DC visit and all your NYC pics.

    So what’s next on your schedule? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’ll be in the city with friends on 10/16 and staying over because…
    Let’s plan a meet-up.

    1. cari Post author

      Bizarrely, nothing. I’ll do Ted, but I haven’t actually signed up. There’s nothing here in October with Grete in August. Wel I think there’s the SI Half but I’m not here for it
      I should be around 10/16. Text me.

  6. Kimberly Hatting

    Glad you had a great time in DC with Deborah and the gang 😉 It’s such a neat place with all the monuments and museums. I’ll never forget September 11th either…and 9as you know), I always make it a priority to do some sort of a fitness tribute as well.

  7. Michelle

    Looks like a fun couple of weeks – especially the trip to DC! Fun with Friends is a good theme to keep on repeat 🙂

  8. Jenn

    I know this was a hard weekend, but I’m so glad you had so much support with friends, fun, and travel. That always helps me get through the darker days.

    Love those Fire Island pics. I really enjoyed it, the one time I was there back in high school.

  9. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    It sounds like you had a fun visit to DC, especially with your run with Deborah, Coco, and Montana. I saw the Korean War Veterans Memorial for the first time last spring. It’s a beautiful memorial, yet I find it haunting and so moving. My dad served in the army during the Korean conflict, but he was never sent overseas.

    What a lovely way to memorialize 9/11 with a vigil run to the memorial and then do 5.66 miles (9.11K) on Sunday. I heard that the museum closed. Do you think it will ever reopen?


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