Heroes in a Half Shell!

By | October 30, 2022

How to make a race even more fun? Add a step and repeat

and a dinosaur!

Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of my week, but Saturday’s Governor’s Island mischief was definitely the highlight. Not going to do a full race recap since it’s substantively the same as last year’s Haunted Island and every other Governors Island 10K, but I’ll get into it more below. There were some minor hiccups this year, but to be honest with a race on an island in the middle of a harbor, I’m surprised they don’t happen more often. Donatello and Michaelangelo had a fun run, that’s all that matters.

Fittingly, this is the five year anniversary of the race where I fully embraced my Turtlehood. Before that I was a hybrid penguin/turtle. Nothing wrong with either, and so fun to read that old recap and see my growth as a runner.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

Monday, rainy Monday

  • never miss a Monday: We had an important breakfast meeting, which meant I couldn’t walk or run commute and risk a wrinkled dress/looking like a drowned rat. No such concerns when I’m only going to be greeted at home by my dust bunny friends. When I got my hair cut, I promised her I’d try to stop wearing my glasses on my head to help with the breakage. Alas, no options when I’m not wearing a jacket. Short, wet run. Great test of the Caterpy laces on my Glycerins as laces in puddles would have been a mess.

Waterfall Park

Turtle accessories

  • Tuesday: I still remember when I first stumbled on this park (and then realized it wasn’t even the only one!) Always a fun sight when I walk part of the way home to get in some movement on a busy desk day.  When I got home I was ecstatic to find mail. In this plan to be Ninja Turtles, I got an idea to wear matching headbands since neither of us was wearing the colored eye masks. I found  a pattern and after a consult with Mom, the yarn and pattern were off to her.  They have a reflective threat so looking forward to wearing them for o’dark thirty winter runs.

my happy place

did Carmen Sandiego steal the bridge?

  • Wednesday: what better way to end a(nother) busy desk day?  Luckily this was a work from home day so it started with a run to try and find a missing bridge. The fog was unreal this week and made the sunset even more spectacular. One of the last weeknight reservoir sunsets 🙁
  • Thursday: office run group. I know better than to run right after eating, but office happy time had Shake Shack nuggets and Halloween candy. Still glad I ran, no need for perfection. I did turn the watch off and walk the rest of the way home when it turned into 90% walk/10% run, but 4 and change miles is just fine.

absolute magic

  • Friday: I looked out my window and almost didn’t go out as it looked like the sunset would be nothing special. Thanks, Mother Nature, for the magical kiss goodnight. I’ve really tried to be good about walking when not running, but without sunset bribery it’s going to be hard.

Heroes in a Half Shell reporting for duty

really proud of these costumes

human arrows made way more fun

license to never match, right?

other friend hang outs!

  • Saturday: the turtle idea was hatched (pun partially intended) last year when I saw a group running as the Turtles. We were originally going to be four, but life impacted two of the other runners, but Mo and I decided to proceed. If a digital archaeologist is going through our texts they’re going to wonder just how crazy we were as much of the month since she returned from Berlin was costume planning. We decided early not to wear the actual Turtle costumes as they’re sized for much taller people and wouldn’t be runnable. The shirts are from Amazon, and we opted for these vs. some of the others for the back featuring the shell and the turtle weapons. Much easier than running with a bow and nunchuks! I found the tights at Old Navy figuring (correctly) they wouldn’t chafe and I could use them for fall/spring running. Mo had hers and so the costumes came together easily. Within the last two weeks I thought of the headbands Mom made us and the addition of the buff Liz gave me from her running club. The NYC Half tee was a perfect base layer for warmth and to protect against chafing from a stiff cotton shirt.
  • I typically take the NYC Ferry to the Governors Island Ferry for these races but opted against it as I thought it would be too chilly to stand on the GI Ferry line for half an hour, and wasn’t ready to leave my apartment at  6:30 to get the 6:50 ferry. I could have made the ferry if I wanted to, but I really didn’t. The trains were having a moment, which I should have taken as a sign, but got to the ferry on time for an 8am departure. Unfortunately there was an issue with the ferry frequency/runner volume, and we didn’t end up leaving Manhattan until after the 10K had started. I didn’t care, wasn’t racing this and wanted to have fun. That said, this could have been better communicated as we were unsure whether they were holding the race or not. When we were the first ones not to make the 9a ferry we briefly contemplated a DIY run in Central Park instead, but decided not to. When we finally got to the start they told us the course was open and we should check our bags and jump in. We added a detour to the shirt tent and were glad to have done so as by the time we finished, it was broken down. Not that I need it, but this shirt is a license to never match, right?

and a Lady Liberty photo bomb

  • We mixed running and walking as my hip did not like right turns, but it has continued to improve over the last couple of weeks and I probably could have run this entirely if I needed to. But would that truly be in the spirit of being Turtles? Rather get to 100% than linger at 80%. Because of the ferry/start glitch, we don’t have our times yet so aren’t sure whether or not we finished DFL, but even knowing we would it wouldn’t change my “race plan”. Midway through mile four, biker support asked if we were OK and after realizing why he was asking, I asked if he was the sweeper. He was indeed. We were able to finish and he was a good spirit especially when we said we’d race him to the finish. I appreciated that they were checking on stragglers with no pack to speak of, but also as a warning that the public ferries were running and we’d have company on the course including the large surrey bikes. Luckily not an issue with the portion of the course we were on, but the reminder to be aware was a good one. We saw the race photographer a few times and hammed it up. Can’t wait to see those photos and grateful for NYC Runs’ free photos.  I’m not one who can eat post race bagels, so wasn’t too sad to have missed them and I needed more candy like a hole in the head after this week, so we were content to head right to brunch on Stone Street where we celebrated Mo’s birthday over some delicious Octoberfest eats and drinks. It was a beautiful and fun Saturday capped off with watching Aztec dancers outside the Museum of the American Indian in honor of el dia de los Muertos.
  • Sunday: another beautiful day, hoping to check out the fall foliage in Central Park.




13 thoughts on “Heroes in a Half Shell!

  1. Coc

    Ugh on the ferry fiasco (maybe too strong a word but, alliteration!) but otherwise sounds like a fun time.

    I like the shirt. It just means green, purple, orange and pale yellow do match. 😉

    Fun that office run group is happening. Our office attendance is still low but they are trying to lure us with carrots and chase us in with sticks.

  2. Deborah Brooks

    Those costumes are too cute! Looks like a fun race, You have had some amazing photos lately. October has been a really great weather month if only we could bottle that up!

  3. Darlene

    Love the costumes. And running around going governors island

    Sunset in NYC never disappoints.

  4. Jenny

    Ha, those costumes are GREAT. That is super annoying about the ferry, but it sounds like you had a good attitude about it and had a great time.
    That Friday sunset picture is insane! I can see how it’s great motivation to get out for a walk- who would want to miss that?

  5. Kimberly Hatting

    Our pics are amazing! And the costumes are legit as well 😉 Your attitude is very inspiring despite the ferry fiasco and getting to the start line so late. Well done!!

  6. Marcia

    Omg such cute costumes! Sounds like a fun and busy week all around. Wow that Friday pic is beyond amazing. Such a treat!

  7. Wendy

    What a fun event and your costumes are everything, in spite of the ferry disaster. Looks like you had a great time!

  8. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    I’m so sorry to hear about the ferry issues, but it sounds like you made the best of it and still had fun! I love your costumes and yay for your mom helping out!

    Those skyline photos are stunning!

  9. Michelle

    Love the costumes!! Ferry aside it sounds like fun was had so that’s always a good thing.

    Can I just say I never tire of your skyline photos – stunning!

  10. Kim G

    Love the TMNT costume! A few members at my OTF studio dressed up as the ninja turtles for the 5am class today too! I’m also a sucker for a T-Rex costume and it makes me laugh every time I see one.

    You should frame those skyline photos – so good!

  11. Jenn

    This is so fun. I love running in costume.

    It sounds like you had a great week, important meeting notwithstanding.

    I hope your November is amazing and full of adventures.


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