Weekly Run Down, 4/15-23

By | April 23, 2023

So I’m technically 10K training, but my running/schedule was all over the place this week so it didn’t feel like it. Linking up with Deborah and Kim to look at the week that was.

perfect canopy

  • never miss a Monday: I don’t know what it is, but I’m having real trouble getting going in the morning even when I’m awake in plenty of time to run before work, even if I’m in the office. It was drizzling, but that was an excuse not a reason. So after a semi productive day (hi, streaming Boston), I ran home. Usual blossom pace, but it was done.
  • Tuesday: worked from home. I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree of late and needed to do the spring cleaning counter balance. I changed over my closets, bought more hangers and filled a donation bag. I don’t find that as much of a relief as throwing things out since it takes me too long to get the bag out of the apartment. I’m usually very good about evaluating the clothes whose hangers I haven’t turned (to indicate wearing), but it’s still so hard in hybrid environment, so I probably (definitely) kept too many.

om nom nom

  • Wacky Wednesday: so many meetings. Turned the last one into a lap of the park (love running colleagues) and then met Darlene for a meander. Luckily neither of us felt much like running more than we already had, so a cookie walk it was.

wall of Louis Armstrong’s House

  • Thursday: typically when we host a FAM (familiarization) trip, it’s with our international offices or their trade & media partners. Starting last summer we did some domestic ones with our travel trade team, tour operators, etc. and I joined the Queens one in the late afternoon for a tour of Louis Armstrong’s House, a sneak peek at the new Archives and a rooftop reception. Yes, the sneak peek merited my first ever Instagram story! Long, but wonderful day.


and a very early peony

  • Friday: I don’t run on Fridays, except when I do. Wanted to get to the West Side Community Garden before the much needed rain drowned the flowers.  They were absolutely gorgeous and it ended up as my long-ish run, which was good as I wasn’t sure what the weekend held.
  • Saturday: off. Dinner with friends. Otherwise didn’t leave the apartment.

2xrunner + 2xcheer squad = fun!

  • Sunday: runners not running on cheer & dry clothes provider duty. They changed the course from last year, but cheering at Grand Army Plaza made it easy to see our runners on multiple occasions and it was a fairly quick walk to the reunion area. Not running this was the right decision. I knew that anyway, but it was reinforced by zero FOMO as friends went to the expo. It stopped raining for some brunch mischief, and I’m now charging my phone and watch before going for a run.

Running Sunday evening means I’m not running Monday morning, and I have an in person in Queens at 9:30 on Tuesday. Ooops. I’ll figure it out, but I’m appreciating that 10K training is a little less intense and I can move things around more easily.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down, 4/15-23

  1. Deborah Brooks

    10K training is definitely less stressful and more civilized. Nice of you o cheer on your friends in the rain. So mice that you and Darlene always find time to connect. Have a great week ahead!

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, I love it when she’s in town. Guarantees some mischief.
      While I intend to run Brooklyn next year, this one was fun to cheer too. Balance is good.

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    I love the pics of the tulip and the peony! Both are so pretty! My peonies have just barely broken through the soil, LOL. While I’m not always a fan of the spring weather, I do love all the color returning! It’s so great that you were able to spectate and support your friends at the race.

    1. cari Post author

      Yes on the color. I can understand why you don’t like spring — Iowa doesn’t seem to understand spring, or maybe that’s the midwet in general as I think Chicago also had snow last week

  3. Darlene S. Cardillo

    Loved our cookie meander.

    Too bad about todays weather. Glad you enjoyed spectating.

    Good luck with your 10k. I wish I had a 10k instead of a half . Sigh.

  4. Debbie

    It’s great that you were able to meet Darlene and that you turned it into a cookie run (my kind of run)!

    My peonies have big fat buds, but haven’t opened yet. I transplanted them from my mom’s garden several years ago so they’re extra special. 🙂

    Good luck with your 10K training – so much less stressful than marathon (or even half) training. Have a great week!

    1. cari Post author

      Oh how wonderful that you have your mom’s flowers. Hope they enjoy their “second home”
      I can’t believe how early the peonies are open, even without our winter this year

      Thanks! I don’t think I could integrate marathon training with my current work & travel schedule. 2019 was a unicorn

  5. Jenny

    Sounds like a full and fun week as usual! Your “cookie meander” with Darlene sounds fun, as does spectating the race. Hope you had a good run today! I realized I missed your post on Des and Kara’s books… I’m going back to read it.

  6. Coco

    I guess I should be training for a 10K with LHH on May 20. First I need to recover from today!

    It sounds like a busy/fun week. I have a lot of clothes I haven’t worn in ages, but with them dragging us back to the office more and more I can’t be sure I won’t need them again ….

  7. Wendy

    I’m definitely a fan of cutting back–a 10k sounds pretty good to me! Sadly, I’ve committed to a half marathon in June and a 15 mile trail race in July. Then…nothing…ahhh…. Looks like you had a pretty good week!

  8. Susanne

    Cookie runs don’t sound too bad! How nice for you to meet up with Darlene. How lovely to have peonies already! I love peonies but they are too sensitive to thrive where I live now (it’s a very windy area). Good luck with your upcoming 10k!

  9. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Oh yes, sometimes it’s such a relief to train for a shorter distance! Love, love, love all the flowers & sounds like so much fun shenanigans this week.

    I run when I can, and I know that I’m lucky to (but then again, there are plenty of days I wish I could’ve run and can’t so there’s that).

  10. Renée

    kind of jealous you had a cookie walk with Darlene. And of course that’s more about you and Darlene than the cookie haha!

    I’m still waiting for my blooms here. any day now I hope.

    I’m sure you’ll figure out your running schedule for this week.

  11. Shathiso

    I love that you got a cookie walk done with Darlene!
    Yes, 10K training is definitely easier to juggle than longer distance training as it has more flexibility. But love that even with the flexibility you were really consistent this week in getting those runs done.

    Good luck with this week!

  12. Michelle

    I’m technically 10K training too and there’s a lot to be said for the flexibility it provides!

    A cookie walk always sounds like a good choice 🙂

  13. Marcia

    A 10k sounds nice and the tulips are gorgeous. It’s past tulip time here but the peonies are just barely starting to bud. Still a very pretty time of year. Yay for seeing Darlene again!


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