Original subject lines: Dual city runs and museums Tri city runs and museums See I do try to post even when it doesn’t ultimately happen. I swear there was running, even if it wasn’t explicitly worth talking about in depth. We’re in that part of the cycle of “the runs happened”. Another whirlwind week two… Read More »

Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat

and I’m pleased to say, I found the pot of gold: overnight temperatures below 70! This week was a blessing after it being brutal everywhere and I hope you’re all staying safe. The Con Edison emails telling me I was using more energy were guilt inducing, but we need to sleep! Linking up with Deborah… Read More »

I gave up

no… not running. July has been decently back on track. It was worse when I woke, but I apparently deleted the screenshot it was so horrifying. But I gave up melting for no good reason and re-joined the gym. Running should be challenging, and can be hard, but shouldn’t be miserable. Joining Deborah and Kim… Read More »