Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat

and I’m pleased to say, I found the pot of gold: overnight temperatures below 70! This week was a blessing after it being brutal everywhere and I hope you’re all staying safe. The Con Edison emails telling me I was using more energy were guilt inducing, but we need to sleep! Linking up with Deborah… Read More »

I gave up

no… not running. July has been decently back on track. It was worse when I woke, but I apparently deleted the screenshot it was so horrifying. But I gave up melting for no good reason and re-joined the gym. Running should be challenging, and can be hard, but shouldn’t be miserable. Joining Deborah and Kim… Read More »

Cari Reads: Des Linden and Kara Goucher

It has been a good last twelve months for running reads: Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery’s How She Did It, Lauren Fleshman’s Good for a Girl, Alison Mariela Desir’s Running While Black in fall 2022 and then Kara Goucher and Des Linden’s books in March and April, respectively. I said somewhere that I was glad their… Read More »