Review: Daniel Silva’s The New Girl

eagerly awaiting my turn

I was actually going to put this on Goodreads, but then I realized how many Daniel Silva books I’ve reviewed here over the various iterations this blog has gone through in 17 (!!) years and realized it has become a bit of a tradition.

Also a tradition, attending his signings here in New York. Silva and his publishers have an annual “break the embargo” event at the Barnes & Noble Union Square on the eve of the official publication date which is why I often read his in hard copy. I missed the one two years ago when I was in Montreal, but I’ve been at most of the others in the last ten years. Also poignant with his release date: I was in Israel ten years ago this week and Silva’s writing, albeit fiction, was a huge part of why Israel was on my bucket list.

Spoilers below.

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Review: House of Spies

The British prime minister owed his career to him; the pope, his life. Even so, he was not the sort of fellow to shamelessly collect on an old debt. The truly powerful man, said Shamron, never had to ask for a favor.

aka Gabriel Allon takes on Morocco.

Aside from the typical concern for Gabriel Allon and his team, there was some anxiety leading up to the release of House of Spies on my end. I was going to be traveling to Montreal on business and would a Kindle pre order automagically arrive on my Kindle at the stroke of midnight on July 11? When I fell asleep, it hadn’t. Probably better for my sleep. The first thing I did when I woke to go for a run was check. It was there! Not that I could start it until my flight that evening, but I was thrilled to know it was there.

Waiting and I do not get along well. Two nights I had to lock this in my mailbox (down 64 stairs) so I could sleep. Luckily I had some long subway rides and two bus trips to give me reading time. I really do miss Friday night Harry Potter releases where I could do nothing but read those weekends.

the only down side of Daniel Silva’s release day is you know you’re 364 days from the next one. Did I mention I don’t do waiting?

On to the book…

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Preliminary Review: The Black Widow

Cari with Daniel Silva, July 2016

Sweet 16. The Black Widow, published on July 12, is the sixteenth Gabriel Allon book. It really seems like just yesterday I fell in love with the Prince of Fire/Arcangel while in Kagoshima over the New Years holidays.

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Review: Daniel Silva’s The English Spy

Guilty. Guilty as Charged
Guilty. Guilty as Charged

AKA, Daniel Silva, you make me absolutely crazy but I love every word you write. Oddly, this is the first one in a few books where I’ve read the book as soon as it came out. Usually I save Allon for my December beach reading binge, but I couldn’t wait. A lot of that came from going to Daniel Silva’s book signing last Monday and it was only being in the middle of a book for book club next week that kept me from starting it instantly. As it was, I started it Sunday and finished Wednesday-it’s not a four day read, I just had no reading time. Reading it while the Iranian nuclear talks were being held in Vienna were eerie.

From here on in there are spoilers for both The English Spy (July 2015) and The Defector (2009).

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Review: The English Girl by Daniel Silva

This book has nothing to do with travel, weight loss, or New York City. Why is it here? Because, this series was the tipping point in finally getting me to go to Israel. I wanted to see the places that Silva described so vividly. Shamron’s Tiberias. Gabriel’s place on Narkiss Street. … As an aside, why do some characters feel right as a last name but not as a first and vice versa?

This was the 28th book I’ve finished in 2013, and like the rest of the Allon series, one I could easily have read in one sitting if I’d had enough time. This blog took a lot longer to write and post than the book did to read. Odd. English Girl was also the first book I read on iBooks and I really like that as a reading experience. It and the Kindle app beat the Nook app, hands down. I did not want to leave the world of Gabriel Allon, but then again I never do. Is it July 2014 yet?

“In the Op Center at King Saul Boulevard, however, he was but a single red light, an angel of vengeance alone in the city of heretics.”

The English Girl is the most recent title in Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series.  There are spoilers here, so read on at your own risk

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