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running into September

Re-reading an old post, I stumbled on this Instagram post where I commented on running making me a morning person. Never more true than this summer when I fell in love with runrise. I won’t lie, glad to be able to sleep in a little later with (slightly) cooler temps and later runrise, but that… Read More »

Adulting in the time of COVID19

some of this was scrapped from last week. Things I’m proud of so far, quite random and in no particular order and definitely about a 0.5 on a 0-10 of Covid19 preparedness: my apartment is finally settling in, only 7.5 years later I’m washing dishes daily and not eating out of tupperware except when it’s… Read More »

2020 PT Week 3/4: Return to Racing

Previous post topics when I thought I’d get this posted sooner: I’m taking my talents to South Florida Yep, that made the rounds after the NFC/AFC Conference Championship Games with the Super Bowl in Miami. I can’t believe Lebron’s decision was ten years ago this summer. Where did the last ten years go? While it… Read More »