12,901 steps

By | July 22, 2013

12,901 steps, four buses, and one bridge crossed. Twice.

My Sunday, in a nutshell. Was any of that planned? Of course not.

The awful heat wave finally broke and I felt like exploring and reading. That eliminated one of my famous walks since I can’t walk and read, but I really had no plan when I left my apartment. Found myself wandering toward Duane Reade for a drink and decided to hop the M15 even though it only goes to E. 125th St. Ended up not even going that far and after a detour to Target, ended up on the M116 as far as 2nd Ave. where I hopped back on the M15. As it was local,  had plenty of time to decide where I was headed next.

Wasn’t feeling the crowds of Governors Island, and it was still too warm to just sit in Battery Park so I saw which buses headed up the west side and decided that the M5 was a good idea because I could transfer somewhere & maybe go up to the Cloisters. On the ride, I also solved a mystery that had been bugging me since I walked from the UWS to the Lighthouse last year: the Manhattan Mini Storage ad-covered building. It’s the Lee Brothers warehouse on Riverside & 134th St. I need to make some time to wander in that area, hopefully when I actually walk Riverside Drive

I stayed on until the end of the line and realized I was right by the pedestrian entrance to the GW Bridge and decided why not. It’s a really pretty walk, especially near sunset and I loved the aerial view of the Little Red Lighthouse.

Bridges weren’t originally part of the #GreatManhattanLoop, but they seem to have become part of it. So far I have crossed:

  • George Washington Bridge (to NJ and back)
  • Macombs Dam Bridge (to Bronx and back)
  • Wards Island Pedestrian Bridge
  • Triboro Bridge (Randalls Island to Manhattan)
  • Williamsburg Bridge (on bike)
  • Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn to Manhattan, Manhattan halfway to Brooklyn numerous times)

I haven’t yet determined all of the bridges you can cross on foot since there seems to be some disagreeing and out of date info around. It looks like this is the most complete list, which leaves me the following:

  • Triboro (Queens to the Bronx, Randalls Island to Queens and the Bronx)
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Harlem River Bridges
    • 145th Street Bridge
    • Alexander Hamilton Bridge
    • Broadway Bridge
    • Henry Hudson Bridge
    • High Bridge – yes, I’m being optimistic here
    • Madison Avenue Bridge
    • Third Avenue Bridge
    • University Heights Bridge
    • Washington (Heights) Bridge
    • Willis Avenue Bridge

I don’t see most of the Harlem River bridges happening. Walking between the Harlem River Drive and Major  Deegan is underwhelming, as I realized from Macombs Dam and there is no “have to” in this project. There are some gorgeous pics of bridge walks and I need to dig through some of my own. So far GW and Brooklyn win for picturesque for sure.

Wonder where my next walk will take me. I honestly have no idea.

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