a peloton of manatees

I miss my friends

I don’t have a week of runs to run down since I spent most of the week in post-travel quarantine, so linking up with Deborah and Kim to talk other adventures in fitness.

What do manatees have to do with fitness?

I looked at them and said if they can float, so can I.

Of course it’s not that simple. But I have been trying to learn to float on and off for probably twenty years. I learned to “swim” aka keep my head above water and not drown as a kid, but never properly learned until a friend of a friend who had swam competitively decided to teach us some strokes in high school. I’m decent with the breast stroke but generally revert to doggy paddle. Pool for me = cool off rather than exercise, so that has always been fine, but I always loved how relaxing people looked when they were floating. I’d start, my butt would sink and I’d panic and put my feet down. This time after my water runs and aquarobics I decided if I couldn’t learn to float in a salt-water pool I never would.

It took me most of the two weeks, but I finally fought past the sink/panic and can sort of float. Now let’s see if I remember this the next time I’m near a pool. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as chill as manatees just hanging out there.

I have to say, pool running, noodle aquarobics were definitely what kept me healthy running the frequency I did in Florida. Glad to have had that bit of cross training

and what kept me sane during quarantine? Marcia’s workouts and the Peloton app. Special thanks to CoCo for being my workout concierge as I figure out the app. My glutes are thrilled with the focused workouts and the dumbbells I got from a neighbor who moved are happy to be put to use. I enjoyed one of Selena’s running classes in the same way I loved Mile High where the music made it easier to pick up the pace.

Full review coming when I play more, but so far so good.

The Runs:

  • Monday: farewell to Delray Beach
  • Friday: shakeout to and from the COVID-19 testing site
  • Sunday: long-ish run TBD

Oh COVID Christmas

I don’t have it, and everyone I know is safe and healthy, I just can’t think of another description for this surreal year/holiday. I also don’t have a ton to say so have more pics than anything else.


Although I wouldn’t really call it hoarding, so much as buying more than normal due to being home way more than normal.

blank slate
Happy Cari

You’re not supposed to have food rewards for a good run. What are the rules around drink rewards? Such a wonderful treat during a post-run soak.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

bonus Fred
still pretty spot
  • never miss a Monday: river path was too icy so a surprise weekday visit with Fred and morning Central Park run. Made for some nice variety and since it was overcast there was no solstice sunrise to miss.
good morning Central Park
oh frozen wonderland
  • Tuesday: knew it would be a long zoom day and it was a beautiful morning so I headed to Central Park for a walk and thanks to cloud cover a bonus “sunrise” at my new favorite spot.
watercolor sunset
Harlem Meer floating tree


  • Wednesday: start of my Christmas break. Intended to get out sooner but a sunset run and Christmas Tree made it worth the delay as I got in Zooma’s 12Ks of Christmas with the Harlem Hills for the first time in eons. Got some fun compliments on NoxGear which was a surprise and it seems common here.
2020 version of Christmas Eve fish
    • Thursday: before a 3P Zoom movie date with my niece and nephew, I went out for a shakeout as my legs were sore and I knew Friday would be a soaker. Rewarded with some pink Christmas trees. The world needs a smile. We do some variation of the seven fishes in a normal year, this year? Warm enough for sushi which made me very happy, even though it ensured no white Christmas. Salmon is my essential fish any time.
    • Friday: speaking of smiles. The rain passed early afternoon and I was going stir crazy so I decided to visit the Twig and finish the Holidays on Fifth courtesy of a map. Santa comes via sleigh and Frosty via plane? Works for me.
  • holy giant inflatable!
    • Saturday: the best day of the week despite the drop from 50s to a wind chill of 12F. Frozen al fresco brunch with mom & Bob and I’m so glad we were able to find a way to see one another to do Christmas in this upside down year. Rocking a new hat from mom that I love, but wasn’t quite warm enough for the frigid temps. Also great to support a local restaurant. And then a chance to visit with Santa. That is one huge inflatable. 5’2 for scale, but still.
  • Imagine indeed
    frozen wonderland
    • Sunday: ran to and walked with Elizabeth to spend time together in person for the first time since she ran the marathon. So lovely and necessary.



nine months, I could have had a baby!

today marks nine months working from home. Our office announced it on Wednesday, March 11 and we had a transition day on the 12th to gather what we’d need “for a week” before starting to work from home on Friday the 13th. I quit tracking the weeks when I ran out of fingers, and nine months kind of snuck up on me.  Time is a ridiculous mess in 2020, but it’s ridiculous to think I could have gone through an entire pregnancy in work from home time.

I’m generally happy working from home and glad to be safer than in an open plan office. The new desktop made my life so much easier (as did some other purchases) and the Instant Pot has made lunches manageable. The floor lamp and general natural light is much better than fluorescents, and I’m not as drained after being “on” all day, but I miss my colleagues. It’s going to be weird when we all see each other for the first time in probably a year by the time we’re back.


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. No, I did not watch the live action Grinch that aired this week. It looked creepy when I saw the ads during the Minions special a few weeks ago. 41 going on 5, why do you ask?

2020 has been weird in so many ways. I’m personally chuckling that it might have made me a little less grinchy. I don’t think I’m actually a Grinch (and I think The Grinch is more misunderstood), but I never really got into the holiday mania. Sure, I’m usually the reason there’s penguin and a reindeer in mom’s nativity, but going gaga for Christmas? Not me. I even contemplated getting a tree that wasn’t a Charlie Brown Twig. Oh 2020.

My accidental theme for this week, the old cheer 2…4…6…8, who do we appreciate, for reasons you’ll see below.

In non Grinchy news, Jenn, Darlene and I ran a 5K “together”

Seasons of Light. Photo (c) Jenn

I mentioned this race earlier this fall but then promptly forgot about it (and didn’t do Ted due to quarantine :() but when Jenn messaged that she thought she’d do it Tuesday, I decided to as well. Would have loved to be festive in my Brooks shirt, but it was insanely cold and can’t layer in that, so warm it was. First flurries of the year and nice to be back on my riverside path even though there was no sunrise to be seen. I’m still not a huge virtual race person but I really love the post-race hijinks we’ve gotten up to for Freihofer and Bix7 and what Liz and I did to commemorate our run together two years prior. I look forward to continuing those shenanigans in 2021.


I joined the short hair club again. I really, really wanted to be done with the dyed brown and while we couldn’t accomplish that all in this cut, it’s so much less. And lighter! Head-on pic to come when I get one that isn’t wind-blown. Grateful for an outdoor haircut as I’m not sure I’m ready to go indoors yet.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

  • I didn’t run on Monday, but I never planned to, so I didn’t miss it in that sense. Nice morning walk to the Met Museum, reminiscent of early quarantime as that was my routine when I wasn’t running.
  • Tuesday: four miles including the aforementioned 5K.
  • Wednesday: bupkus. Could not get going and didn’t really care.
a return to midtown
  • Thursday: office run group meets midtown holiday lights. I hadn’t been to midtown since March and it was surreal to be only a block from my office. It was nice to see some old favorites and new additions to the holiday lights landscape.
winter sunsets are the best
  • Friday: actually took a lunch break for the aforementioned coffee and then a lovely walk on a mild day to and from the new Target to find my new favorite Peppermint Mocha coffee. Will walk for coffee! My steps are still 95% running, but no judgement on anything this year.
like a painting
  • Saturday: oh what a beautiful runset. I dilly dallyed all day but was absolutely rewarded by this scenic run. Temperatures were a perfect low-mid 50s and legs felt strong. Didn’t really have a plan but 5K felt like five minutes, five miles like 5K and then I randomly heard a young girl doing the 2,4,6,8 cheer and I knew what I was running. Actually slightly more to get home as I finished the run looping the Great Lawn as it was dark and that’s even/better lit than the reservoir. Dinner was sushi for probably the last time this winter and a strong hope they make it through to warmer weather.
Spring in December
  • Sunday: I don’t run two days in a row, especially not morning after afternoon/evening run. I was all set to go out for a walk to enjoy this nearly 60 degree day when I looked at Monday’s forecast (icy rain) and said absolutely not. So shift the off day to Monday and enjoy a four mile riverside run. Legs felt good and I could have run longer, but opted not to push it.

A solid week even though it felt weird to be off my typical Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday routine. Be safe everyone.



after virtually no podcasts for a while because I couldn’t stand to be talked at, I went on a bit of a binge this week. Among the highlights:

Listened to anything lately that you’d recommend?

On the reading front, I wanted to do non-fiction November with Liz, but I can’t focus. I did read a book though. Michael Connelly never fails with a fun crime thriller, and Fair Warning was a good read.  Goodreads is annoying me the way Garmin does some of you with its detraining. I’m well aware I’m 27 books behind schedule. Go spork yourself, Goodreads, it’s 2020. I did realize that I hadn’t read a single one of the Goodreads Choice noms, which made me a little sad. A few have made their way to my wishlist for some time off reading.

How did I finish Fair Warning in a week with my utter lack of reading? 2.5 hour line for a COVID test (negative, thankfully). Not symptomatic and no known exposure, but numbers here are up a little and I wanted to be sure ahead of some possible travel.

Weekly Run Down with birthday-girl Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: four miles on a beautifully mild Monday morning. Shorts and a tee shirt in November!
  • Tuesday: too distracted by the stunning leaves to keep pace for RunBet, but still a glorious 2.5 mile walk before work.
  • Wednesday: 63 and 92% humidity in November. So weird. Wanted to enjoy this last day of summer, but had a lot of mental don’t wanna going on too.
  • Thursday: it rained much of the day, but I got out for a night run after work. Wet leaves are soo tricky so I stayed on the flat part of the river path.
new meaning to iced coffee!
new use for a hair dryer!
  • Friday: guess what, it rained. My day was not at all boring, however, as I learned coffee can freeze to the back of a fridge. I couldn’t figure out why the door suddenly wouldn’t reliably close, and then I realized the coffee was frozen and the ice block was pushing the shelf out. Oh Friday the 13th never fails. Luckily it was an easy “fix”
Yeah, slightly jealous of Fred’s cool mask
glorious day in the north woods
  • Saturday in the Park: luckily much cooler than the fourth of July. It was a beautiful day between lots of rain, yet I struggled to get out the door. When I did, it was magic. The park was somewhat busy and I wanted a people free run. Not Covid related, but more not in the mood to dodge strollers and jump over leashes. So I went north via Fred and on 102 turned into the North Woods where I scampered around the trails (seriously, my Strava is a hoot!) before heading down the west side and into the Ramble.  The entire run was gorgeous and it was one of those days where playing outside was just magic. The North Woods are definitely a 2020 “find” for me as I never had time to explore that area before and one of the things this year I’m grateful for.
  • Sunday: going for a walk.

Doubling Up and Running Down

suburban bliss

It has been so long since being away over a weekend necessitated doubling up on a weekly run down post.  As much as I love my city, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed escaping for a long weekend. Family, apple picking, a porch to sit/read on, a patio to eat on… City life is my home, but sometimes, especially when I haven’t left the city in six months, suburbs are therapy. I was glad we could find a way where I could safely visit with Mom & Bob, although it was nice to get home and remove the mask for a while.

There were two races this weekend and I’m curious to hear how they went. I’m not sure I’m ready for a group run yet-even one with many tiny waves – especially as the infection rate has inched up here. But I hope for NYRR and NYCRuns’ sake that they go off without a hitch.

Alas, I didn’t have a chance until this second Sunday to write this, so some details are lost. Linking up with Kim and Deborah, and promising a reading catchup too. I did learn this month that while I don’t love hills, I can do bridges and they won’t kill me.

Week of September 14:

end of summer pedi
  • planned missing a Monday due to needing a down week. Got to enjoy the new chair to watch the Giants lose. Again. On the plus side, taking out my AC and getting a fall hued pedi ushered in some lovely running weather.
  • Tuesday: usual morning five mile loop is a little more peoply with some schools back in session.
sparkly city!
  • Wednesday: it gets dark early! After work meander.
  • Thursday: off.  Early and late meetings.
come to me apples!
board games in the age of Covid19
  • Friday: off. First two days off in a while. Not for need, but because I was escaping and didn’t get up on time. Unlike Thursday, which was a complete off day, there were some apple picking steps and a walk into town for dinner.  Friday night board games has always been A Thing and we weren’t going to let Covid get in the way, especially since mom finally found the rules to Tribond, which we loved as kids.
mid-run silliness
balanced breakfast post-apple picking
all the apples
all the things they became
  • Saturday: part of the reason I took off Friday was that I wanted to run the new TZ Bridge while home. It is stunning, if breezy on a fall morning. I can’t speak as a biker, but the path seemed wide enough that everyone could use it without crowds. Early morning hours helped. The rest of the day was applicious. We had a failed apple jam turned rock candy, but there was apple pie, better apple jam and much eating of the overage.
football watching in the age of Covid
  • Sunday: actually tried to watch from the porch since it was so nice out, but there was too much glare. Giants lost, again, and I had a gelato bet to pay on from Monday’s loss so Mom & I walked into town before I went home. I won’t lie – if I’d brought my laptop, I’d probably still be there.  It was so

Week of September 21:

goodnight moon
  • never miss a Monday: this run drifted to after work, but that was stunning twilight and reminded me of while I became a morning runner in quarantime, after-work runs can be lovely too. One of these days I’ll be out for both sunrise and sunset.
  • Tuesday: the other reason I needed to run the bridge Saturday and not Sunday was I knew I couldn’t run Tuesday with meetings that went from 830a-9p. Hello chair, ass fusion.
adventures in udon in the instant pot
  • Wednesday: luckily no early meeting and I scooted out for a slightly shorter than normal run, but it was so good to get a move on. For the second day I made udon in the instant pot. Could they have turned out more different?!? Both edible. I finally found a pharmacy with flu shots in stock and got mine done.
  • Thursday: another early meeting made for an after-work run. I don’t usually run the river in the evening, but it worked out better timing wise, and I enjoyed nature’s water color. The return loop south was kind of challenging from the headlight glare from the FDR. Definitely need a better solution if I’m going to do more riverside evening runs.
hi Dino friend
  • FriYAY: what does Friday mean anymore? Trying for a little normalcy with some Friday museums, which were always a habit. I was pleased to see there were tickets available for AMNH, and I went to spend time with some of my favorite dead friends. And yes, some social media silliness, because life is too short not to be silly. While I loved suburbia, this was a clear why city life is good for me, I decided to go to a museum and walked there after work. It’s not impossible in the city, but it’s not as easy either.
Four Freedoms Park public art project
    • Saturday: itching for a different run. When I ran to Queens over Labor Day I passed the bridge to Roosevelt Island and wanted to, but knew I didn’t have another three miles in my legs that day. Friday night I plotted a route that would get me to RI, which I hadn’t run in three years. The run was great and luckily cooler than the Squirrel Stampede. This public art project was a pleasant surprise as I thought it finished in August, but was extended and I just caught it before it comes down at month’s end. My math and route planning were slightly off, so one loop of RI left me with eight miles, which was just fine. Timing was perfect and I caught the ferry home. I really love the new Astoria extension. I do not love this Zensah mask, even in cooler temperatures. It’s fine for shorter distances, but not eight miles. I’ve definitely become a bridge and ferry person in these times. After a long stretch, I went for sushi. Pleasantly surprised to need to wait – I’m so glad they’re busy. The city just extended outdoor dining year-round and I really hope this works for all the restaurants.
    • Sunday: going for a walk to stretch tight hip before watching all the football. Some things are just the same as last year. ETA: went to JackRabbit looking for resistance bands as I lost mine somewhere between mom & Bob’s and my house. Found this quad loop which looks amazing/intense and exactly what I need as even if I go back to the gym, not using shared bands.


C is for sushi

happy Cari!
social distancing from my favorite restaurant

before I get to this week, rewinding to Sunday. As I mentioned briefly, my plan was to see if I could get a seat at one of Yuka’s three outdoor tables. With heavy clouds, I was in luck and there was no wait. I don’t need to tell you how much I’ve missed sushi, I’ve said it here a few thousand times. It tasted just as good as it always did. Their tables are set well back from the road so I didn’t have the exhaust fumes I feared, and no one walked close I’m not a big eating out person, but I’ll be back here.

yes, yes they do!

Speaking of being back, 52.73 miles run in June. Wow. Also, 461,396 steps and 197.51 miles run/walked. There was a lot more “intentional exercise” this month for Deborah’s Runbet and most mornings I’d run or walked 3+ miles before work. This has definitely been a good upside to working from home.

GoTheDist YTD:

  • 2,251,401 steps
  • 982.71 miles run/walked
  • 274.96 miles run

Just shy of halfway to my 2,020 miles run/walked on the year goal. Given how much of the year was injury ravaged, I’m calling this just fine.

Phase 3 begins Monday.  While I haven’t gotten my hair cut, I will probably get a pedicure as that doesn’t feel as risky to me. My salon has always felt clean and hygienic, so I trust their Covid protocols. I will probably wait until later in the week to avoid the rush early on.

bye shoesies

I had to laugh when I stumbled upon this post in a related post.  The time has come to say goodbye to my training and marathon 1080s. They’re out of miles and I really don’t need or have space for two more pair of walking around shoes when I’m already using the marathon style 1080s for that. Plus I still have last year’s Global Running Day shoes that I’ve never worn. This was a relatively painless decision. I have the memories, I don’t need the shoes. Why do the black ones look a little odd? Had to save the Caterpy laces. Thanks for all the fish, shoes. Hoping to donate them to a new home.

As for the Brooks experiment? AMAZING. So light and comfortable.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: I really need to start these posts earlier in the week. I had no recollection of it until I looked at Strava. Snooze was my friend. Sounds on brand for a Monday.
  • Tuesday: a picture-perfect Central Park morning featuring a live pacer. It was cool, not humid and just magic.
it’s not about the pace, but the mileage
  • Wednesday: the so-called runners’ high is rare for me. I actually like that because it’s even more meaningful when it shows up. Beautiful summer morning, a new month and I had a thought of pushing myself to five miles to cap the Runbet and mark the next step on IT Band recovery. DONE. I was a bouncing fool all day because this felt great and I felt so accomplished. I was sore at the end, which I attribute to fatigue and when I went down the stairs later in the day it was the familiar kneecap ache. Not pain but you did work today. That was fine by morning. This was also the run to close out the RunBet, which felt amazing to complete.
  • Thursday: thought I was going to have an “off” day and miss my step goal due to a late start and short morning walk, but got out for a walk around dinner to eke it out just barely.
the road less traveled
  • Friday: I wasn’t good at 31 Days of Skirt because I’m just not that active on social media.  This year in the wind down of Skirt Sports it’s changed to themes each day. Fridays are togetherness and since the office was closed it was nice to meet for a weekday run/hike without worrying about the time. And how could we be together without Fred! We realized after about half a mile that it was too hot to enjoy the run (again, love that don’t have to element) so we went up into the North Woods again and continued our explorations of the last week or so. The North Woods are testament to how much Central Park has changed in my lifetime. This is not far from the spot of the infamous Central Park jogger, which is a news story I remember vividly. Would I go here at night alone? No. But it’s a beautiful spot to explore now.
yes, yes I am
  • Saturday: a slow start to the morning as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, or where. Finally got out the door and it was a beautiful (for running) overcast and breezy morning. I blinked (OK, in part to get sweat out of my eyes) and five miles were gone. Like Wednesday, this felt strong until I got tired at the end. No plan to do five miles every run, but this was nice to do twice in one week. After a shower, stretch and coffee, I lived up to this meme. There was a book, a park bench and the shade. I don’t regret a single second.
  • Sunday: a needed rest day. I’m tired.  I was still awake at 6:15, but it was lovely to just finish a book.  It’s 90+ and humid. I’ll walk to the river for the breeze, but there will be no step goal.

I love to play outside

yeah, that about sums up this week. The routine of getting in a run or walk before work has been perfect, leaving evenings free to run, or chase stunning sunsets. Being active makes me feel better, and while there’s so much out of our control in today’s world, I’m really appreciating this opportunity for some balance.

Between intentional tracked walking and running, I covered 26 miles this week. That makes me very happy.

While I’ve been hit or miss on reading non-fiction (hi, summer brain), I’ve really enjoyed a couple of podcasts on racism in running, specifically Running Rogue’s #182 with Alex Williams. It’s long, but so worth it. As women, we think of our safety, but as a white woman I never had to wonder whether I belonged or was seen as part of the running group because of my skin color. Eye opening.

NYC entered Phase II this past week and while I’m still a little mystified on what this all means and am generally being cautious, I had the pleasant surprise of finding some non essential retail are open for shopping. Was doing an order for Old Navy shorts and when I went to pick it up, I found I could have just shopped in person. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, and also think like grocery delivery it saves money in the end in avoiding spontaneous purchases.


Speaking of semi spontaneous purchases. A friend and I were discussing the demise of the New Balance 1080s on twitter and another friend chimed in that she swears by and never needs to break in Brooks, so I decided to bite the bullet. Added benefit, they’re purple! On one massive mail day that included my Freihofer shirt & medal & Keurig order, the shoes came and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

Manhattan is not a concrete jungle
and we have castles
  • never miss a Monday morning walk: first of three this week that kicked off at the Great Lawn. This one was, in fact entirely on the Great Lawn as I wanted no lights and a constant surface to get the pace right for Runbet.  It was a beautiful summer morning.
  • Tuesday: I ran, apparently. I have zero recollection of this run and even looking at Strava, zero memory.
  • Wednesday: grateful for cloud cover, I walked south on the East River for a nice three miles before work.
  • Thursday: this loop is always four miles. Today? It was 3.8. Still a great start to the day.
  • Friday: A lovely five mile walk to start the day and end the workweek, and a walk to Central Park after work for that stunning sunset. Spoiled to live where Central Park is part of my daily life.
  • Saturday: new shoeses! This run was one of those where it’s all the mental games. Didn’t want to go, wanted to bail at a mile… and then I warmed up. Four solid miles and while one run is too soon to tell anything, the Brooks felt good.
oldest structure in Central Park
  • sweaty Sunday: wanted to walk, but bored with the usual haunts so we met on the Great Lawn and headed toward the shaded and quieter North Woods. I love the Great Hill and the Block House, which dates to the War of 1812. Some six miles walk/hike before popping home for a needed shower and break from the sun. If the weather holds, there might be some bus lane sushi in my future today. I”m not ready to eat indoors when that’s allowed in the coming weeks, but distanced outdoor dining?

settling into a routine

beautiful sign amid the chaos

One of many many boarded up shops due to the COVID19 closures and recent looting fears. This one chose to make the best of it, and it was a wonderful sight on my morning walks.

as was this #HeartsNY piece

I really love this campaign and hope people keep it up, because it’s something we all need even when the world isn’t actively imploding.

this made me laugh. So hard.


This Friday marked 13 weeks working from home. While we all knew it wasn’t going to be the week it first seemed, I don’t think we expected it would be this long. There is no end date on the immediate horizon, so as much as I hate the cliche, the new normal is quite true.

I was happy to cement my new routine of morning run/walk a little further this week and it’s working well. A large upside is I have more time and structure to read, which always makes me happy, and a good break from screens. This summer’s crime fiction binge is Diane Capri’s The Hunt for Jack Reacher and a few of the related titles in Lee Child’s opus. I don’t love Reacher as a character, but this new to me series is fun. Also took the time to read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and look forward to tackling more in this vein.

new shoes. Even better, new laces

The running was nothing exciting, but it was pain free which made me so happy. Sunday I broke in my “new” (Cyber Monday purchase) shoes. Amazing how long the running out of miles shoes last when you cut waaay down on running. These are my last 1080s so I need to find a new shoe that works for me soon. The shoe’s accessory? Caterpy tie dyes. Boring (to me) shoes are illegal and I’m so glad to have discovered Caterpy at the marathon expo.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: even though I ran Sunday, it really was more of a walk so I ran Monday. Much of my northern route is closed as a security perimeter around Gracie Mansion. So I had to wiggle west and content with more traffic as we hit Phase I. A decent, pain-free run.
  • Tuesday: baby ducks! A beautiful morning walk before it got too hot.
  • Wednesday: Elizabeth and I met for some miles, and smiles. It’s so nice to be able to run safely with people. A little bit of the old normal.
  • Thursday: was supposed to be a washout, but no one told the clouds. A beautiful sun-kissed Met Museum on my walk before work. I love that the fountains are back on.
  • Friday: northern route still closed, so I went south to get in a couple of miles before work. Beautiful dry summer morning.
I miss you River!
my old summer night haunt
now vacant
  • Saturday: I was really missing the Hudson RIver. I still haven’t figured out sunsets without the buses being an option, but I did walk back and forth across Manhattan. Sounds fancier and further than it is — it’s only about 2 miles from my apartment to Eleanor Roosevelt, where I met a friend for some wonderful walk and talk. It wasn’t that I ever ate at the cafe, but I knew I was going to miss cutting through here to get to the Hudson, the easiest way from me. Needless to say, COVID and usual construction delays meant nothing has started, so we could still walk through. It looked surreal, but also gorgeous. Why is there a traffic circle in a park? Go ask Robert Moses. Riverside Park is a beautiful mess.  I then headed back to Carl Schurz for some reading. All in all about 7 miles, which felt good.
We do indeed
  • Sunday Funday Runday: I had no plan other than running. I went out a little later than recently as my body said pause and I listened. I decided on Central Park and wanted to explore the little pool (appropriately named, The Pool) that Elizabeth and I visited briefly a few weeks ago. It was lush, stunning and serene. Can’t wait to run it with fall foliage. The northern end of Central Park is just amazing. My legs were tired after Saturday’s long walk, so I called it good at 5K and went to get coffee and a breakfast sandwich to read in the park in the tee shirt I bought after last year’s Mini. Sometimes we need the simple things.

meandering through May

9,647th blog “redesign” in the last six months. None intentional, but I think comments finally fully not broken. Whee! It was driving me bonkers not to be able to tell at a glance if I’d answered a comment.

Another week of Quarantime. I think it’s nine weeks, but I’ve completely lost track.
Another week where I’m really grateful for the people in my life. My friends, my boss and our teammate who bought me a cook book, all of you both live on the Zoom and on the posts and a friend I was able to socially distance run “with”. Life is weird, but for me personally, generally OK and I’m grateful for that.

Not so much for one of my containers…

flying a little too close to the sun
so so good

Meals for the week: pulled pork for lunch, and a veggie modification on MyForkingLife’s modification on Rice a Roni. I got hooked on that a couple of weeks ago but a) burned it b) it’s too salty. Other adventures in cooking: melted rubbermaid, pancakes (apparently now a Wednesday tradition), and the winner, by far, is the white wine salmon. I am so grateful to the Instant Pot for teaching me I can make more than I ever thought I could.

mom sent me this. So true.

I’m focusing on the cooking, because this week was kind of a running fail.

My own doing — I did two 5Ks with only a day between and yeah, dumb. The knee was feeling OK in the second run until it was too far to turn back and have it any shorter. Lesson learned, revert to walking.

I think we’ve all had those have to laugh, or we’ll cry moments throughout this. My personal favorite this week? My Subscribe & Save order coming without floss picks. I have an endless supply of regular floss as my dentist gives me floss, travel paste and a toothbrush every appointment, but it is just impossible to effectively get between back molars without being a contortionist. Luckily Target had floss picks in stock for in store pickup.

The Amazon order did have Baby Foot. I might not be going anywhere in my sandals, but at least I won’t have winter feet.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

about to be eaten by a cloud


  • Mother Nature tried to make me miss a Monday: the weather was blowing in and out like crazy. Well, that’s only half true, I was complicit in that my snooze was too close and bed was too comfy on a chilly morning. I could only go as far as the close 7-Eleven and not be late for work. Some of the Starbucks are starting to open and I hope Dunkin follows suit. I miss iced coffee. Meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but I know you get it. Work ran late but I did get out for the 7P clap and at least get in some steps.
thanks Momma N
  • Tuesday: wanted to run in the morning, but knee/hip wasn’t ready so I did my longer morning walk to the Met and for coffee on the return. I had some time to stretch and roll the knee during the day and headed out after work. In hind sight,  I should have walked but the sunset sky was just magic. With all the uncertainty in the world, we need some pretty skies.

  • Wednesday: too nice of an evening to stay in. Not getting political or making a mask comment here, but this just made me chuckle. Takes be kind to your web-footed friend to a new level. Hans Christian Andersen is next to him and I had to chuckle at a Danish writer having an American flag mask. Just a beautiful evening for a walk through Central Park and reminded me how lucky I am to call this neighborhood home.
C is for Cookie!
  • Thursday: a few years ago, a friend and I realized we lived half a block from each other. Even with the pandemic and us both working from home, we hadn’t made it out for a walk. Finally changed that and had a lovely walk along the river before heading down to Target for floss picks. This sign? One of the personal trainers working one on one with clients along the river. Even without running I’ve avoiding the Quarantine 19 so far, but the food choices could be better. Can the dragon eat calories?
  • Friday: Fridays are usually terrible for steps, but it was in the mid 80s and I went on a hunt for salmon and got in a nice walk after work. The later sundown is a lovely treat. It’s still not super feasible without bus service, but I’m going to fund some way for my UWS sunsets this summer. Perfect reading spots.
Skirt Sisters: socially distant with one another and the skyline.
  • Saturday: farewell Skirt Sports, you introduced me to so many good people. I wasn’t familiar with them as long as most of you, so I don’t have the clothing collection. People > stuff any day in my book. Elizabeth and I saw each other at least weekly in “normal” times. Either to run, or to chill at her apartment. Neither of those have been in the cards for obvious reasons, and we were so excited to socially distance “run” the Skirt Strong 5K.  I actually managed to run to our meeting spot but then the knee wasn’t so happy after stopping, so we mostly walked and took in a beautiful morning in the Park. A nap and then a lovely Zoom with so many of you. The day’s structure reminded me a lot of marathon training and how wonderfully long those weekends felt. I need to get back in that habit, timing wise.
  • Sunday: I’m doing something. I just haven’t made it out of PJs yet.

I can’t believe next weekend is Memorial Day. March felt like 80 years, but I blinked and missed May. I’m not really sure what a three day weekend means in current times, but I’m hoping for some fire escape reading at least.

Is this over yet?

Not a serious question. We all know it’s a long way from over, but I’m really beginning to feel this acutely.

This was A WEEK.  And it seemed universally so. I was on a working group call early Friday afternoon that’s usually chatty and the chair noticed we were all quiet. I volunteered that it wasn’t content related, but that we were all burned out, and there was some quiet murmuring of agreement.

There was just something about that six week mark. I saw it in a lot of posts this week too. *HUGS*

have a dinosaur neighbor, they’re helpful!

I’m healthy, safe, working, which are the important things. But I miss seeing my friends, family and colleagues live. I miss my routine and having a clue what day of the week it is. I miss weekends having some meaning. I miss my favorite sushi restaurant. I’m so tired of eating the same thing.  I’m still saving money not buying work lunch, but there was definitely more takeout dinner this week. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood/city that is full of takeout aka why I never cook, but Saturday afternoon when my taste buds decided they wanted Subway and it too was closed? Sometimes it’s the little things that are disappointments as much as the little things that mean happiness.

Little things I’m doing to make this week better:

  • finding a new recipe to make next week because after seven weeks of chicken, I do not want to see it again. Happy for any crockpot suggestions/Pinterest links of very very basic recipes.
AC, you need to get a move on. Ice cream jammies? You can stay
my desk and “office art” is shaping up
  • Improving the living/working space including:
    • finding a new place for my AC. The new desk chair has been great, but my back is sore from the angle I need to work at because I can’t tuck under the desk due to the AC. I think I found a new location for it.
    • buying a monitor off a colleague who no longer needs it. I love my Macbook Air, but it was never meant for FT use and Citrix, Chrome, Zoom and Firefox for different needs was just too much on a 13″ screen. When I move the AC (and bottled water farm on my right), I can slide the laptop over and have room on the left for the monitor. There might even be a related solution to having a blender growing out of my head on Zoom calls. Probably not though.
    • reclaimed my coffee table. All the stuff from the desk are got dumped there and as a result, it wasn’t a relaxing place to sit & read, so I wasn’t. I really want to get into a better habit of a screen (or at least laptop) break to mark the end of the work day, and read more.  I think this will help.

I’m grateful to this space for being able to share all the things. From my stealth marathon training to all of this. I love you all and include you in the missing seeing my friends live as we had a good run of live meetups going this year, and I can’t wait for those to re-start. I  remember when I first went into PT last year I was nervous that PT might not “count” for the Sunday linkup and now we have this post which is 10% run down and 90% rambling.

The week wasn’t all bad. In fact, it was mostly good I:

  • RAN! (More on that below)
  • had a Monday night happy hour with some of my favorite museum colleagues
  • stumbled upon a beautiful performance from a neighbor down the block, and this is my new favorite place to be at 7:03 PM. We’ve established a fun rapport from fire escape to street level and sometimes she’ll start with my favorite verse, even though there are three before it. Enjoy a clip from Wednesday’s live performance. This was so needed in light of some seriously depressing news coverage of my beloved city.
  • a reunion with some fellow teachers from Japan. We’re mostly Facebook friends, but someone created a group and we decided to have a Zoom meetup Saturday morning. Amazing to see how much our lives have all changed in the nearly 19! years since we moved to Japan.
  • Had a Skype NFL Draft party with some friends I frequently talk Giants with.
  • Realized I spent about half on food & dining this March/April as I did last year, a savings of nearly $600. That’s amazing considering I feel like I spent so much more on groceries. That will likely level out in May as April 2019 had some friends in from out of town and social dining.

Back to the point of this post… LOL. Pardon the ramble.

Another weird week, exercise wise, and not one really worth noting day by day, but linking up with Deborah and Kim, as always.

  • I tried to run last Sunday and it hurt, so I knew it was going to be another week of walking, and I was OK with that. Pain free walking is better than running with pain.
  • There was a lot of PT-both my exercises, Marcia’s from last week and other IT Band ones I had.  I’m not really sure what derailed the IT Band three weeks ago, although I have a theory, but I think/hope I’m back on track
  • Never miss a Monday and a strong start to the week: looked at my calendar & saw a 4:30-6 meeting which meant my afternoon walk slot wasn’t happening, so I went out early. Easy to social distance on an overcast morning, and I had the park virtually to myself. Everytime I see it, twinkle twinkle little bat makes me smile.
one of my favorites of the week. Love the hint of color
  • There was much more tiptoeing through the tulips on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And those were only the ones that made it to Instagram. I have probably taken a thousand photos of flowers since PAUSE began. I’m so glad many states allowed for exercise even while encouraging staying at home, because we’d all be even more stir crazy.
  • I RAN. I’d apologize for the all caps, but they’re absolutely intentional and I know you all get that baby steps back feeling. It was only about a mile and a half and there were stops for stretches, but it felt good overall. I don’t have a plan for the week, I’m going to run by feel and hope it continues to be pain free.

on to the next… Stay safe everyone