meandering through May

By | May 17, 2020

9,647th blog “redesign” in the last six months. None intentional, but I think comments finally fully not broken. Whee! It was driving me bonkers not to be able to tell at a glance if I’d answered a comment.

Another week of Quarantime. I think it’s nine weeks, but I’ve completely lost track.
Another week where I’m really grateful for the people in my life. My friends, my boss and our teammate who bought me a cook book, all of you both live on the Zoom and on the posts and a friend I was able to socially distance run “with”. Life is weird, but for me personally, generally OK and I’m grateful for that.

Not so much for one of my containers…

flying a little too close to the sun

so so good

Meals for the week: pulled pork for lunch, and a veggie modification on MyForkingLife’s modification on Rice a Roni. I got hooked on that a couple of weeks ago but a) burned it b) it’s too salty. Other adventures in cooking: melted rubbermaid, pancakes (apparently now a Wednesday tradition), and the winner, by far, is the white wine salmon. I am so grateful to the Instant Pot for teaching me I can make more than I ever thought I could.

mom sent me this. So true.

I’m focusing on the cooking, because this week was kind of a running fail.

My own doing — I did two 5Ks with only a day between and yeah, dumb. The knee was feeling OK in the second run until it was too far to turn back and have it any shorter. Lesson learned, revert to walking.

I think we’ve all had those have to laugh, or we’ll cry moments throughout this. My personal favorite this week? My Subscribe & Save order coming without floss picks. I have an endless supply of regular floss as my dentist gives me floss, travel paste and a toothbrush every appointment, but it is just impossible to effectively get between back molars without being a contortionist. Luckily Target had floss picks in stock for in store pickup.

The Amazon order did have Baby Foot. I might not be going anywhere in my sandals, but at least I won’t have winter feet.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

about to be eaten by a cloud


  • Mother Nature tried to make me miss a Monday: the weather was blowing in and out like crazy. Well, that’s only half true, I was complicit in that my snooze was too close and bed was too comfy on a chilly morning. I could only go as far as the close 7-Eleven and not be late for work. Some of the Starbucks are starting to open and I hope Dunkin follows suit. I miss iced coffee. Meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but I know you get it. Work ran late but I did get out for the 7P clap and at least get in some steps.

thanks Momma N

  • Tuesday: wanted to run in the morning, but knee/hip wasn’t ready so I did my longer morning walk to the Met and for coffee on the return. I had some time to stretch and roll the knee during the day and headed out after work. In hind sight,  I should have walked but the sunset sky was just magic. With all the uncertainty in the world, we need some pretty skies.

  • Wednesday: too nice of an evening to stay in. Not getting political or making a mask comment here, but this just made me chuckle. Takes be kind to your web-footed friend to a new level. Hans Christian Andersen is next to him and I had to chuckle at a Danish writer having an American flag mask. Just a beautiful evening for a walk through Central Park and reminded me how lucky I am to call this neighborhood home.

C is for Cookie!

  • Thursday: a few years ago, a friend and I realized we lived half a block from each other. Even with the pandemic and us both working from home, we hadn’t made it out for a walk. Finally changed that and had a lovely walk along the river before heading down to Target for floss picks. This sign? One of the personal trainers working one on one with clients along the river. Even without running I’ve avoiding the Quarantine 19 so far, but the food choices could be better. Can the dragon eat calories?
  • Friday: Fridays are usually terrible for steps, but it was in the mid 80s and I went on a hunt for salmon and got in a nice walk after work. The later sundown is a lovely treat. It’s still not super feasible without bus service, but I’m going to fund some way for my UWS sunsets this summer. Perfect reading spots.

Skirt Sisters: socially distant with one another and the skyline.

  • Saturday: farewell Skirt Sports, you introduced me to so many good people. I wasn’t familiar with them as long as most of you, so I don’t have the clothing collection. People > stuff any day in my book. Elizabeth and I saw each other at least weekly in “normal” times. Either to run, or to chill at her apartment. Neither of those have been in the cards for obvious reasons, and we were so excited to socially distance “run” the Skirt Strong 5K.  I actually managed to run to our meeting spot but then the knee wasn’t so happy after stopping, so we mostly walked and took in a beautiful morning in the Park. A nap and then a lovely Zoom with so many of you. The day’s structure reminded me a lot of marathon training and how wonderfully long those weekends felt. I need to get back in that habit, timing wise.
  • Sunday: I’m doing something. I just haven’t made it out of PJs yet.

I can’t believe next weekend is Memorial Day. March felt like 80 years, but I blinked and missed May. I’m not really sure what a three day weekend means in current times, but I’m hoping for some fire escape reading at least.

23 thoughts on “meandering through May

  1. Kim G

    That banana bread photo just made me LOL.

    So I didn’t realize that next weekend was Memorial Day until I read your blog. This really shows me how much things have changed because I always know when the holiday weekends are and look forward to those days off work, lol.

  2. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    It’s feel funny to say it, but yes I’m ready for a 3 day weekend. We were going to take a short vacation in late March that we cancelled and I just haven’t managed to take a day off since. I saw the same thing on Kooky Runner’s blog so I have to ask…did Starbucks really close in NY and CT? Wow that’s just crazy. Ours never closed, though it went to take out only of course.

    1. cari Post author

      The drive throughs stayed open, but we don’t have any of those in Manhattan. Some of the more car-friendly sections of the boroughs and the suburbs likely remained open. A couple near me have started doing mobile order and pick up at the door. Oddly they’re staffed by a human whereas normal mobile checkout you’d just go grab your food / drink and go. Some of them are too small for social distanced lines even if they took out the tables, which is what my pizza place did.

  3. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    I actually don’t like Monday holidays like Memorial day anymore because I work Mon-Weds, and on a holiday week I have to work on Thursday to make up for Monday! A holiday off actually shortens my regular long weekend. It should be good weather by the time the holiday hits, but so far the upcoming forecast looks very rainy. Glad you got your blog fixed. Little things like that drive me crazy too!

  4. Marcia

    I think the shitty (tech term) weather is to blame for May slipping away on us. When it feels like March we think it’s March. I’d gotten away from wearing Skirt Sports (no clue why) but I think I had some of their very first running skirts from 2005. They came in colors like “Root Beer” and “Sangria”. Sadly there were donated long ago. I’ll see if I can dredge up any pics at least.
    Hooray for salmon and other Insta Pot creations!

  5. Jessie

    Oh no, my original comment erred out. I can’t believe Memorial Day is upon us already! Sounds like NYC has had some great weather. And I love the mask for the little duck!

  6. Wendy

    That banana bread meme, lol! We have a lot of bananas…maybe I should bake?

    You did great with your 5ks. I hope your knee calmed down. It was great to see you yesterday!

  7. Deborah Brooks

    that banana bread photo ha ha. You are really doing much better w your cooking it’s all good. Did you make it out of your pj’s today? I admittedly have days where I go from pj’s to work out clothes then back to pj’s. Hope your knee and hip are feeling better this week. Blog looks good!

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you on blog/hip. Me too on the latter.

      I did. Finally. I tried to run and got about 1.2 (which, at .2 more than yesterday was a WIN) and then the pain got stronger so I bailed and walked home via the grocery store. I’m 100% not succeeding at shopping less because I don’t have basics, but that should cease soon, I hope. I tried a new to me grocery store as it seemed less crowded and better stocked, but the layout was very confusing.

      I think we all need those mental off days as much as physical, especially in times like this. The morning coffee walks have been key to getting me out of PJs, but there are a lot of days where it’s just PJs to leggings/video-friendly top/shower/PJs. That will change with the warmer temps – while I’m not a huge jeans person I like my denim shorts.

  8. Coco

    Love the banana bread — I just made a real batch today after failing at pancakes. I think the batter was too thin …. I like you blog design, except your “former” needs to be capitalized and there needs to be a period after “much”. 🙂 So great chatting with you yesterday.

    1. cari Post author

      Always great to see you. Thanks and thanks for the copyedit! I must shamefully admit that’s probably been wrong for a long time since I just copy that forward with new themes.
      I maintain that pancakes are not easy. I also think the box calls for too much water. My second batch was almost perfect. One and three were delicious messes

  9. Kimberly Hatting

    Speaking of banana bread…I have a rather nasty looking one that needs to be baked or tossed. I don’t like bananas, so this was a donation from my mom (who buys more than she can eat LOL). I hope your knee feels better! Always great seeing/chatting with you on ZOOM 😉

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, those chats are such a treat.
      I’m funny with bananas – bread & muffins are amazing, and I’ll eat one in a smoothie, but I cannot stomach actual bananas. I think it’s a texture thing. Mom makes this amazing broccoli & macaroni dish. I love the flavor the broccoli adds, but no can do on the actual pieces.

  10. Darlene S Cardillo

    I so miss NYC. Who knows when I’ll get there. Will Billy Joel cancel his Sept 26 (postponed from March) concert too?

    Sad to hear that your knee is a PITA. At least you are not missing any races.

    Our starbucks are open for take out.I went to get my birthday drink. There are none near my house.

    1. cari Post author

      Billy Joel is almost 100% not happening in September. I think with the new May 1 rule you can get a refund now instead of a ticket for the new date, if you want.
      Yep, probably time to shut the knee down again. Going to try and do a telemed appointment with my ortho. In the mean time, the advil cream is still amazing.

  11. Liz Dexter

    That banana bread – ha!! You’re doing brilliantly with your cooking. We are reveling in our fruit and veg box and Matthew managed to make a five-portion (plus one soup) megacasserole on Saturday night in our slow cooker!

  12. Zenaida Arroyo

    I am bummed I missed the call on Saturday. 🙁 I am also a fan of Barefoot Wine. I like to get a couple of bottles at a time to have available for when I “need” it. I’ve been hearing so much about the Instant Pot and am wondering if I need one too. Ha, that banana bread meme! Now I can make my own.

  13. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    Fire escape reading sounds lovely! As much as I’d like to go somewhere (a park), I know if the weather’s nice they’ll probably just be overrun so unlikely. But then since I don’t work, holidays have always been kind of just there. Usually we’d go to my mom’s.

    Sorry the knee is acting up again. I hope it settles down for good soon — I know what a tough nut that is to crack. I couldn’t even tell you exactly how I managed it, but I can tell you that tape is magic for cranky knees when running.

    Evert tune I look at your blog I’m reminded I really need a redesign too. I haven’t changed it since I started!

  14. Jenn

    I cried this past week, when I had to sit with little man for the statistics homework he forgot to do, at 9PM. I was deliriously tired, completely done with everything, and he started narrating his assignment with a Russian accent. I couldn’t take it. We all have our limits.

    Mr PugRunner threw out the bananas I was saving to make banana bread. Him: they were bad. Me: right, because they were going in banana bread. Him: Well. Me: AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!

    It’s fine. Everything is fine.

    1. cari Post author

      WE’re all in this same crazy banana boat. All of the emotions are legit and necessary. You were sad about school’s end, but probably not about 9p homework. Hugs

  15. Michelle D.

    That banana bread meme made me chuckle. I’m glad your cooking adventures continue to be good ones!

    It does feel odd to have Memorial Day right around the corner. May has been a blur. I am looking forward to having a day off from work – things have been crazy lately!

    So fun to see you on the Zoom call 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, always great to see you. Next time I might have to follow your spiked lead.
      March was seven years long, May was seven minutes.


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