GoTheDist: Went and other NSVs

By | September 9, 2013
I am kicking #GoTheDist‘s ass.Some recent totals by month:

  • June –  315,031 steps and 132.24 miles
  • July – 261, 380 steps and 108.1 miles (suburban vacation, drove me nuts how little I walked)
  • August – 271, 288 steps and 112.5 miles

My original GoTheDist goal was 750 miles which I revised to 500 in May. And now?

1,086,631 steps and 610.28 miles for the year.

I only started tracking steps in May when I got my Jawbone so  that figure isn’t particularly meaningful, but 750? You are going down.

Speaking of (not) going down, I’m a shape shifter. I stopped posting weigh ins because it really hasn’t changed since May. I’ve been yo-yoing and losing and gaining the same two pounds. BUT I’m shape shifting. Or something. Because jeans that kind of fit right out of the dryer are falling off the next day. Good problem to have, but so bizarre.

On the plus side, I’ve been a master tracker and have been making (mostly) good food choices. I’ve still been pretty accountable. Except for that goal/Goal thing.

One day.

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