GoTheDist: 2015 week 1

By | January 10, 2015

I hate you Mother Nature. I’m probably not going to get 285K steps this month due to the polar vortices/Alberta clippers/whatever you want to call it. I’m OK with that because:

  • I’ve been to the gym 4x this year including 3x while sick and am en route to obliterating my bike goals
  • I’ll get as close to 285K as I can and make it up later in the warmer months
  • I brought lunch 4x this week. OK, that slightly contributed to steps fall off. I wasn’t walking to get lunch and it was too cold to go out just for a walk. But, yay not spending $9/day on lunch.
  • I’m onto my 3rd book. all of which have been non fiction.

A good start (minus the cold) to what will be a good year.

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