I gave up

By | July 23, 2023

no… not running. July has been decently back on track.

I caved

gym on board with my “it’s OK to make your life easier” philosophy

It was worse when I woke, but I apparently deleted the screenshot it was so horrifying.

But I gave up melting for no good reason and re-joined the gym. Running should be challenging, and can be hard, but shouldn’t be miserable. Joining Deborah and Kim to talk about the last couple of weeks.

While it felt like a snap decision last Saturday when I did all of this and this again (thankfully via my phone since gyms are finally more open on their pricing!) rather than go for a run because I just could not face the above, I realized I’ve been retreating to a gym when available for a while now and I’ve lamented the lack of opportunity to cross train, so why not. I nearly ended up back at the same place as August 2017 (Blink, which I generally enjoyed and where I remained until COVID), but what I really wanted was somewhere very convenient, not somewhere I had to commute to. When it’s 90% humid (or snowing), I don’t want to walk, take the subway or cycle to the gym. I did the math and well, the investment in myself beyond the insurance is worth it. Oddly the Crunch near home? It’s where Boom Fitness used to be so it’s like I went home again, and the Pros from 2012 are still true. I hopped into the UWS location yesterday to foam roll after an insane morning that included a five mile run, two mile bike ride and six mile walk and it was so nice to have that option. Also, that one has Woodway treads and I will absolutely be going there soon.

oh right, Morningside Park I hate you

Running wise, there isn’t a ton to say. I officially transitioned from base building to ten-mile training and I think it’s going well. I rowed as cross training and have done some strength work on the off days. I have no delusions about a September race on the heels of vacation, but it will be fun which is all that matters. I also have a standing walk date with a friend and cycling to her is a nice change of pace — except when I forget Morningside Park and its stairs are in the way. Oops.

Happy Prime Day to me!

hello Gabriel Allon!

and a book set in Venice!

Yep, I said I wasn’t, and then it teased me. Especially the battery length and better light. For a week that was about a Kindle, there was a good balance of dead tree too, the annual Daniel Silva signing and then I was leaving Central Park Friday night and spotted this on the take one/leave one bench. I mean a book set in a city I’m visiting next month had to be for me, right? 😀 I behaved as far as Silva while finishing a library book, but that ends today and I can’t wait!

Ice cream-ing

Racoon v. snapping turtle!


and yes, my toes are neon pink because why the hell not

Time with friends, reading outside and raccoon watching. I so love long summer days, even if I hate running in the weather. I believe adirondack chairs should be everywhere! So perfect for reading. And yes, Darlene and I are PRing in Runners not Running this summer. 😀

and finally in Kim’s meme absence, I leave you with this which made me giggle so many times this week.

12 thoughts on “I gave up

  1. Deborah Brooks

    You know I am with you on the summer humidity! I am a big fan of the gym and now you will be able to try some of the other Peloton classes. That will help with your running! Fun to see Silva in person again and of course Darlene. That tote bag is perfect for you! 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      Isn’t it?!?
      My friend made it for me on her Cricut along with one that says “always be yourself, unless you can be a dinosaur” which I also <3
      More classes and more space for PT

  2. Debbie

    Those raccoons!!! My mom saw four baby raccoons playing in the creek while she was out taking a walk many years ago. She still talks about them and the sounds of glee they were making!

    Yay for hanging out with Darlene! And hmmm, those steps on the trail would make it a little challenging when riding a bike.

    1. cari Post author

      Oh my. I can send you many raccoon pics for your mom. I sat watching them for a good half hour because they were so fun and playful. Plus they were in their space and not mine
      I was very grateful for a guy who helped — the Citi Bikes are heavy!

  3. Darlene S. Cardillo

    Yes of course we both joined a gym.

    It was great seeing you.

    Someday we will actually run together.

    Good luck with your training. sept 23? Then we have a race the same day.

  4. Jenny

    Yay! It’s so nice to have options. There’s nothing wrong with treadmill running, and you’ll have some great cross training options if you need them. Good call!
    I think I’ve read that Donna Leon! So you’re going to Venice- that’s exciting. Sounds like you’re really enjoying the summer!

  5. Jenn

    My toes are the same color!

    I want a raccoon so badly! They are just so cute.

    I hope the gym gives you a little respite from the outside temps. I wish treadmills didn’t cause me so much discomfort – I could probably benefit from getting out of this heat.

  6. Kimberly Hatting

    Yes, the humidity is probably the worst thing about summer, no argument there! Looks like you’ve been keeping busy. I love the pink pedicure!

  7. Wendy

    You can add me to your non-running PR group as well! Sadly. Does pool running count?

    Your toes are right on point with that Barbie pink! I hear the movie is good. Are you going?

  8. Renée

    haha I gave up and joined the gym again in May. I kept saying I was going to use my equipment at home and didn’t, though I don’t think I’ll run at the gym… strictly strength training at the moment.

    not running in the humidity is such a good call though . it’s been a mix here and now this week only rain rain rain. I don’t know what’s worse! oh wait, I do – humidity is worse.

  9. Marcia

    I’m right there with you and Darlene on that not running PR and I don’t even care. Running when it’s stifling hot is just rude. I don’t need that in my life. You’re going to Venice! Have so much fun! Love it there!

  10. Coco

    It sounds like you are having a good summer.

    We’ve definitely had a gym weather summer. Woodways! I don’t like to run at my office gym because my tread at home is better. If only they had Woodways!

    My toes are about the same color — from OPI’s Barbie line, because it has taken over the world. 😉


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