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By | December 30, 2013

Since I don’t foresee myself finishing Rogues’ Gallery (at all, never mind by tomorrow) or Do You Speak Shoe Lover, I think I’m going to finish 2013 with 35 books read (and 5 unfinished). That is short of my goal, but not bad at all. Huge shout out to the 6 I read while away this month.

2013 was a lot of fiction. But it’s reading, so it counts. I definitely took to reading on my iPad and had no preference between iBooks or the Kindle-I do not like the Nook app. I do love my tags for cataloging books.

Past years:

  • 2012: 16 books, that’s just pathetic. It’s what spurred  my goal for 2013 as I love to read and there was no excuse for barely more than one book per month especially with ~5 being in one week. While I think I was bad at tracking, <20 is still a bad total.
  • 2011: 26 books, so much Patricia Cornwall as I tried to read her entire series. I didn’t finish it though. I did manage to catch up on James Patterson. This is also when I got my first eReader.
  • 2010: 21 books, many about  my WLJ.
  • 2009: 20 books, football and grad school (although I was done)
  • 2008: 24 books, not bad for being in grad school. An eclectic mix, to say the least.
  • 2007: 28 books, thank you European and Australian travel time. You made up for the time in class when I had no time to read.
  • 2006: 29 books. I think 99.99% of those were Jan-August while in Japan and before I started grad school.
  • 2005: 116 books! I miss Australia and Japan, and limited internet and cable TV.

I didn’t track 2004 in Library Thing, and I’m not sure 2005 is accurate per my notes here. Alas, the true totals are lost to time and not even the wayback machine can help. 🙁

So what’s my goal for 2014? I want to say 45. I think that’s doable especially if I have a week’s holiday again. However I wouldn’t be disappointed with 40. Below 35 is not acceptable.

Random other reading notes:

Thanks to web archive, the list of books I wild released in Australia in 2005 remains as does the partial 2007 list, which includes one of my favorite reading spots.

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