#GoTheDist: 2015 goals

By | January 1, 2015

And I ran out of room in that post…

2015 goals:

  • Steps: 3,400,000 steps
  • Miles Walked: 1,500
  • Miles Biked: 400

and some explanation:

  • I really wanted my steps goal to be 300,000/month but I’m really not sure that’s attainable in shorter months and don’t want to fall short of my goal. I actually think 3,500,000 might be achievable but not sure on the math so 3.4m it is. This works out to ~283K/month.
  • Miles walked: I like this number and I think it’s achievable. No wizardry
  • Bike: this seems to be in line with an increase over 2013 (335.83) where I had a reasonable year at the gym. In order to get gym reimbursement I need to go 100x/year (50/6 months) and I average between 4-5m when I go, so I think this is reasonable.

Now to set up my spreadsheet

4 thoughts on “#GoTheDist: 2015 goals

  1. Robby

    I’m so proud of you that you’ve embraced this.
    You’re my rockstar.

    1. cari Post author

      I’m having goal anxiety. But it’s fun to push myself. Thank you for creating this.

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