#GoTheDist: February 2016

By | March 1, 2016
I need to put down the spreadsheet and walk away

I need to put down the spreadsheet and walk away

Much like I had a mega day in January 2016 and February 2015, I had one in February 2016. A 30K day, to be exact. That helped me counter a few lower days and one 1500 step day (sick day). Thanks to that day, February went gangbusters.

February 2016 totals:

  • 313,153 steps
  • 128.84 miles walked
  • 83.31 miles biked

2016 YTD:

  • 614, 848 steps
  • 253.04 miles walked
  • 168.45 miles biked

I’m most proud of myself for keeping up the bike mileage. My re-commitment to the gym is showing in the scale and I will hopefully win month one of the Transformer DietBet after winning the Kickstarter. Baby steps.

I remembered that March 2015 was good because I had an insane streak of hitting goal, I didn’t remember that it was even better than May 2015. That means the streak of topping the month the prior year is going to end. Instead, my goal is to top Q1 2015. And that is why my spreadsheet exploded.

I’m not too worried about the mileage. As I mentioned in December, the stride/miles calculation is still off but I’m going to shoot for it. So my March goals:

  • 312,742 steps (927,589 for Q1)
  • 131.41 miles walked (384.45)
  • 48.89 miles biked (217.34)

I’m shooting higher for the bike. I want to see if I can do 75 again.

More TK on books and DietBet. Oh and money because the grocery expenditures is another time to step away from the spreadsheet

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