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By | December 27, 2016

an actual travel post on what used to be a travel blog? A Festivus miracle.

I began 2016 in Florida, for Billy Joel in Fort Lauderdale and will return to Florida late on New Years’ Day 2017. I was also there once in between to finally visit the Space Coast and the wonderful and historic St. Augustine. It’s TBD if mom’s and my trip to the Fountain of Youth paid off.

Including the various Florida trips, I clocked four million and counting steps! Still working on my 2017 goals, but definitely hoping to build on the trend of eleven months (December TBC) of 300K steps in a row.

Create Your Own Visited States Map
I hit two new states in 2016, both of them on an accidental whim. Takes me to 32 (+ DC) and counting which puts me in a good place to hit all 50 states before I turn 50. I don’t have any plans for new states in 2017, but I didn’t for 2016 either so…

No new states? That’s because I’m going overseas for the first time in almost eight years. Iceland and Amsterdam, here I come. Possibly UK too. Really need to reboot the countries visited map.

Here’s to 2,017 memories in 2017


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