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By | June 1, 2017

so we’ve established that the Saunter is good for steps. I’m really grateful for it because otherwise, May was off from April. Even with the Saunter, May was off. April was 465,416 / 202.87 miles walked with only two days below goal (and none below 10K). May was 426,678 steps / 184.32 miles walked. I knew May was going to be off though due to travel and a recovery day from the Saunter so not surprised I had seven days below goal, all of which were also below 10K. So not a good month, but no worse than I expected.

Q2 to date:

  • 892,094 steps
  • 387.19 miles walked

For the year I’m at:

  • 1,956,176 steps
  • 844.91 miles walked

This run of 400K months has left my usual million and even two million step goals by the wayside so I was forced to do some thinking

June goals:

  • 380,000 steps
  • Stretch: 400,000 steps.
  • 175 miles (rather arbitrary, running mucks with this even more than the usual fitbit issues). Definitely 155+ to hit 1000K miles walked at the year’s halfway point.

Q2 /YTD goals:

  • 1,250,000 steps for Q2
  • 2,250,000 steps for year to date

On the running front:

  • 36.44 miles run
  • 13.16 average page
  • 24:12 average duration

The latter two were derailed by two vacation runs where I was out of sync, but wanted the miles. The choices we make. I was at 164.35 miles run at the end of May and pace/duration improved, so I’m calling that a win. I’m leaving my June goals exactly May as I think I can hit them. I won’t be too worried if pace is off as I have a couple 5Ks and a 10K (and maybe a five miler?)

  • 50 miles run
  • 13:00 average page
  • 25:00 average duration.

Books? They’re off, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. Biking fell off the last half of last year so expecting the reading pace will get back in sync since I’m barely biking of late. I’m not too worried as it is what it is.

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