November Run Down

do you even drive South if you don’t hit Fort Pedro?

I’m ba-ack.

And no, this isn’t going to be three weeks of run down because I’m lucky I remember on a normal Saturday what I ran on Tuesday.  Some notable moments from my sojourn as I link up with Kim and Deborah: (and no I have no idea why my font changed colors twice).

  • a quick meetup on my drive south. Weird times make those even more wonderful. Maybe on the third time we’ll even remember to take a photo!


trails in Rocky Mount were just gorgeous


  • I ran in three states, North Carolina was new to me and despite being my coldest run yet, was absolutely stunning. I was grateful to Deborah’s RunBet to get in a run before day two of the drive.
post-run jump in the pool fully clothed, as you do.
this is 41. Matching is still overrated


  • I ran 11.23 KM to the beach on my birthday, which was a wonderful first. Also a first, the wear something new on your birthday being a bathing suit.

  • Beach runrises are the best.
“slower than gravy”
runners are the best people. Collage courtesy of Kim.
  • I finally got to wear the shirt I bought for a Turkey Trot I never ran a few years ago. So good to run “with” so many of you.
  • I did not regret rarely looking at my laptop while out of town. Alas this means I’m about three weeks behind reading. EEK.

I was fried. Nothing wrong, just 2020 and I made the decision to just let all the things go for a month. No musts. I realize that came from a place of major privilege and recognize it’s not an option for everyone. I am grateful it was one for me and I am feeling recharged.

I ran 80.59 miles in November. Yes, I looked at the mileage for the last day so I didn’t end up short.

for the year:

  • 4,322,681 steps
  • 1918.41 miles run/walked
  • 710.24 miles run

I’d like a 90 mile month to hit 800 on the year, but that is unlikely with post-travel quarantine restrictions, so 750 is just fine. Wherever I end up, I’m thrilled given the IT Band issues the first half of the year… and 2020.

*HUGS* too all who need and here’s to a strong month before we kick 2020 to the curb.

31 thoughts on “November Run Down”

  • So happy that you were able to get away for a few days and run in a few different states. I think it’s good that you didn’t really check your laptop while away – sometimes a break from technology/social media is much needed!

    • It was so necessary.
      Once a couple of standing meetings cancelled I pivoted from “remote remote work” to “PTO” and I think I feel refreshed for the first time this year.

  • Yes, I think we’re all ready to kick 2020 to the curb. In my coffee post, I referred to it as a grand bon voyage LOL Glad your getaway was so grand! We all need a re-charge like that 😉 And, a huge thanks for trotting with me on Thanksgiving <3

    • I was so glad you put that idea in the chat as I think I’d have missed it here. So fun to have something fun this year.
      Grand Bon Voyage indeed and so much classier than “piss off” which has been my line of thought.

  • Happy Birthday! Running on the beach and taking a dip afterwards is my favorite thing on earth. I may have missed out this year but as soon as we can travel again I plan to make up for all of our lost beach days with interest.

  • Some day I’m gonna have a stupendous getaway because it’s been far too long. Glad that yours went so well!

    I do like to get away for my birthday (in Feb) occasionally — not happening this year though.

    Ending the year feeling strong — that’s the best!

    • This was definitely a safe stupendous getaway. The condo complex was very quiet and when I went out to run it was early. Other runners were mostly masked and super courteous. This definitely was a weird travel year.

  • Darlene S. Cardillo

    So happy you got away even if it meant I didn’t get to see you today.

    It looked like you made the most if it

    Back in Feb?? Who knows?

    See you soon I hope.

  • I have traveled by or through or around South of the Border for years. I used to live 10 minutes away and then when I bought my house it was 15 minutes away. We headed to South Carolina from Richmond, VA and avoided it this time. We had no need to go through our old town so we just headed a different way. I have met many of my friends for a quick “Hi!” here because it was so close and convenient. I hope you had fun on your adventures! I was able to take 24 minutes of my after Thanksgiving 50K, even with rain for the first loop.

    • Nicely done on the time, that’s an amazing improvement!
      I can see the conveniences and drawbacks of being so close. If it were more than annual I wouldn’t get off the highway each time, but it was nice to have a guaranteed easy on/off bathroom and refreshment break.

  • So glad you were able to unplug and get some real R&R. I’ve been good about unplugging 99% most weekends, so I don’t feel too burnt out, but I do hope to take a chunk of time OFF over the holidays.

    • Weekend unplugging came in the form of buying a desktop. That way when I need/want to use the computer on the weekend it’s “not work”. Different browser, not immediately greeted with work docs. Hope you’re able to disconnect

  • Nice getaway! Looks like you had a great birthday too! Sometimes we need to not look at our laptop and forget about work for a while. Well, that is what I am planning to do during Winter Break. 🙂

  • How glorious to escape to a warmer climate….and celebrate 41 while there! Looks like such a nice trip. We’re conjuring an extended stay in FL for February.

  • On your next trip down, I’m going to see if we can meet at my exit! You pass right by!

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful and relaxing trip. I think we all need that from time to time. And I’m so glad you had so much lovely beach time.

  • That beach photo is giving me all the FOMO. I can’t believe I got cheated out of my beach vaca last year and it looks like no beach trip this year. UGH! Can the vaccine come soon enough?

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