Thankful for Running

if I were an organized blogger this would have been done on time for Thanksgiving and/or my birthday, but I am not.

I’m somewhat hooked on The Morning Shakeout podcast and as I was grinding out Friday’s miles, I listened to the Bart Yasso interview from earlier in November. What an inspiration. Among the comments that stood out to me was one that came from his Race Everything book:

“We all follow the same course to the finish line, but each of us has taken a different path to the starting line.”

This is so phenomenally true. (In odd timing, I read and reviewed that book almost exactly a year ago).

all the dessert vs. all the layers

I’m not going to say I wasn’t happy in my 20s, or that I never want to be inhaling a flaming dessert: both would be lies. But thanks to Facebook memories I look back at my 30th birthday dinner and in some ways I don’t recognize that person.

I didn’t join Weight Watchers until about four months after my 30th birthday and didn’t find running until 7 years later, but I’m so glad I did. While I haven’t lost a ton these last two years, I haven’t yo yoed as I tended to after I lost the initial weight. I’m not going to be fast, I’ll never BQ (and to be honest, have zero interest in running Boston), but as I mentioned previously: running has introduced me to my inner strong.

all the clothes

I may not have actually run my Turkey Trot, more on that below, but I carried a race bag full of warm clothes so that I could if I wanted to. Who am I?I Speaking of clothes and not yo-yo ing, I think I finally have the confidence to toss some of my too big for me clothes vs. stashing them under the bed fearing I’ll need them. Maybe.

Wicked is the best

The other aspect that he touched on was the increasing number of women runners and how we promote the social aspect. We’re much more likely to take other runners under our wings vs see them as competitors and that’s so true in my experience. From varying degrees of social corrals to checking on runners who have pulled to the side and to Wendy encouraging me to join the Wrap in the spring and Coco welcoming me to the Cherry Blossom LinkUp around the same time and all the linkups I’ve subsequently found. I’m so grateful for all of you. I posted the above to Facebook for my birthday, but it’s true here too.

I was quite well behaved on Black Friday. I decided to join the 20th century and got a microwave. OK maybe the 21st since it’s an Amazon one that works with Alexa.  I also got some ClimateSmart CuddlDudds at Kohls and a new pair of tights. I love them for layering, but the regular ones induce clamminess since they seem to have negative wicking ability. With the subsequent Kohls cash, two sports bras, fun socks and underwear. Yes, it’s time to do some winter cleaning.

When I find time..

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly:

I almost scrapped this part of the post, but one of the things I’m super grateful for is the Weekly Wrap community, so pardon its sparse nature.

Best. Stickies. Ever.
  • Monday: at the office late. Those stickies? The absolute truth. What did I say about not living on sugar and caffeine? I’m trying, but it’s so out the window this week.
  • Tuesday: again, too late, but I got in a mile before the gym closed.
  • Wednesday: late train, “oh, I’ll get to the gym before I have to leave.” That’s a no.
I fell in love with this shirt
the only turkey I ate. I do not like it. These on the other hand? Delicious!
  • Thursday: My first ever DNS. I was signed up for the Troy Turkey Trot 10K but when I woke at 6AM to get ready & head out, wind chill was -6. Nope. I had my long underwear but I knew it was going to be miserable and that’s something running should never be. I thought about running locally where I wouldn’t have to deal with hurry up and wait to start, but that didn’t happen either. Alas, it meant the above shirt was confined to morning coffee wear. Still love it.
  • Friday: happy birthday to me! Weather was downright tropical 13 with a wind chill of 5. I layered up in all the clothes and headed out from mom’s for some miles. From my ankle to my mouth, and forehead up, I was fine despite slight clamminess from some poor layer choices. My hands however were painful ice blocks and I turned back at Main Street for a short loop. When I got back to the city after brunch, I went to the gym for  2.67 miles for 3.9 overall. It was 5.5 for .5 miles, 6.0 for a mile, 5.5 for half a mile, 6.0 for .4 and 6.2 for .27. Yeah, I needed the speed changes to focus. I really want to see if I can do a treadmill 5K at 6.0 though.
  • Saturday: oh, I’ll go for a long run in the morning” -> “OK, I’ll run commute for four miles” –> “OK, I’ll go in earlier, finish what I need to do, then hit the gym” –> Gym branch with later hours closes at 7 on Saturday, I’m still at my desk at 6. This isn’t super surprising given two lost work days with the holiday, but I’d hoped to do better. I really need to get a backpack for run commuting before this event next year. The office is super chilly on weekends so I needed to bring layers beyond those I’d run in. It’s a teachable moment. I will learn from it.
  • Sunday: in fact, I already learned from it.  I knew I had to work again and if I waited until later when I had “more time” I’d end up with a closed gym and it being too dark to run outside so I had a short but gorgeous 2+ miles on the East River. One of the reasons I’m grateful to running is having an outlet for the brain during a busy work period.

December Plan since I know this week will be a lost cause:

  • Long Run (15K?) weekend of 12/1
  • Ted Corbitt 15K, December 8
  • Florida winter outdoor runs
  • Treadmill 5K at 6.0?
  • Read! 100 books is going to happen. One of the first is Super Powers by Adita Yrizarry-Lang which I won through FitApproach.
    I might even finish the Harry Potter series. Maybe. In the mean time, I finished Travel as a Political Act, which was a pleasant surprise. I love the information Rick Steves provides but I don’t always care for his writing.
  • Catch up on reading and commenting

37 thoughts on “Thankful for Running”

  • You are right, running does help us to tap into our inner strong. Our inner strong is different for all of us! I also love the social aspect of connecting with other runners and supporting each other in our goals. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  • Rabbit Food Runner

    OOH I have never heard that podcast before but it sounds right up my alley! Glad you found your inner strong through running, that’s what I love about our sport. Happy belated birthday!

    • It’s an amazing one
      I can’t recall if I found it through the post when Kim/Kookyrunner did a roundup or someone linked to Shalane’s segment, but it’s great. He has some great subjects and he’s a really quality interviewer. He also lets them run it, vs. feeling as if he has to take over as host. Makes time “fly” indoors.

      Thank you!

  • You nailed it when you said that running introduced you to your inner strong. Man, if that isn’t the truth here. RA has been sorely testing me. Grateful for running for helping me with gritting it out when I need to.

    You know Bart is my boyfriend, right? :p I do love him tho. What a great guy!

    • He is amazing – wish I could have met him at a race.Maybe there’s hope, he still does a ton per the podcast
      I think running really defines ability/strength for so many

  • Happy Birthday! Wow, I’m so honored to be the recipient of your shoutout. I have found “this” community to be so positive and supportive. My Moms Run This Town group is similar. It seems silly to me to think of a another runner as a competitor. I’m more likely to hope our schedules/paces align to be a new running buddy! I don’t blame you for taking a DNS on that turkey trot. I usually am too usy cooking to participate. This year I opted to go to church.

    • I’m pretty sure you were the first running blogger to find me. I’ve known Liz going back a decade and through her/Runners’ Bookshelf on Facebook I met Wendy. Then you were hosting? a linkup and reached out re: my comment on the Cherry Blossom race map for non locals and I started to follow you. So glad you did – and I agree, awesome positive community and we’re all trying to help one another to grow.

  • Happy Birthday! It sounds like you found some great bargains on your day. (It would have been my Mom’s 89 birthday Friday.) Inner Strong looks really good on you! Running can bring so many different things to people. On today’s long run, I was able to visit with all the things from the week I was stressed about. And I came home with more clarity than I left with. I’m very thankful you decided to join in with us on the Weekly Wrap!

    • Clarity is such a perfect way to put it. Because I can’t run and read, I find it a great way to disconnect from phone alerts and to some extent the outside world. Maybe our world leaders should be runners.

  • Happy Birthday!! Let’s see…that was the 23rd of the 11th month…..according to my way of thinking, that means an 11.23-mile run 😉 (My birthday is March 14, so a 3.14 mile run is easy-peasy LOL). You mentioned Harry Potter…I have read the series five times, I think. I totally loved it. I’m glad you’ve been linking with us, it’s been fun getting to know you!

    • Hah! My thought process on 3.9 was that 7.9 might happen, but 11.23 and 19.79 were right out. If the weather hadn’t been awful I probably would have done 7.9
      Was right around your birthday that I started running the date: So much fun when I don’t know what to run. Well in spring anyway.
      I took a pause on Potter after 5. Not ready to say I quit, but needed a break after I had to force myself to finish five. I might try again in December. I suppose your opinion would be power through? And likewise – so many fun people here

  • Happy birthday! Notice all 3 of us bloggers here skipped the trots this week (pun intended). It was wicked cold!

    You should definitely get rid of the too big clothes. Except one pair of jeans. I still have one of mine. I can literally fit both legs in one. It makes you feel good to do that when you’re feeling down!

    • Haha yes. I had the best plans of doing it but then I woke up, saw the weather and nope. Was in awe Darlene got out – haven’t read yours yet to see if you did as well. I am not ready for true winter.
      Good tip re: jeans. I have pair I wore today that used to be my “skinny” jeans, I slid out without unbuckling

  • What a great post! And happy birthday!

    Wow- -6 degrees! That’s colder than Minneapolis!

    Why must work get in the way of running all the time 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Albany, New York can be weird micro climates, it was also colder than Rochester, NY which can have some wicked lake effect weather. The river didn’t help the wind chill
      And seriously! I want to start run commuting, but this wasn’t the week to try

  • Bart Yasso is so wise, isn’t he? I love his quote. Happy Birthday! Nice bargain shopping! Hope it warms up at least a little bit in upstate NY, so you can get some outside running in before the really wicked stuff hits.

  • Happy Birthday! That sounds like a great podcast and that quote definitely rings true. This time of year just seems so hectic. Hopefully work will slow down for you soon!

    • Thank you! IT’s a great podcast, one I definitely recommend
      OUr gala was this past Wednesday so I can come up for air before we go into another peak

  • Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    I don’t blame you at all for that DNS…it’s hard enough to get up and run on Thanksgiving morning, but those frigid temperatures are a bit much!!

    I’m so glad we connected through the weekly wrap, I’ve enjoyed following your blog! And I think you’ve got some great goals ahead of you.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I’m so intrigued by that microwave, lol!

    • Thank you! And likewise re: the wrap, so many great people
      MIcrowave came Monday but I didn’t set it up until today due to work. Haven’t used Alexa, but it’s nice to make hot cocoa. And to eventually be able to heat things up. Lukewarm food is just meh.

  • So true about running helping you find your inner strong. I definitely have found that to be true throughout the years. I’m also not fast and will never BQ, but those things aren’t really important to me when it comes to running.

    I don’t blame you at all for the turkey trot DNS. It was so freaking cold that day and the first half of the run was not enjoyable at all!

    • I think if it were an NYRR one that mattered or one I was close to, I might have considered it. But waking someone up or ubering to stand in the cold? No thanks.
      Same – running for me is about having fun, realizing what I can do. Not competing with someone else. If you beat me, yay I’m proud of you.

  • I am very much into the fun aspect of running. I DNSd my turkey trot since we had freezing fog and that would’ve been dangerous. I would’ve skipped -6 temps too!

  • I LOVE that Bart Yasso quote. He was the guest speaker at Wineglass half. He was great.

    and Wicked is one of my favorite shows.

    Happy Birthday. As you know I skipped the race. It was cold but I could have done it and might have if I didn’t have the half 2 days later.

    We’ll both do the 10k next year. it has to be warmer, right?

    Hope to see you soon. I’ll be in NYC this week and 3 weeks in Dec!

    • Wicked is great. My top two with Les Mis, which will probably always be tops.
      Can’t possibly be colder.
      And yay to surprise meetups and seeing you again soon

        • Same. Wish I’d known you when I was bingeing on the most recent reboot. I think I saw it 6x
          Wasn’t my first – that was Damn Yankees with Bebe Neuwirth and Jerry Lewis. I wish they’d revive that.

  • Awww Happy Birthday! I so identify with you on running and weightloss. I put about 40 lbs on in my 20’s/early 30s and have running to thank for getting it off. Yeah the peppermint mochas don’t help. I only do half the sweetener though so there’s that. Love that BY quote. Truth! I don’t blame you one bit for bagging the trot. I’d have done the same in those conditions.

    • Thank you!
      I tried a skinny peppermint mocha the other day, wasn’t a fan but that’s more because I just do not like the taste of dairy milk as I’ve done soy for so long. It felt too thin. So I take my lumps with the peppermint mochas. Have you tried the sugar free creamer version? I like that for home coffee

  • I’m thankful I finally joined the running blogging community and started following some wonderful ladies, and I’m glad of our lovely friendship which has segued from books to running and in which we actually MET this year! All behind like the cow’s tail – this is my last ship through old posts before I draw a line, so I’m glad I found this one nestling in the unread ones.

    and a microwave that interacts with Alexa – oh, my! I hope your Alexa is better behaved than ours!!

    • Likewise-such a fun group and since Wendy is in Runners’ Bookshelf too it really is a wonderful circle. So many amazing people – and so grateful we finally met
      I haven’t used the Alexa element, but I’m intrigued. Can see it useful for soup or something that I’d placed in the microwave before going to have a shower, but otherwise I’ll probably go the low tech route.

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