November, you’re a wrap

Right off the bat, I runfess that I’m going to declare blog amnesty. I want to, and I’m trying, but know I will never catch up on the last few weeks. Our gala is behind us and I can return to my normal. I also runfess that this is a Wrap in name only as there wasn’t a lot of running this week. But linking up with Wendy and Holly unless they throw me out ๐Ÿ˜‰

happy birthday to me! Present from/to myself from Gone For a Run.

This was a good week. I mostly stuck with my plan of trying not to live on caffeine and sugar and it worked. I wasn’t 100% compliant, but I tried to stick with just drip coffee or straight espresso and not sugar bombs and I did not feel as wrecked come Thursday. Exhausted after being awake for 20 hours? Yes. What little running I got in really helped with mental balance, and I had a surprise short run with Darlene who spotted me in the park when I couldn’t say no to a colleague. In his defense, he was absolutely right: the run made me feel good.

Was surprised to get an email from NYRR (that I only saw Saturday) notifying me that I’d been selected for the NYC Half since I had guaranteed entry, but I guess they just put us all in the pile of selected. Time to get serious about that and Lebow (January 20) with Fort Lauderdale between them. I got it off to a good start with 6.5 miles on Saturday. I deliberately covered the watch and ran by feel because I didn’t want to stress. Was funny to see my splits after the fact. Talk about inconsistent!

Speaking of watches, I’m pleasantly surprised that my old TomTom will sell on eBay. I decided to list it mainly to get it out of my house and hopefully cover shipping.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend’s 15K. Last year’s Ted Corbitt was one of my favorites. I’d say I’m not in shape to beat my times (1:48:20 Runkeeper/1:48:13 NYRR), but I was injured then so maybe? I just want to have fun. No other goals. It was wonderful Saturday to run in Central Park without worrying about work, looking forward to that next weekend too as the race starts some PTO.

I wanted to run Sunday, but I was quite sore and there were a ton of wet leaves so I opted to sleep in and do some errands. I needed an off day after the last couple weeks. No regrets.

Official Q1 2019 Half Marathon(s) Training Mileage: 6.5

GoTheDist November 2018

  • 424,152 steps
  • 52.59 Miles run
  • 188.09 miles run/walked

That step total was entirely a result of a 30K day on Thursday when I went for a long mental recovery walk, and later ran a dash. 400K was in serious doubt due to crazy work, the Turkey Trot DNS, root canal and other factors but glad I eked it out.

GoTheDist Q4 To Dateย 

  • 857,836 steps
  • 103.55 miles run
  • 378.17 miles run/walked

GoTheDist Year to Date

  • 5,169,745 steps
  • 619.54 miles run
  • 2264.38 miles run/walked

So 2,500 miles run/walked and 700 miles run are out the window.ย  But 5.5m steps is absolutely doable, and I realize I’m 200 miles ahead running wise over 2017 year to date. 2,450 miles might be real. I’m not at all disappointed with 2018.

Gym Visits: 13 for November.ย  30 for September-February window

December Goal: finish strong. Nothing fancy.

27 thoughts on “November, you’re a wrap”

  • Looks like a lot of us slacked on the run last week! ’tis the season! Good luck on your 15k next weekend. I’ve got a 5k. It’s all I can handle right now!

    • Funny how so many of us end up doing same. Last week was DNSing Thanksgiving races.
      Thank you! I’m not sure I’m ready for a 15K, but I love my Central Park races. Good luck with yours too

    • Thank you, you too! That’s why I gave myself a pass on the caffeine. There’s no way I was going to cut back on both and be functional.

  • Definitely would be hard for me to give up caffeine but fortunately I usually just do espresso or drip, I don’t like the sugary drinks…tough time to do so, but good for you for making the effort! Good luck on your 15k!

    • I think I’ve made progress in trying to figure out when I need/want caffeine, sugar and when I’m just bored. With the root canal in progress I haven’t been able to go to my gum crutch so it’s been an interesting challenge to listen to my body

    • If it ever aligns with your schedule, I highly recommend it. Just fun tribute to NYRR roots, a great course and a fun winter race. Curious to see what more they do with it being NYRR anniversary

  • Happy Birthday to you! I love that Website. Anyone that ever asks would I would like, I always tell them you can always find something on that site I would like. I am trying to limit my sugar as well, but I don’t think I could limit my caffeine. I love coffee too much!

    • Me too. So many fun finds. My favorite is still their 26.Boo Halloween shirt from last year. So soft just like these.
      Thank you!

  • You’ve got a lot of fun races coming up! I can resist sugar…well most of it….but caffeine? No way! If caffeine is wrong I don’t wanna be right! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Exactly. I try to reset once a year when I’m away, it works to varying degrees of success. I don’t even try during peak busy season, it’s not worth the aggravation

  • I don’t like sugar in my coffee — I prefer it on the side in the form of a cookie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sounds like a good week to cut yourself some slack. I’ve got a biz trip this week I need to work(out) around.

  • Well done on the caffeine and sugar. I’ve cut down on the chocolate fairly massively, by buying really expensive stuff and convincing myself I can only have it when we’re both here to have a bit and supervise each other. Earlier bedtimes the last 2 nights have hopefully started a good phase there, too.

    Well done on 200 miles more run this year than late! I only got over 700 last year and I will be about 230 more this year than last, so it’s good going, I would say. Plus all that walking.

    And how brilliant to run into someone you knew in the park like that!

    I am also cutting down on the posts I will read from the last 2 weeks as I got all behind. Doing the weekly wrappers then will work back if I get a moment. I’m glad your work peak is over and life can be more normal again.

    • That’s a good trick to rationing it. I did that with my stash I brought home in August. Lasted until just a couple of weeks ago
      Same – with a side of Runfessions because they usually make me laugh.

  • Great job on cutting back on caffeine and sugar. It’s very hard this time of year! The Favorite Things shirt is such a cute idea. With social media, I get caught up thinking I should always be doing something. But really, there are times where slacking is in order. We all need physical and mental breaks. We can’t be “on” 24/7. You’ve amassed very impressive numbers for 2018. You should be proud! Thanks for linking.

    • I saw that and had to get it – such a fun one. And I’m really trying to refine my t-shirt collection to be those that fit well/I actually wear.
      I agree re: social media, turns life into a competition when it doesn’t need to be

  • Rabbit Food Runner

    Cutting caffeine and sugar is hard at this time of year, I’m impressed! Have a great race next weekend, 15ks are a fun distance. I like your December goal, nothing fancy and finishing the year strong.

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