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taper and recovery

with a Florida vacation making up much of the latter. It was a delightful disconnect with no laptop, but I’ll have my race recap up soon. GoTheDist February 2022: 378,460 steps 177.52 miles run/walked 90.55 miles run Thanks, mild February. Ten more miles running and 48K more steps than last year. Not even the post-Florida… Read More »

Tuesday Topics: Hannaford Half Marathon

Linking up with Zenaida and Chicago Marathoner! Kim to talk about Sunday’s Hannaford Half Marathon. I’ll do a double up Weekly Run Down next Sunday as I haven’t even started it. Recognize the shirt? No, not the race shirt, which was also pretty awesome. My finish shirt. Yep, that’s the shirt from my first ever… Read More »

#MedalMonday, 2019 Publix A1A Half Marathon

I finished. I could still walk after. Atlantic ocean makes for the best race scenery. I pushed on through heat & humidity. I’m a happy camper…errr, runner. But, rewinding. [bctt tweet=”Fun in the sun on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront #RunFTL” username=”travellingcari”] Tuesday Topics: Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to talk an oceanfront half marathon… Read More »