three years

ETA: Commenting is back. Live post from this week is here. Grateful for the backup, but glad to be back here.

running? No, that was four in January.

Three years blogging with all of you after I “met” Coco in the comments of my Cherry Blossom 10M recap. Fitting because a theme of this post is cherry blossoms, as might expect if you follow me on Instagram. So glad to know all of you.

There were almost no photos since WordPress had a moment this week, but I think it’s back online.

March was a decent reading month.

A huge change from a year ago is my ability to read non fiction. I was barely reading anything last year at this time, and definitely not non fiction. Grateful for a slightly saner world to allow me one of my favorite activities.

another week err, two weeks where I’m looking at my Strava and photos. I skipped some days entirely where there was absolutely nothing worth saying. Short version: lots of running, and the daily strength classes continue, although I ended up doing way more Becs than I imagined. Linking up with Deborah and Kim for a pass at two week run down:

Week of March 29:

tired, but happy
pretty medal
  • never miss a Monday: I finally did the Save the Chubby Mermaids 10K. There was a whole lot of do not wanna on this run, including a struggle getting out the door (thanks Jenn for the nudge!), and I almost called it good at five, but then decided I needed to finish. Running is such a mental game. The southern end of the Lake is finally finished, trail wise and it was nice to off road for a bit and have some new/old views. The Boathouse reopened at the end of March and I hadn’t realized how much I missed seeing the boaters out last year.
  • Tuesday: caught ‘gramming when I met Elizabeth for a birthday walk in the park. The western side of the reservoir was so far ahead of the rest of the park, it was almost comical. But I enjoyed every pink petal!
palm tree laying down on the job
always fun to see a well-stocked Little Free Library
and make sugar cookies
  • Saturday: I’d thought it would be too hot to run while visiting for the weekend, but winter came back for a minute and it was a glorious morning for an eight mile loop to the beach and a dessert of sugar cookies. They spread a lot in the oven and ended up being easter manatees, but they were delicious.
what a glorious morning
in my easter bonnet
all the easter pies!
  • Sunday: never ran to the beach on Easter, so I guess I had to run two days in a row. Quiet easter lunch with so much food! It wasn’t quite normal since easter at my aunt’s is normally huge, but it was so nice to be with mom & Bob for a holiday.

Week of April 5


sometimes evening runs are better
  • beautiful Tuesday: schedule wise I couldn’t run in the morning so I hit Central Park after work or a loop. Is there anything better than sun-kissed cherry blossoms? The whole loop was gorgeous and made for an “easy” run with that scenery.
“I Want To Fly to the Universe” Yayoi Kusama, 2020.
  • Wednesday: no running, but definitely the highlight of the week with a preview of Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. Not saying it in the sense of “oh no, your pictures are great”, but seriously the photos do not do it justice due to the pieces’ size. This show is magic and I like it better than some of Kusama’s infinity rooms, which I also enjoyed. A beautiful day for my office to be the garden.
sometimes solo is better
  • Thursday: run group was TBD due to one person’s second COVID shot. I ended up running solo and that was OK since it meant a slightly different loop around the south end of the Turtle Pond to check out the blossoms there. I always joke that in spring no one really wants to run with me since I’m way more interested in photos than pace, and I wouldn’t change a thing about that.
just hangin’ around
  • Friday: wasn’t originally a run day, but Elizabeth asked if I’d be in the park and I know I’ll miss these mornings when we go back to the office, so we got in some miles and some fun shadow puppetting.
all about the blossoms
  • Saturday: have been long runs lately, but I knew a third day of running just wasn’t going to be about any distance. I had been wanting to do Roosevelt Island’s cherry blossoms for a while but wasn’t feeling either bridge (or eight miles), so I “cheated”. I took the ferry to Astoria and ran from there onto and mostly around Roosevelt Island checking out their (stunning) trees. Similar to the weird bloom patterns in Central Park, some trees were in peak and adjacent ones were barren. Was wonderful to run somewhere different and rock my blossom accessories. I actually realized when Elizabeth took the photo of me last week how crazy it was that I didn’t have a cherry blossom mask. Thanks Etsy! I am so grateful to have a ferry connection to Roosevelt Island as it’s way faster and prettier than even the tram.
  • Sunday: it’s pouring. I’m not sure if I’m even getting dressed. Legs are a (good) sore after three days running so might go for a short walk if there’s a break.

a weird week

A good weird week, but still a weird one. Routine was a little upside down, but you roll with it. Also, I got excited about cooking something that wasn’t salmon, which never happens. OK, I should say making, not cooking, but utterly obsessed with Deborah’s dill pickle ranch dressing. It made my baby carrots way more appealing. I love fresh veggies, but carrots just bore me for some reason.

I can’t wait to run in these

While I wish I wore Launch because those are gorgeous, I can’t wait for these Ghosties to come in the mail. While I have two pairs of shoes still in rotation, they’re both over 100 miles and I just retired my last pair of New Balance 1080s so I really did need a new pair. The pandemic has taken my love of not matching to a whole new level and these shoes will help.

Alice in Covid Wonderland

If we’re Facebook friends, you may have seen me occasionally bumping a March 28, 2020 photo of Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland statue with a new season photo. I’m not an Alice person but there’s just something stable about something that was always there through this crazy year and especially in spring when my knee was cranky, she was often my morning walk turnaround point. These are a few favorites.

One random upside to Peloton and Apple Watch. Without the need for other music, I don’t need to carry my iPod which means phone in the pocket and no running belt. I like my SPI, but sometimes it’s just annoying. The iPod is coming up on two years old and it was a refurb, so I don’t regret that purchase especially for the long solo runs during marathon training.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • The wind was bad during my Sunday Pi run (to the extent that Kim’s sign blew away!), but I’d missed how strong it was going to get. I knew I was going to miss a Monday after running two days in a row, but when I woke to a 12 degree wind chill I had zero interest in even a walk. Luckily it “warmed” up and I took advantage of the long daylight to walk the long way to Target via Central Park and Alice. Target was an 0fer on the two things I wanted, but I did get a chocolate bunny so not all is wrong in the world. I am so glad we don’t have the York Peppermint Patty Easter Bunnies here as while I made one last a month, I could also kill one in a day.
  • Tuesday: Was supposed to be a running morning, but it was still obscenely cold and I had no interest. It was less the taste of spring last week and more the prospect that there was warm(er) daylight after work available. One of the benefits of that decision was that when I was feeling good 2.5 miles in, I could turn it from a four to a six mile run because there were no time constraints. I got snowed on briefly, but it was a really solid, fun run. Since there was no plan to run six, I still haven’t done the Manatees virtual race. Oops. I’ve avoided the Peloton police, but please don’t report me to the virtual race police either. 😀
  • Wednesday: 30s felt tropical so I kicked off the day with a nice three mile loop to and around the Great Lawn. Reminded me of last summer with all the puppies (any dog is a puppy) off leash and with fewer layers needed people are beginning to emerge from a winter clothing den. Great way to start the day.
  • Thursday: finally back to a morning run routine and it felt good to get the day started right. We were actually hoping to get out for a spring return of the office run group, but mother nature wasn’t having it. I didn’t mind running solo in light rain and it also meant I had the chance to try the new Balega Ultra Glide socks that Marcia mentioned and I love them. I runfess that I cheated on Balega with crap socks while in Florida and paid for it with a blister when I was caught in the rain. No more.
such a welcome sight. Cameo from PS72, they just don’t build schools like that anymore.
  • Friday: magic. The first day of the city’s Open Culture program and while it was frigid, couldn’t have a more beautiful day. I headed up to El Museo, the closest site to me, to enjoy the Fogo Azul dancers. To my surprise, the galleries were open to event attendees and I got to safely museum hop. While I did some museums in the fall before the holiday spike, I hadn’t been inside one in way too long and I got unexpectedly emotional. While I have enjoyed all the outdoor time and truly believe humans are meant to be outdoors, it was so nice to have art on my instagram again. I can’t wait until more people are vaccinated and being indoors feels normal.
fun random bird sighting


  • Saturday: oh hello spring, welcome home. Weather aside, I knew the day was going to be great because I was meeting my original running buddy. Somehow I can’t find any posts on it, but when I first graduated to running outside I joined a meetup group and Beth and I met. We clicked in a way I didn’t with the others and have become good friends, although we haven’t run together in a few years. When we met for a walk and talk last week she said she was thinking of running again and we’d decided to meet up. Whee! Our group always ran the bridle path and so we did loops upon loops in a run/walk with stops for crocuses, and by the time I got home I’d crossed 10 miles, a mental barrier for many months. It is so nice to run with people and it really made the miles go quickly. I spotted this friend as I of course had to pop by Belvedere Castle on my way home. A funny moment while running, I took off my outer long sleeves and my gloves slid off my wrist, which another runner helpfully rescued. So yes, short sleeves and gloves on my wrist. Oh March. After a shower, change I headed back outside to read because it was warm enough to sit outside! I can’t even explain how happy that made me. After dinner I sat on my stoop and finished a book and people watched. Life is weird, but good.
  • Sunday: pleasantly surprised not to be sore after yesterday’s miles (thanks all the stretching classes!) and headed outside with my Kindle soon because it’s way too nice to be inside.


after virtually no podcasts for a while because I couldn’t stand to be talked at, I went on a bit of a binge this week. Among the highlights:

Listened to anything lately that you’d recommend?

On the reading front, I wanted to do non-fiction November with Liz, but I can’t focus. I did read a book though. Michael Connelly never fails with a fun crime thriller, and Fair Warning was a good read.  Goodreads is annoying me the way Garmin does some of you with its detraining. I’m well aware I’m 27 books behind schedule. Go spork yourself, Goodreads, it’s 2020. I did realize that I hadn’t read a single one of the Goodreads Choice noms, which made me a little sad. A few have made their way to my wishlist for some time off reading.

How did I finish Fair Warning in a week with my utter lack of reading? 2.5 hour line for a COVID test (negative, thankfully). Not symptomatic and no known exposure, but numbers here are up a little and I wanted to be sure ahead of some possible travel.

Weekly Run Down with birthday-girl Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: four miles on a beautifully mild Monday morning. Shorts and a tee shirt in November!
  • Tuesday: too distracted by the stunning leaves to keep pace for RunBet, but still a glorious 2.5 mile walk before work.
  • Wednesday: 63 and 92% humidity in November. So weird. Wanted to enjoy this last day of summer, but had a lot of mental don’t wanna going on too.
  • Thursday: it rained much of the day, but I got out for a night run after work. Wet leaves are soo tricky so I stayed on the flat part of the river path.
new meaning to iced coffee!
new use for a hair dryer!
  • Friday: guess what, it rained. My day was not at all boring, however, as I learned coffee can freeze to the back of a fridge. I couldn’t figure out why the door suddenly wouldn’t reliably close, and then I realized the coffee was frozen and the ice block was pushing the shelf out. Oh Friday the 13th never fails. Luckily it was an easy “fix”
Yeah, slightly jealous of Fred’s cool mask
glorious day in the north woods
  • Saturday in the Park: luckily much cooler than the fourth of July. It was a beautiful day between lots of rain, yet I struggled to get out the door. When I did, it was magic. The park was somewhat busy and I wanted a people free run. Not Covid related, but more not in the mood to dodge strollers and jump over leashes. So I went north via Fred and on 102 turned into the North Woods where I scampered around the trails (seriously, my Strava is a hoot!) before heading down the west side and into the Ramble.  The entire run was gorgeous and it was one of those days where playing outside was just magic. The North Woods are definitely a 2020 “find” for me as I never had time to explore that area before and one of the things this year I’m grateful for.
  • Sunday: going for a walk.

there are just no words, just pretty leaves

I tried to write coffee, and gave up and drank more coffee.  Who else had way too much coffee and screen time this week? Just a short run down on a week I was grateful to the outdoor weather.

this sign made me laugh so hard

All I’m going to say about the election is this telegraph sign on the old Piermont Station felt way too relevant.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: another day where getting out the door early wasn’t happening, but I got in four miles in before work which is always a good start to the week. Not a good start to the week is staying up to watch the Giants lose yet another heartbreaker in prime time. I think America is happy to have a 1-7 team out of prime time after two weeks in a row, my eyelids are also happy for a 1p game.
quiet corner of Central Park
  • Tuesday: hiked the ramble to try and get the clock to move. Stunning to get off the beaten path a little and away from cell signal. Always fun to look at the places I’m usually looking from and be somewhere where there isn’t much cell signal. Nice to front load the week with runs and a walk for Deborah’s RunBet.
  • Wednesday: grateful for running. Grateful for a boss who didn’t mind my opting to run a little longer v. getting into work on time. 10K to try and focus the frazzled brain cells.
full color, and fall fell
  • Thursday: nice walk before work, enjoying the fall colors and burning off some energy/anxiety. Glad I got out, since I didn’t get for a run later.
Ferries Forever
  • Friday: was off work and had time for a run on a beautiful summery fall day, but my head wasn’t in it so I called it good at 5K. This week/year, no judgement allowed. Everything just is. I met some friends for lunch and rather than an uber home at rush hour, opted for a shorter uber and a ferry from Clason Point. The route is stunning if a little strange as it takes you right past Rikers, but can’t have a better sunset than on the water.
elbumps and yoga fails
Hudson House!
  • Saturday: the plan was to surprise mom for her bday. Bob ended up needing to tell Mom, but it was so good to all be together. It’s going to get more complicated with winter, but so glad the weather more than held out for my brother/family to come down too. And yes, we were twinning accidentally in masks. Calories don’t count when you’re celebrating and we had a delicious dinner at the restaurant where they got married (and are regulars).
glowing trails
long overdue trailfie
somehow still hungry for brunch
  • Sunday: my favorite thing to do when home-especially in fall-is run the Old Erie trail, and so I did. Shorts and a tee shirt in November, with relatively few people. Not COVID/mask related, just really treasured the peace and quiet. It was almost exactly a year ago I last ran to the train station, and my next plan is to go long in one direction and get picked up at the far end, because I want to know how far that trail has been maintained. Somehow I was hungry again and we went to brunch at one of my favorite diners to enjoy this stunning November weather before coming back home.

I love to play outside

yeah, that about sums up this week. The routine of getting in a run or walk before work has been perfect, leaving evenings free to run, or chase stunning sunsets. Being active makes me feel better, and while there’s so much out of our control in today’s world, I’m really appreciating this opportunity for some balance.

Between intentional tracked walking and running, I covered 26 miles this week. That makes me very happy.

While I’ve been hit or miss on reading non-fiction (hi, summer brain), I’ve really enjoyed a couple of podcasts on racism in running, specifically Running Rogue’s #182 with Alex Williams. It’s long, but so worth it. As women, we think of our safety, but as a white woman I never had to wonder whether I belonged or was seen as part of the running group because of my skin color. Eye opening.

NYC entered Phase II this past week and while I’m still a little mystified on what this all means and am generally being cautious, I had the pleasant surprise of finding some non essential retail are open for shopping. Was doing an order for Old Navy shorts and when I went to pick it up, I found I could have just shopped in person. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, and also think like grocery delivery it saves money in the end in avoiding spontaneous purchases.


Speaking of semi spontaneous purchases. A friend and I were discussing the demise of the New Balance 1080s on twitter and another friend chimed in that she swears by and never needs to break in Brooks, so I decided to bite the bullet. Added benefit, they’re purple! On one massive mail day that included my Freihofer shirt & medal & Keurig order, the shoes came and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

Manhattan is not a concrete jungle
and we have castles
  • never miss a Monday morning walk: first of three this week that kicked off at the Great Lawn. This one was, in fact entirely on the Great Lawn as I wanted no lights and a constant surface to get the pace right for Runbet.  It was a beautiful summer morning.
  • Tuesday: I ran, apparently. I have zero recollection of this run and even looking at Strava, zero memory.
  • Wednesday: grateful for cloud cover, I walked south on the East River for a nice three miles before work.
  • Thursday: this loop is always four miles. Today? It was 3.8. Still a great start to the day.
  • Friday: A lovely five mile walk to start the day and end the workweek, and a walk to Central Park after work for that stunning sunset. Spoiled to live where Central Park is part of my daily life.
  • Saturday: new shoeses! This run was one of those where it’s all the mental games. Didn’t want to go, wanted to bail at a mile… and then I warmed up. Four solid miles and while one run is too soon to tell anything, the Brooks felt good.
oldest structure in Central Park
  • sweaty Sunday: wanted to walk, but bored with the usual haunts so we met on the Great Lawn and headed toward the shaded and quieter North Woods. I love the Great Hill and the Block House, which dates to the War of 1812. Some six miles walk/hike before popping home for a needed shower and break from the sun. If the weather holds, there might be some bus lane sushi in my future today. I”m not ready to eat indoors when that’s allowed in the coming weeks, but distanced outdoor dining?

settling into a routine

beautiful sign amid the chaos

One of many many boarded up shops due to the COVID19 closures and recent looting fears. This one chose to make the best of it, and it was a wonderful sight on my morning walks.

as was this #HeartsNY piece

I really love this campaign and hope people keep it up, because it’s something we all need even when the world isn’t actively imploding.

this made me laugh. So hard.


This Friday marked 13 weeks working from home. While we all knew it wasn’t going to be the week it first seemed, I don’t think we expected it would be this long. There is no end date on the immediate horizon, so as much as I hate the cliche, the new normal is quite true.

I was happy to cement my new routine of morning run/walk a little further this week and it’s working well. A large upside is I have more time and structure to read, which always makes me happy, and a good break from screens. This summer’s crime fiction binge is Diane Capri’s The Hunt for Jack Reacher and a few of the related titles in Lee Child’s opus. I don’t love Reacher as a character, but this new to me series is fun. Also took the time to read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and look forward to tackling more in this vein.

new shoes. Even better, new laces

The running was nothing exciting, but it was pain free which made me so happy. Sunday I broke in my “new” (Cyber Monday purchase) shoes. Amazing how long the running out of miles shoes last when you cut waaay down on running. These are my last 1080s so I need to find a new shoe that works for me soon. The shoe’s accessory? Caterpy tie dyes. Boring (to me) shoes are illegal and I’m so glad to have discovered Caterpy at the marathon expo.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: even though I ran Sunday, it really was more of a walk so I ran Monday. Much of my northern route is closed as a security perimeter around Gracie Mansion. So I had to wiggle west and content with more traffic as we hit Phase I. A decent, pain-free run.
  • Tuesday: baby ducks! A beautiful morning walk before it got too hot.
  • Wednesday: Elizabeth and I met for some miles, and smiles. It’s so nice to be able to run safely with people. A little bit of the old normal.
  • Thursday: was supposed to be a washout, but no one told the clouds. A beautiful sun-kissed Met Museum on my walk before work. I love that the fountains are back on.
  • Friday: northern route still closed, so I went south to get in a couple of miles before work. Beautiful dry summer morning.
I miss you River!
my old summer night haunt
now vacant
  • Saturday: I was really missing the Hudson RIver. I still haven’t figured out sunsets without the buses being an option, but I did walk back and forth across Manhattan. Sounds fancier and further than it is — it’s only about 2 miles from my apartment to Eleanor Roosevelt, where I met a friend for some wonderful walk and talk. It wasn’t that I ever ate at the cafe, but I knew I was going to miss cutting through here to get to the Hudson, the easiest way from me. Needless to say, COVID and usual construction delays meant nothing has started, so we could still walk through. It looked surreal, but also gorgeous. Why is there a traffic circle in a park? Go ask Robert Moses. Riverside Park is a beautiful mess.  I then headed back to Carl Schurz for some reading. All in all about 7 miles, which felt good.
We do indeed
  • Sunday Funday Runday: I had no plan other than running. I went out a little later than recently as my body said pause and I listened. I decided on Central Park and wanted to explore the little pool (appropriately named, The Pool) that Elizabeth and I visited briefly a few weeks ago. It was lush, stunning and serene. Can’t wait to run it with fall foliage. The northern end of Central Park is just amazing. My legs were tired after Saturday’s long walk, so I called it good at 5K and went to get coffee and a breakfast sandwich to read in the park in the tee shirt I bought after last year’s Mini. Sometimes we need the simple things.

This is 40

That 2019/2009 meme. Still and always smiling

can I just whine for a second? I’m a big country fan and I had the perfect “anthem” when I turned 30. Tim McGraw’s My Next Thirty Years. 

I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age
The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

It was great. It was on the heels of two songs I loved in my 20s:  Martina McBride This One’s for the Girls and Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway. They spoke to me.  They were the optimism of our age. I still love them fifteen years later.

So many on 40-quotes and lyrics are depressing. I’m not sad about hitting 40. I love it. My 30s were better than my 20s and I have no doubt my 40s will be even better.  I can’t find anything else that resonates the same way, although I love Garth’s Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old. So I’m going to keep a hold on Tim McGraw for another decade.  There’s something to be hopeful for in his last verse

My next thirty years I’m gonna settle all the scores
Cry a little less, laugh a little more
Find a world of happiness without the hate and fear
Figure out just what I’m doing here
In my next thirty years


Usually due to the holidays I end up with a birthweek. Sometimes it turns into a birthmonth. This year with Thanksgiving late, it was more contained – although part of me feels like I kicked off BIRTHDAY on November 3. Had an amazing week celebrating with colleagues, family and friends.

Two amazing friends
Theater with Mom & Bob

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: has become a wonderful habit. It was rainy, raw & gross and not outdoor weather. I hit the gym and went back to one of my favorite Rogue workouts: 300m repeats. A little “ish” on the treadmill as it was just mentally easy to do .19/.06 than .186. It was during this run, although I didn’t realize it until later, that I hit 800 miles run on the year. That was my yearly goal and it was great to hit it ~ 5 weeks early. The workout felt great.
it’s Christmas time in the city
  • Tuesday: colleague’s birthday drinks. Quick gym visit for some rowing, PT and strength training after and a Target run with this great view.
  • Wednesday: speaking of Wendy’s excellent post on meeting other runners, spent a fabulous evening with my dear friends and Skirt Sisters, Darlene and Elizabeth. Running really has brought the best people into my life. Not just running friends. FRIENDS
  • Thursday: return of the office run group. I realized when I looked at Strava I realized we’ve done this loop 15x. And it wasn’t  even our original loop. Nice tradition we had going.
  • Friday: post-work birthday drinks with friends and colleagues.
hanging with Fred
what a beautiful day
Bday eats
  • Saturday: Where have I spent every Saturday morning since June? It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and why would my birthday be any different? I knew I didn’t have time to do the eight miles on the schedule so I brought them donut holes and we set off. I paused the watch at 4 for a celebratory 4.0 birthday miles that included a photo stop with Fred, because how could I not? I then ran to Starbucks for my bday drink for a respectable 10K on the day. Amazing how that feels short/acceptable after marathon training. After a stop home to shower and change, I met Mom & Bob for A Christmas Carol and then drinks at Bookmarks Lounge and dinner at Hudson Malone for a wonderful birthday.
  • Sunday: Race to Deliver. I DNSed. Raw, cold and miserable. I woke up to the heavy rain and went back to sleep after a brief moment of I still have time to get there if I leave now. No shame. I made a donation. Best part of off season is no have to run. There was no way I’d have enjoyed this. It was worse than Lebow. I also had runs on tap for Monday and Tuesday and there’s no way I could run four days in a row.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run with Elizabeth
  • Tuesday: office run group
  • Wednesday: off
  • Thursday: off, drive to Albany so will miss trots here & there
  • Friday: run?
  • Saturday: run with friends? So weird not to type Rogue
  • Sunday: off.

A Quieter Week

I love it when friends are in town. I adore them and we got up to good mischief. But I am so glad for a return to my routine. I am such a creature of habit.

Speaking of habits, I finally broke down and ordered an iPod with blue tooth. The running without music experiment went mostly OK, but I realized during the NYC Half how much it helped.  I don’t think I’m going to make it through long runs without music and a refurb was a fine investment in this. Oh, and it’s hot pink. Can’t wait to get it on Monday.

Nothing whatsoever to do with running, just my favorite doctors’ office view

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim: there was not a ton of running as I was feeling slightly under the weather (nothing major, just allergies and late nights) and opted to listen to my body

  • Monday: the best laid plans to walk to and from work went kaput when I hit snooze and then had a long day clearing out emails from last week.
  • Tuesday: run or cross train was the question. The answer was 7+ miles on the bike and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t influenced by a desire to finish a book I was reading. Linda Fairstein’s Blood Oath was great and my legs appreciated the extra semi-rest day.
walking between meetings <3
fleeting life
  • Wednesday: short morning run and PT exercises before a meeting. Walked home to enjoy all the cherry blossoms. A whole lot of steps today
  • Thursday: office run group at my best pace since the Achilles flare. I really love being paced because it keeps me from unnecessarily slowing on the hills. First outdoor run with the new shoes and they’re pretty good. Had some numbness in left foot but know that’s lacing related.
not a beautiful night for baseball
springtime for toesies
  • Friday: I was awake unnecessarily early for no good reason, so thought I’d walk to work. And then I walked outside and it was raining. Nope. Can’t be a frizzy drowned rat ahead of meetings. Knew there wouldn’t be steps after due to Yankee tickets, so I walked the stadium as much as I could. And then a pedi to get rid of winter feet. I actually have one monthly year-round, but first of spring is always refreshing. I think she took off a pound of dry skin.
39 going on 5!
  • Saturday: oh how I love trading in hats and gloves for sunscreen. Mid 70s by the time I went out for a short run/blossom exploration. 2.5 miles felt good. Re-laced shoes and they were fine. Also, ridiculous jumpies speak to Gym Girl Ulra’s shorties’ power.
so maybe I’m not going over to Randall’s Island!
  • Sunday: there were vague long run plans. They did not happen. Allergies were brutal and when I finally went out there was an inSANE headwind likely tied to the storm coming in from the north. No thanks. Did a couple miles and some PT stretches. Better than nothing. Now off to have the #SparkJoy conversation with my winter closet.

Week Plan:

  • Monday: off
  • Tuesday: run or cross train
  • Wednesday: run or cross train
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off?
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: short run/off

#UnitedNYCHalf Recovery Week

I knew this was going to be a light week even without recovery from the half. We have our Global Summit/Annual Meeting and there’s just a lot going on. While I do chase steps in general, as Judy and I discussed on her post, I’ve learned through this injury cycle to take some true rest days. While I got in good steps doing errands and commuting, I had three days this workweek without meeting my step goal. Very unusual for me.

If you missed it, my race recap is here.

not running related, but I almost never wear dresses and really love this one

Physical Therapy:

PT exercises for a healthy achilles

After winding down to one visit per week, I officially graduated PT after about six weeks. Beyond fixing the current Achilles issues, I learned a lot about dem bones or to be more precise, dem tendons, ligaments and muscles. I also finished with a much better understanding of what to do at the gym vs. mindless stretching and rolling which I think will help me build a stronger base. Maybe one day I’ll actually do the free trainer session that comes with my gym membership. Maybe.

I look forward to maintaining that routine as I hopefully stay healthy through spring in the head up to the next training cycle. There’s also a lot I can do in the course of normal day to day activity such as the arch lifts.


PT for a healthy achilles


With my PT’s permission I’m sharing the ones he has me doing. This does not include some of the gym specific ones like the heel raises on a leg press or Stork, which I detailed below

Half Recovery:

I actually felt really good after the Half and probably could have run Tuesday if the schedule stars aligned. I can’t believe how long it took me to realize that PT really was strength training in disguise. That was definitely a part of my three minute time improvement as the course was way hillier than Fort Lauderdale.

While I don’t have anything double digits on the calendar until summer, look forward to working on my long runs.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

aggressive non-matching is especially prevalent on a cross training day. In that new Shamrock tee
  • Monday: PT graduation. After a nice, long calf and hip/TFL/glute massage, he just asked me what I wanted to do and there were two exercises I wanted him to show me again. No, neither of those were Dead Bug. I will finish PT without being an insect. Hip Hike, and The Stork (albeit with a ball). Graduation gift is a tee-shirt so I guess PT has become a literal example of been there, done that, got the tee shirt.
aforementioned tee shirt
  • Tuesday: off. Was at the office until nearly 8PM.
oh what a beautiful morning!
  • Wednesday: our Annual Meeting whose program runs until 6 with a reception to follow. Knowing I wouldn’t get to the gym after, I used the first day of having the PT window free for a sunrise run. Chilly, but absolutely gorgeous. Legs felt good and I was so happy to have the run in since I didn’t leave the reception until almost eight and I was on sore feet. I love how I feel after a morning run. Also, this was the last good weather so glad I got to play outside.
  • Thursday: closing reception for the global summit. Awesome venue in Lucky Strike but it’s out near the Intrepid & the Hudson River, which at least meant steps walking from the subway in an icy rain. I didn’t bowl or play pool, but it was a great way to unwind. We’re not going to talk about the food choices. Tracked and moved on.
Spri Xerdisc for President!
  • Friday: an evening that was my own. I wanted to run outside and it had finally stopped raining, but wasn’t sure that was going to hold, so I went to the gym. Two miles on the treadmill as follows: 5.5 for .25, 5.6 for .5, 6.0 for .5, 5.6 for .5 and 5.5 for .25. I didn’t really have a plan, but didn’t want to do too much too quickly even though I’m feeling good. Followed the run with a good roll and some PT exercises as I try to work though how to best combine the two on a non cross train day. I really, really love the Xerdiscs for balance work, much easier than Bosu. I really need to remember to pack my resistance bands in my gym bag though.
  • Saturday: was supposed to be a long run, but turned into mental & physical day off which was sorely needed. I put on my run clothes and ran to get dinner. Don’t regret a single non step.
Hi friend! Are you a red-tailed hawk?
  • Sunday: long run short shakeout and hopefully a sorely needed haircut.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: cross train. Conscious choice not to use my PT time for a run as I don’t want to run three of four days. May walk to work
  • Tuesday: off, book talk & signing. Anyone else read Linda Fairstein?
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off, show tickets
  • Saturday/Sunday: long run TBD based on schedule. Friends in town

#GoTheDist, August 2018

Weird week. The heat was a lot of it. As much as I enjoy being active and found myself missing running, it was easy to not because it was just so hot. Think that was why eating was off – but tracked. Also, two really late nights (i.e. get home, go to sleep) wore me out. Insane too to think I walked more than half a million steps in August. More on that below.

[bctt tweet=”It’s possible to walk half a million steps in one month? #GoTheDist” username=”travellingcari”]

In the mean time, linking up with Wendy and Holly for the Weekly Wrap:

  • Monday: Surprisingly jet lag didn’t have me up at ass o’clock and I made it through the work day to dig out. Headed to the gym on the early side for some cross training as I’d run two days in a row. Luckily the rower was free and I enjoyed a nice 5K where I challenged myself to do the second half faster. Barely. I think I was tired which contributed to the overall slower pace. After that I found an inch of space in the stretching area and did some stretch and strengthening. My running schedule in England wasn’t conducive to time for stretching and my legs were feeling it. I also hadn’t been able to do kettle bells after I fell because my elbow was really really sore and I was glad to be able to get back to those.
what did we do before WTForecast?
  • Tuesday: oh hello jet lag at 5:30 AM. I’d already moved to sleep on the futon Monday night since it was gross at 11 PM so I knew there was no way I was running outside. When I got to the gym I realized wow, my thighs and knee were sore from the kettle bell workout squats. Also, this branch of the gym is way too hot on really warm days and I thought it might be OK in the morning. Nope. So after two minutes on the treadmill I headed instead for the LateralX which has the fan built in. This was all a bonus since original plan was pure rest day due to after work plans. Elbow is finally not sore enough for me to be able to forearm plank so a September goal is re-visiting the 5M plank challenge.
  • Wednesday: wow, my thighs are still sore. Complete off day anyway due to after work plans and so hot that I didn’t feel at all guilty taking the train two stops. Yes, I’m back to an unlimited Metrocard. Thanks to the trains having a complete moment, I still got my step goal.
I plank, therefore I am
  • Thursday: office run group went the way of summer vacations with the office itself being a skeleton crew due to the upcoming long weekend. I was spoiled rotten with my outdoor runs last week, but there was no chance of that with 87 and 52% humidity at 5:45PM so treadmill it was. It was another run that wasn’t though. The plan was to do intervals and between the heat and some poor food choices, I was struggling in the first. I decided a good workout was better than a bad run and so after one mile, I rowed and then went to do some serious strength training. So glad to finally cross one minute for a forearm plank for the first time since my fall.
why so serious!?
  • Friday: how Stella got her groove back. The weather was a magnificent 70 degrees and overcast. I could not wait to get outside. When I left the office it was drizzling and I No photos as, since I’m belt less, I didn’t carry my phone, but it was a beautiful three mile mud run. I don’t know if this week’s issues were burnout, jet lag, heat, or what, but it was lovely to just be playing outside. No watch (well, I had it. But didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t read it), no training plan. Just sneakers. Cannot wait for more of these in fall. First run of length with my new haircut and it wasn’t an issue. I was so over summer hair – it’s freeing in some ways. I’d say we’re oh 358 days from the next repeat of this cycle.
  • Retail therapy aside: Luckily this was one of only two outdoor runs, because life without my belt was annoying. I’m so used to stashing phone, ID, keys and water. Luckily after visiting a couple options and realizing I can’t deal with re-usable bottles I ordered this one from Amazon, which will be here Wednesday. This was also an interesting read from Runners World as I explored ideas. I went up to the New Balance store after getting my stuff from the RunCenter locker and saw this shirt for the Bronx 10 miler. I love it, and I bought it. The material is amazing, I really need some new casual tees that fit me. Do I worry about jinxes? Maybe I am by saying I don’t — but I don’t see this as worse than prepaying for the shirt upgrade for Cherry Blossom (which I haven’t worn!). It doesn’t say finisher, so I don’t have an issue. Certainly won’t wear it before the race though.
Running in London was wonderful, but something about being home
  • Saturday: planned mileage was all over the place today. I got a very late start because I needed some down time and although it was relatively cool, the humidity was back up. The first half of the run was a hot mess. I decided to do the reservoir loop because I wasn’t feeling hills, but I soon regretted that. I had the same issue I had yesterday on the bridle path. They’ve put down some gravel to fill in the erosion, but it hasn’t been graded so the terrain is fairly uneven. When I stopped to get some water, I turned off the watch and decided to walk some. When I came around the bottom of the loop I told myself I needed to run home, both for the mileage and because I was running late on time. I ended up going the long way around to get to one mile, and that mile with street crossings was way faster. Go figure. Missing my long run these last two weeks isn’t good, but I’m still pretty confident I can do ten miles at the end of September. This shake out run the week before should be a good barometer as well. It looks like a mostly fun route and much as I love running Central Park, I’d love to see/do something different. Got home and planked, foam rolled during Notre Dame/Michigan: Go Irish!
rocking my new buff from Liz!
  • Sunday: complete rest day. Beach and books calling my name.

Training Mileage for 10M (July 31+): 62.9 miles


At the end of July I thought August would come in between 450-475K due to travel. I wasn’t particularly worried about London steps, but rather the heat and a lack of steps in Vermont. Verdict? Way off.

August Totals:

  • 533,069 Steps
  • 232.36 Miles Run/Walked
  • 56.85 Miles Run

WOW. The prior 500K months were just over the mark at 503,417 in August 2017 and 501,524 in April 2018. This was my best by nearly 30K. WOW. As I said in a Fitbit challenge, London was good for the soul… and the steps. Running wise glad to not have knee, foot issues continue.

Q3 To Date:

  • 1,012,970 Steps
  • 439.74 Miles Run/Walked
  • 102.45 Miles Run

I think that’s the first time I crossed one million steps in a quarter only two months in. I remember when that used to be my quarterly step goal.

2018 YTD:

  • 3,838,152 Steps
  • 1676.49 Miles Run/Walked
  • 446.77 Miles Run


I am just shy of 30 miles off my running total for all of 2017, topped my miles for 2016 and just shy of that year’s step total. It isn’t fair to compare running v. non-running years, but it’s amazing to see the growth. I think I have an excellent chance at topping my steps goal for 2018 and getting to 2,018 miles sooner than last year. 2,500 miles in total and 700 miles running still slightly off but within range, I think.

In keeping with non-food rewards, my present to myself, a new pair of my favorite running shoes and the aforementioned tee shirt. Yes, I just got my last pair at the beginning of July and they have plenty of miles in them, but the members’ only sale on top of a discount had them at $79 vs. $125 so that was a no brainer.


I failed #20BooksOfSummer, which I kind of expected.My reading fell off in August. As of the end of June, I was at 61 books, 17 ahead of pace. Currently 79/19, but I’d hoped August would be better because fall is always busy. I had a ton of books come available at the library, but neither trip allowed for much reading time. I’m still working on the book I got on the way to meet Liz, and not because it isn’t good. I’m just the worst at carrying a dead tree book around and too much train time was spent looking out the window. 100 books is probably now not going to happen, but let’s see if I can finish the two in progress today.