PT Week 5: PT is Like Dieting

I’ve come to the realization that PT is like a diet. You may lose 5 lbs or have the sore muscle stop hurting, but there’s lots of long term adjustments. I don’t say that to knock PT. I love my PT, but one of the changes in PT as an adult is I realize it’s a lifelong thing. A good PT (which Greg absolutely is) teaches that these are long time changes. I am determined to keep the exercises up, and graduate with a better running form and less propensity for frustrating injuries.

Speaking of graduating, I’m actually not going to PT this coming week due to my schedule and that of my PT, but I feel confident that I can do the exercises and am hoping the week “off” will tell us whether I’m close to graduating or not. I’ve packed a set of my bands and have Deborah’s wonderful post as my “to-do” list around sightseeing and running in Bermuda. I have not packed anything but bands and the sunscreen I just bought. Oops. This week was a wonderful kind of crazy, which is also why I got nowhere near done with my race recaps for last weekend. Maybe time to add in the Manhattan 7.

I can safely say I’m not running the NYC Marathon in 2020. It was tempting for half a second. I have guaranteed entry via 9+1 and the idea of running the 50th intrigued me — but I don’t feel it in my heart and marathon training was hard enough when I was excited for my first. This was confirmed when I spent Wednesday at the NYRR Charity Managers Forum. Marathon mania was all around and I love their anniversary campaign, but I’m content to spectate it and help “my” runners with their marathon journey.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

Mickey, sporting MIckey. What, you didn’t sport a grunge Care Bear look at 20?


  • never miss a Monday: surprisingly after two days running five+ miles apiece I wasn’t too sore. The knee was tender, but no worse than any other morning. After PT on the other hand? It’s unnerving to watch the quad shake as it works. And it worked. Split Squats. Banded semi circles. Stork. Balance Board. Step ups on a Bosu. OUCH. But definitely hurts so good. Today would have been Dad’s 81st birthday. Like too many, gone way too young. I had fun chasing my step goal home in the form of finding Dots, his favorite candy. Miss you, Dad.
  • Tuesday: ridiculously warm for February so I headed into the Park after work for our “office run group” route. I didn’t have my vest with me as I hadn’t planned to run outside, so used my lighted slap bracelet to be sure I was visible. The run felt good.
  • Wednesday: I spent the day at the Harmonie Club, a fascinating space. I wasn’t there for the architecture though, but to learn the best practices for managing a team of charity runners for the marathon. I have a great job and I love what I do, but I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite projects. I expected to be out of place with my legal steno pad, but yay, the giveaway was a new notebook. The day culminated in a “group run”. Yeah, I couldn’t keep up, but I enjoyed getting to know some of the other charity managers and learn about their teams. All great causes, but the “winner” in my book was Guiding Eyes who brought two puppies under training.
  • Thursday: evening PT, which was just weird for my routine. A lot of the same exercises as Monday with Greg giving me leeway to suggest ones I wanted to work on. Side plank clamshells will never be a favorite.
  • Friday: I wanted to run commute home when it cleared, but it was a long day at the office. Great long day, but way too late to run or walk home.
  • Saturday: much needed mental health day off. Just to the gym for PT and some errands and a haircut.
Just a few thousand friends
  • Sunday: a cold, but beautiful day in Central Park and a real test for Bermuda. Between the race’s seven miles and the 1.5+ to the start, I ran nearly nine. The race itself was a run/walk due to the hills and wanting to spend it with a dear running buddy, and I felt strong. I’m not going to drop to the 10K – the cushion is such that I shouldn’t be swept. And if I am? Well that’s a great story to tell.  I’m not sure a race recap for this will happen given vacation and general busy-ness so for now I’ll just say I’d run it again, and February > original August date.

Plan for the week:

I don’t have one. Get in my PT exercises and running. Enjoy Bermuda. Finish smiling. See some caves. Take lots of pics. Life is good.

PT 2020 Week 2: Runners are the Best People

subtitle prior to Saturday: making time for all the things, which is also true.

Blogger Meet Up!

A few weeks ago, Deborah mentioned that she’d be in New York and I had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t be — while Darlene and I almost always catch up when she’s here, I’ve missed blogger visits all too often when I’m out of town myself. The stars aligned this time and we met for drinks on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

We had such an amazing time. I’m pretty sure we didn’t shut up once and would still be nibbling on popcorn if we didn’t need to get to other evening plans. Runners really are the best people.  While I always do better in very small groups or one on one, I never even got nervous thinking about this-mainly because I felt like I already knew Deborah from nearly two years of reading each other’s blogs and social media. Yep, Cherry Blossom marks two years of starting to meet most of you. WOW.

As an aside, while we did manage to run together last week, Darlene and I have not run together way more than we’ve run together lately. #RunnersNotRunning really is or should be a thing. This is also pretty much why I’d default to Friends v. Running Friends.  We all may have met through running, but there are so many amazing people here that I dare say we’d be friends no matter what we were doing.

Runner Bingo

This was making the rounds in some of the running Facebook groups and I had to laugh. Here’s my board

There was a runner who had a game and BINGO was her name-o

I guess I could claim a DNF in my DNSes, but to me that’s different. Of the ones I didn’t get I’d say it’s a mix of possible: costume, DNF, lose a key and an impossible/not likely: stroller, dog, Disney, Boston, winning age group, streaking. And let’s just say I hope I never poop my pants, but I wouldn’t be the first or the last runner to do so.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: while I was eager to run to PT with my knew running backpack, I was not about to run three days in a row. PT was a mix of balance and strength training. The balance work really needs to be an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but my main PT swears I’m getting better. I definitely feel like the strength training is helping. I went to the gym after work to get in some of the stretches and other exercises that there just isn’t time for during a one hour session, especially when some time is spent working on my IT band.
Quack Quack!
  • Tuesday: well technically another chapter of running friends, although it wasn’t the ducks. I was just fascinated by them all sleeping in a near straight line. I had a late start to work due to an exhibit preview in Queens (go see Kubrick at Moving Image!) so Elizabeth and I met up to run the reservoir. We were too tired & forgot to take a photo, but the run and miles happened. I swear 😀
  • Wednesday: one of the days that lead to this post’s original subtitles. PT, a luncheon, some training, a metric ton of email. A good chunk of the PT session was her working on the hip/knee/tendon as it was tender to the touch putting on leggings and a little swollen. Her work helped and walking wasn’t sore the rest of the day – which was good because I had a meeting in a location where the trains didn’t really help. You can do many things in Manhattan – going diagonal isn’t easy.
Yep, 1980s crop
  • Thursday: had all the things to run outside after work, but the temperatures were dropping and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good workout, so after stopping by NYRR to get Darlene’s Lebow bib and checking out the spring “fashion”, I headed to the gym. Knee was feeling better, but the treadmill pounding wasn’t, so I headed to the elliptical for 25m. I really really love that evil workout. Followed this with a full set of PT.
  • Friday: another late night at the office. But I got through the inbox ahead of the weekend. No step goal. No gym. Although there are always days like these, it overall feels good to be active again. The two weeks of running combined with the general sedentary element of the suburbs were hard.
Runkeeper is a meanie
  • Saturday: snowy snowy Saturday. I’d take the hit for it, but it was already snowing when I opted to wear the wonderful Brooks shirt. I had a late start due to a real feel of 16F and headed to the gym. The original thought was a semi-long run, but the reality was two miles of speed work since I wanted to be sure I had time to do my stretches to keep the hip from tightening up. I alternated 5.5 and 5.8 for .2 / .1 / .15 intervals and it felt good overall. Hard, because I’ve done no speed in a month, but a good hard. The time felt familiar and it was about twenty seconds faster than my July time trial. On the down side, treadmill is more climate controlled, but on the plus side, I’ve done virtually no speed work since the marathon and coming off injury. So it’s neither an improvement nor a fall off. Nice to see I can hit these paces when the runs of late have deliberately been jogs to heal. I forgot to tell Runkeeper I deferred. Not to worry, it told me.
Gorgeous day in Central Park
Not running it, but silly fun still mandatory
  • Sunday: Elizabeth and I cheered on Darlene and the other Lebow runners. I love having the chance to do this and still be a part of my favorite race. It was a beautiful January day. Followed it with PT and some overdue sushi

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: office closed; run to and from PT?
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: run to PT before my flight?
  • Thursday – Sunday: fun in the sun. No race, but there will be some beach runs. I already sent my foam roller on ahead with mom’s husband who drove down and am packing my bands to keep up the PT.

Ted Corbitt 2019

Original post title: Trying not to run on caffeine and sugar.

That was before this became a pointless weekly run down due to a wonderfully crazy work week. My office has our annual gala on Monday and I wear a lot of hats for that. On the plus side, I made relatively good decisions for real food and  not venti sugar bombs and as a result, I slept except for some Monday night insomnia.  I’ll touch on what little running actually happened after my Ted Corbitt recap, but first…

What I said last week about only two things for Black Friday was true, and then Cyber Monday hit. Still on the running theme, I got:

  • Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt. I’ve been dithering on this since Kim mentioned a quilt she had made a few years ago. The 55% off gift card made me pull the trigger.
  • JackRabbit sale and coupon on sale for my 1080s. I hate the new ones, so glad to stash a pair of the v9s especially as my “new” ones are already 100+ as I ended up wearing them for the marathon. Oddly the ones I bought were the runners up in August.

Ted Corbitt 15K recap:

At one point, I wasn’t going to run Ted. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel a month out from the marathon – the rest one day for every mile run adage can be confusing for a first time marathoner. And then as I got further into training and wasn’t trashed after 20 miles, I realized I’d be able to run 15K just fine and I signed up.

Ted is one of my favorite races (2017, 2018 recaps) and running it in his centennial year just seemed right. The giveaway was a pair of gloves, which I like. As someone who is forever losing her gloves, can never have too many.

I’m still bad at Flat Cari

I’m not a huge weather stalker – but found myself peering at it this week. It looked like it was going to be a downright balmy 20/30s. Sold. I didn’t get a good Flat Cari as I’m still using my stepstool as a staging post. That’s the 2017 shirt, which remains one of my favorites. It’s a vivid blue. I layered the NYC Half long-sleeve tee under it. Bottoms were my favorite LBCs, Black Winterland. It was so nice not to need all the layers. I was partially still marathon Cari with my Run NYC hat and marathon gloves.

I left between 7:45 and 8 to run to the start. I saw a message on NYRR’s Facebook Friday night that mentioned the new start. I’m glad I saw that otherwise I totally would have run to 102. This was somewhere I’ve never seen an NYRR race start so there was some zig zagging to find the start line. While I don’t like rushing-and getting a bit of pedestrian rage – it had the added benefit of not having to wait at the start and not cooling down.

Just shy of mile two, I was lapped by the eventual winner who was passing mile seven. A fellow runner and I just looked at one another and said WOW. .There really is no other reaction possible. I feel badly for the local runners who might otherwise have won without a sponsored athlete going sub 5 minute miles.

Me? I finished ahead of 400, not 4000 others. I had so much fun. I really like the new course and one amazing benefit of marathon training is that Cat Hill or the first round of Three Sisters didn’t faze me. Second set did, but that was more tired legs 11 miles in.

I didn’t look at my prior times before this week, so I really had no idea how I was running vs. prior years. I need to find the switch from long run to race, but this wasn’t really the run to figure it out. That I had enough in the tank to kick it up a notch in the final mile means I could have gone faster, but PR chasing wasn’t a goal.

speaking of final mile

As I turned onto the 72nd St. transverse for the last tenth or so, I hear someone calling me and see this maroon blur streak in. It was so good to see Amy, one of the Rogue coaches coming off their Saturday run. Was glad to find her after the finish for a hug and hello. It was short as we were both freezing when we stopped moving.

It’s pretty safe to say that Ted is one of my favorites that I’ll return to every December. It’s a nice year-end since I’ve never done the Midnight Run. I was also reminded of why I truly love the half marathon distance and I’m excited to properly train for one.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

two of my favorite runners
  • Monday:  planned missed Monday due to Winter’s Eve with two of my favorite people. Too cold & raw even to walk to the bus at 79th, so no step goal.
  • Tuesday:  couldn’t sleep, so after trying to fall back to sleep from 4-5, I headed to the gym to kickoff half marathon training with a treadmill lactate threshold workout since it was still snowing. 3x 10m at 5.4mph and 2m recovery at 5.0.
  • Thursday: I at least made it to the gym for some PT before it closed.
  • Saturday: Ted Corbitt 15K
  • Sunday: 25m row; yoga and PT.

Plan for this week:

  • Monday: off; gala
  • Tuesday: run?
  • Wednesday: run?/fly
  • Thursday: run? packet pickup
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday:  Delray Jingle Bell Jog
  • Sunday: morning walk to the beach?


Weekly (Not Much) Run Down: Recovery Edition

In case you missed it, my marathon length race recap. I’m still walking on air and part of me can’t believe the marathon is over.

all the NYC Marathon gear

No, I’m not jumping into another one. I’m looking forward to properly training for Fort Lauderdale and Bermuda (and maybe Lebow, since I just can’t quit Fred).  I’m starting to think about the rest of 2020 and what that might look like racing wise. For 2019, I have God’s Love We Deliver on November 24 thanks to some last minute bibs,  my beloved Ted Corbitt on December 7 and maybe a Florida race if stars align.

Along with the post-marathon euphoria, some of the shopping has continued. I knew I needed some gear for running in the dark and NoxGear’s Daylight Savings sale meant I wasn’t going to wait for Black Friday to finally get the vest I’ve lusted over as I’ve seen runners with it in Central Park. It looks so Batteries Not Included. More fun after dark tips from Angela here.


Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: there was no running, of course.  Lots of recovery walking, two Normatec sessions and some foam rolling and light yoga. Finally got the long overdue cut & color
  • Tuesday: back to work. Long foam rolling session on my knotty calves and some light yoga. Iced the achilles when I got home.
Rogue One meeting to celebrate
  • Wednesday: post-marathon celebration with Rogue One, as Chris from Rogue dubbed us. What an amazing night to celebrate Berlin, Marine Corps and NYC runners. I really, really love this group.
Runrise at the NYC Ferry dock
taking Watch Me Go and the new NYC Marathon gloves for a spin
  • Thursday: I felt like running. Nothing fancy or fast, just an overcast runrise on the East River. So easy to just step out my door and go. 2.62 miles. All felt good after, with minor chirping from my right Achilles. Was a great chance to wear Watch Me Go for a run. It’s definitely warmer than Cool It, but is perfect for these weird temperatures. I am obviously a fan of the Dunkin’ NYC Marathon hat.
  • Friday: rarely ran two days in a row during training, definitely not about to now. Headed upstate after work to celebrate mom’s birthday.
  • Saturday: ahh, not needing to pop out of bed like a toaster at 5:30. Especially when it’s 32F.
  • Sunday: sunny, beautiful & still chilly day. Trail running perfection. Took me a while to get loose but once I did I could have run forever. Had chance to run in hat & windbreaker at top, perfect for the temperatures.

Total for the week:

  • 35.39, Sunday to Sunday and obviously including the marathon

Plan for the Week:

still playing it by ear, or feel really.

  • Monday: run?
  • Tuesday: cross/yoga/PT
  • Wednesday: I’m paid up for Rogue through 11/23 so may run with them although I won’t do a workout
  • Thursday: off?
  • Friday: off/cross
  • Saturday: run?

GoTheDist October

  • 530,647 steps
  • 243.02 miles run/walked
  • 97.3 miles run

Marathon training: when a 500K step goal became normal. I need to get back in the habit of hitting my step goal on non running days later this month. Winter is always hard. Gym visits: 9. 20 for September – February cycle.

GoTheDist Year to Date:

  • 5,079, 285 steps
  • 2,272.98 miles run/walked
  • 748.35 miles run.

Officially surpassed 2018’s running mileage.


The amazing running community

Yes. YES

All of you. Everyone I’ve met over the last nearly three years. Everyone I’ve run with since beginning training in June.

There isn’t much substance to this weekly run down as I was somewhat down with a cold throughout the week. But I’m not dwelling on that – I want to focus on Saturday’s route of the last ten miles of the marathon and the absolute running block party it was.

Three crazy Rogue runners. (c) KatyMariposa
When you need to hop on the counter to be heard

Saturday morning came bright and early. I won’t say dawned as it was absolutely pre-dawn when we gathered at the JackRabbit on the Upper East Side as one of the many groups tackling the last ten miles. I truly think every NYC based running group was out there this weekend or last. We at Rogue joined the larger JackRabbit team and general public with one of our coaches as a pacer.

We headed out of the store a few minutes after seven and over to 1st Avenue to start the run up to the Bronx. I’d never run the Willis Avenue Bridge before and was somewhat surprised at its incline. From there we wiggled around surface streets until a rest area (with Gu, Nuun and a puppy!) and then a longer rest area as the Madison Avenue Bridge was undergoing some work and not open at the moment.

a few more awake Rogue Runners


waiting for the Madison Avenue Bridge to reopen

You really can’t stress it and no one really was. It was a meet and greet on the go while keeping our watches out of power save mode.

When the bridge re-opened it was a right turn and then a relatively straight shot down Fifth Avenue with a slight wiggle around Marcus Garvey Park before heading into the Park at Engineers Gate. I was glad for that – not so much the final stretch as the water fountain. It was slightly warmer than I’d expected and I need more than a 20 oz without water stations. That also lead to the wonderful fashion statement of my long-sleeve shirt shoved in my belt. Nice to know that’s an option too.

I actually ran all of it with a Rogue runner who had to drop back in pace and it was nice to get to know her as we ran. We were also running at the same pace as a group of women wearing amazing & fun skirts. I know I’d met one of the women at the Mini or one of the other summer runs, and it was nice to see them again.

nearing the finish. (c) Katy
imagining people in the stands in a week! (c) Katy

I crossed the “finish” with two of those women and “apologized” for eavesdropping as the one who had run NYC before – I later learned three times – told her friend where the finish was, what the exits would look like. This was super helpful even as Rogue Wednesday workouts crossed the finish a few times.

The running community is such a help – it’s not a competition, everyone is really helping and coaching either other. It’s just fun and I cannot wait to run with 49,999 of my BFFs NEXT SUNDAY.

The choice of Cascade over Gym Girl for “only” ten was deliberate. If the weather is in the 50s, I might go Cascade over Lotta Breeze and I wanted one final test, although I’m pretty sure I wore it for the first twenty miler. A spurt of cleaning this morning found my disposable pants to go with the sweatshirt. Yay not scrambling later this week.

what about your friends!
twinning. Note my AWESOME sandals
is there a better post-run meal?

The other up side of “only” ten miles is you don’t feel trashed and can have some fun with friends. Leaf watching. Twinning. Brunching.

Friends absolutely make our lives better.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Marine Corps Marathoner! Kim :

  • Monday: squeezed in 3.5 miles after a long ass day at work. The run ended at a diner for matzoh ball soup for the second day in a row, which should have been a sign of what was to come, health wise. There’s just something in that chicken fat.
  • Tuesday: plan was to go to the gym to cross after work. I worked late and had a sore throat coming on by the time I left.
  • Wednesday: Rogue, Little Inferno. I felt  pretty awful by this time but decided to try it. The planned workout:
– 2 minutes at 10K pace followed by 1 minute easy
– 6 minutes at HMGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 10 minutes at MGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 6 minutes at HMGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 2 minutes at 10K followed
  • the reality? My watch worked. My lungs not so much. I hit the intervals, but my paces were all over. It was great to run through the finish line a couple of times.
  • Thursday: went home after half a day at work and worked from my couch to try and kick this.
  • Friday: made it through the day of work, but there was no activity beyond some yoga and PT.
  • Saturday: the running block party I detailed above.
  • Sunday: off completely. It’s pouring and I want to rest. Watching football, tracking my friends running Marine Corps.

Week/total mileage: 15.85 // 419.32

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off, back to back meetings. Outside shot at morning run if I don’t run Monday
  • Wednesday: last Rogue group workout
  • Thursday: Expo. Gym cross maybe. Walk home maybe
  • Friday: dinner with the other Joyful Heart runners.
  • Saturday: a walk maybe?
  • Sunday: 26.2!!!!!!!!!

I’m excited. Nervous. Ready. Proud.

Tuesday Topics: Marathon Milestones

I’m pretty sure I’ve never recapped a non race. But I have to say, even 36 hours later as I start this – twenty miles didn’t feel like just any other run. Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to talk about the milestones this race represented for Tuesday Topics.

While this run was far from perfect and I hit a wall (not The Wall), I’m really really pleased with it and part of me still can’t believe I ran twenty miles. Sorry not sorry to all of you who got caps locked on Strava or text. 😀

I’m in a Facebook physical activity challenge group and last week when I posted Thursday’s rain run, one of the other member asked whether I could/had run the 59th Street Bridge. I mentioned that I’d walked it a few years ago but had missed the long run when the group ran it. I hoped to have the opportunity to run it before the marathon – and then it landed on the route for this past Saturday.

Albuquerque, Brooklyn

OK, so there was a scenic detour in Brooklyn there. I wasn’t really too disappointed, I could use a break from running Central Park. Something I never thought I’d say, and I really do love the park – but sometimes it’s nice to see something different, even if it ended up as part of the NYC Half course.

This route was a lot of fun. While I know the 59th Street Bridge at mile 16 is going to feel very different to mile one, it was so nice to have the chance to run it, albeit in reverse. One major difference I’ve seen from training is that hills don’t necessarily feel like HILLS. I really want to be sure I keep this up post-race.

Running through Queens into Brooklyn, while not exactly the marathon course in reverse, was a great way to get familiar with the terrain. It was great to realize that the Pulaski isn’t a Bridge in the same sense that the Verrazano and 59th St. are and I learned some of the landmarks.

I also got a feel for finish time. McMillan told me that my time trial equated to a 5:45 marathon with a 13:08 pace. That was mostly meaningless to me until I ran a distance longer than a Half. My running time was 4:33:19 for a 13:27 pace.  I was out longer because there were some stops to check the map when I was turned around in Brooklyn, some stretching time when I was trying to motivate myself to keep going, and some photos. Saturday’s weather was nice, but warm. I think with the cooler weather in November and more water along the course to avoid some longer water stops to fill and drink that I might come in around predicted which is crazy. I’m still not at all setting a time goal. I just want to finish and enjoy it.

My Garmin lasted. I thought it would, but I read stories of people saying theirs didn’t so I was glad to see that it was down to only 50 something %. Although I don’t plan to listen to my iPod through all of the race, it was nice to know that lasted too. Four podcast episodes:

  • Running Rogue Listener Questions – I don’t even remember. I think this was the last and I was zoned out by then.
  • Marathon Training Academy – the Marathon Fueling episode. This one was wonderful, the light bulb literally went on: more later.
  • MTA – Weight Loss Tips for marathoners. Not super relevant, but interesting to learn about MetPro system.
  • Running Rogue – Labor Day Smorgasbord – I really liked how he got into current events and the results of the Diamond League.

Run fueling has been An Issue and I’m even more than normal to Liz for her counsel on this part of running. The avocado for dinner before the long run has worked and I put out two breakfast bars to take with me – before and after run. And then I promptly forgot them. Luckily, CVS was open and I bought yet another box. I seriously have 2-3 started from this exact issue. That part of pre-race fuel is relatively fine, although I know it won’t work for ~10 a start. That part is still TBC. It’s the in-race that’s still a work in progress. When I listening to the fueling episode the lightbulb of frequency went off. The 8-10 mile strategy of a chew every mile and a half-ish is perfect. I’m just not sure I want to eat 13 margarita chews. The Science in Sport lemon-lime and apple gels worked, although I took the latter too late when I was trying to stave off a dehydration/heat headache. Sipping the Science in Sport lemonade slush is still good, and that’s the plan for the race start. Still TBC: how I’ll do Nuun/SiS tabs mid race. I think the plan is to carry a handheld and fill it from the aid stations, but not sure I actually want to carry a bottle so… TBC. This is why I love long runs. Fun planning. I’ve just decided I’m going to run the Mohawk Hudson Half so will hopefully get to trial this.

I figured out a way to carry my phone. OK, this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Part of my issue with the NYC Half was chafing because the weight of my phone was making my capris slide around. I hadn’t really figured this out as I so rarely run with my phone. But I knew I’d need it for Brooklyn, Queens turns so I made it fit in one of my belts with some gels there, some in the other pocket. I would happily run the marathon without my phone, but know I’ll need it for post-race meetups.

All in all a great practice run. I felt pretty decent after it thanks to my rule of not leaving the gym until I can touch my toes. I’m eager for the next set of 18/20 mile runs, but in the mean time I’m really glad for a down week.

  • What’s your proudest running achievement?
  • What did you struggle the most with in your longest run?

September Coffee: Costs of Marathon Training

No, not those costs. Although I use Mint and could probably tell you what I’ve spent on this to 98% completion, save for the occasional non-tracked cash purchases of gels and the like. This post has taken forever to finish and it’s bounced from being Tuesday Topics to Runfessions to finally, Coffee with CoCo and Deborah.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Off the bat, I’m really enjoying the training. Like 95% While we’ve had some mini heat waves, August was much better than July and overall we had a mild summer. I feel like training has gone well. I totally underestimated the impact that training would have on my life. I’d read the stories (blogs, books, articles) but really didn’t think it would be the same issue for me as a single person.

spotted in the thrift store on Monday. Didn’t buy – stranger’s cup is a step too far for me even though I’m not a major germaphobe

Over coffee I’ll tell you, it has. This is that other 5%

  • the one that is bothering me most? Losing my walks home from work. If I have the time and it’s temperate, I feel like I should be running. Running is good for the brain, but walking is a great speed at which to see the city. I miss time spent with Central Park bubble man.
  • I really missed my Labor Day getaway. I was a half step from booking it when I realized that even with a down week, I couldn’t get the run in.  Yes, it’s possible to travel and run, but not my style of travel which barely leaves room for a two mile treadmill run. I tend to hit the road right after breakfast and mad dash road trip/sightsee until sun down when I’m so tired I just crash. The roadtrip I was planning was 20 hours of driving over 3-4 days, which didn’t even factor in the actual stops (Lambeau, Field of Dreams, Mississippi River). While I love my city, I was bummed to be there last weekend because I really wanted to be on the road.
I love my Kindle, but this is just so funny
  • I’ve read 47 50 (yay, managed three more since I started this post) books on the year. I love reading, I miss it.  I’ve learned to like podcasts but cannot make audiobooks work. I zone out too much and miss things. Yes, I realize this is a lot for some. It’s not a lot for me
  • I need a haircut. I miss my long hair, but the ends are fried from too much (re)coloring this summer. But it’s oh so close to a ponytail so I don’t want to cut it.
Let’s go Giants!
  • Prime time games. I can’t stay awake. I have no idea how I’m going to manage Giants’ prime time games. I also haven’t figured out how I’m going to do the NYRR 18M next Sunday morning and make it to the stadium for kickoff.

Nothing major, and the fun of it definitely outweighs the bad, but all surprises.


Powerful Podcasts and Love Thyself

It wasn’t love at first sight
Some of our initial encounters
Were awkward
An up and down friendship
But you grew on me
Then one day I realised
I was in love with you
I love running
We have the odd bad day
But I can’t resist
I always come back
I want to grow old with you

Such a great find on twitter earlier this week from @RunningMrJones.

I’m still not entirely sure how my random treadmill try in January 2017 turned into marathon training, but I’m so glad it did. On the two year anniversary I did my first ever double digit, two hour training run and less than eight months later I ran 3.5 hours and sixteen miles. Who am I?!?

As I’ve mentioned, podcasts are what gets me through the long runs. I switch to music to “cross the finish”, but it’s not enough of a distraction. I had three on this Saturday’s long run and while all were good, the one that really resonated was Running Rogue’s Believe in Your Body with Jessie Barnes. I don’t have the exact quote, but she said something to the effect of “our bodies are meant to be more than cute”. Once upon a time, this blog was a weight loss blog – but running isn’t about that for me. Partially glad because I really have majored in winning and losing the same 2 lbs, but also because I think it would stress me out if I had to worry about that too. I loved the two guests and how they talked about PRs in running vs. on the scale and the comfort needed to run shirtless. I’m not sure I’ll ever be team sports bra, mostly because I burn so easily, but I did ditch the cover up on the beach and celebrated my strength. A really, really powerful lesson and great episode.

Also listened to: Marathon Training Academy’s Ask The Coach Part 2+ Books (link complete with the list of her reads this summer) and Running Rogue’s Staying Fit Through Injury with Sasha Gollish. Three excellent episodes to pass the miles and hours.

I started dreaming about the marathon – or more precisely that I booked a vacation that meant I’d miss a long run. I know where that came from, lamenting a possible long weekend trip that wouldn’t be wise, but it’s still silly. More on that if/when I get my “costs of Marathon training” post done.

On nutrition:

delicious, but troublesome

TMI territory: This week I learned – well experienced first hand, I definitely knew this but head to learn the hard way – that here there be dragons when it comes to salad. I had poke most days for lunch thanks to MealPal, but was craving some greens come Friday. It kept me full most of the day thanks to a good mix of fat and protein (eggs, bacon, avocado) with the veggies. It also made for my first mid-run I need a bathroom moment. Luckily, one was close and all was fine, but never had to go mid run before. 18-20 hours before a long run is a no go for salad.

Otherwise, all good. A very Science in Sports week with the tabs on Wednesday and for Saturday’s long run, which also featured Cliff Blocks. I need to figure out more of the in-run fueling, which will be the 18/20 mile runs plan. This is why we practice!

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • Monday: I tried to run, but my head was not up for the treadmill and I couldn’t stay on it. Turned this into a full PT and some yoga as I was sore from Saturday and tired.
  • Tuesday: planned off. Dinner with a friend. I walked home from work though, so it wasn’t a totally sedentary day
love at first sight
  • Wednesday: Lumberjack Twists take two with the addition of a 15m “steady” effort.  I set a personal goal of 8 repeats this time, since 7 was all I could manage last time with my Achilles. I managed ten! My Achilles was not happy, but I walked back to the store after the second effort and by Thursday morning it felt mostly OK thanks to an Epsom soak. Post-run I wanted to take advantage of JackRabbit’s double points and our 15% discount and I went to look at the 1080s as my April ones are nearly out of miles. They come in purple! Alas, they don’t come in size 9, so I spent the week on a quest for them while the blue ones stalked me.
yay exploring Central Park with Darlene
  • Thursday: walk/run/visit the Turtle Pond with Darlene. I forgot my watch, but think we called this 2 miles
the bottoms are cool, but the top will be filthy too quickly
a much needed pedi
  • Friday: a rest day, but still lots of steps ISO those shoes. A longer than planned series of errands meant I missed my window for avocado toast. That came back to bite me during the long run, but it’s a teachable moment. I realized mid-pedi that I have to keep my toes painted. They’re a mess. One not at all running related as someone stepped on it causing a fugly while healing bruise.
why are you heavy cotton? nopity nope nope nope
do I really need another pair of shoes? YES
forever my favorite, and I take a photo every time
imagine indeed. I lost my group, but so many out there I never felt lonely
open splash pad, Happy Cari ca. mile 13 Who is this person whose hat, shirt and SIS tablets matched?
I have a runner’s body
  • Saturday: Sweet 16!  I really, really wanted to do 16.21 so that I could say I had singe digits to go, but at the end I was just done and didn’t want to chase garbage miles. The route/the reality. Pretty close. I wiggled in the w 60s as I wanted no part of Wednesday’s ramp or the stairs leading up from the water. I felt this on my pre-Vermont shakeout, but today endorsed my “latter half of the Great Saunter is boring” feeling as I’ve run it twice this month. I love my East River, but the Hudson is so much prettier. Since we ran the lower third of Manhattan (nuts!), I really should bring back my beloved #GreatManhattanLoop tag.As I mentioned, missing the avocado toast window came back to bite me on the run. My dinner ended up as a scoop of peanut butter and a couple scoops of dry Cheerios. Yep, that fuels nothing. Coupled with the salad above, this was a weird run. I was hungry during, which hasn’t happened before. The Cliff Bloks got me through, but as I mentioned to Liz in text, I should have had two packs with me. Was glad to have had the extra tabs of SIS Berry as I needed those vs. pure water. Luckily lots of spots on the Hudson side to refill the water and add a tab. As I’m not sure I’ll ever manage Gatorade, this was good fueling practice. I need to work out the logistics to take water from stations and add it to bottle in belt during the run though as I can’t add it to cup and hold. Hi NYRR 18M plan.
  • I’m pretty sure that my beloved Cascade (RIP :(, but I did manage to snag one more in yesterday’s flash sale ) is going to be my race skirt if the weather is at all conducive. Aside from some mid-run wardrobe adjustments that had nothing to do with the skirt and everything to do with a stretch, it just doesn’t move and I had no chafing on my lower body. That’s unheard of for me – even in Skirt. I love Gym Girl and will probably get it in Rebel Fleur, but I can’t imagine it for 26.2. Backup plan is Lotta Breeze Capri, which I wore for two Halfs earlier this year, but I’m really thinking Cascade.  Ever think on a race outfit this far out? Given how often I wear that pink shirt, it might be part of the ensemble, but I have a different one in mind.
  • Post-run I hit up the New Balance store at the NYRR run center to see if Juan could find the purple for me. He’s a wizard and even he couldn’t, but he did turn up a pair of darker blue that I like and won’t be filthy, so I should have them in a week or two.  I LOVE these 1080s and might switch to the blue ones now so I can still run November in the black.  The shoes above? Coral are my cross trainers, the navy Vongo2s got me through three Halfs and are nearly out of miles, the 880s didn’t quite work for me but are OK on short distances. And then my two existing pair of 1080s. So glad I found and my feet fell in love with New Balance. Post-run sushi and sunset.
  • Sunday: rest. Maybe beach

Training mileage:

  • Week: 21.21 not counting  Darlene’s and my walk/run. That happy accident parallel is too funny
  • Total cycle: 188.32. Even with a down week, going to have a hundred mile month 😮

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run with Darlene
  • Tuesday: cross/off
  • Wednesday: Rogue
  • Thursday: cross/recovery depending on meetings
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 10/12. I love down weeks
  • Sunday: off

On gym visits:

I was more than a little stressed about hitting the 50 gym visits and then when I requested a print out I realized I’d been 61 times. I guess I’m not as good at tracking cross train and / or yoga visits in my spread sheet. That’s a relief, claim filed for my $200 reimbursement which is going right in the travel fund for Bermuda and/or toward a post-marathon treat.

Vermont and other mischief

July finished with 84.79 miles. 84! That is, by far, a personal best. And yes, that missing .21 miles bothers me just a little because round numbers. But only a little because I’m really proud of this mileage increase that, touch wood, has been without injury.

On nutrition:

as I mentioned on twitter, I finally got to try the Science in Sport gels at a group workout and I’m a fan. Not as thick or overly sweet as some of the others and, touch wood, good on my stomach even in the heat. Know a number of you have these already via BibPro, but if anyone wants to try, this code should get you 20% off.

Instant lemonade slush

I also tried the powder mix on the 8/10 long run and at half strength and frozen it was a perfect lemonade slushy for the first mile or so.

Oh right, grape Nuun isn’t purple!

As soon as I dropped in the tablet I remembered someone’s post — grape Nuun looks so weird. Even though grapes are green and wine can be white, I so expected it to be purple. Judy was that one of yours I’m thinking of? Used it for cross training, but definitely a fan.

One thing I still need to find/buy is an insulated water bottle as even freezing them isn’t keeping them cold on summer long runs. I saw one reviewed when I was catching up on the last of my print Runners World, but I want to look around some more. I tried this Nathan one, but it splashes and I don’t like having a wet hand. Do you have a favorite?  After that I am done spending. Feel like money is running out of my wallet these days even if it’s (mostly) necessities. I am not going to buy a Sarah Marie Design Studio NYC shirt. No, I am not. Not at all. And the 11th commandment, thou shalt avoid the Gap Factory sale.

Two week Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

Week of 7.29

  • Monday: it was too hot to breathe outside. I tried the treadmill but was having a wardrobe malfunction and instead landed on the rower. Had been a while since I rowed 5K. Felt good, as it subsequent PT exercises.
  • Tuesday: another aborted run turned cross train. Decided to listen to what my body was telling me.
  • Wednesday: Rogue training. The prescribed workout:

The workout: Lumberjack Twist

What? Runners will do a combination of short hill sprints of 60-80 meters in distance, combining with 20 minutes of steady effort work, followed by more hills.

Runners will start on the hills with marathoners doing 5-6 hill sprints. Then, runners will take a 1 minute break before rolling into 20 minutes continuous at steady effort. Then, runners will take another 1 minute rest followed by another 5-6 hill sprints to finish up their work. The hill sprints should be at a hard effort, short and fast, with easy running back down. The steady section is intended to be comfortably hard and should fall somewhere between half marathon and marathon effort, likely erring more on the marathon side of that given the summer conditions.

Why? This workout is all about working to improve aerobic threshold on tired legs. The early hills are designed to introduce fatigue so that runners have to work a little bit harder in the middle section, sustaining a comfortably hard rhythm after working those sprints.

  • the reality: not exactly. But not because of weather or fitness. The hill repeats were on the ramp above Pier I and my Achilles just wasn’t having it. I did five of the six in the first set and then managed two in the second. I called that a smart decision. Yes, the NYC course is hilly, but not hill repeats hilly and not breaking is my priority.
  • Thursday: off due to moved long run.
  • Friday: Fourteen solo morning miles. Well really, 14.35 and 3h10m running. Whoa. No more “longest training run” and more “longest run ever” territory. I had a couple of route plans but ended up with the simplest due to time, an out and back down to the Seaport area. It was gorgeous and not too hot. My knees were really sore the rest of the day, but otherwise felt OK.
  • Saturday: 3m shakeout before my road trip. It was humid and I was so sore from Friday but it meant negative splits as I did ten! laps of a .3 mile trail segment near mom to get in three miles. I wanted the cushion of a trail, but the longer segment is still closed due to construction, so a crazy back and forth it was. Luckily there was a work crew with a water jug in their truck as the water fountain was shut due to construction.



row row row your view!
  • Sunday: cross train with a gorgeous view.

Weekly mileage: 21.83

Week of 8.5

mom and I have A Thing for covered bridges. This has also become a running Thing
  • Never miss a Monday: and a beautiful one at that running past corn and cows in Stowe. I love this Stowe tradition of running into town for breakfast. We followed this up with a hike to the Von Trapp chapel, which was stunning.
  • Tuesday: cross train with a view because I didn’t want to run three days in a row. Trip up the Stowe gondola with a short hike before heading to the airport for three hour delays (on a 45m flight)
  • Wednesday: grumbling about Tuesday as it turned into an unplanned off day with run group rained out & postponed to Thursday. In truth, the off day was much needed as I could work late to catch up after a few days off.
another runner’s photo of the pre-storm sunset
  • Thursday: the planned workout:
The workout: 600s @5k pace/effort
What? All runners will do 4-8 x 600m at 5K pace (or effort) with 200m easy jog in between each. Add warm-up and cool down to get the necessary mileage in for the day. The pace should feel hard but controlled. Runners will want to find a strong rhythm and start conservative, progressing as they go through each repeat.
Why? This is a down week, and as you know we like to work on speed during most down weeks.
These 600s at 5K pace are a VO2 Max workout. The workout’s aim is to improve the amount of oxygen the body can deliver to the muscle cells (used to produce energy) by stressing the maximum of the heart, lungs and circulatory system (your VO2 Max).
  • The Reality: pretty close. The benefit of doing this on the Great Lawn was that it equated to essentially 3/4 of a lap for the 600 element and the final 1/4 for the recovery. I went out too quickly and as a result, my pace suffered toward the end, but I was happy overall. Still had enough in the tank for coach to pace me the last lap. When a wind gust spun up, we had a feeling we were in for an unexpected storm. We were just taking a cooldown when we saw lightning and the cooldown turned into a fast “sprint”. I learned what running at a pace I couldn’t talk meant! I was OK, save for the side stitch which passed when we took a breather to cross the street. I have to say, this was definitely the most fun workout of the training cycle. I still love rain runs.
Mismatched tree

Friday: I was tight as a rubber band so after work I went to the gym for some PT and yoga. This was probably due to a lot of sitting around at the airport on Tuesday and not properly stretching after the rain. I can always count on Romance and my first NYRR Retro shirt to keep me from matching.

it’s too damn early face
a rarely-seen view of Mr. Vanderbilt. Thanks SummerStreets!
I’m strong to the finish cause I eat my spinach err sushi!
you can pry my treat food from my cold, dead hands


  • Saturday: what did I say about not matching? Daybreak is another wonderful one in that effort. Aggressive non-matching is my favorite sport. The weather was gorgeous and this down-week run was perfection. I missed last week’s Summer Streets run and didn’t realize how much water was available on the course so I over packed water. Oh well. We ran across 59th St. and down Park Avenue to the Brooklyn Bridge and back up, with a little smidgen of Central Park to get to ten miles. I ran the whole thing with someone else from the run group! I’ve never done that over a long run (full disclosure, she stuck with me- I did not keep up with her). Considering we stopped at two Nuun stations (strawberry lemonade, lemon lime), took a couple of photos and got stuck behind people walking four abreast in the last mile, our pace was pretty good. Slightly faster than the Cherry Blossom 10m (all the photos!) and slower than the Bronx. Much better than recent long runs, thanks to the weather. Run buddy called for the “wonder woman/popeye” shot, but it also felt fitting after a conversation Renee and I were having on twitter. People, and by people I mostly mean women, are the worst sometimes. Went to the gym after for a solid foam roll and some more yoga before treating myself to sushi and a sunset read.
  • Sunday: probably off. I had some vague plans of a morning shakeout or beach trip, but after sleeping in (9!) I woke with a sinus headache and with a busy week/weekend coming up I decided to chill with coffee and catch up on email, blogs and what not. I will go out as it’s a gorgeous day, but will be a low key one.

Weekly mileage: 19.79 Yeah, not really an overall down week for me since I am not reaching the plan’s mileage (deliberate choice)

Overall this cycle: 153.1 I’m really, really proud of that.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: walk with Darlene?
  • Wednesday: Rogue training
  • Thursday: run with Darlene?
  • Friday: off, Giants game
  • Saturday: 16!!
  • Sunday: TBD/Yankee game

Go The Dist August:

I touched on the run mileage to start the post, but it was an overall strong month:

  • 537, 348 steps
  • 84.79 miles run
  • 240.91 miles run/walked.

WOW. I beat my best ever month by 4K without even walking all around London. Marathon training does a step goal good.

Gym visits: 12; March-August total: 44. A nice rebound over last month. I’ll be good for the reimbursement.

On training and racing in 2019 and 2020

Once I knew I had 9+1 taken care of in the event I want to do this crazy thing again, I decided to dial back on racing in 2019. I actually have nothing on the books besides a 18 mile training run in September and the marathon itself.

2020 is another story: I’ve opted for Fort Lauderdale over Lebow (a necessary choice since Fort Lauderdale had to move weeks to accommodate the Miami Marathon’s move due to the Super Bowl) in January registered for Bermuda in February. Fort Lauderdale was a weird choice: Lebow is my favorite and was my first, but Fort Lauderdale > NYC in January. Also, I think/hope that the earlier date for Fort Lauderdale will mean it’s a little cooler.

I will probably do Grete’s Great Gallop, the Albany Half and Ted Corbitt, I just haven’t gotten around to registering due to plans.

On training:

Another thing I realized I hadn’t really discussed was how me, Queen of Social Anxiety, was getting on with the run group. To be honest, the only way this was tenable was doing it with on the buddy system. A colleague and I decided to do it together and we both went to our first session (the group’s second) together so we were on even footing. It’s a fairly small group, with summer travel making it even smaller for about 10-15 runners on Wednesdays and less on Saturdays for the group* long run.

It’s a group* long run in name only for me. I knew I couldn’t maintain pace and run the distance so I made peace with it being solo on the Saturdays when the other slower runners aren’t there. Although I’ve enjoyed running with people recently, I still love my solo running for thinking and don’t mind going alone at all. I like the accountability to get up and go on a Saturday and the coach accessibility with any questions. I loved that one of the coaches emailed Sunday after the long run last week to see how I was doing and then we had a bit of an email chat.

The Wednesday runs are the most challenging. I have never done proper speed work other than random treadmill stints so this is where I’m seeing growth. I have the potential for speed even if I can’t maintain it. That’s kind of fun to see.

I can’t do the volume that this training prescribes (nor could I have done Hanson, like you all said), but I’m committed to trying to run four days a week and am OK if the reality is three days. I’m really going to like the Wednesday night workouts for some group work when days get shorter and the park gets darker.  I was also curious for this Wednesday’s time trials as the coaches said we’d then know our paces. And paces is a thing I only sort of know.

So far, I’m really glad I joined. I think I need the group for a first (only?) marathon training. I like someone telling me what to do and I like pushing myself within my limits. Is Rogue for more advanced athletes? I’m not sure. I know elites train with them in Texas, but the current group in NYC is mostly first time marathoners so maybe not.

I’m not doing a countdown to the marathon. I think it will give me too much anxiety. While I didn’t get it together to post for Tuesday Topics, I really enjoyed all of the advice on a strong cycle. So many little things that all add up to a big impact.

This week in nutrition

ginger lemonade Nuun
well that was an interesting color!
  • Monday: a (relatively) cool day and was theoretically a shorter run so I decided no gels, but I’d try Nuun. On first sip, I didn’t like it, but it grew on me, especially when I refilled the bottle which diluted what remained. In hind sight, this was probably better chilled and maybe I’d use half a tablet rather than the full one.  I’d like to say it was responsible for a run that felt really good, but that was probably because it was only 53% humidity.
  • Wednesday: Skratch lemon lime. Knew I couldn’t chew in a time trial so went with a drink mix. It was OK. I found myself craving salt after the workout though so maybe with as gross as it was, that would have been a better choice.
Strawberry lemonade Nuun
  • Saturday: one of the Rogue coaches is a Nuun ambassador and she had samples. I wasn’t sure about the strawberry lemonade as I’m not a big fake berry person, but it was good! Paired well with cherry blossom Honey Stinger chews.
  • Sunday: tried the ginger limeade Nuun cold. Still don’t love it, but it’s acceptable.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

feelin groovy
  • Monday: doctor’s appointment for some blood work. I had set an alarm for 5:30 to get in a run before the blood work, but as Sunday night insomnia hit and I didn’t fall asleep until 2, I punted on the run. Luckily the blood work was super quick and I was able to walk through the park to work. Since I started running I haven’t had the time to walk home that I used to and I’ve missed it so this was a nice surprise. I finished a meeting early and on the east side so I headed home to change and set out along the East River. I had no plan, just that I wanted flat-ish so I turned north and did that loop. I felt that I had more in me, so after walking up the stairs, I did the south loop too. I also walked up the ramp at 80th St. so as not to push the Achilles which is having a mostly fine but slightly tender moment. The run felt really good and relatively easy. It was a beautiful night to enjoy Mother Nature and appreciate what my body can do and is learning how to do. The above wasn’t meant to be a jumpie, just a ridiculous pose/achilles stretch on a water break.
wardrobe malfunction!
  • Tuesday: what happens when a work shirt is cut lower than a sports bra that chafed you? Oops! Gym stretch and row day.
  • Wednesday: A challenging day, which I expected. 13 years since Dad is gone. I was grateful for the distraction of the USWNT’s parade, which I watched from a vendor’s window. And then we had training when it was 85 degrees. The workout:
The workout: 2 Mile Time Trial
What? Runners will attempt to run 2 miles as fast as they can with the goal to keep their splits relatively even.  Start at about a pace you can hold for 5K and hopefully pick it up over the final mile.
Why? Doing a 2 mile time trial is one way to determine an athlete’s VO2Max. Basically, this is a fitness test to help determine where everyone is, and the results can help extrapolate the paces that an athlete should be using in training when we assign 5K, 10K, HMGP, and MGP paces as training zones.
  • the reality? One mile in 10:27 and two miles in 21:37. Given that it was 84 and 56% humidity, I was more than OK with that. They plugged it into McMillan and I got the following.
  • The Half Marathon is about what I ran in the Fort Lauderdale heat. My 5K time is better, but the one in this kind of heat was worse. My 5M PR (I think) is slightly faster as is my 10K. and the 10M I was mad about in September. So interesting to see this all laid out. Will be curious to see the effect that training has on the time trial later in this cycle.
  • Thursday: row, row, row your erg. It’s a good stretch and a break on the legs vs. the elliptical. Also, full set of PT.
  • Friday: off in the training schedule, but I wanted to get in a set of PT and strength training. Alas, renewing my passport took approximately forever and I ran out of time before a Governors Island event.
thank you, Intrepid, for the shade
no thank you, splash pad, for being closed
we weren’t running together, but we still found one another on the go
  • Saturday: long run day beginning at 7:30. So glad for the earlier start. With a race happening in the park,we opted for the river and because we’d run north on Wednesday, we decided to head south for a four mile out and back. It was hot, but there was a little breeze. Although it was busy, it wasn’t overcrowded and the run went quickly. Since it was an out and back I got to see some of the group when they’d turned around – we’re starting to recognize one another in the wild which is nice. Like Wednesday, I walked up the hill at the end, but overall felt good. I had a nap before meeting up with Elizabeth for lunch and a shirt swap. Luckily I was back on the east side before the power went out in midtown and on the Upper West Side.
why am I training in summer again?
I know it’s an ad. It still resonates with me
  • Sunday: up side of a flat long run is my knees, Achilles didn’t hurt and after much procrastinating I made it out for a run to the gym. It wasn’t as hot as I feared, although I took it easy.  I was literally dripping with sweat when I got to the gym though. Eww. Wrapped the workout with a long stretch, roll and strength workout at the gym. Overall, a solid week. If I can make the Sunday recovery run every other week or so, I’ll be happy with that.

Week’s mileage: 17.66
Overall mileage: 67.75

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: off or gym stretch
  • Tuesday: run or cross
  • Wednesday: “2 X (3-2-1)/3′ = JOG REC” yeah, I have no idea what that means.
  • Thursday: cross or recovery
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 10 miles (!!)
  • Sunday: off/recovery

Holy crap this got long. I babble in writing as well, apparently!