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January in steps, miles and pages

So there must be something about an end of month rush. Last year at the end of February I did a mad dash of exploring NYC and yesterday? More of the same.  I needed 14K for my stretch goal and came home with 16K

January, you were amazing.

  • 301,695 steps
  • 124.2 miles walked
  • 85.14 miles biked! / 13 gym visits
  • 12 books read, (all of which hit the 2016TBRPile challenge!)
  • One DietBet won

I’m impressed with all of those but especially biking and DietBet because they mean my head is in the right place. Something that has been missing. I’m basically feeling like this again, with the exception of MFP instead of LoseIt.

After I obliterated my January bike “goal” I set my sites on January 2015 and hit that number. I’m not sure yet what my February will look like so I’m not sure what that number is going to look like either.

Beating that month the previous year has become the new beating the prior quarter. I think the new way is easier mathematically and truer too. Summer will always beat winter.

I’m at 35.49% of my GoTheDist Q1 goal and 301,695 steps is 8% of my 2016 goal so I’m on the right track.

With the leap day there’s no reason not to beat 276,898 steps // 114.9 miles walked. Since I’m easing back in still, setting bike goal at 50 miles. Baby steps.

#GoTheDist January: Bike Edition

So I had a silent goal of some bike mileage for January. I didn’t touch it in my goals since I wasn’t confident it was actually going to happen and didn’t want to put it in writing. I started with my same goals from January of last year and…

Goal Total Have To Go Average Daily Needed Daily
Bike Mileage Goal January 33.3 33.72 -0.42 3.065454545 -0.021
Bike Mileage Goal Q1 100 33.72 66.28 3.065454545 3.314

I beat it on January 11! I’ve been to the gym five times and while some of that has been out of need for a shower, I’ve done what I should and it’s paying off. Here’s to more success in that vein.

Final #GoTheDist 2015

so as I mentioned at the end of November, I was in a good place for December.

December totals:

  • 275,357 steps
  • 113.17 miles walked
  • 6.13 miles biked

The one I’m most proud of? The last one. I actually went back to the gym. Baby steps. I hit a stretch goal steps wise and that felt good. Thank you El Nino.

Q4 totals:

  • 843,754 steps
  • 346.74 miles walked

I’m happy with that, especially as my goals for the quarter were: 800,000 steps // 315 miles walked

2015 totals:

  • 3,729,058 steps
  • 1536.53 miles walked
  • 321.03 miles biked

Yep, that last one is a disaster but you know what? I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I started again in December and did nearly 10 miles today. I put my bike goals back in my spreadsheet and I’m getting back on track.

Overall, a year to be proud of. I’m happy with my 2016 goals and look forward to a good year.

#GoTheDist 2016

wasn’t I just writing out the goals for 2015? For more reasons than this challenge, this year has gone by in a flash. It’s somewhat bizarre to be writing up 2016 goals before wrapping 2015 but a) I’m traveling for the next two days and b) I’ve already been overthinking 2016 way too much. I swear it’s like needing to close a restaurant menu to make a decision. In this case, it needs to be committed in writing. The blog version of Facebook official?

For anyone who doesn’t know #GoTheDist, here is Robby’s post about the 2016 theme and here is the background. For the same reasons I love my Fitbit challenges, I love GTD because it’s a challenge to myself, not a competition. A short note on 2015, to be elaborated on later, obliterated my steps goal and topped mileage goal. I also ended up with 102 books read. Whee!

So obliterating steps but barely hitting mileage. Math error or change in stride calculation between Flex & Charge. WIth me it could be either but I’m leaning toward the latter. I need to actually go back and calculate steps vs. miles on either side of my change, but that’s not happening tonight. I did some rough math and found that one mile is ~2300 steps for me. Besides the steps/mileage ratio, I also had to figure out what to do with May. Yes, May, the insane month with nearly 360K steps thanks, mostly, to 19 miles of the Great Saunter. It also had an assist from a 20K and two 18K days while in Seattle. While over thinking my 2016 goals I said I should factor out May since it’s not repeatable-but then I thought why not? I could certainly do part of the Saunter again if not try to finish. And while I”m not going back to Seattle this year I could explore another walkable city.

That thinking lead me to the following non-spreadsheet goals for 2015:

  • Continue the trend of exceeding the total from that month the previous year. I’ve had fun doing that since July. I haven’t worked out the exact math on those yet, but I will. It will likely mean my official goal is different to my on the go goal, but what else is new?
    • Related, I’m going to try for 1m again in Q2 but we’ll see because that was May
  • Get my head back in the game with the gym. I hit my 50 visits but then didn’t file for reimbursement and have barely gone since. It’s going to impact my steps since Charge on the shoe doesn’t work nearly as well as Flex did, but I think I’m willing to make that concession.
  • The realization that I’m going to need multiple goals and I’m OK with that.

So with all of that in mind here is where I *think* I am for 2016:


  • 3,600,000 steps – this should be in line with the increase on 2015 months while cancelling out May.
  • 1515 miles – slightly less than what I’ve done so far in 2015, but increase on 2015’s goal and includes the step/mileage issue above

Pending Robby’s blessing, I’m going to have my goal be steps instead of mileage since it’s less math and more actual.

My Personal Challenge

AKA the wild hair I got while chatting with Robby today re: goals that I’m really not sure is possible** but what the hell.

  • 3,680,000 steps **
  • 1600 miles for 2016

That math again. It doesn’t work that I’ve walked just north of 3.7m steps and have closer to 1500 than 1600 miles. Someone want to fix it for me?

The #GoTheDist steps are in the spreadsheet. I guess I’m going for it…

2015 Home Stretch

so I added October’s deficit to November and… topped that by 18K! And then I was setting up my December goals and went to check Jan-November against my 2015 goal and realized I hit it 50K steps ago. Woot!

November 2015 totals:

  • 275,413 steps
  • 113.17 miles walked

Q4 totals to date:

  • 568,397 steps
  • 223.57 miles walked

2015 YTD:

  • 3,453,701 steps
  • 1423.36 miles

September and October went off course but I rebounded and am proud of myself for it. December is going to be a challenge but I know I’ll hit my Q4 and 2015 goals. If I end up just under December 2014, I’ll be OK with that. I think.

I’m already thinking about 2016 and know it’s going to be a challenge. I don’t foresee an 11 and 20 mile day. I”m not sure I’ll visit a city like Seattle where I walked all over the planet. May was inSANE with 359,946 steps but we’ll see.

Here’s to December and closing out the challenge in style.


#GoTheDist 4.1

While I finished the month strong-ish, it wasn’t quite enough to hit my September goals.

Monthly steps

Monthly steps


  • 292,984 steps walked
  • 120.4 miles walked

If I’d realized I was that close I’d have taken 16 more steps for 293K.

I actually realized about midway through the month that 300K wasn’t happening but, when I came home from last weekend’s travel it was still theoretically attainable and I decided to push for it.  Thursday was a feet mental health day (aka I went for a pedicure) and it was lost, but I hit 14K on 10/31 to close out the month. Thanks, Mother Nature!

I’ve added the deficit of ~7K to November’s goal (now 257,016) and plugged in my travel slug days and I think it’s very doable.

Here we go!

GoTheDist 2015: Q3

How on earth is it already October?!? How have I still not finished the photos from my trip?

Despite some amazing steps while exploring the National Parks, September was the challenge I knew it would be. My totals:

  • 309,764 steps walked
  • 126.38 miles walked

I should be (and am) happy that I hit 300K on a travel month, but I’m so pissed I miss my stretch goal by fewer than 300 steps. I could have walked downstairs again if I’d looked at the numbers on time. So that’s on me. Bah.

Overall though, Q3 was OK.

  • 930,573 steps walked
  • 382.37 miles walked

That’s 101.79% of my official GTD goal. Whee? Whee. My numbers for the year:

  • 2,885,304 steps walked
  • 1189.79 miles walked

I am 514,696 steps from my 2015 step goal and 310.21 miles from the mileage goal and I’ve spent the better part of today (over) thinking Q4’s goals. Weather on the horizon, work hell and some more trips. I know December is always bad and November isn’t much better.  So after some analysis, my goals are:

  • 800,000 steps walked
  • 315 miles walked

That’s 300K for October (I managed 301K last October but remember working very hard for that with a Wall Street Walks ghost tour on Halloween night), and 250K apiece for November and December. Not ideal, but doable.  I may revise it up but this is the bare minimum.

sometimes, not making goal is OK

about that 333,333K July step goal and second attempt at one million steps? Not happening. And that’s not my usual pessimism speaking either.  I realized it back in July but thought I might have a chance at making it up in August. That’s a no.

July totals:

  • 310,076 steps
  • 126.97 miles walked

August nearly final totals:

  • 310,758 steps
  • 128.96 miles walked

That symmetry is almost eerie and I didn’t even realize it until I looked up July to post them. It’s not where I wanted to be, but in each case I beat both my “ideal” and “stretch” goals.  I also beat July and August 2014’s numbers so that’s progress in two hard months due to travel. Re: August that also represents two days of walks whose sole focus was steps and a few days where I went out and pushed myself to up my totals.

No 50K days, but I’m OK with that. While the spreadsheet(s) have made me a little more neurotic than I already am, #GoTheDist and my Fitbit challenge have taught me that sometimes it’s OK to not be where I want to be. Special shout out to the Fitbit folks. I’d have given this up if not for you and that evil little watch. Don’t believe me? I quit on #GoTheDist the first year. But I feel stronger accountability and since I need the external nudge, the challenge is doing it for me.

I also need to realize that I’m actually way above my initial goal. When I set my goals for 2015 at 3.4m steps for the year, that worked out to 283K/month. I’m at 2,575,565 at the end of August. That’s an average of 321K/month. So I’m not failing. I need to relax and oh, yeah, listen to Robby. Moving on…

To hit 1,000,000 steps I’d have to do 380,000 and that is just not happening in a short month that involves a three day road trip.  To quote a wise toddler: no, not, nugget.  To be honest, I’m not even sure topping September 2014 is doable. So I’m going to make that my super stretch goal where 333K was previously.

September 2015 step goals:

  • 285,000 (I refuse to accept anything lower than this)
  • 300,000 ideal
  • 310,000 stretch
  • 316,214 (super stretch, September 2014 total)

I’m going to do a little trickery that worked for me in May and August. When I know there are going to be sedentary days, I plot them in ahead of time with the worst possible step count and I know what I need to accomplish at the worst.  To hit my 310,000, I need 11,500 on my non driving days. I think that’s attainable. Here we go.

Oh, and I need to get my butt back to the gym but that’s a post for another day.


about the million step goal?

On June 2, I set a “kind of ridiculous but possibly attainable June goal” of 320,089 steps. On June 27, I beat that goal, although I didn’t realize it until June 29.

FInal June totals:

  • 347,231 steps
  • 143.14 miles walked
  • 42.68 miles biked

Final Q2 totals:

  • 1,027,142 steps
  • 422.97 miles walked
  • 85.43 miles biked

I got my 50 gym visits and just need to file the paperwork for my reimbursement.

Looking at my 2015 goals:

Here’s where I am at the mid point of the year:

  • 1,954,731 steps
  • 807.42 miles walked
  • 306.96 miles biked

On a percentage basis (can you tell I love my spread sheets?) that is:

  • 57.4 % of steps goal
  • 53.8% of mileage goal
  • 61.3% of bike goal

I’m in a good place especially as I expect August to be another challenge due to travel.

My July/Q3 goals are as follows:

  • 333,333 steps (yes, going to try for 1m again in Q3)
  • 400 miles walked

On a non-walking related note, I’ve read 56 books this year. I need to go look at the A-Z challenge but wow. I’m very happy with that.

Ambitious June #GoTheDist goal

I was so antsy while away to see if I’d hit my stretch goal of 310,000 steps. Well, I didn’t. I blew it out of the water.

May totals:

  • Steps: 359,946
  • Miles Walked: 147.9

Wow. Easily my best month ever. Thank you, mostly, to the Great Saunter and its 50K+ steps. More than made up for limited steps while on the train/in the LA area.

So I’ve set a kind of ridiculous but possibly attainable June goal pace because I revised my Q2 personal goals up after an amazing April/May. Both my #GoTheDist and personal goals were too easily attainable.

June goals:

  • Steps: 320,089 (would make 1,000,000 for the quarter)
  • Miles: 120.17 (would make 400 miles walked)
  • Bike: 50 (this is really gym visits. I need 10 to hit 50 over six months for gym reimbursements. I’ve got one down so that’s something. It should also help me get back on track while not losing my steps).

The steps goal is about 11K/day, but I think I can do that in good weather. Will depend on some weekend/family plans, but I think it’s within range.

After all, what’s a goal without a little pressure?