#RunnersRoundup: Four years of running

how on earth did that happen?

My first run, January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017 was a cold and rainy day and I dreaded the idea of walking forever on the gym treadmill for steps. On a whim (and without a sports bra), I decided to speed up the pace a little.

January 6, 2021 I set out for four miles, but that turned into 6.1, 1.525 for every year of running because you can always do a little more than you first thought.

In between the two days I have run: one marathon, eight Half Marathons (I think), two 15Ks, 2 ten milers and countless NYRR and NYCRuns weekly races between 5 and 10K.


Linking up with Coach Debbie Runs, Confessions of a Mother Runner, Mile by Mile, Runs with Pugs , and Laura Norris Running for the #RunnersRoundup to look at the last four years.

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thank you for 2020 for making me a morning runner

I never marked my third running anniversary as I was injured and cranky/pissed off, but here are my posts for my first and second anniversaries as well as my third raceversary. Oh how much the world changed right after that post and my race totals are the same a year later. At least no one is looking to anyone for an explanation on why did you stop racing?

Running mileage the last few years

The IT Band injury started 2020 off poorly, mileage wise, and then I essentially took April off when I got tired of running through pain, yet I still ran almost 800 miles last year. I really love #GoTheDist for making those posts so easily findable, and for this fun twitter exchange with former New York Giant Osi Umenyiora last week. It’s crazy to think I’ve run 2,806.36 (like kids’ age, that decimal is important!) miles in the last four years.  I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and what I know I can continue to.

Who I am:

I can see myself as both a marathoner, and someone who took 12 minutes to run .61 miles that first day. Sometimes I see that person in the same run.  I actually think that’s normal. I’m happy to have found running again as an adult, and grateful for the enjoyment/outlet it provides me. And of course love all of you who it brought into my life.

I am a morning runner. This is new in 2020, but it’s one part of the year I hope I keep because I really love it.

I am a consistent runner. Or maybe I became one, but from July-December my mileage was steady even through weather extremes, and I didn’t let those extremes derail me. OK, maybe two things to keep from 2020!

I am an obsessive tracker. 1,853 consecutive days in MyFitnessPal and a year plus before that until I missed midnight one crazy day. 8-10 years step tracking (more on that below). I’m not sure whether those are good or bad, but they are.

Who I will be:

When I was doing weight watchers and other weight loss initiatives, I focused on mini goals (apparently to such an extent that it’s still big in my tag cloud). It’s way easier to wrap my head around a small goal than a giant one. Also, who knows what 2021 is going to bring? A lot of my 2020 mileage was courtesy of working from home for the bulk of the year. That will change. But I found when looking back at the goal posts that I really enjoyed re-reading them, so here are some mini goals for 2021 and my fifth year of running:

  • keep up the prehab. I truly believe that’s how I stayed pain-free the second half of 2020 with the consistent, higher mileage (for me) months.  The knockoff Theragun was a great purchase, but foam rolling and stretching are wonderful tools too.
  • Increase my strength training. I inherited some dumbbells when a neighbor moved out and I want to do more. Or at least more consistently. I’m beginning to think about the Peloton app for that since I have wifi at home and our insurance reimbursement may even cover it.
  • Start the year on pace for 900 miles. That was originally my hard goal for 2021, but as I mentioned, I have no idea what running will look like once we return to the office. Even if I’m ready to return to the gym to shower at that point, there’s not really a branch close enough to facilitate run commute. So 75 miles/month until we return to the office and then re-evaluate.
  • Find a non-race goal to work toward. I have no idea if I’m running an in-person race in 2021 and don’t tend to treat virtual races as races. But I want to work toward something. What that something is? I don’t know. Maybe it ties in with strength training.
  • Re-evaluate my relationship with the step spreadsheet. This partially happened last year, but I didn’t realize it until late. I think the Fitbit is a great tool to motivate to go that extra bit, but it’s also crazy making. Beat last year, last month. Does it matter? It’s like when I threw the 30m goal out the window early in my running journey.  I’ll still track my steps, and want to be better about going for walks on non running days, but does the step goal matter as much? We’ll see.

GoTheDist 2020

mostly because I want to have it when I look back next year.

  • 4,658,407 steps
  • 2072.49 miles run/walked
  • 790.67 miles run.

How long have you been running?

Do you celebrate your running anniversary?



Peace Out 2020

2021 looking peaceful

and hello 2021, you’re certainly off to a beautiful start.

I’m going to do a fuller look at 2021 goals and 2020 closeout later this week when I celebrate my fourth running anniversary (!!) but short version is here.

I ran 790.67 miles on the year and ran/walked 2072.49. Really proud of both of those. I thought 2021’s 71 books wasn’t enough as it was far from my goal of 100, but it turns out it was an increase of two from 2019 so yay! I love Goodreads’ Year in Books feature. I’m still shooting for 80 in 2021.

Quick post here as I’m really enjoying the screen break this week has provided before the return to work tomorrow.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • as some of you know, and also may have seen on Instagram, I decided to escape the city for a little bit. Like last time I found a way that seems to have been safe. Planned missed this Monday: as a travel day and then setting in. Some walking errands to get settled but overall the start of a wonderful disconnect and much-needed screen break.
  • Tuesday: four+ miles making sure the beach hadn’t run away since I was last here. I landed in a good routine of run or walk in the morning and do some pool running and aquarobics in the afternoon. Much more fun than just stretching and foam rolling.
  • Wednesday:  morning walk, afternoon swim, read and visit with the resident manatees. Not really resident, but resident in the inlet when the water is cold.
christmas “ham” is traditional, is it not?
head start on 2021
  • Thursday: on New Years Eve, you run for Christmas trees. Or at least I do. Really I meant to see this tree on my last visit but didn’t make it, and figured this was my last chance this holiday season. I didn’t quite make sunrise which the sun reminded me is not a smart move.  Definite positive splits and needing to drink a lot on the last mile, but still a fun run.
running has brought some amazing people into my life
  • FriYAY: hello 2021. Kicked off the year with a short/recovery fun run to the beach. Where else would I kick off the year? The clouds allowed for a pseudo sunrise, which was great since the drawbridge kept me from making it to the beach for sunrise.  It was so much fun to participate in this virtual fun run that Kim organized. While we can’t run together, I feel a lot closer to distant runners and am so grateful to all of you. Afternoon featured a four mile round trip walk. What to, you ask? Dairy Queen of course. o:)
  • Saturday: off, other than manatees and reading. 3 books read so far in 2020.
hello my feathered friend
good morning Delray
  • Sunday: Sunday long run Day.  Didn’t have a plan, and only wore the watch for distance. I just set myself on cruise control and went down a path similar to my birthday run as I knew it would give me good distance. The turnaround was a little further than I thought, so I slowed pace to a walk intervals in peak sun, and found a Walgreens to buy Propel.  8.5 felt good.

Plan for the week: mark four years running on Wednesday. With what? I have no idea. USPS making giveaways annoying so we’ll see.

November Run Down

do you even drive South if you don’t hit Fort Pedro?

I’m ba-ack.

And no, this isn’t going to be three weeks of run down because I’m lucky I remember on a normal Saturday what I ran on Tuesday.  Some notable moments from my sojourn as I link up with Kim and Deborah: (and no I have no idea why my font changed colors twice).

  • a quick meetup on my drive south. Weird times make those even more wonderful. Maybe on the third time we’ll even remember to take a photo!


trails in Rocky Mount were just gorgeous


  • I ran in three states, North Carolina was new to me and despite being my coldest run yet, was absolutely stunning. I was grateful to Deborah’s RunBet to get in a run before day two of the drive.
post-run jump in the pool fully clothed, as you do.
this is 41. Matching is still overrated


  • I ran 11.23 KM to the beach on my birthday, which was a wonderful first. Also a first, the wear something new on your birthday being a bathing suit.

  • Beach runrises are the best.
“slower than gravy”
runners are the best people. Collage courtesy of Kim.
  • I finally got to wear the shirt I bought for a Turkey Trot I never ran a few years ago. So good to run “with” so many of you.
  • I did not regret rarely looking at my laptop while out of town. Alas this means I’m about three weeks behind reading. EEK.

I was fried. Nothing wrong, just 2020 and I made the decision to just let all the things go for a month. No musts. I realize that came from a place of major privilege and recognize it’s not an option for everyone. I am grateful it was one for me and I am feeling recharged.

I ran 80.59 miles in November. Yes, I looked at the mileage for the last day so I didn’t end up short.

for the year:

  • 4,322,681 steps
  • 1918.41 miles run/walked
  • 710.24 miles run

I’d like a 90 mile month to hit 800 on the year, but that is unlikely with post-travel quarantine restrictions, so 750 is just fine. Wherever I end up, I’m thrilled given the IT Band issues the first half of the year… and 2020.

*HUGS* too all who need and here’s to a strong month before we kick 2020 to the curb.

a year ago I became a marathoner

Holy crap.

I know time has been funny in 2020, but I can’t believe marathon Sunday was a year ago today. I am so grateful I didn’t wait until I was 40 to do it, as there is no way I’d have been able to train through all of this craziness. Major shout out to all those running NYC virtually this weekend and all the other virtual marathons.

#SlideBackSunday to Marathon Monday 2019

Simultaneously, I can’t believe it’s already November. After March 58th, this year has absolutely flown. I’m still nervous about COVID and flu season. I’m beyond nervous about the election. This is going to be a rocky end to a rocky year.


I love this slogan

I don’t have plans of a Virtual Turkey Trot, but I love this one‘s slogan: Give Thanks, Not Covid. New York changed the rules to something I think is a lot more manageable: mandatory testing in lieu of a fourteen day quarantine. That just was not feasible for a variety of reasons and it was impossible to enforce, so why not move toward something that might work better. I Hope.

winning signs

The world is upside down, but it was still Marathon Sunday and NYC knows how to (responsibly) celebrate. It was great to see so many of the usual NYRR staff & volunteer faces, and some great signs.

Speaking of running, I ran 95+ miles in October! Would have had 100 if not for my road trip, but I don’t regret one single leaf.

Nailing my running mileage while not hitting step goals is the epitome of work from home life.  Grateful to have Deborah’s RunBet beginning this week to hopefully get some more walks in.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: morning run that I remember none of. Lunchtime dash to try and vote. The line was too long, but a 15 m walk at lunch was a really nice treat.
  • Tuesday: beautiful day and got in a morning walk as I knew it would be a late evening Zooming with a colleague and I guest speaking at a class. There was another dash to try and vote, but the line was three hours at 745 PM and well, I am not a civilized human after 10pm, so I did not.
you’re wrong, but thanks for the pep talk
glow worm!
  • Wednesday: we had TS Zeta slated to meet a winter air mass on Thursday, so I knew I needed to run after work. I was treated to the amazing find of the full path open again after July’s sinkhole escapades. The run was good even if Garmin was a little drunk in telling me I hit mile/5K/10K PRs.  I knew the mile/5K were wrong and confirmed when I got home that the 10K is two minutes off what I think is my 10K PR. I still enjoyed this pep talk as it has been a while since I saw those terms. Those were all in the Garmin era, so maybe it was blinded by my glowing self into thinking it was PR.
  • Thursday: Zeta soaker. Nothing of note.
the skittles of running
  • TGIFriday: what does Friday mean anymore? I decided to take advantage of Friday hours and get in a last well-lit after work run. The hat selection was slightly deliberate with it being marathon weekend, but did not think of the color palette until I saw this photo. The run wasn’t great as I had some back pain that flared, but there were seals and I was happy to be playing outside.
She and the moon could always be found playing in the darkness.” —A.J. Lawless
  • Saturday: late start, but lovely pain-free run followed by full moon chasing. My new phone is wonderful, but there’s nothing like a camera for night shots. Not really a Halloween person so didn’t feel a particular level of GRR at COVID taking it, and it was nice to see people out and about dressed. I realized I hadn’t been home on Halloween on a weekend in a while so I saw more out than I would in midtown even in a “normal” year.
  • Sunday: finally successful at voting (no line at 745 AM!) and then a morning full of marathon spectating. Felt weird not to at least run on marathon Sunday, but today wasn’t about me. So glad to be a part of Elizabeth’s race. It’s now raining (again) so lazy Sunday watching football.

GoTheDist October:

  • 408,093 steps
  • 185.87 miles run/walked
  • 96.52 miles run

This year is upside down. No judgement. Just continuing to move forward. This is my fifth month in a row of really solid, mostly pain-free mileage and I’m thrilled with that.


Home Stretch of 2020

My walk with a friend on Tuesday

While those of you I text with know I’m fluent in Bitmoji, I never figured out how to post one here. I think this is courtesy of my new computer having functional Air Drop. On mornings that I don’t run, I try to walk to some degree, usually to get coffee. Tuesday’s was a quick pop over to the Met while texting with a friend in London. Time zones make it work, and we got to talking about Wicked. Can you talk about show tunes with humming? I think that would be illegal.

matching is overrated. Don’t call the fashion police.
Great motto!

I love my patterns, and if I can avoid solid masks? Even better.  I’m most definitely amassing quite the collection, although the non running ones are much more fun. And the new Zooma hoodies are perfect for fall evenings. Nothing particularly exciting about this week and that’s A-OK.

Where did September go? I feel like it was just Labor Day, or really July 4th.  Another 90 mile running month. Took two days off at one point due to life, but happy with continued pain free running even after a near spill this week walking. Prehab is good.


  • 398,745 steps
  • 180.55 miles run/walked
  • 90.24 miles run

Didn’t chase steps this month and took some true off days in the same of self care. But I won’t lie, so close to 400K again stings.


  • 3,561,759 steps
  • 1570.62 miles run/walked
  • 533.13 miles run

I never set any goals due to injury and given I took a subsequent month nearly off? That’s AOK. No rules this year. Also not knocking myself for a September with one book read. It happens. The world is upside down and you can’t force it.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: gloopy tail end of summer. 70 and 90% humidity. The run happened, that is all.
  • Tuesday: morning walk and a long day of meetings
  • Wednesday: plan was morning run but I woke to a windy soaker, which also woke me up a few times during the night. I went back to sleep but was rewarded with a gorgeous sunset when I set out after work.
what a sign
  • Thursday: office run group, flower edition. Love this whole campaign, but this sign especially.
Who you gonna call?
it’s protein!
  • Friday: how do you get to Tribeca when you’re not taking the subway? Ferry and a lovely walk through Lower Manhattan via the Ghostbusters firehouse. Moscow Mule & Peanut Butter Pie. Tracked and moved on.
happiness is
  • Saturday: somehow Elizabeth and I hadn’t seen each other in person since September 13! We got in all our fix Saturday with five miles of her ten mile route, with me joining her at my corner. Eight was great on a beautiful fall day, and we met up again later to eat our weight in sushi. So good. Life is better with friends, which was most definitely a theme for the week. Three days in a row with people was … needed.
  • lazy Sunday: off, but I’ll go for a walk.

running into September

Re-reading an old post, I stumbled on this Instagram post where I commented on running making me a morning person. Never more true than this summer when I fell in love with runrise. I won’t lie, glad to be able to sleep in a little later with (slightly) cooler temps and later runrise, but that was something fun to learn about myself. I’ve also realized with some recent evening runs that holy crap, I can’t sleep after running. No wonder I’m generally sleeping better since transitioning to morning running (COVID anxiety aside).

It also led to August’s crazy mileage: 91.46.  Another bump on last month’s most ever while not marathon training. 17 days running, a couple back to back, ranging from 3.1 – 9 miles with most in the 4-5 mile range. I was thrilled with this month.

GoTheDist August:

  • 461,624 steps
  • 206.78 miles run/walked
hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Queens I go

This week I also celebrated my work anniversary. 13 years. Never thought that would happen when I began as an intern. Not because I wasn’t happy, but I was 27. Who thinks they’ll be somewhere for nearly half their life? Never more grateful than this year with all the staff cuts related to COVID19. One of my favorite campaigns that we worked on was called #SeeYourCity which, as it sounds, encouraged New Yorkers to explore their own city. I decided to do a little of this on the anniversary to visit a new installation at Socrates Sculpture Park. Could I have taken a 5m ferry ride? Sure, but what’s the fun there? Definitely the first year where I haven’t done anything for the summer long weekends,  so decided to add a little exploration to this one.

I never marked my three year runversary in January since I was injured so this turned into a little bit of that too as I eagerly route planned. I’ve run the 59th Street bridge since the marathon, but never coming to Manhattan from Queens so that was a pretty awesome feeling, even if my legs were more trashed at 8 miles than they were at 16 ten months ago.

I got my hairs cut!

Between comments from some of you, and talking to local friends I realized a hair cut wasn’t more risky (personally, not judging anyone else’s comfort level) than other things I’d been doing. I LOVE IT. The length is the same as my last haircut, but I let her put in layers, which I used to hate but now kind of love. It’s still about three colors, but we’ll see how that grows out. Kind of relishing having not dyed hair for the first time in almost 25 years.. until I get bored and color it again.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: relatively cool and less humid morning made for an “easy” five miles to close out August. My days are much better when I get out the door early, although that was harder this week because I wasn’t getting enough sleep.
  • Tuesday: speaking of not getting out the door, I didn’t even make it to the Met which is my morning minimum. The day was rescued by a run after work to kick off September.
  • Wednesday: another day without a morning walk. Clearly I need the sleep, letting my body have it.
  • Thursday: office run group. We’ve found a loop that allows us to meet at a decent halfway spot that nets ~ 5 miles for both of us. Nice to catch up even if we don’t think weekly is going to work.
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
  • Friday: I texted my boss on Thursday to ask if she’d done the Met yet. She hadn’t, and we made a plan to meet Friday to see the Jacob Lawrence and Making the Met shows, but also really just to take in being IN THE MET! I don’t usually spend hours, but like I said on Instagram, I realize how much I took being down the street for granted. No formal exercise, but museum steps and then a lovely evening sitting by the water and reading. Want to take full advantage of those before evening light is gone.
Hi Robert Moses’ NYC
  • Saturday: aforementioned workversary and nine mile long run  to Queens via Randalls Island. This pic is one of many walk breaks on the ridiculously long Randalls Island-Queens pedestrian path, as is the top photo. The view is worth it, not sure my legs agree. When I saw the final pace I wasn’t happy, but then I realized it was inclusive of all the walk breaks especially on 59th Street, which I essentially walked with running interludes. The flat and downhill ones were great and indicative of what I’d been thinking — the 12/13s in summer were weather related more than ability. Although if I can run pain free forever? I’ll take the 12s. I really haven’t done hills so my legs saying OH HELL NO to the bridges makes sense. I’ve never run this part of Queens before, and it was great to see/do something different along with the western perimeter of Randalls Island. Can’t wait to explore more of that in the coming weeks with fall weather. Rest of the day was sushi and riverfront reading. Loving Dan Doctoroff’s Greater Than Ever as parts of it overlap with our office’s work (our CEO reported in to him during his tenure as Deputy Mayor).
  • Sunday: off. New ferry route goes to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which means Wegmans! Think I’ll sit in Brooklyn Bridge Park for a bit and read by the river from a different angle. This week is going to be busy and I want to enjoy the down time.

Working from Home and Running

or maybe working from home and not being in pain and running…

I realized earlier this week I was going to cross 70 miles. By far my highest total when not marathon training, and last July was “only” 84.79. July total was 76.48 miles. WHOA.

Four months of working from home and I’m finally in some semblance of a workout routine. I ran a couple back to back days, but never had more than one rest day between runs, which ranged between 4-7 miles. That’s a whole new level of consistency and it’s amazing what’s possible when you’re not in pain.

I’m reading Julie van Amerongen’s Every.Single.Day and I admire her consistency. Not a streaker myself (of either definition!) but amazing what you learn you really can do.

NYRR had another pace review and this best pace cycled off. Back to Corral L. Do not care one bit as a) I’m running without pain which is all I care about b) it doesn’t matter and c) I got to K once, I’ll get back there again if I decide I care. The latter will probably only happen if I miss running with friends.

skipping rocks on the shores of the mighty Hudson

Know what’s better than both of these? Escaping the city for a few hours, and surprising my brother and the kids who were down at Mom & Bob’s. Love my city, but I hadn’t left since February and that was just too long.

Otherwise, nothing exciting this week. On to the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

pretty toes
  • never miss a Monday: I was all set to use “I ran seven” as an excuse to skip this on the grounds of it being obnoxiously hot and humid at 4:30 AM, but a funny thing happened and I wanted to run. Mother Nature rewarded this decision, and it was a gorgeous four-ish miles. And then I rewarded my feet with a pedicure.
  • Tuesday: gross, hot, but Central Park is ever stunning. Great Lawn has become a new morning minimum on walk days.
d-o-n-e even though it’s pretty
rewarding sore legs and swollen feet. Oh summer.
  • Wednesday: I think Mother Nature was wilting in this heat, but she still rewarded me for getting out there for another four.
  • Thursday: tired, drained, didn’t even get step goal. Nothing wrong, just d-o-n-e with the heat and humidity.
when it’s an easy run you play with the panorama setting
  • Friday: I took the day off work to get some apartment projects done. They didn’t happen, but a nice run did. I started the month with five and decided to bookend it with the same. It was much cooler, although still 4000% humidity. I know some of you love summer running – more power to you. I wilt. Give me fall in the morning and summer the rest of the day.
  • Saturday: aforementioned escape from the city. Walk to and from car rental and to the river from mom’s but otherwise nothing. A true rest day.
  • Sunday runday: I didn’t really have a plan. 8 miles for August wasn’t feeling doable, but I wanted to do more than 4-5, so I wiggled and meandered on a run that included Central Park and the East River. I believe that’s the first time I’ve done that. When I paused to accept a mask from the giveaway (I was wearing one, but always happy to have a backup) I realized I was at 1:28xx and therefore landed on my goal of a 90m run. I had been tiring for the last mile anyway and there were many stops for water and to stretch. No race, no rules.  Just run. Depending on whether it actually rains, I may go sit and read, or I may do that apartment project.

GoTheDist July:

  • 449, 989 steps. DOH!
  • 201.08 miles walked

I don’t have formal August goals. Just keep running pain free. Maaybe look at the fitbit on the 31st.  LOL.

C is for sushi

happy Cari!
social distancing from my favorite restaurant

before I get to this week, rewinding to Sunday. As I mentioned briefly, my plan was to see if I could get a seat at one of Yuka’s three outdoor tables. With heavy clouds, I was in luck and there was no wait. I don’t need to tell you how much I’ve missed sushi, I’ve said it here a few thousand times. It tasted just as good as it always did. Their tables are set well back from the road so I didn’t have the exhaust fumes I feared, and no one walked close I’m not a big eating out person, but I’ll be back here.

yes, yes they do!

Speaking of being back, 52.73 miles run in June. Wow. Also, 461,396 steps and 197.51 miles run/walked. There was a lot more “intentional exercise” this month for Deborah’s Runbet and most mornings I’d run or walked 3+ miles before work. This has definitely been a good upside to working from home.

GoTheDist YTD:

  • 2,251,401 steps
  • 982.71 miles run/walked
  • 274.96 miles run

Just shy of halfway to my 2,020 miles run/walked on the year goal. Given how much of the year was injury ravaged, I’m calling this just fine.

Phase 3 begins Monday.  While I haven’t gotten my hair cut, I will probably get a pedicure as that doesn’t feel as risky to me. My salon has always felt clean and hygienic, so I trust their Covid protocols. I will probably wait until later in the week to avoid the rush early on.

bye shoesies

I had to laugh when I stumbled upon this post in a related post.  The time has come to say goodbye to my training and marathon 1080s. They’re out of miles and I really don’t need or have space for two more pair of walking around shoes when I’m already using the marathon style 1080s for that. Plus I still have last year’s Global Running Day shoes that I’ve never worn. This was a relatively painless decision. I have the memories, I don’t need the shoes. Why do the black ones look a little odd? Had to save the Caterpy laces. Thanks for all the fish, shoes. Hoping to donate them to a new home.

As for the Brooks experiment? AMAZING. So light and comfortable.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: I really need to start these posts earlier in the week. I had no recollection of it until I looked at Strava. Snooze was my friend. Sounds on brand for a Monday.
  • Tuesday: a picture-perfect Central Park morning featuring a live pacer. It was cool, not humid and just magic.
it’s not about the pace, but the mileage
  • Wednesday: the so-called runners’ high is rare for me. I actually like that because it’s even more meaningful when it shows up. Beautiful summer morning, a new month and I had a thought of pushing myself to five miles to cap the Runbet and mark the next step on IT Band recovery. DONE. I was a bouncing fool all day because this felt great and I felt so accomplished. I was sore at the end, which I attribute to fatigue and when I went down the stairs later in the day it was the familiar kneecap ache. Not pain but you did work today. That was fine by morning. This was also the run to close out the RunBet, which felt amazing to complete.
  • Thursday: thought I was going to have an “off” day and miss my step goal due to a late start and short morning walk, but got out for a walk around dinner to eke it out just barely.
the road less traveled
  • Friday: I wasn’t good at 31 Days of Skirt because I’m just not that active on social media.  This year in the wind down of Skirt Sports it’s changed to themes each day. Fridays are togetherness and since the office was closed it was nice to meet for a weekday run/hike without worrying about the time. And how could we be together without Fred! We realized after about half a mile that it was too hot to enjoy the run (again, love that don’t have to element) so we went up into the North Woods again and continued our explorations of the last week or so. The North Woods are testament to how much Central Park has changed in my lifetime. This is not far from the spot of the infamous Central Park jogger, which is a news story I remember vividly. Would I go here at night alone? No. But it’s a beautiful spot to explore now.
yes, yes I am
  • Saturday: a slow start to the morning as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, or where. Finally got out the door and it was a beautiful (for running) overcast and breezy morning. I blinked (OK, in part to get sweat out of my eyes) and five miles were gone. Like Wednesday, this felt strong until I got tired at the end. No plan to do five miles every run, but this was nice to do twice in one week. After a shower, stretch and coffee, I lived up to this meme. There was a book, a park bench and the shade. I don’t regret a single second.
  • Sunday: a needed rest day. I’m tired.  I was still awake at 6:15, but it was lovely to just finish a book.  It’s 90+ and humid. I’ll walk to the river for the breeze, but there will be no step goal.

A Very Productive Week

remember last week when I said I was going to move the AC so I could sit under my desk? Yeah, that turned into a completely rearranged room to create a living room and home office. Side effects: No longer staring at a wall, desk is away from window for if & when I need to put the AC in the window. Pics to come when it’s straightened up enough to be presentable.

very odd precision
is green drink really cooking? Probably not. Unphotogenic frozen berries were added to the mix
pulled pork, yet to be tasted
yummy Sunday breakfast

This week could also have been subtitled adventures in cooking. Some of you saw my pancakes experiment on Wednesday night. Proud to report they were delicious even if not models. I also crowd sourced the decision and ordered an Instant Pot. If I’m going to actually cook, I don’t want to be limited to the microwave. I like the idea of the sides it opens up and I can make artichokes! They-and salmon/sushi-are the foods I’m missing most without restaurants. So we’ll see where this goes.


This week was a wonderful Zoom-filled week. After work with friends on Friday who I see far too infrequently, even BCV,  Saturday afternoon with many of you and Saturday evening with some friends I met over SVU some 15 years ago. Situation is FAR from ideal, but there are some Life Is Good moments. Human connection is essential.


April was my worst step month in a very long time. Did it surprise me when I realized I wouldn’t hit 300K for the first time in forever? Yeah, and it stung a little, but I know resting the knee and social distancing were way more important in the long run. Unlike the first year when I quit #GoTheDist out of frustration, I’ve learned numbers don’t define success. I’m still debating dropping my Fitbit goal to 10K as 12K isn’t as realistic as it once was. We’ll see.  Pleased to say I got back to back step goals this weekend for the first time since this all happened I’m pretty sure.

The knee? Well, it’s been hit or miss but I think it’s getting better.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah: in which there are actually runs. Plural!

  • never miss a Monday: I tried to run, but the knee wasn’t ready so I had a post-storm walk, which felt good. As has been the theme the last few weeks, tulips. Lots and lots of tulips.
  • Tuesday: beautiful day and I wanted to go out. Decided to walk to and from Central Park and run the bridle path. It was… OK. It hurt, but not insurmountably. Plan was originally one lap of the bridle path loop, but at half a mile out, I decided to just double back via Fred Lebow and call it good.


avenue of manicured trees outside the Met


  • Wednesday: I’ve been frustrated at how hard it is to get step goal after work with only a walk for coffee in the morning. As it’s been lighter earlier, I decided two a day walks would be good & necessary for steps and sanity.
Rainy day ninja
  • Thursday: about those steps? Windy rain, but I still got outside. I loved this coat when I bought it, but I am ready to be DONE with it for the season.
  • Friday: I decided to try running again. I was going to leave the Garmin home since I knew it would be maybe a mile. But on the other hand I wanted to know how long I could go before I felt discomfort. .43 miles vs. .25 earlier in the week. Progress! And yes, I wish I’d gone seven more seconds.
  • Saturday: I had no plans for this run. I got out later than I wanted because I turned off the alarm after unsettled sleep all week. I knew the East River would be too busy for my comfort zone so I headed toward Central Park. Unlike earlier in the week, I decided to try running there too. I stopped along the perimeter wall to stretch my calves and then headed toward the cushion of the bridle path. Apparently everyone thought it was going to be too crowded and went elsewhere as I was able to run the reservoir with no crowding at all. I was very surprised that this turned into a 5K. Unlike earlier in the week with lots of stretch breaks, the only stops were to drink because drinking while moving was hard even before a mask was involved.  This run had me feeling really strong and reminded me why running for no good reason was accomplishing nothing.
up with the birds
  • Sunday funday: it was going to be nearly 80 and I knew the Park would be beyond my comfort zone later so I went out with the birdwatchers and had a nice looped walk through the ramble. Such a pretty and quiet area. Leg felt good after two days running, but it appreciated the break and increased stretching. This photo? An accidental same spot as Marathon Monday. Cannot believe it has been six months. It feels simultaneously longer and shorter. Plans for the rest of the day include a book and my fire escape before watching the Lortel Awards tonight. I love them and really wish I was there tonight. Always a fun evening.

This was overall a good week.


  • 235, 252 steos
  • 99.71 miles run/walked
  • 19.31 miles run

When I realized on May 1, that I’d run 19.31 miles on the month I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I’d seen that sooner to find .7 more, but not sure I could have done that this week. I 100% could have found .3 miles to walk though.

Adulting in the time of COVID19

some of this was scrapped from last week. Things I’m proud of so far, quite random and in no particular order and definitely about a 0.5 on a 0-10 of Covid19 preparedness:

      • my apartment is finally settling in, only 7.5 years later
      • I’m washing dishes daily and not eating out of tupperware
        • except when it’s the last portion and then why dirty a bowl?
        • coffee mugs solved by using disposable, oops
      • Bought a Brita and keeping up my water intake
        • no soda before 6, no coffee after 2

Some times it’s the little things.

Crockpot buffalo chicken

Also, please meet crockpot buffalo chicken pasta with feta. I did that Things you learned about yourself while social distancing Facebook thing and cooking is definitely at the top of the list. As I said to Deborah in a comment somewhere, maybe by the time this is all over I’ll manage one of her Meatless Monday posts.

March was  A MONTH, as it has for everyone. March 10th we had a Keep Exploring campaign, and by March 12th the museums had begun to close. COVID19 quickly went from an issue impacting inbound tourism from China to something impacting everyone’s daily life. I really need to re-find that meme about March coming in like a TRex. I’d say I’m glad to see March in the rear view, but I’m not sure April is going to be any better.

My only goal for the month? Consistency, which I touched on Wednesday. Navigating this is all about the little things, and that’s one thing still in my control at the moment.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

good morning world
first athleisure work clothes!
  • never miss a Monday: because I try not to run every day, I seem to miss a Monday every other week. LOL. This was a planned Monday Runday before work as I tried to sync up with Elizabeth to run past one another to see her on her 60th birthday. Our timing didn’t work, but it was still a lush Central Park after two days of rain. I did not have time to do my PT between the run, shower and starting my work day, so this kicked off a trend of PT during (no video) conference calls. I even got official Coach Marcia approval in the Zooma facebook group.  After work I went to my first ever Zoom birthday party. I’d lie and say I dressed up, but I really just added Mardi Gras beads.
  • Tuesday: I realized after Monday’s run that I was .09 away from topping last March. That could not stand, so my morning coffee walk turned into a run. I don’t really count <1 mile as breaking a rule against running three days in a row, but probably won’t make a habit out of it. I had calls at 6:30 and 8:30 so I went for a quick walk before the 6:30
what a beautiful end to the day
  • Wednesday: one of the things I found on Tuesday’s walk? Cucumbers! I’ve really been missing salads as that’s a work lunch staple, so I was glad to find one to accompany my lunch. I also got in a 4+ mile run through Central Park to start the month off right and get in my Uncanceled Project 5K. That’s going to be all about 5 and 10Ks for me, as I cannot wrap my head around double digit runs, and don’t think it’s healthy (personally – zero judgement to anyone else) to push myself for no reason.
two new books from Little Free Library
Get in Shape Girl!
  • Thursday: hello Beachbody. I’ve had a Beachbody on Demand subscription for nearly a year and didn’t really use it aside from yoga. I decided that if I wasn’t getting out for more than a coffee walk, I had to do something. Enter 21 Day Fix.  I don’t have enough hand weights, but was glad to find these in a corner of my bedroom – really thought I’d donated them. Since one of the books I picked up at the Little Free Library was Camino Winds, I realized I needed to read Camino Island. Luckily the library had 100+ ebook copies. The other book is The Lady Gang’s Act Like a Lady. Whoever maintains this Little Free Library is in publishing as there are so many wonderful ARCs.
I found eggs. And a baby fry pan
  • Friday: oh, hi DOMS. Beachbody is definitely a “real” workout. I skipped ahead to Day 3, upper body FIX as I knew I wanted to run Saturday and I was so sore from Thursday. The Easter Bunny sent me a baby frying pan, and I was oh so happy to make scrambled eggs for dinner.  Like I said, it’s the little things.
a pic to sort of twin with Darlene
I’m a fan
  • Saturday: probably the best day of the week. A late start due to finishing Camino Island, a solid 10Kish run with Central Park in peak bloom, the virtual coffee happy hour with so many of you, a FaceTime date with a friend and phone calls with two others.  It was much warmer out than I expected, and I totally could have gone with short sleeves or even a skirt. I really love the Cool It top though and wish I’d have bought another before they were discontinued. I did take advantage of the flash sale and grab a new Lioness Capri (rad plaid, which I love but is too big. Yay!) and Lotta Breeze Skirt for $20 apiece. Had a store credit, so only paying shipping is winning. My first online clothes shopping since this all began – changing my closets last weekend told me I have more than enough spring/summer clothes.  While running I listened to Mario’s latest Ask Me Anything episode on the Morning Shakeout. I needed a break from my running playlist, music wise. One of the random Strava challenges was via Ladder and when I completed it, I had a choice of 30% off or a free sample pack.  I went with the plant Vanilla, and mixed it with almond milk and PB2. I’m a fan, also impressed with how quickly they got it out.
hello this week’s lunch

Sunday: I am so sore. My left hamstring, my abs. Hurts so good but OW. My nose is quite enjoying this week’s lunch as it cooks in my crockpot. Chicken, ranch seasoning, au jus and pepperoncini. What am I eating it with? No idea. I thought I was done with the store yesterday, but  I need a side. Preferably a green one.

GoTheDist :

Steps went down the tube in March, despite running being up. Gee, I wonder why.  I like having the year on year, so including it all here. Not hitting step goal hasn’t bothered me — I have to start remembering to sync my Fitbit more regularly though.


  • 362,730 steps
  • 161.54 miles run/walked
  • 56.02 miles run

Hey – it’s an easy opportunity to beat the total come March 2021.

Q1 2020:

  • 1,220,353 steps
  • 539.85 miles run/walked
  • 166.27 miles run

Way off last year, except for running. March was  a monster month last year, so again, no surprise.