2023: Halfway Point

By | July 9, 2023

Good morning!

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for a look back at the year so far. Yep, this is another overdue post despite starting it a month ago. Seems to be my theme!

On June 11 I realized I was way behind in my mileage spreadsheet. I knew why, my running has fallen off. Frequency and mileage. But like one bad day diet wise, that’s not an excuse to self sabotage. The second half of the year can be stronger than the first, even with some travel.

  • Q1: 229.79 miles (v. 283.99 in 2022)
  • April: 66.09
  • May: 58.76

I don’t typically caveat, but I will here as there was a week of a lot of hiking in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, and a ton of driving that week. Less than normal is better than giving up!

  • June: 52.19

That one surprised me. I felt like I was running more, and I was back to my schedule save for the fire skies, but I was running shorter.

  • Q2: 177.04

That didn’t surprise me much. Q1 was Half Marathon training, and the only double digits I’ve done since was Cherry Blossom.

  • 2023 Halfway: 406.84

OK, so 1100 miles isn’t happening. But 1,000 still might. And if it doesn’t? That’s OK.

The COVID era mileage goals probably were never realistic in the return to almost all pre 2020 events. In 2019, I ran 862.97 miles, which included marathon training. I won’t have the crazy long runs, but I am running a 10M and a 15K this fall, so I think 900 is a safe B goal. An interim mini goal is getting back to my four-mile weekday morning runs.  Part of it is later nights with evening events, but I’m usually up… I just need to get out the door!

It’s not that the year has been a bust — I’m well on my way to running all the distances with two 5Ks, a 4M, two 10Ks a 10M and a Half. Reading that makes me realize how little I’ve been running otherwise. Oops! I haven’t found a 5m yet but my backup is the Juneteenth run which was not a race but was a 4.96 m “run tour”.

Not a ton to say about runs of late. We had another bout of fire smoke and summer came in with a humid hug so the run down is short

melted firecrackers

On July 4, as has become our tradition, Mo and I did the NYCRuns’ Firecracker 10K. We absolutely did not run it. It was far too hot and humid. Not to the point where they should have cancelled, it was just oppressive so we ran when we wanted to and walked when we didn’t. Way more fun that way and somehow, we weren’t last.  The weather factor was real and we weren’t the only ones who took it easy.

No race recap as it’s the same as every Governors Island race with one exception – they had a 5K ferry and a 10K one so it was nice to have a little less time we needed to kill on the island. Still more than enough time to check our bags, use the bathroom and watch the  5K winners come in. I love these small races, although I love them more in spring and fall than I do in July. 9 is the earliest they can reasonably start since they need to get us all to an island in the middle of New York Harbor, but it’s just too late for July running.

wise words from a bathroom stall

One day when it was just too gross to run after work, I still managed a walk home. Thanks, Bethesda Terrace bathroom graffiti, for the smile. At least it wasn’t Rome!

10 thoughts on “2023: Halfway Point

  1. Jenn

    How is the year half over? Of course, I’ll be happy to have this one in the rearview as well. Sigh.

    We took it easy at our 4th of July race. There just wasn’t any other way around it.

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Oh yes, Firecrack 4 here is the same deal — starts far too late for July. And Tuesday was ugly. Even walking around wasn’t really all that pleasant.

    Luckily I don’t track mileage. I’m barely 40 miles a month. It’s a lot more than many adults get, so there’s that (and then there’s the crazy runners who run much more than that in one week, LOL!).

    Having fun is where it’s at. Wish I could say I was. Someday in the future I will have more fun, but for right now, I’m somewhat happy with our new normal because won’t lie, June was a very tough month. And May wasn’t much better.

  3. Liz Dexter

    Well my mileage this year doesn’t bear thinking about but I know I’ve been good and sensible. And I love accompanying you on your running adventures through the blog and chat whatever happens!

  4. Darlene S Cardillo

    That’s a lot of races… you even beat me. LOL.

    Obviously my mileage is way down – 5 weeks with a broken foot and 5 missed races (including 3 halfs).

    I am super happy to be running and able race. This summer’s weather has been ugly. With rain in the forecast every weekend, we couldn’t enjoy the boat much.

    July 4th is always a blast because everyone out racing has one goal – have fun.

    I love Governor’s Is and that’s great that they have 2 ferry schedules. I ran the 5k twice because I was tired of standing around.

    See you soon!! Can’t wait!!

  5. Kimberly Hatting

    Isn’t it crazy how the Solstice hit (sending us “back to the eventual winter season, GAG!) and then a week later, we’ve crossed the halfway point of the year. Kind of a buzzkill! I’m just glad (at least from my heat-loving perspective, LOL), that we still have plenty of summer weather to enjoy as we make our way onward.

  6. Jenny

    I read Darlene’s comment- you know if you ran more races than she did, you’re doing amazing! And you did better than I did on the 4th- I didn’t even show up to my race. Overall I would say your year is going well!

  7. Michelle

    That’s a healthy number of races I’d say! I have no idea where I am mileage-wise for the year but now you’ve got me wondering. I’m sure it’s fairly low given that my longest (and only race) this year was 5M. I share your goal of 4M weekday morning runs – maybe we can hold each other accountable – I know I’ll slack off in the heat. Which 10M are you running?

  8. Deborah Brooks

    Let’s make that second half better than the first all around! Looking forward to catching up with you again soon. Thanks for all your support xoxo

  9. Debbie

    I don’t blame you for taking it easy at your Independence Day race. I didn’t run in ours this year, but I believe it started at 8 AM. Tuesday was probably our nicest day of the week, at least humidity wise, and it felt great on the bike.

  10. Coco

    My mileage so far this year is nothing to write about, and I don’t really care. I’m enjoying do all the things and that’s what matters.

    It would be great if your travels took you this way. I seem to be heading to Boston a lot, but not NYC so far. 🙁


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