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Race Recap: 2024 Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half

There’s always something magic, there’s always something new. And when you really, really need it the most that’s when rock and roll dreams come through Fun fact, Meat Loaf was my first concert, 30 years ago this June!  Linking up with Deborah and Kim to talk about my first (but not last!) Rock’n’Roll race. Spoiler:… Read More »

7 years racing

it sounds so much weirder than seven years running, doesn’t it? Linking up with Deborah and Kim on the 7th anniversary of my becoming a Frozen Penguin. I actually forgot it was this weekend until I woke up at o dark thirty to meet a friend who wanted to run during her study break. As… Read More »


Original subject lines: Dual city runs and museums Tri city runs and museums See I do try to post even when it doesn’t ultimately happen. I swear there was running, even if it wasn’t explicitly worth talking about in depth. We’re in that part of the cycle of “the runs happened”. Another whirlwind week two… Read More »