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Weigh In: March 10 and 300

Weekly Loss: 2.6 lbs
Total Loss: 15.2 lbs
Honestly, I’m losing in the most bizarre places. Not remotely complaining, but it’s weird to lose in my face and legs first. Over all, thrilled with progress since I recommitted and this is the longest (42 days since January 28) that I’ve been focused since I started this journey. I have tracked every morsel I put in my mouth since then and it hasn’t felt like a chore at all. I will finish it this year. I am “All In”, no doubt inspired by this weekend’s reading. Speaking of this weekend …300 visits to the gym in less than three years

300 gym trips? 300, me?!?!?! I joined Boom on March 24, 2010.. so this is 300 trips to the gym in less than three years. WOW.  That’s definitely not the old me. I’m a bit off the pace that I was last year, but it’s still 100 visits in 13 months.  I’ll take it. Recently I’ve ramped back up to long visits, increased cardio. I need to build back in weight training but this is working for me and my health.

#GoTheDist: Q1 Complete

with today’s workout complete, Q1 of the #GoTheDist challenge is as well

Q1 mileage:
114.23 bike / 4.01 walking

62.18 bike / 8.61 walking

62.57 bike / 31.24 walking

238.98 bike . / 43.86 walking

Although only the ~239 miles counts for #GoTheDist, I’m very impressed with those totals. While it looks like I wasn’t any more active in March than I was in a (sick & traveling) February, it’s more that I walked home a lot more. Not as strenuous as the gym, but good activity and good for the head.

Thought about adjusting up my #GoTheDist goals but as the weather gets better, I’m morel likely to spend more time outside, so might not be as easy to hit my goals so I’ll keep it at 175, and re-evaluate in April or early May. Where on earth did this year go? In the interim, I’ve added goals. Beginning March 1 I recommitted to tracking (22/31 days. Infinitely better than the 0s the previous months) and this month I’ve committed to strength training. So we’ll see.

I also finished Tales from the Scale. Mixed feelings on it, but glad I read it

So today I went gym shopping

Not shopping for gym clothes or sneakers or anything, for a gym.

I’m coming up on two years at Boom Fitness and while I like it, I don’t love it. So I decided to see what’s out there. Figured it can’t hurt to be a diligent shopper so I hit NYSC & Equinox

Putting it as a pros and cons to help myself decide even though I think I’ve already made my decision.

Current gym:
Boom Fitness:

  • Not very crowded so I can get machines without waiting.
  • Not that expensive (about $60/month)
  • Relatively convenient


  • Not as good a value as it used to be since prices have come down in the market.
  • Doesn’t have a good range of classes (that I don’t take anyway)
  • Not on my way home so I can’t always make myself go.

New York Sports Club – I used to be a member of NYSC before moving (& joining Boom) but not the location that I went to today.

  • Between my apartment & the subway. Would take a conscious effort to avoid going. Not that I’m not capable of said effort.
  • Promotional deal to returning members brings the cost to less than Boom Fitness
  • Has more classes, but see above


  • Due to location it’s very crowded and I saw a lot of people waiting for machines. I don’t have the patience and would likely walk out vs. get my exercise in.
  • Looked kind of dingy. Could be due to volume of use
  • No pool at this location


  • On.My.Block – there’s no way to avoid going here without feeling guilty
  • WOW. An Upper East Side Gym. Clean, nice lighting. Good number of machines. Amazing class schedule. Showers are like a spa and it *has* a spa
  • No hard sell


  • Price. The initiation & monthly costs are high although there are plans that waive the initiation

It’s clear which gym I liked the most, but there’s no way I can swing Equinox much as I’d like to. Going to file it for when my financial circumstances change.

There’s a Gold’s Gym near the office, but none that I know of up here & since I tend to be more of a weekend gym go-er, I don’t see that working out well for me. None of the other ones listed up here are really close enough to be worth it. I really miss Planet Fitness. Can’t beat price.

So I guess BOOM it is.