#GoTheDist: February 2016

I need to put down the spreadsheet and walk away
I need to put down the spreadsheet and walk away

Much like I had a mega day in January 2016 and February 2015, I had one in February 2016. A 30K day, to be exact. That helped me counter a few lower days and one 1500 step day (sick day). Thanks to that day, February went gangbusters.

February 2016 totals:

  • 313,153 steps
  • 128.84 miles walked
  • 83.31 miles biked

2016 YTD:

  • 614, 848 steps
  • 253.04 miles walked
  • 168.45 miles biked

I’m most proud of myself for keeping up the bike mileage. My re-commitment to the gym is showing in the scale and I will hopefully win month one of the Transformer DietBet after winning the Kickstarter. Baby steps.

I remembered that March 2015 was good because I had an insane streak of hitting goal, I didn’t remember that it was even better than May 2015. That means the streak of topping the month the prior year is going to end. Instead, my goal is to top Q1 2015. And that is why my spreadsheet exploded.

I’m not too worried about the mileage. As I mentioned in December, the stride/miles calculation is still off but I’m going to shoot for it. So my March goals:

  • 312,742 steps (927,589 for Q1)
  • 131.41 miles walked (384.45)
  • 48.89 miles biked (217.34)

I’m shooting higher for the bike. I want to see if I can do 75 again.

More TK on books and DietBet. Oh and money because the grocery expenditures is another time to step away from the spreadsheet

January in steps, miles and pages

So there must be something about an end of month rush. Last year at the end of February I did a mad dash of exploring NYC and yesterday? More of the same.  I needed 14K for my stretch goal and came home with 16K

January, you were amazing.

  • 301,695 steps
  • 124.2 miles walked
  • 85.14 miles biked! / 13 gym visits
  • 12 books read, (all of which hit the 2016TBRPile challenge!)
  • One DietBet won

I’m impressed with all of those but especially biking and DietBet because they mean my head is in the right place. Something that has been missing. I’m basically feeling like this again, with the exception of MFP instead of LoseIt.

After I obliterated my January bike “goal” I set my sites on January 2015 and hit that number. I’m not sure yet what my February will look like so I’m not sure what that number is going to look like either.

Beating that month the previous year has become the new beating the prior quarter. I think the new way is easier mathematically and truer too. Summer will always beat winter.

I’m at 35.49% of my GoTheDist Q1 goal and 301,695 steps is 8% of my 2016 goal so I’m on the right track.

With the leap day there’s no reason not to beat 276,898 steps // 114.9 miles walked. Since I’m easing back in still, setting bike goal at 50 miles. Baby steps.

#GoTheDist 2016

wasn’t I just writing out the goals for 2015? For more reasons than this challenge, this year has gone by in a flash. It’s somewhat bizarre to be writing up 2016 goals before wrapping 2015 but a) I’m traveling for the next two days and b) I’ve already been overthinking 2016 way too much. I swear it’s like needing to close a restaurant menu to make a decision. In this case, it needs to be committed in writing. The blog version of Facebook official?

For anyone who doesn’t know #GoTheDist, here is Robby’s post about the 2016 theme and here is the background. For the same reasons I love my Fitbit challenges, I love GTD because it’s a challenge to myself, not a competition. A short note on 2015, to be elaborated on later, obliterated my steps goal and topped mileage goal. I also ended up with 102 books read. Whee!

So obliterating steps but barely hitting mileage. Math error or change in stride calculation between Flex & Charge. WIth me it could be either but I’m leaning toward the latter. I need to actually go back and calculate steps vs. miles on either side of my change, but that’s not happening tonight. I did some rough math and found that one mile is ~2300 steps for me. Besides the steps/mileage ratio, I also had to figure out what to do with May. Yes, May, the insane month with nearly 360K steps thanks, mostly, to 19 miles of the Great Saunter. It also had an assist from a 20K and two 18K days while in Seattle. While over thinking my 2016 goals I said I should factor out May since it’s not repeatable-but then I thought why not? I could certainly do part of the Saunter again if not try to finish. And while I”m not going back to Seattle this year I could explore another walkable city.

That thinking lead me to the following non-spreadsheet goals for 2015:

  • Continue the trend of exceeding the total from that month the previous year. I’ve had fun doing that since July. I haven’t worked out the exact math on those yet, but I will. It will likely mean my official goal is different to my on the go goal, but what else is new?
    • Related, I’m going to try for 1m again in Q2 but we’ll see because that was May
  • Get my head back in the game with the gym. I hit my 50 visits but then didn’t file for reimbursement and have barely gone since. It’s going to impact my steps since Charge on the shoe doesn’t work nearly as well as Flex did, but I think I’m willing to make that concession.
  • The realization that I’m going to need multiple goals and I’m OK with that.

So with all of that in mind here is where I *think* I am for 2016:


  • 3,600,000 steps – this should be in line with the increase on 2015 months while cancelling out May.
  • 1515 miles – slightly less than what I’ve done so far in 2015, but increase on 2015’s goal and includes the step/mileage issue above

Pending Robby’s blessing, I’m going to have my goal be steps instead of mileage since it’s less math and more actual.

My Personal Challenge

AKA the wild hair I got while chatting with Robby today re: goals that I’m really not sure is possible** but what the hell.

  • 3,680,000 steps **
  • 1600 miles for 2016

That math again. It doesn’t work that I’ve walked just north of 3.7m steps and have closer to 1500 than 1600 miles. Someone want to fix it for me?

The #GoTheDist steps are in the spreadsheet. I guess I’m going for it…

Confessions of a Designated Fat Taxi Driver?

aka a two-in-one review because I started and finished two books in the last three days

Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver by Eugene Salomon and Jennifer Joyner’s Designated Fat Girl. Two very different subjects but the right level of reading depth I was in the mood for this weekend. I started with Joyner’s on Friday and packed a dead-tree copy of Salomon’s for a walk when I knew my iPad battery wasn’t charged. I finished that this morning and then Joyner’s this afternoon. At the gym, no less.

I enjoyed both equally, but I found that I connected more with Joyner’s book, although my weight struggles luckily never went so far. I’m so glad to see she’s still working at the radio station and it’s nice to put a face to the name after reading about her personal struggles. Unlike many who publish a book about their struggles, Joyner doesn’t appear to blog. I think that’s what made for a more intriguing and cohesive narrative. It wasn’t cobbled together from a series of blog posts. There were a few moments where I was confused as to when a moment was during her weight gain-loss-gain-loss-gain-loss “for good” but overall it was a quality, eye-opening read.

Eugene Salomon, on the other hand both blogs (including on hot-button topics like Uber) and writes for TIME.I hoped his photo blog would have one of the infamous llama, alas no such luck. Converting from a blog wasn’t an issue in this case as the book was mostly an anthology of his stories grouped by themes. It was a very good and quick read and I loved that Salomon put a date in each story to set the context for his story.  Although this was only published in 2013, it’s mostly the story of an NYC long gone. Jackie O being gone for 20+ years though is just sad. As an aside, I got this at the wonderful Tenement Museum Shop-great place to direct deposit your wallet when looking for your next good read.

Oh and both titled counted for the A-Z challenge. 1/6 of the way through the year my totals are:

mini goals met

Who says a  week of sloth at the beach isn’t a wonderful thing. Sometime during the week I:

  • destroyed my 2014 reading goal. At 52 as of today with one in the works and other likely to come. And then 7 unfinished. Good run in 2014.
  • Miles: beat my personal and #GoTheDist Q4 goals, My December #GoTheDist goal
  • Steps: On track for 250K and maybe even 275K steps.

Life is Good.

#GoTheDist 2014: November

Skin of my teeth.

My tiered goals for November were: 250/275/300K steps and 100 miles.

November totals*? 255,599 steps and 105.71 miles.

Never stressed so hard for 250, although July was close. But I did it. Thanks to some temperate weather days.

*Subject to minor additions as I putter around the apartment

Totals for Q4 so far: 556,734 steps // 229.75 miles. Well on track for 750K // 300 miles that was my Q4 goal. To be honest? I don’t know that 250K is going to happen in December due to work, weather and travel, but I’m going to try. My tiered goals are 225/250/275K although I’ll be tickled pink with hitting 250. Keeping mileage at 100 even though I only need 70+. 100 may be iffy but we’ll see.

Now to think about 2015. Steps wise and book wise. I’m at 43/45! 2014 has been good for goals. Well, some. I still haven’t hit Goal.

#GoTheDist: October 2014

sometimes I swear 31-day months are harder to get steps in than 30 day months. I think it definitely has to do with the perceived cushion of the extra day.

Final numbers:

  • 301,135 steps
  • 124.04 miles walked

It wasn’t easy. I set a mini goal of not ever falling on the wrong side of 10K steps needed per day, but it happened due to some traveling and two days with fewer than 4K steps. But two walking tours helped me, including 12K steps in a ghost tour on Halloween. I entered the home stretch of this past week needing 11K+ steps/day to get 300K and I finished strong:

  • October 27 – 11,629
  • October 28 – 10,991
  • October 29 – 11,804
  • October 30 – 11,094
  • October 31 – 12,359

I’m fewer than 450K steps and 76/176 miles from my Q4 goals leaving both very doable. I’m going to keep to my optimistic goals (275K steps, 100 miles) for November as I believe they’re attainable and will give me cushion against a December full of work/vacation/holidays. I know I may not see another 300K month until March, but I’m OK with that.

On to November…

#GoTheDist 2014: Q3 down

where on earth has 2014 gone. Seriously.

Q3 goals:

    • 850,000 steps
    • 375 miles walked
    • 35 miles biked

September  totals

  • 316,214 steps
  • 136.02 miles walked
  • 4.4 miles biked

Q3  totals:

  • 887,280 steps
  • 370.75 miles walked
  • 28.96 miles biked

That’s not bad at all. I didn’t realize I was ultimately so close to the mileage, but I’m honestly not sure I could have found another mile a day this last crazy week, so I’ll take it. I rebounded from an expectedly bad July with a strong August and solid September. I’m proud of myself and I’ll take it. Still need to get better about the gym though.

My official Q4 goal is 200 miles. What I need to hit to finish the year (1100 miles) is: 85 miles. Seriously. I’m at 1014 and I set my goal as 1,100. Yeah, blowing that up

So with an eye to Q4 2013 (642,067 // 269.51 // 55.16), I’m setting my Q4 goals as:

  • Steps: 750,000
  • Mileage: 300

Those also align well with my 2014 Q1 numbers when accounting for the lost data and weather hell.

#GoTheDist 3.2

or nearly…

I’ve finally found the sweet spot between my #GoTheDist goal being a challenge, but an attainable one. I knew that July would be bad, and it was. But I set two goals and I made one of two. The goal was 250K steps and I ended up with 260,908. Mileage goal was 117 and I ended up with 107.44. As good as my typical 300/125? No, but I pushed myself and did it.

August was more of the same with time away and travel time, but I thought I could do it and barring an apocalypse tomorrow, I will.

I set goals of 300,000 steps and 125 miles and I’m currently at 298,454 and 122.49. It wasn’t easy, I spent the end of a few vacation days at the gym and had to push myself to get off the couch on other days, but that’s what a goal should be.

Here’s to closing out Q3 in style…. and getting back to losing. And more reading, 28/40.

#GoTheDist Q2 nearly went

because I know if I wait until tomorrow, this won’t happen.

With two days left in Q2, the numbers are great.


  • 328,083 steps
  • 134,89 miles walked
  • 14.24 miles biked

Final June (they got better)

  • 350,613 steps
  • 144.15 miles walked
  • 14.24 miles biked


  •  932,746 steps
  • 383.38 miles walked
  • 35.33 miles biked

Q2 Final:

  • 955,276 steps
  • 392.64 mles walked
  • 35.33 miles biked

2014 halfway point:

  • 1,548988 steps
  • 643.57 miles walked
  • 139.14 miles biked


June alone has been amazing with two days over 20K steps. Definitely love the immediacy of the Fitbit numbers in that respect. However, I’m preparing for a letdown. Why?

Because July is going to have too many weekends in suburbia where my numbers are going to be way down. And too much travel time to those destinations. .

Official Q3 goal is 350 miles walked.  My 2013 Q3 results were:

    • 758,057 steps
    • 316.3 miles walked
    • 31.66 miles biked

With that, I’m setting my personal goal as:

    • 850,000 steps
    • 375 miles walked
    • 35 miles biked

A modest increase over Q2, but one that I think will be attainable even if July is a loss. I may reevaluate come August 1.

Oh and speaking of goals, 18/40 books on the year without cheating.