500 miles!

I would run five hundred miles and I would run five hundred more. Well, maybe not.

Sometime this week I hit 500 miles run on the year according to the Run the Year tracker. Manual miles never quite make it there, so I actually hit it last week but didn’t notice. Why didn’t I notice such a major milestone? I was focused on another: my first ever hundred mile month!

I finished August with 105.95 miles run. Two years ago I stopped chasing a 30 minute running time goal focusing on quality over quantity. This month I averaged 1:33:06 run time. That’s insane, and wonderful. In my 800 miles on the year tracker this is the first time I’ve been ahead of pace since January 1’s ten miles. Nutty. Awesome. I remain in awe of what my body can do when I ask and help it to.

so 19.4K steps/day is a down week?

Oh Fitbit, I love/hate you. Running has meant less chasing of garbage steps and being OK with missing step goal more than I would have been in the past. But the idea of this being a down week just makes me laugh. Tuesday wasn’t really a rest day, I just fell short of 12K steps on my walk to dinner – Sunday was a blissful beach day.

I ended August with nearly 600K steps. 596,413 to be precise. I actually realized that Friday and still decided in favor of preserving a much needed rest day. Wow. That’s 60K more than my previous high, last August. Run/walk total was 270.98. Even though my long walks home have been a casualty of marathon training, I’m still walking plenty, apparently.

On to this week’s running with the weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

yep, we thought we were getting rained on again
caught stretching
  • never miss a Monday: ~4 sunset miles with Darlene. After almost always getting rained on for the last year, we’ve had some great sunsets. Monday was The Best. I also was trying out a new sports bra desperate for one that wouldn’t chew me up. So far so good on a short run.
a colorful tree!
  • Tuesday: cross turned yoga. I was really, really tight and I’ve been feeling the niggles. Not pain and not injury, just the aches and pains of a hundred mile month so I took advantage of a training down week to focus on the yoga, PT and prehab.
  • Wednesday: shocker, shocker, it rained the day of Group training. The planned workout:
The workout: 300m repeats
What? Runners will do 8-12 laps of the track with 300m at 5K pace and then 100m recovery jog and repeat. Half marathoners will do 8-10 laps, and marathoners will do 10-12 laps.
The recovery jog should be super, super easy, a pitter patter shuffle jog in order to be ready for the next 300.
Why? 300 meter repeats are a speed workout focused on 5K pace with very little recovery. We want runners to practice patience here and avoid running faster than 5K pace. This workout is sneaky and might look easy on paper. However, it becomes more challenging as the workout goes on due to the short recovery jog, especially if runners go out too fast or run faster than 5K pace. Our purpose is to feel a fast rhythm, stay in control of our speed, improving form and leg turnover. It’s a shorter workout due to the down week as usual. By the end, runners will feel that but should leave the workout feeling like they could do 1-2 more reps. If they don’t – they ran too fast or didn’t take the recoveries slow enough. Either way, please make sure the runners don’t force this one. Be conservative with it and let the speed come to them.
I learned to lap my garmin
and got a popsicle!
and then we decided to pose
  • the reality, pretty close. It was humid, and I’m consistently inconsistent but was proud of these efforts. I probably could have gone harder on a drier day. The host of Rogue Running was in town so we & Om Running toasted him with popsicles. Apparently dessert runs are a tradition for him. We had to improvise as the store has no cooler, but Whole Foods downstairs came to our rescue. And if they’re Whole Foods they’re healthy, right? 🙂 And no, I didn’t re-wear Monday’s shirt, I just bought two since they’re $5. I found out why, kind of see through but oh well.
  • Thursday: work field trip to New York Botanical Garden’s Roberto Burle Marx exhibit. It’s a stunning look at the flowers of his native Brazil mixed with elements of his landscape design. Lots of steps there, and then a trip to the gym for some strength training, PT and yoga. That felt good.
  • Friday: Fridays are prescribed off days in my training plan, but I usually end up with a solid walk by virtue of my commute. This week? Only reason I made even 2K steps was because I forced myself out the door to go get dinner. Was feeling a little under the weather and just tired. I saw my monthly step totals and knew what I’d need to get 600K and just punted. This was my first complete rest day in a long time and it was needed.
Lord Queen of the post-run coffee
  • Saturday: down week! Gorgeous weather and we decided to stay in Central Park. From Columbus Circle we went up and around through the Harlem Hills, across the 72nd and back up across the 102nd Transverse before heading back to Columbus Circle for ten-ish. We ran exactly together save for a dash to a trash can, but our trackers were .3 miles off. This felt good. The West Side rollers x 2 were a non-issue as we talked through them and even Cat Hill didn’t make me too stabby. I’m still concerned about the upcoming three loops of CP and my achilles, but worse comes to worse I walk the hills on the last lap. There was a conversation in the Skirt Sports Facebook group about what someone should wear for a distance run. I found myself saying Cascade, because it’s always Cascade for me. But then someone suggested Gym Girl, which I didn’t think I’d worn for more than eight, and since it was a down week I was willing to try it. In short order I remembered I did it for the last down week too. No chafing at all and the new sports bra also held up. I still am not sure I’d wear GGU for longer, but it’s good to know it’s an option. While I’m not team Summer, I’ll miss the long days. Saturdays feel crushed with trying to pack in a long run, charge my phone, yoga/foam rolling, sushi and a sunset read. One of those things is going to go next weekend when the run is eighteen miles. It won’t be the coffee.
  • Sunday: TBD. Maybe shakeout run

Week’s mileage: 19.03

Training cycle and money raised for JHF: 207.35

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off/gym/movies with Darlene
  • Wednesday: run group
  • Thursday: run/cross
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 18!
  • Sunday: spectate friends in Fifth Avenue Mile, street fair.


Running achievements

NYRR at a glance


I logged into the new NYRR site to check on something and was welcomed with the above. WOW. 25 NYRR races in two and a bit years of running. 170 NYRR race miles. To say I didn’t see this when I first set the treadmill to 4.0 is an understatement. So glad I did, so glad I met all of you.

off pace, but I’ll get there

speaking of achievements, I hit this during Saturday’s run. Three years in and I finally learned how to make a custom bib.

Because I haven’t updated this in ages, thought it worth listing some upcoming races in case anyone is around for them. No, not taking all of July & August off, just haven’t planned enough vacation to plan racing calendar:


  • Newport Fiesta 5K – new to me and new to NYRR. It’s on the Jersey City waterfront and Cinco de Mayo-ish. I just decided to do this since realizing that my beloved Great Saunter is not a smart thing to do on a better but not perfect Achilles.


  • June 2, Italy Run – I did this last year. I am cutting down in June, but couldn’t skip one with a heritage tie. Since I don’t like cheese I regularly am asked if I am really Italian. LOL
  • June 5, 1 for You, 1 for Youth 5K for Global Running Day – I mentioned this briefly a few weeks ago. Glad to do a pre-work race because I did not enjoy last summer’s post-work 5K and always good to run for a good cause.
  • June 8, Women’s Mini 10K. Oops. Clearly did not look at the dates of these three and have three in a week. Cutback? I love/hate this run and the medal doesn’t appeal as much as it first did (I’d prefer a cheaper 10K without a medal or a la carte like Cherry Blossom), but it’s become a bit of a tradition. Prepare for a cranky recap.
  • June 29, Front Runners’ LGBT Pride Run. Ahh yes, there’s the breather that comes from passing on the Queens 10K and Achilles 4M. Loved this last year and can’t not do it during the year-long celebration of Stonewall and our hosting of World Pride.


  • September 15, NYC Marathon Training Series 18M. I jumped on this one as soon as I decided to do the marathon because I’m going to need company on this long of a long run.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • Monday: Cross train, some near running on the elliptical. A funny thing about that – always thought I couldn’t do it. And then the LateralX was taken and I had to. It can even be kind of fun.
  • Tuesday: short window, pre- and post-work events due to spring silly season. Got in a 10m row and 10m arc trainer at a different than my normal branch. The Arc Trainer is an interesting machine.
post-work gallery hopping is a great reason to move a run to morning. Also, Jackie O!
  • Wednesday: in keeping with the achievement theme, something I touched on in my Instagram post. I’ve almost always been Team: Sleep in Until Noon. The only time that really changed was when I was doing Saturday morning Weight Watchers’ meetings. And while I still love my lazy weekend mornings with coffee, it’s usually not sleeping in. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I enjoy waking an hour earlier than necessary to run, I don’t mind it and have mostly made good use of that former PT slot. Today’s use was ~2.5 miles along the East River. It was also an absolutely gorgeous spring day so I was able to walk to and home from an evening event.
  • Thursday: what a difference a day makes! I really wanted to run outside despite office run group cancelling due to schedules, but it was monsooning. What happens when you’re chased inside? Complete inability to stay on any machine. I bounced from LateralX to rower to elliptical before giving up and just doing my PT.
  • Friday: what a difference a day makes, redux! Knew I’d be inside due to weather and 30m on the elliptical went by like 5. Followed with some weights and PT work. It was a dream. Oh the mental games.
  • Saturday: what a day, threedux. Didn’t think I’d get to take advantage of a beautiful day due to plans, but I made it back on time for an eight mile Central Park runset. My longest by far since January 1, other than the three Halfs. I didn’t worry about pace or distance, just time. Mile 7 was lights and dead legs, but overall the run felt good. Achilles wasn’t silent, but nothing out of the ordinary. A couple stretches when I stopped at water fountains. Oh spring!
Flat Cari
Sand castle at the finish
  • Sunday: 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk. Cool and rainy. I’d normally have worn the event tee for this since we’re a sponsor and it’s just a 5K fun run, but wet cotton is not fun. In hind sight, only drizzled so would have been fun. On the plus side, since I went long Saturday I could (and did) take the train home via NYRR Run Center for bib pickup and not feel at all guilty.
    There isn’t a ton to say about this. 9/11 is just so powerful a driver and great to see a large turnout. A few photos, but overall just people watched. The turnaround at Point Thank You actually brought tears to my eyes. This wasn’t a race, this was a remembrance.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: cross train, or maybe off depending on legs.
  • Tuesday: run
  • Wednesday: cross?
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: Cinco de Mayo 5K. It’s in NJ so I’m not sure about warmup. Will find extra miles somewhere as it’s an evening run.
  • Sunday: TBD based on Saturday

Where were you on 9/11?
Have you visited the Memorial or Museum?
Did you realize Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is gone 25 years this May?

Planning through pain

It’s better to be ten miles undertrained than one mile overtrained

This was twice-repeated at Monday’s NYRR event and it’s so true and so fitting for my training. I think my feet/knees are a reasonable alarm clock when I’m erring toward that one mile. While frustrating, this two week time has been educational too. What can I do when I can’t run, especially when I need to burn off energy.

I realized I still do love rowing, my OG exercise, and need to make more of an effort to do it regularly. Even peak resolutionist season, the rowers are often empty.

I also spent the week weather stalking since winter decided to take all of the cold and snow and pack it into one week for the mid Atlantic/northeast. Stay safe everyone! At the course strategy session (yes, I know better. I still went anyway) Friday they were predicting maybe 10% chance the race would go as planned, but way more likely it would be a fun run or cancelled outright. I’ll be honest, if it had been turned into a fun run, I might have opted out. There’s nothing fun for me about running in an icy rain if it doesn’t count for anything.

Weekly wrap with Wendy and Holly :

  • Monday: two miles on the LateralX, which I realized is a way longer mile than the standard elliptical. No pain. Lots of rolling, stretching
  • Tuesday: treadmill test of new shoes. No pain. Long stretch after.
  • Wednesday: off. I took my gym bag to department holiday party but it was after 9 by the time we wrapped and I was way too tired.
  • Thursday: office run group, aka major test of new shoes as it involved Central Park hills. We decided to do the longer loop to 102nd St. vs. cutting over on the reservoir track since dark and muddy is a bad combination. This meant we’d have the West Side rollers as well as Cat Hill and, to be honest, I was slightly nervous. Outside of needing to stop twice in the first mile to tie my shoes, it was a success. We got to talking and the five miles went quickly. No pain, just slightly sore Friday morning. Verdict? Bad shoes.
  • Friday: NYRR course strategy wherein I countered the voice psyching myself out with the one reminded me I could do this because I had done this. Followed by gym, 1M LateralX, 2500 meter row (forearm was oddly sore) and long stretch and roll.
pre race tradition
  • Saturday: off. When I thought the race might be called, I planned to run Saturday but around 11a, they said due to the weather shift it was a go. Didn’t even leave the apartment until 5P when I realized I needed to get to LPQ before 7P closure to get my pre-long race meal and remembered I had no chews. So Jackrabbit, Modells and LPQ. Freebie was their organic honey lemon ginger drink and while I feared it might be too sweet, it was delicious.
layers, trash bags, rain coats, heat shields
  • Sunday: Ice would have turned me off running this, but I found myself wishing for snow because while I’ve done a half marathon in the rain, I haven’t done one in cold January rain. This was better though than the original forecast of 8F. Spoiler: I finished, and hit my goals. More on Tuesday. ETA: recap here.

Socks, Lights and bands oh my!

Santa running-ish haul

I am a fun socks person, so that’s a given from Santa (and the ish part of running-ish) so they were a nice complement to running socks, an Angelrox band and a SlapLit bracelet. I can’t be the only 80s child who adores these for nostalgia, can I?

and coffee.. all the coffee

Coffee is kind of like a running gift, right? Santa good to everyone?

Also posted this week: 2019 Goals. Still to come, 2018 wrap. Hoping to get some more miles in tomorrow, plus I’m not at my computer. In the mean time, weekly wrap with Wendy and Holly:

  • Monday: got in a quick couple of miles between work and heading out of town for Christmas Eve dinner.
  • Tuesday: off, prepping for dinner for 21. We’re not a religious family, but Christmas dinner/giftmas is A Thing. I got in some minimal steps going up and down the stairs and chasing my niece and nephew, but no real exercise.
  • Wednesday: I woke up with enough time to run which was good because mom made baked french toast and I needed some exercise to undo with that amazing and worth every bite breakfast. My knee was a little tender after Monday’s run, but glad to see it wasn’t an issue Wednesday.
new kind of key stash
all the stairs!
getting a hang of Garmin shots. Matching? Not so much
  • Thursday: a much needed lazy day. When I finally went out, I was rewarded with a beautiful reflected sunset. I decided to wrap my knee as it felt tender, but luckily wasn’t an issue while running. I decided to be smart and call it a run before the ferry stairs as that seemed to be pressing things a bit much. I have enough stairs in my apartment, TYVM. Love running outdoors in December.
  • Friday: late start, so cross train plan turned into gym stretch and roll.
  • Saturday: finally, my beloved Rockland Lake which I hadn’t run properly since last November. Just as beautiful even with the leaves off. Plan was 1-3 laps depending on how knee/achilles felt. End result was two, for ~10K. Felt good and stretched hard after.
They did.
  • Sunday: off. Wedding-ing. Barely any steps.

Spring 2019 Half Marathon Training Mileage: 61.37

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: Mom miles?
  • Tuesday: midnight run or other run
  • Wednesday: back to work. Cross train or off?
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: run or off
  • Saturday: off, Albany
  • Sunday: long run to celebrate my two-year running anniversary

Wrapping up 2018

As has been the case with recent Monday runs, this week’s was powered by an episode of The Morning Shakeout. This week’s? Kara Goucher. I chose this episode from my backlog when I read Jessie’s post earlier this month about Goucher’s new book. The book has piqued my curiosity, but it’s not yet available for Kindle and I really need to cull some dead tree books before buying any new ones. I really loved what she said about not giving up on dreams, but not letting dreams define your happiness. I’m still not a huge podcast person, but I’m a big fan of Morning Shakeout.

[bctt tweet=”Goals are good, but they shouldn’t define your happiness #RunTheYear” username=”travellingcari”]

I needed to hear that because Thursday’s Funky Fun Run really frustrated me. I know I’m past the point of beginner gains and regular PRs, but doing worse bothered me even though I know rationally it’s because I eased off when the Achilles started talking to me. I really do enjoy running and I don’t want to let the numbers take away from that joy.

I was also excited by the news that Mile High Running Club’s Upper East Side location is open. I don’t dare try it right now while I’m still building back up, even though I know it was what helped me get through the Central Park hills in Lebow. I can’t wait until I’m fully healthy to try out a class in the new location. So much closer to home.

In the mean time, Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly. Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating, hope everyone else at least enjoys a day off.

  • Monday: a rebound run that I touched on above set to the tune of the Kara Goucher podcast. I didn’t have a plan for the day, I just wanted to test my Achilles and go from there. I knew that the pace changing in intervals probably wouldn’t be good for the Achilles so I settled on a progression run: mile one at 5.5, mile two at 5.6, mile three at 5.7 and the final .75 at 5.8 for a total of 3.75 miles in forty minutes. I was really pleased with that. I could have gone longer-sometimes a challenge on the treadmill-but decided not to push it. It also didn’t feel impossible, which I’d heard was an issue with long intervals and was for me coming off a shaky November pushing the pace. This was good and I needed it.
Nature’s Magic Hour
  • Tuesday: no runs, no intentional exercise just a bunch of steps to and from meetings and our office holiday party, including this gorgeous Hudson River sunset.
  • Wednesday: at the office way later than I wanted to be, and then I had some errands. I did make it to the gym for a Monday-ish ladder. One mile at 5.6 and one at 5.7. Achilles was beginning to twinge, so I called it there and had a good long stretch knowing I had a longer run on the books for Thursday. I will go into the Half undertrained if it means uninjured.
  • Thursday: I had two runs planned. Office run club early and Central Park with Darlene when she got off work. And then Mother Nature happened. So I met up with Darlene, we decided to walk the Highline and visit the new Starbucks Roastery with some neon holiday lights on the way. Mischief with friends > runs sometimes.
  • Friday: got to the gym later than I wanted, Achilles was chirping so after a one mile warmup I went to the LateralX listening to Des Linden on Morning Shakeout. Not as good as her first, but still a good segment. So not exactly the workout I wanted, but the smart one. After a long foam roll, the Achilles shut up.
  • Saturday: hometown run. You know how those go if you go back to a small town? Especially at the holidays, too many hellos for a steady pace. Those will happen again this week. I was doing beautiful, if accidental negative splits until I was surprised to see mom’s car. I doubled back to the salon, where she wasn’t, and then her car until I found her in a different salon and decided riding with her to the bakery was more fun than finishing my run. Oops. On the plus side, Achilles felt good. Maybe too much treadmill led to Friday’s chirping?
  • Sunday: ton of holiday errands, quick gym dash for a good stretch. So off ish?

Spring 2019 Half Marathons Mileage: 46.04

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: run
  • Friday: crosstrain or off
  • Saturday: hopefully short run
  • Sunday: off, mom’s wedding

Still working on 2019 goals, hope to get them posted before New Year.

Weekly Wrap, 11.5

I spent a lot of Marathon Sunday afternoon watching football and catching up online. I really, really need to remember not to read LetsRun. They publish some wonderful articles but the forums are a misogynistic cesspool of the worst order.  My kingdom for a world where raising one person up didn’t result in tearing the others down. In the mean time I’m just going to focus on wonderful articles like: American Women Take Top Spots from Runners’ World.


Speaking of Runner’s World… I may have a birthday coming up but I feel like this email was a little off the mark, target wise. I absolutely laugh about it because my age doesn’t bother me, but this is up there with my dermatologist sending a birthday coupon on Botox.

So much lately on the various running e-blasts about staying motivated. I guess I’m relatively lucky in that I haven’t hit that much. I think I channel Thoreau as Deb mentioned: 

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, “my thoughts begin to flow.”

Running without music has been complete non-issue, even last week’s longest at nearly eight miles. Even on days where I’m pushed into cross training it’s a great mental balance for the craziness of work this season. Less than three weeks to the gala, which is wonderful and frightening.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly:

Very little running most of this week. Achilles, calf. Decided not to push it. Rather miss goal this month than be hurt long term. Didn’t use it as reason not to go to the gym though so calling it a win. It’s actually a bit of a gym catch up for me ahead of February reimbursement as I know I’ll miss some time around the holidays so want to front load so I’m not scrambling then.

  • Monday: I started on the treadmill, but my Achilles was whingeing so I decided to row followed by a long, hard stretch.
  • Tuesday: I had a lot of plans to get out early and run, and then I remembered I needed to vote before work because I couldn’t after. So I had a short test of my Achilles (yay, it’s on mute!) My evening plans got turned on their head so I ended up with time to go to the gym and was glad I almost always have my gym bag on me. My right calf seized up at .2 miles so I decided to hit the elliptical. Not sure why that happened, but I’m all about listening to my body. The Matrix Elliptical is evil and it felt like a good workout.
  • Wednesday: got a little further in trying to run, but calf was still unhappy so I went for 25m on my old friend the LateralX. That feels like such a good workout and didn’t bother my calf at all.
Toasted White Chocolate Mocha
  • Thursday: had some time in the morning and wanted to test my right calf. Short, sweet and no pain. I really think it’s the treadmill that’s irritating my legs this week so glad to have the chance to run outdoors. The other reason I wanted to test the leg was I needed to know if I was good for the office run group. Our first after the time change but luckily Central Park is fairly well lit except for the segment where we cross the reservoir loop. It was a good run, not quite as close to the PR as last time, but I will break 32. Eventually. Fuel for that run? 3P Starbucks run. Not a huge fan of the toasted white chocolate mocha. I think I’ll stick with peppermint or go back to the regular white mocha.
all the colors!
  • Friday: was supposed to be a true off day, but it was raining so hard I couldn’t even walk home so I went to the gym for some light cross training on the recumbent bike (Yes, still trying to get through Order of the Phoenix) and heavy stretching. Barely eked out my step goal.
cold sun
  • Saturday: there were plans, and then there was reality. That started with some quality time with coffee and my laptop. Ahh weekend procrastination. I finally got dressed to go out. I mentioned to Lisa that while I’d acquiesced to long sleeves, I was not ready for tights. Seeing that it was 45 with a wind chill in the 30s sapped the desire to go to Central Park for ~ 9 right out of me. I could say it was a smart decision after the Achilles/calf pain, but that’s just making excuses. The issue with CP is it’s about a mile walk to the start of my loop, which is cold. I could take the crosstown bus, but that’s not sheltered from the wind and mid-day Saturday traffic means it’s too hard to jaywalk and stay warm while running to start. So I decided instead to run to the gym and back for about four miles. As soon as I walked outside and to the corner to start, I knew it was the right decision – even with a shirt with thumb holes, I was cold. Although I switched from buff to hat, I forgot my gloves. The wind wasn’t terrible as this path is mostly sheltered and it was a good run to the gym even if the GPS was a complete mess. There is so much construction & scaffolding it’s almost impossible. So I’m calling that a two mile run for logging purposes. When I got to the gym I decided on a short row and a long stretch/foam roll before running back home. GPS was off there too as it apparently didn’t truly find a signal until I stopped zig zagging. I stuck with York as there aren’t too many roads to cross while running against the hospitals and Rockefeller University and it’s well lit whereas the riverside path isn’t. Overall, a good running day.
  • Sunday: Meh. But not going to dwell on that. Going out to run 7 miles is better than sitting on the couch and the Park was gorgeous. Two years ago or even last year I couldn’t go out and run seven miles so a run that didn’t make me happy is better than I could do before. It’s the little things.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: crosstrain or off depending on whether I need root canal.
  • Tuesday: run or crosstrain
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off, dinner with Mom
  • Saturday: crosstrain or run
  • Sunday: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M. I haven’t raced since early October and looking forward to this. I want to beat my Gridiron time (43:04), but I realize that’s contingent on my tooth & runs this week.

NYC Marathon Week

I runfess that I completed my 2,018 miles run/walked on the year and didn’t even realize it. For some reason my brain was reading it was 2118 and I thought I was about 30 miles away. Whoops. So belated wahoo. It’s so surprising to realize that as recently as 2016, 1600+ was my mileage on the year. Even though I feel like my walking has suffered for my running, it really hasn’t.

[bctt tweet=”Celebrating #NYCMarathon week with some miles of my own” username=”travellingcari”]

I’d like to say I’ve always enjoyed the week of the marathon, but that isn’t true. There are some years I’ve enjoyed cheering and others I was cranky because the cowbells woke me up, or I couldn’t get around the neighborhood to do errands I needed. But since I started running? I love it as I touched on in the Coffee post. Last year I watched Shalane win on TV as I was out of town, so I was glad to have the opportunity to watch live again this year. Such a wonderful environment. Cannot wait until I’m a part of it next year. Yes. I’ve officially decided I’m going to run New York if I don’t chicken out before reg opens. I don’t think I will – I’m excited for the challenge. Thinking of making it part of a 40 before 40 bucket list, but we’ll see if that happens.

NYRR Night of Champions: food, sponsor and honorees

One of the things I most enjoyed this year was NYRR’s Night of Champions fundraiser for Run for the Future. The honorees were Cathy Lasry, Shalane Flanagan and retiring Race Director Peter Ciaccia. What a night to celebrate some living legends. The borough themed appetizers were wonderful with Brooklyn a clear winner with a pickle bar and pretzel dogs. If you’re a fan of Peter Ciaccia and podcasts, his episode of the Morning Shakeout was a great listen.

October was a challenge to hit my goals, especially topping October 2017’s steps. I knew this would be the case because I was out of town two additional weeks this year. I ultimately fell short despite a solid last day of the month. On the plus side, should make November’s goals easier to exceed even with the Gala a few weeks earlier. More on that below.

I’m giving some serious thought to run commuting in November on some days I can’t get to the gym, so this post from Charlie was timely.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly. Oops, Marcia. Missed that swap:

  • Monday: planned off. Mom was supposed staying with me, a work event that stretched into evening and a ticket for the 24 Hour Plays meant there was no gym time happening. Mom didn’t end up staying with me, but I did get step goal.
  • Tuesday: quick and dirty better than nothing workout crammed into a short window I had available. Lunch was too heavy for a quality workout, but it was booked before I had this week’s runs planned. Finally remembered to take base speed up to 5.7mph and did the intervals at 6.2. I only needed two tenths of a mile recovery, which is a major gain.
  • Wednesday: was absolutely beautiful and I decided to run Central Park. I couldn’t do our exact office group as some of the marathon setup was in the way, but I did a version thereof. No great shakes speed wise as I’m coming down with a cold, but I got what I needed: 3 ish miles to cross 50 for the month. 700 probably won’t happen, but I’m going to get as close as I can. Was too dark by run’s end to get the photos, but I loved seeing the Marathon’s blue line and the signs on the barricades leading up to the finish. So inspiring.
  • Thursday: knew our office run group wasn’t happening in part due to schedule and in part due to our loop being broken up by the marathon staging and finish line. I wanted to run elsewhere outside but there was no time to get somewhere and have time to run before it got too dark. While there are almost always other runners about, I do’t generally feel comfortable running solo after dark. I knew I want/needed to run so I hit the gym and went PR chasing through intervals of 5.7/6.2 with a 6.4 closeout. I missed it by about six seconds. I’m actually totally fine with that since I have a slight cold and had I realized I was off math wise, I could have adjusted pace earlier to get the PR.  What I was most pleased about was that until the last two, I only needed .2 miles walk to recover and those last two were as much a factor of being super congested as actual fitness.
makeup, and a dress. Steps count double, right?
I goof, therefore I am
  • Friday: no time to get to the gym and I knew steps would be a challenge with the NYRR event after work. Luckily I opted to wear shoes I can walk in and the rain held out until I was at the event so I could walk to the marathon pavilion at 67th. Although part of West Drive was already closed, I could take in some of the parade of Nations, which is always fun. And then we could hear the fireworks from within the cocktail hour. Luckily speaking program was once they were done: and Peter Ciaccia had time to change. The rain started by the time I left but wasn’t heavy enough that I couldn’t hobble (dress shoes are for the birds) to 72nd to grab the subway back to the office to grab my bags and head home barely eking out my steps goal.
fall colors under the Hell Gate
Looking north to the former History Channel Building
  • Saturday: lazy lazy lazy until about 3:00 when I went to pick up my laundry and 3:30 when I headed out for a run. I didn’t really have a plan other than to avoid the marathon chaos and hopefully go long. I headed north along the esplanade and decided to head over the bridge to Wards Island to do the run I wanted to before heat got me a couple of weeks ago. The run was feeling good so I decided to see if I remembered where the pedestrian bridge back to Manhattan was. Much better marked than 2013. I then wiggled (so apparent in the map) down 1st/Pleasant/Manhattan Center for Science & Math Schoolyard/back to the Esplanade. lt in all it ended up coming in at 7.75 miles. I think I’m finally learning my different run paces, although this one was slower than a flatter course would have been as I had: stairs to the esplanade, ramp and bridge to Randalls Island, ramp and bridge to Triborough, and ramp and bridge back to the esplanade. By run’s end I was done with bridges and stairs so I took the road route back to Carl Schurz vs. the stairs again. Other than my left Achilles being annoying, it felt good. We’ll see how my stairs feel Sunday.
in the company of legends
    • Sunday: spectating the Marathon from Central Park. A couple more pics on IG. There are no words. Second fastest times in both fields and Mary Keitany’s second half splits are just mind-blowing. So happy to be right there to see all of it. Was too busy watching to remember to take pics when the victory lap was steps from us. It was a picture perfect day to be in Central Park and knowing I couldn’t cross 1st Avenue, I took the long way home walking from 65th & Central Park West via York & 57th. Briefly contemplated a run, but near walk’s end my Achilles was saying hi and I decided a day “off” (still walked 6.17 miles) was the smarter move.


  • Monday: Run or cross train
  • Tuesday: morning run or off
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: off. I know, I’m weird. But I much prefer Saturday long run so I have Sunday to relax.

Go The Dist Update:

I love this challenge, even if running mileage has meant less of an exact focus on steps. I’m also still truly a Fitbit addict


  • 433,684 Steps
  • 50.96 Miles Run
  • 190.08 Miles Run/Walked

I think it’s the first time I fell behind beating the same month the prior year. It’s about 11K steps off it. Disappointed, yes. But not in a bad sense. I managed the best month I could. Steps are just hard in suburbia, and the n’oreaster last weekend meant I was essentially sedentary Saturday as we couldn’t walk into town or play in the backyard with the kids,  never mind go for a run. Fall is challenging. I did what I could. Miles run was a factor of actually looking at the spreadsheet Monday and knowing I could get 50. I’m happy with this as I was essentially not around for any weekend long runs.

November is going to be another challenge as 2017’s total was 468,583 steps and there was no gala that month last year. It was also 63.83 miles run which is a more attainable challenge. Should be doable with December 15K / January Half training, but gala. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing whether I can do that.

2018 To Date

  • 4,745,593 Steps
  • 566.95 Miles Run
  • 2076.29 Miles Run/Walked

The goal was to hit 2,019 miles run/walked sooner than November 30 and to run/walk 2,500 miles on the year. I literally did not realize I’d already hit it until I was trying to workout why the spreadsheet said I needed negative mileage. Fail and as a result somewhat anticlimactic. So I’m not sure when I actually hit it, but it was at least a month ahead of schedule. WaHOO! Not sure on 2,500 but like October 2018 steps a and 700 miles run on the year, I’ll get as close as I can.

Time to start thinking about 2019 goals. Nuts.

2019 planning, and a new Garmin

My new Garmin came on Wednesday! I didn’t get to take it home and play with it until Thursday night. All the notifications! I turned them off nearly immediately, so pardon my continued lack of response to texts while running. 🙂 I haven’t figured out friends yet or anything, but happy to add anyone.

what, you don’t pose in the bathroom mirror for a leggings & Garmin selfie? 😉


NYRR 2019 calendar through April is up as is early bird member pricing. Decisions!

I was slightly disappointed to hear on Friday that the Lebow Half is not going to be part of 4/6 next year. Instead, it will be replaced by the Manhattan 7 Miler. This fits with the general drop in the 4/6 series’ distances. Queens is a 10K and the Bronx is 10 Miles with Brooklyn and Staten Island still half marathons. It’s not a huge issue for me, personally, as I wasn’t planning to go the guaranteed entry route for the 2020 NYC Half, but I wonder what it’s going to do for the non Brooklyn races’ appeal. (That one always sells out in a heartbeat). I think it’s probably going to be fewer guaranteed entries for the Half, which might make it easier for Road Runners to accommodate their other runners.

speaking of guaranteed entry, this is nice to see officially

NYRR Races I’m thinking of for the moment:

  • Joe Kleinerman 10K – January 5
  • Lebow Half – January 20. I’m honestly torn. It was my first, and it’s Fred Lebow! and I’d like to do it again but I’m not sure I’ll be ready for a Half with those hills in just over three months given what my schedule is like due to work. I don’t want to be undertrained like last year, but I know I’m coming in with a better base. Is that the sound of someone waffling toward yes? Probably.
  • Gridiron 4M – February 3. Dad’s birthday. I’ll almost definitely do this as it was a favorite.
  • NYC Half – March 17. I’m doing this for sure.
  • SHAPE Women’s Half – April 14 – I was excited for this and have been talking on and off about doing it instead of Lebow for a Spring Half, but it’s just so much more expensive. I don’t think I’m going to do this, or at least I won’t decide until much closer to as there’s no early registration deadline.

I did sign up for Run the Year for my third year. Looking forward to the motivation there.

[bctt tweet=”Planning for #RunTheYear 2019 and exploring @NYRR race options” username=”travellingcari”]

Are you running any of these?


Back to 2018, I was still trying to wrap (no pun intended) my head around whether Grete’s Great Gallop was a PR. I didn’t realize how few Central Park races I do that are more than 5 miles. I knew I couldn’t compare it to the Manhattan 7M as that was a literal hot mess run/walk. It wasn’t fair to compare it to my first 10K as that was almost a year and a half ago (but hey, PR!) and the two Minis run the opposite direction. So I decided to look at the splits for the Lebow Half.

NYRR Manhattan Half Details

My 10K split was 1:12:22 and I think that’s representative as I didn’t walk until after the Harlem Hills. Grete’s time? 1:11:28. So a nearly one minute PR after avoiding hills? Yep, I’m happy with that.

No formal race recap, as I don’t have that much to say. It’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and run to the start. I didn’t struggle as much on the Harlem Hills as I feared I might, and overall I felt strong. I know what I need to do to get stronger on the hills ahead of either of the Central Park Half Marathons, and I need to do it. Sometimes not overthinking is just perfect.


Weekly Wrap, Week of 10.9. Linking up with Holly and Wendy:

  • Monday: semi-holiday Monday. Wasn’t in the office but did have to work. After breakfast with friends at The Coffee Shop one last time, I headed to the Run Center because I wanted to run Central Park. The weather wasn’t ideal – it was 65 and 92% humidity, but I didn’t have it in me to hit the treadmill. I was glad I stopped at the Run Center because while I had a well packed gym bag, I forgot socks. New Balance aren’t cheap, but they’re cheaper than Blink and I like the socks better.  The original plan was to go long because I could, but the humidity wasn’t going to let that happen. After my watch finally (sort of) got a signal, I ran until a potty break. Did someone say five cups of coffee? That pace was so laughably off I almost just turned off the watch and ran, but when it seemed to finally keep a signal, I went hard for a mile and a half until I just hit a humidity wall. After recovery I decided to close out the loop with a burst of as fast/far as I could. Nice to do some pseudo speed work outdoors, but I really want to get to the track. One day. Followed this up with a good stretch and strengthen session at the gym.
  • Tuesday: off. Tickets to see Gloria Steinem play. This was well-timed as my quads are quite sore from Monday’s kettlebell circuit. Phenomenal production and for anyone who might be in New York through January, I definitely recommend it. Christine Lahti is a fabulous Gloria.
  • Wednesday: Ended up being a cross train day after guest speaking in a class. Why did I go bike over row or walk home? I won’t lie: I wanted to finish Chamber of Secrets. Consequence of seeing Harry Potter: A History of Magic at New-York Historical Society last week and a desire to escape current events and my usual non-fiction habits is a Harry Potter rereading binge.
  • Thursday: exciting announcement about the Manhattan Greenway. I love walking and running along the rivers and I’m really hopeful it will one day be a complete path around Manhattan’s perimeter. Riverside walk > city streets any day. Run group got rained out. The gym was super crowded as I was there early and it took too long to get a treadmill. When I finally got one, I had nothing. Gutting out a mile was all I could do. Having a sore foot from bad shoes didn’t help (one foot only, I think I lost weight in it causing rubbing?) nor did some bad food choices.  Chalked it up to better than nothing and went home to watch my beloved Giants lose spectacularly. Can we get a do over on Thursday?
I love this app display!
and a watch display I can read at dusk!
  • Friday: Can you tell I enjoyed my Garmin’s first adventure? I wanted to get out and play all day as it was a beautiful, crisp fall day. A lunch walk while usually restorative did nothing for my desire to go back to the office and plow through my to do list. Short weeks seem the longest and luckily shortly after 5 there was a mass exodus and I booked it to the Run Center to stash my bags and hit the Park. Could not believe how quickly the Garmin found a signal! I opted for the office run group loop of the last two weeks and was partially curious whether I could maintain that pace solo. YEP! I actually found it easier because I wasn’t trying to talk and because it was a perfect low humidity 57 degrees. I was curious whether the Garmin would hit the mental mile markers that I’m used to with the TomTom and was pleased to see they were roughly the same spots. Makes me confident that the below is a legit comparison. 13 seconds off my July 30 outdoor and August 1 treadmill PRs and this included Cat Hill where those did not. WOW. Can’t wait to run some more this weekend. No music was non issue. As I’ve just learned you can listen to podcasts offline, I have some options if I go that route.
Garmin, but also almost reality
  • Saturday: after early rains the day was a beautiful, crisp fall day. How did I mark it? Being a lazy slug until about 3. I needed it, and don’t regret it one bit. I made a deal with myself though, if I wasn’t going to leave enough time for a long run, I was going hard. After a slightly chilly walk to Central Park, I did a ~ one mile warmup and then completed two loops! of Harlem Hills before repeating the warmup as a cool down. I rarely do that loop of my own volition, and never twice. I think it came from a place of thinking about Lebow. If I’m doing it, I want to be strong going into it. I’m less worried about the distance, but the hills were an issue. I think I can do this. Two laps without walking was huge and gives me confidence I have a solid base to build off. I won’t PR on this course, but I can beat 2018.
OK, I can see why these shots appeal
Closet switch, and purge. #SparkJoy
  • Sunday: another beautiful day. After a late start due to sleeping in as fall also good for sleeping! I needed to drop off the results of my switching season closet purge. Goodwill is a couple of blocks north and as I knew I didn’t want to do any hills so I explored the East River Esplanade with a goal of running to the Wards Island Bridge and back for ~2-3 miles. When I turned south at 96th St. to do that short loop I realized the esplanade was open to the Ferry! Whee. I’m so tired of running up York. So I just continued south to Starbucks for a 1.75 mile shakeout. The stairs by the Ferry aren’t fun, and I won’t touch them when wet as they’re metal, but manageable.  This is the first time I’ve run four days in a row ever/in a very long time and I feel good. Had a good foam roll and will do the same tomorrow at the gym. Rolling my feet while watching football. Lazy Sunday needed.

Week Plan?

  • Monday: Cross train
  • Tuesday: Run?
  • Wednesday: Off. Book group
  • Thursday: Office run group
  • Friday: run before work?
  • Weekend: Rochester

Galloping into October

I feel like it should be a different title since the race from which it takes its name won’t even make it into this Wrap due to weekend travel, but it’s perfect.

I’m in a couple of places about this 10K, which I signed up for even when I was feeling meh about the ten miler. It’s not the same course as the Mini 10K which game me agita earlier this summer, but rather the course on which I ran my first ever 10K. Ish. The start is in a different spot, but the course is within Central Park. I kept both of those, my lack of recent hill work and Sunday’s frustration in mind as I tried to think of a goal. I was also hoping that hating the 10K coming off a five miler would be different to hating it coming off a ten miler and some short runs during the week, but I wasn’t sure. Goal verdict? Shoot for 1:10:00 and finish smiling with a priority on the latter.

Currently reading: Chas Newkey-Burden’s Running: Cheaper Than Therapy and loving it. Less narrative, more compilation of stories.

Before I get into the Wrap, a laugh from last week:

“Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late”

Yeah, can’t not think of Jimmy Buffet there. Luckily I’m not (yet) an over forty victim of fate 🙂 Proudly rocking a buff Liz gave me from her run club. and yes, I absolutely spotted the photographer for that thumbs up.

On to the wrap with Wendy and Holly:

  • I missed a Monday: I pretty much knew this. Wouldn’t trade a Will & Grace panel for any workout, and to be honest I was pretty damn sore and needed a physical and mental day off.
  • Tuesday: I knew I couldn’t run. My right achilles was still sore but I really wanted the foam roll so I headed to the gym and after a slow and steady row, I had a really solid stretching session and light kettlebell workout. Also did the row without music as prep for possibly having to do that with new watch. Baby steps.
  • Wednesday: absolutely beautiful fall day. I just wanted a shakeout run so I hit the lower loop in Central Park and gee, did I go out a little fast? Amazing to see how much I’ve progressed over that loop. It’s a fairly accurate measure too unlike the East River path whose terrain has changed a lot due to construction. The run felt good, my achilles didn’t hurt anymore and aside from going out too fast I felt strong.
Yes? YES!
  • Thursday: Office run group is still two strong so our de-facto coach asked me what I wanted to do. We opted for the same as last week (minus a wrong-turn detour) just a smidgen faster. These runs are super helpful for me in I’m trying to keep pace with a faster runner. He knows what I can do and will go just a little faster to push me and I love this.  It’s also helpful in teaching me how to run and talk and understand what a conversational pace is. I don’t know if this is comfortably hard or tempo, or neither. But it felt good to push through my comfort zone, recover my pace after Cat Hill and figure this all out. He’s run 19 marathons and said he won’t offer unsolicited advice but is happy to answer any questions I have if I decide to run New York. He’s already eluding to my training and while I haven’t committed, I am leaning yes.
  • Friday: off. Didn’t even get step goal. Worked late
  • Saturday: 10K. Woke up feeling slightly under the weather. Not enough not to run, but enough to say probably not my best day and I took it a little easier. Verdict? A damn good time despite two walk breaks. Lesson learned. ETA: first time I can recall, NYRR and my watch matched exactly. Of course watch gives better pace as I didn’t run tangents.
  • Sunday: Albany, apple picking. Might find a morning run. If I do I’ll pick it up next week.

Weekly Plan:

  • Monday: holiday Monday, run
  • Tuesday: off, theater tickets
  • Wednesday: run or cross train
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off or cross train

September Home Stretch

But I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles to fall down at your door.

I love Shorewalkers, they got me exploring Manhattan when I couldn’t do the Saunter, and I’ve done part of the Saunter twice. Shorewalkers’ founder Cy Adler died at 90 on Thursday, September 27. If I’m in town in May, I’m doing the Saunter for him. What a man and legacy.

Thanks again for all the Garmin advice. I decided on that as my #GoTheDist Q3 present to myself as the Charity Miles sale seems better than what I imagine will appear on Black Friday. I’m glad the sale ran through Sunday as it took me that long to decide which model. Final nail in the coffin? TomTom being a complete muppet during the Bronx 10 Miler.

Welcome to busy. Fall is always busy. This year seems worse (volume wise), but I’m lucky enough to truly love what I do, so I don’t mind the busy.

[bctt tweet=”Final stretch of #NBBronx10M training” username=”travellingcari”]

Weekly wrap with Holly and Wendy:

  • Never miss a Monday: cross train was the plan and the reality as I did not want to run four days in a row especially after three relatively hard runs. An amusing 5K row was the only option as I forgot my sneakers. Not my crosstrain sneakers, my sneakers entirely. Oops! Although relatively slow, the row felt good.
  • Tuesday: off entirely. Late dinner with friends. Had contemplated a morning run, but it was bucketing down, and no.
  • Wednesday: had a short window after a work event and before the gym closed so I made the most of it by repeating last Friday’s speed test. Whee! 6.2 for a mile, then 6.3 and 6.4 for the final quarter mile. If I’m going to have these tight windows, I’m going to make the most of them.
  • Thursday: office run group somewhat made a return. There were only two of us, and we used it as my Bronx shakeout since the weather was perfect. Cat Hill got me, but I pushed through and recovered pace on the final mile.  Crossed 500 #RunTheYear miles on this run. I cannot wait to sync from Garmin since the Strava sync does not reliably work. Yep, doing the challenge again next year. I won’t hit 2,018 miles but I love the Facebook group for the great people. I’ll probably skip the shirt and medal next year though as I only took out the shirt when I was desperate, laundry wise, and medal and tokens are still in the package.
  • Friday: Bronx 10M Strategy (more on that in the recap) & partial walk home. Although my running mileage has been great for September (hi, weather-facilitated long runs), my steps are off. It’s mostly a factor of busy, there just isn’t the time in my schedule to walk home.
  • Saturday: quick shakeout, followed by a wander around the Village with the lovely Darlene who was in town to run a rescheduled race. Most amusing? Spotting one another in non-running clothes. We clean up nice! I learned the week of Cherry Blossom that I can walk the day before a race without ill effect.  My feet had been feeling rough and I never got to a pedi earlier in the week so I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. Self care in all forms and as soon as it’s no longer sandals weather, I’m doing another Baby Foot.
Best finish ever
  • Sunday: Bronx 10 Mile, on a gorgeous autumn day. I ran to the train, and then it was a game of hurry up and wait as the race was delayed due to MTA issues. It was appropriate that Pitbull’s Greenlight came on while we were waiting in the corrals: Give me the green light, oh yeah. ‘Cause I’m ready to go. Not at all my typical music, but perfect for running and especially today. The race was a PR and I hit my goal. Still digesting this one, which I’m not thrilled with. More TK later this week. ETA: TOTR focusing on Bronx 10M here.

Training Mileage for Bronx 10M: 129.19 Miles

Plan this week:

  • I’m going to miss a Monday. I need a day off. I’m sore, and have after work plans that probably negate even crosstrain.
  • Light recovery run Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how my quads are feeling.
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: Grete’s Great Gallop. Yep, bit the bullet and signed up for this 10K. If I’m doing Lebow or Women’s Half, I need to get back to Harlem Hills. That starts Saturday.
  • Sunday: Albany


Need to plug in the steps & run walk tomorrow when month is officially over. I also need to process this. I pulled September steps out of a hat with a good closing week, but it wasn’t a particularly good month. I didn’t top last September’s steps until yesterday even with the increased running.


  • 473,757 Steps
  • 209.72 Miles Run/Walked
  • 69.22 Miles Run

Definitely my highest running mileage month. Was I remotely tempted to go out and get .78 miles? Nope. I had a number of vague plans after today’s race. None of them involved more miles.


  • 1,486,727 Steps
  • 649.46 Miles Run/Walked
  • 171.67 Miles Run

I think this is the closest I’ve come to my goal of 180 miles run in each quarter.

2018 YTD:

  • 4,311, 909 Steps
  • 1886.21 Miles Run/Walked
  • 515.99 Miles Run

I am three miles ahead of pace on 700 miles run this year. That is, thanks again, to some insane long runs this month. Will I get it? Not sure. Always a stretch goal. I think I set it right though and look forward to seeing where I land. I’ll also likely hit 2,018 miles run/walked sooner than the end of November, which was when I hit it last year. 2,500 miles on the year probably won’t happen, but stranger things have.

On to October. Where did 2018 go?!?