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20 years

I cannot believe it’s been twenty years since 9/11, even though I’ve been thinking about it since my Japan anniversary. Amazing to think how many alive now for whom it’s history and not something they lived through. I’ve already blown up social media, so for this just have Tribute in Light from the Ferry and… Read More »

a sense of community

So glad so many were able to “join” me in the 9/11 Virtual 5K. In honor of the twentieth anniversary, the museum is remembering and celebrating the 9/12 spirit when the world came together. Throughout these last couple of years, I’ve really missed that and I’m hoping we can remember how to get back to… Read More »

9/11 Remembered

The new museum must help those unborn or unaware on 9/11/01 to understand an awful time. That means telling stories. ” ~ Rick Hampson (with audio) The rest of the photos are here. I argued with myself about attending tonight’s industry preview of the 9/11 Museum, which opens to the public on Wednesday. I nearly… Read More »