Mini update time.

14,793. That’s the average step count of my current 31 day Fitbit goal streak that dates back to March 15, the day after a snow day.  I hadn’t realized the streak was so long and only went back to count when I realized I crossed 75K in this week’s Workweek challenge and was thrilled. Now, full disclosure, the streak is a streak*. It includes one day where I missed goal by six- yes, 6! – steps. But considering my goal is 11K and I exceeded it by an average of 3.5K, I’m not worried about six steps one day.

Running is also going well. I’m seeing some results in my “speed” and some of my intervals might actually be called running and not walking.

#GoTheDist 2016, midway point

Woah, we’re half way there, woah, livin’ on a prayer. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, woah, livin’ on a prayer

How is it July 1 already?

My step goals for 2016 were 3,600,000 / 3,680,000. I’m currently at 2,068,024. I’m mostly ignoring miles due to the inconsistent step/mile ratio, but I’m at 850.48 miles. InSANE!

June 2016 numbers:

  • 379,717 steps
  • 156.14 miles
  • 23.46 miles biked

Mostly fueled by the 40,000 step day, but that’s still an impressive 12,657 daily average. Still would have been 11,600 even with a normal day that day. And I had a 35 day goal streak from May 20-June 25.

2016 Q2 numbers:

  • 1,059,278 steps
  • 435.51 miles walked
  • 75.8 miles biked

That’s a nice increase over Q1 and Q2/June last year. I didn’t top May, but year on year I’m still ahead and happy with it.  Using the stretch goal of 3,680,000, I’m at 56.19% of my steps goal and 56.13% of mileage. Interesting symmetry. Glad I’m ahead because Q3 is always an issue due to summer travel. That trickery of plotting in worst case step scenario though is a gem.

July 2015 was when I first started the goal of topping that month the previous year’s steps as it was easier, math wise, and more representative than topping the previous quarter.

  • July 2014: 260,908 (a lot of travel)
  • July 2015: 310,076
  • July 2016 goal: 325,000

Yes, I’ve realized that another million steps isn’t going to happen. I’m away nearly half of August and two days of that is on a train. I think my Q3 goal is 900,000, but that needs some more thought.

Oh and book wise, 56/75 with a new-to-me series in process and 46/75 of the #2016TBRPile challenge. Happy with both of those, and have given in to reading crap this summer. Crap reading is still reading.