#GoTheDist 2016, midway point

By | July 1, 2016

Woah, we’re half way there, woah, livin’ on a prayer. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, woah, livin’ on a prayer

How is it July 1 already?

My step goals for 2016 were 3,600,000 / 3,680,000. I’m currently at 2,068,024. I’m mostly ignoring miles due to the inconsistent step/mile ratio, but I’m at 850.48 miles. InSANE!

June 2016 numbers:

  • 379,717 steps
  • 156.14 miles
  • 23.46 miles biked

Mostly fueled by the 40,000 step day, but that’s still an impressive 12,657 daily average. Still would have been 11,600 even with a normal day that day. And I had a 35 day goal streak from May 20-June 25.

2016 Q2 numbers:

  • 1,059,278 steps
  • 435.51 miles walked
  • 75.8 miles biked

That’s a nice increase over Q1 and Q2/June last year. I didn’t top May, but year on year I’m still ahead and happy with it.  Using the stretch goal of 3,680,000, I’m at 56.19% of my steps goal and 56.13% of mileage. Interesting symmetry. Glad I’m ahead because Q3 is always an issue due to summer travel. That trickery of plotting in worst case step scenario though is a gem.

July 2015 was when I first started the goal of topping that month the previous year’s steps as it was easier, math wise, and more representative than topping the previous quarter.

  • July 2014: 260,908 (a lot of travel)
  • July 2015: 310,076
  • July 2016 goal: 325,000

Yes, I’ve realized that another million steps isn’t going to happen. I’m away nearly half of August and two days of that is on a train. I think my Q3 goal is 900,000, but that needs some more thought.

Oh and book wise, 56/75 with a new-to-me series in process and 46/75 of the #2016TBRPile challenge. Happy with both of those, and have given in to reading crap this summer. Crap reading is still reading.

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