One in a million: #GoTheDist 2016 Q1

By | April 5, 2016

or more precisely, one in 1,008,946.

Yes, I hit more than one million steps in Q1 2016. For comparison, I hit 927,589 in Q1 2015. Nope, Leap Day didn’t do all that. An insane March did – even more insane than last year‘s.

March 2016 totals

  • 394,098 steps
  • 161.93 miles walked
  • 67.51 miles biked

I cannot wrap my head around walking nearly 400K steps in one month. Thank you Washington D.C., the Asia Week press walk and a ridiculously unseasonable March (which we’re of course now paying for in April).

Q1 2016 totals

  • 1,008,946 steps
  • 414.97 miles walked
  • 235.96 miles biked


I soundly beat my goals and 2015 Q1. I remain most proud of the sustained biking as it & cooking are what has really paid off at the gym. As I thought I would, I won round one of my Transformer DietBet and while I didn’t win Round 2, I still lost weight so calling that a win.

I know it’s going to be a challenge without the Great Saunter (I’m out of town), but I’m taking aim at topping Q2 2015.


  • 1,030,000 steps
  • 425 miles walked
  • 100 miles biked

Actually, I lie. My bike goal is higher but it’s one I’m not sure I can hit, so leaving it as the above for now. I’m on track with gym visits, I have 37 of my required 50 before June 30. $200, you need to be in my wallet.

I’m off pace as of now due to a visit from a friend and some un April like weather, but I think I can make it up. If I don’t hit the goals, I’ll be happy with 1 million steps. That has been my crack.

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